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Download: New Google Play Store Version 3.4.6

In case it hasn’t appeared yet on your device, here you go… 

Download:  com.android.vending-2.apk

Download and install right over top of your current market.

  • monim

    how do get play store some body help plz

  • miguel

    I donwloaded it but i cant use it

  • Gaurav

    how to download
    where to click!!!

  • karol

    é seguro?

  • Helen Rosatelli

    Every time play store updates on my droid it knocks out all of my ringtones, I uninstall it and go back to the “market” but then play store once again downloads itself. I would like to know how to stop it from downloading onto my phone….

  • jay

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr google play

  • Mohammad Abbas

    Can any one tell me how to install google play on iPhone 3GS
    The given link is not working

  • delilah jurado

    how can i download it

  • and what the heck is up with google music!? I cant even use the music on my phone as a ringtone anymore. Yup, im getting an iphone since google is now dead to me. 

  • Audiophile66

    I greatly dislike auto updates and especially updates without notifiction. I consider this very discurtious act by andriod and may reconsider what OS I want on my next smartphone. Hear that google? You have me actually considering an iphone… and I hate apple.

  • indyvoter

    i’m an Android fan, but honestly the Market (Play) really sucks. HP’s WebOS app market is perfect. Androids just feels very old and basic.

  • Tomas Ljung

    I´m considering Windows Mobile in the future ….
    Don´t like Google´s new user policy either. Too much Big Brother.

  • Scott Schultz

    Does this apk actually work? When I installed it onto my Nook Color with CM7, all it did was launch the Nook reader app. It didn’t change the  market at all. Had me wondering for a while whether I’d let myself get tricked into installing malware.

  • Xroid

    When I go to my apps in the Play Store there is nothing there. Is there a way to force it to sync?
    I already cleared cache and data, rebooted phone, but still no apps.It just says Apps and games owned by this device will appear here.

  • I think they should name it “G spot”. G obviously for Google and spot for the spot to download stuff…

  • Chevycam94

    Really guys?  Your going to quibble about the NAME of the application?  Dont you have anything better to do?  Who really cares what the name of the app is, as long as it does what you expect.  If I renamed “Market” to “Turd”, would it obliterate all functionality of the app?  I didnt think so.  And as for those businesses that make the switch to Android phones, again, I ask you why does it matter what the name of the app is?  Does it affect the way you do business, or make your business deals worth less?  NO, of course not!

  •  BTW i had no problem installing this on AOKP

  • weird.. the file downloads as a .zip when downloading in Chrome for Android.. but in regular browser the file is the normal .apk.. i guess Chrome isnt fully figured out yet.  

  • Srunner

    Play store. Ya gotta b kidding me!

  • Bunie

    just wipe the market data, and goto the market. it should ask you to accept the play terms and agrement. and a few seconds later, bam. on your phone.

  • John

    anyone else notice that the new Play Store is showing old apps that have been uninstalled on the phone, but still reflected in the My Apps tab as installed in the Play Store when viewed from a PC browser?
    How do I delete these ghosts?