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Download: New Google Play Store Version 3.4.6

In case it hasn’t appeared yet on your device, here you go… 

Download:  com.android.vending-2.apk

Download and install right over top of your current market.

  • monim

    how do get play store some body help plz

  • miguel

    I donwloaded it but i cant use it

  • Gaurav

    how to download
    where to click!!!

  • karol

    é seguro?

  • Helen Rosatelli

    Every time play store updates on my droid it knocks out all of my ringtones, I uninstall it and go back to the “market” but then play store once again downloads itself. I would like to know how to stop it from downloading onto my phone….

  • jay

    superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr google play

  • Mohammad Abbas

    Can any one tell me how to install google play on iPhone 3GS
    The given link is not working

  • delilah jurado

    how can i download it

  • and what the heck is up with google music!? I cant even use the music on my phone as a ringtone anymore. Yup, im getting an iphone since google is now dead to me. 

  • Audiophile66

    I greatly dislike auto updates and especially updates without notifiction. I consider this very discurtious act by andriod and may reconsider what OS I want on my next smartphone. Hear that google? You have me actually considering an iphone… and I hate apple.

  • indyvoter

    i’m an Android fan, but honestly the Market (Play) really sucks. HP’s WebOS app market is perfect. Androids just feels very old and basic.

  • Tomas Ljung

    I´m considering Windows Mobile in the future ….
    Don´t like Google´s new user policy either. Too much Big Brother.

  • Scott Schultz

    Does this apk actually work? When I installed it onto my Nook Color with CM7, all it did was launch the Nook reader app. It didn’t change the  market at all. Had me wondering for a while whether I’d let myself get tricked into installing malware.

  • Xroid

    When I go to my apps in the Play Store there is nothing there. Is there a way to force it to sync?
    I already cleared cache and data, rebooted phone, but still no apps.It just says Apps and games owned by this device will appear here.

  • I think they should name it “G spot”. G obviously for Google and spot for the spot to download stuff…

  • Chevycam94

    Really guys?  Your going to quibble about the NAME of the application?  Dont you have anything better to do?  Who really cares what the name of the app is, as long as it does what you expect.  If I renamed “Market” to “Turd”, would it obliterate all functionality of the app?  I didnt think so.  And as for those businesses that make the switch to Android phones, again, I ask you why does it matter what the name of the app is?  Does it affect the way you do business, or make your business deals worth less?  NO, of course not!

  •  BTW i had no problem installing this on AOKP

  • weird.. the file downloads as a .zip when downloading in Chrome for Android.. but in regular browser the file is the normal .apk.. i guess Chrome isnt fully figured out yet.  

  • Srunner

    Play store. Ya gotta b kidding me!

  • Bunie

    just wipe the market data, and goto the market. it should ask you to accept the play terms and agrement. and a few seconds later, bam. on your phone.

  • John

    anyone else notice that the new Play Store is showing old apps that have been uninstalled on the phone, but still reflected in the My Apps tab as installed in the Play Store when viewed from a PC browser?
    How do I delete these ghosts?

  • Cruzincrystal

    Ok, I am not seeing “Google Play” nor “Play Store”.  I have “Play Music” and “Play Movies” but no Market.  Where do I get apps from?  Am I missing something?

  • MisterM.

    Rooted Galaxy Note, and I used Titanium backup to integrate the Play Store to the system rom and as some weird quirk, the icon changed back to the old market one, and the name also reverted to Market 😀

  • yarrellray

    I feel this is great for google unification is so important. Great move google i love this on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus

  • Brien Gerber

    Mine still has not auto updated and the link on this page to download it doesn’t work on my Verizon Nexus. 

    • Qbrisco

      Doesn’t Work on mine either Rooted stock 4.0.4

  • Smarteralec

    This is a very bad, poorly thought-out idea. People actually do use their pocket computers (often with phones chips inside…) for more than just playing games or listening to music. Plus, Google did this with no advance notice to their users. I just went to find a particular app and was immediately confronted with the notice, “By accepting Google Play you agree to these new terms of service, including the YouTube Rental Agreement”. Huh???

    I don’t want to ”play ” anything , I don’t have any free time to spend on video games, and I certainly don’t want to rent anything from YouTube!

    What happened to the Market?? Who is the seriously incompetent fool at Google that approved this change? And then thought it was even better to spring this idiocy on us with no notice or consultation or provision to opt out?

    Google is becoming the new computing Evil Empire. Too much success and perceived power and you totally lose touch with your users. Forcing people to accept what they don’t want and don’t need is the sign of a dictator! Whatever happened to the motto “Do no evil”??

    I understand the open-source Linux for the ARM processors is about ready. Not a bloody minute too soon!

    • evcon

      It’s about a unification of their storefronts, which is actually pretty smart. Who are you to say that all of the users don’t want this? If you don’t like it, don’t accept.

      And you could have totally played a round or two of Draw Something while you wrote this long-winded comment. 

      • Catillyza

         Who am I to want to keep Market and not be forced into accepting Google Play?  Well, just some guy that went to Android rather than to Apple because of their contemptible walled-garden “we own the software on your computer – you don’t” Terms of Service.

        However, sadly, the the good vs evil landscape is being being redrawn by Google itself. Google has now withdrawn Market, forced Play onto Android users, Play having almost identical Terms of Service to the Apple evil empire license where, to use it, you must agree (no choice) to allow Google the right to revoke/delete any of your (sorry, their) apps on your  Android whenever they care to do so. You must accept these new Terms of Service or from this moment on, you lose the right to update any apps you might currently own and, of course, to download new apps from Market (sorry, now from Play).

        Evcon, Android users have the right to decline Google Play’s Terms of Service.  Yes, but the result means no more apps and no more updates to currently owned apps.  That, frankly, is an awfully evil deal.  For myself and doubtlessly millions of others around the world, it amounts to no “choice” at all. 

        I agree, Smarteralec is sadly 100% right.  Despite it’s “Don’t be evil” double-speak, in a sad race to the bottom, Google is proving itself yet another disgustingly evil company.  I wish they would reverse this decision and return to the trustworthy moral ground.  For the moment, however, they have in one fell swoop, destroyed the trust I had until now awarded them.

        • evcon

          I have a problem with people immediately calling this an “evil” move when Google hasn’t done anything actually “evil” yet. This is fanatic alarmism at its worst. Though this policy change may be unfortunate, that’s why the rooting community exists and will continue to thrive.

          tl;dr – Build a bridge and get over it.

  • Fg2srt4

    I updated my books and movies and music app. Went into Play Movies, clicked on a movie under rentals. It brought me to android market where it said updating to Google Play and then there it was

  • r0lct

    Perception, especially in media:
    Google = easy services and products that anyone can use
    Android = For tech people and power users, not easy

    Make phone Google Phones powered by Android (with Android in small letters) and now you clean that up a bit for the sake of marketing and such.  You also seperate the Google market/experince devices from the others.  People will know if they see Google buy it and remove some confusion around which Android device supports what.

  • Dcliffo89

    Anyone else having the issue with the built in Market icon in the top left corner of the apps screen no longer working? On Moto Bionic.

  • Why would you put it on mediafire ??

  • Ath

    will be there a tablet version?

    • ran it on my HP Touchpad CM9. It’s basically the same tablet interface from the original market. So to answer your question: it’s already there.

  • Podcasts? {{-_-}}

  • Edwinmdermott18651

    i aidently deleted the app store on y android how do i reoer it

    • Smart@$$

      I think you removed your C key also…might wanna look into that

  • Boy, this Google Play app looks a lot like the Android Market

  • Christopher Riner

    I’m not getting an apk.  I’m getting a zip that has the android system files in it (meta/res and whatever the other one is)

    • Champlification

      Change the .zip to an .apk in a file manager like Astro or Root Explorer.

  • I try on Motorola Droid Razr, Motorola Razr (UK Edition), Motorola Razr (Singapore / Asia Edition) and Samsung Galaxy Note without download com.android.vending-2.apk. Just open Android Market and then if available will otomaticly update Android Market to be Google Play or Android Market will ask you to update.

  • Skyskioc

    running gummynex 0.8.1 and installed this just fine. Not too thirlled about the name but whatever.

  • tutaina

    Keeps FC everytime i open it on my xoom running stock ics

  • JayQ330

    I received the update update today & it haas this explanation about what the new features are for, it’s basically just an “easier more user friendly” way of sharing your music through google plus & sharing your apps through ask your devices you own, something we always could do author this update but it’s just easier now, how & in what way I haven’t really checked yet but what I think it’s a responder to applets I’cloud since google never really arrested the fact that they can share apps between there devices they’re making sure people know about it & use this sync feature, since apple makes everyone think they came up with the ideas android has had for a year they need to let it be known they’ve had this long before.the new icon looks alright to me the name is stupid because play explains nothing of what it’s new feature does maybe “market sync”would of been better anyway it’s smoother & it’s a little blotchy since they’re updating servers for the new services I’m guessing.

  • Horace

    Got it on my Bionic like 5 hours ago, however it doesn’t seem to be integrating into the apps tray like it used to. Guess we gotta wait for an update to get that back, not a big deal though.

  • I like the new market name because Android Market is not popular like App Store and iTunes is among the casuals. You need something that catches someone something can be become popular over time like the Droid branding now everyone wants a ‘DROID’

  • 3.4.4 on my nexus, cant get 3.4.6, ive tried clear cache, data, force stopped, uninstalled updates. and when i try to install the apk, its saying “an existing package by the same name with conflicting signature is already installed”… running rooted aokp 25 on 4.0.3

  • Cphilano

    if you still have market on you phone, just click on your market icon, hit the settings button, and then hit my apps. it should have an update for other apps and it will update market to play store as well.

  • hmmm so what’s the difference between this and the normal market? i have all those on my market…and it’s still called market…so

  • Clancy3434

    I’m confused and/or stupid so somebody help me out… the file isn’t downloading as an apk. Its downloading as a zip. Do I have to rename the file and install or do I have to flash this?

  • LyzStarwalker

    Just stop crying, for god sake! Go to Google search, type in Droid-life.com and click on the link for the file. Download it to your phone, install and…. voila! new app store.

  • Looollool

    can we have one more post about this.  seriously, who cares

  • Dbarden31

    3.4.6 is in the title but mine updated to 3.4.4. *scratches head*

  • Tried clearing data and cache for market, also tried going through GPM and GPV  (not relation to HPV) and getting no love on stock Gnex


      ehh ill just install this then.. nothing bad about it… but if u wait itl probably come tomorrow..

    • fvqu

      Theres a download link for a reason

      • I did use the link (probably should have mentioned that) 

  • apk worked on xoom , no go on nexus (gummy rom) 4.0.3  any suggestions 

  • My Droid X got the update just a few minutes ago (which brought me here cuz DroidLife always has the info). The screenshot for this topic post is a spot on match for what I see on my X. Other than that, nothing else seems to have changed. No new user options/settings or anything. Build version 3.4.6

  • The update also seems to work if you go into Play Books (is that right?) and click the market link in the app to search for books. It will give you a prompt to agree with terms. Then, just close out of the market, and when you revisit it, it should give you the update. Has worked on three phones so far.

  • Does anyone have the icon from the old app store? I miss it and wanna use it instead of the Play app.

  • possomcrast1

    Maybe they wanted all their apps by each other thats why they did “google ___”  they will all be by the G in the alphabetical app drawer.

    • Jason Naylor

      They’re in the P section on my Nexus under “play books” and “play store”

  • Hodgewdm

    I updated the Music app but no prompt to update the “Market” to Google Play….Bionic

  • Chris

    my Dinc2 got the store update about ten minutes ago.

  • James_Kernicky

    Has the marketplace always been able to recognize my apps from the amazon app store?  I may have never noticed this before but TuneIn Radio Pro and Soundhound both show they need updates in the marketplace aka play but I downloaded them from amazon…strange

    • Chris

      mine had done that since the amazon app store went live. Amazon app store will also reconize apps from google play as well saying they need an update

    • Joe12304

      Yes. the sad part is it will show that even from the web browser, and there is no option to rebuy an app from Google. Well no official way. The way to get around it is to download the market 2.XX apk. Without doing this trying to update or rebuy through Google will fail out.

  • dr154

    Got Google Play on my Razr like an hour ago.

  • I got it on my ICSed Iconia a500 by reverting to an older market and letting it re-update. This seems easier.

  • I can’t believe I have an app called “Play Store” on my phone. -_-

    • Hubbabubba111

      much rather of preferred “Google Play”, “Google Store”, or just “store”.. not so much with “Play Store”

      • Josh Groff

         Reminds me of DR Tran’s Toy Cack episode.

    • feztheforeigner

      I much preferred “Market” or maybe even “Store”

    • Yeaaa I’ll hang on to Market for as long as I can. Play Store? Ugh.

      • Noyfb

        Just checked my phone, I didn’t have to download, it just updated itself to Goole Play , and then clicked accept license. I still say its like they are trying to market this to children. I guess they want to get away from the android branding for some reason, maybe they don’t want to pay for the licensing for the Droid/ android name?

        • Evan Knofsky

          The only licensing fees paid for the DROID name are from Verizon to Lucas Arts, Google doesn’t pay that

        • Klogue75

           Mine updated but didn’t make a shortcut….I definitely prefer the name android market….

          • Josh Groff

             You had to create your own shortcut. *shudder*

    • At least I renamed my shortcut to the app back to Market (via GO Launcher EX)…

      • Klogue75

         How did you get the shortcut?

        • Tripod4

          • cizzlen

            I’m still lol’ing

    • I can’t either Android just lost a whole lot of credibility in the business world.  The owner at my company has already been asking about it.  Took me over 8 months to get him to approve Android phones over BlackBerry and now they pull this crap.

      • Robert Beier

        Guess they didn’t buy any of the BB Playbooks either then? 

  • version number? 

    • iNfAMOUS70702


  • Jjooeey


    • Miami? New York? Arizona? The suspense is killing me.

      • Donnavon Hallgren

        Seattle haha

      • Cleveland since Holmgren doesn’t know how to use an RGIII

      • balthuszar

        hope to gosh not miami…

    • socalrailroader

      Who cares.

    • LiterofCola

      uber awesome duuuuuuude

  • randompsychology

    Google Play removed the “Market” shortcut from my homescreen and didn’t replace it. That wasn’t very nice…

    • mines gone too, just thought it was this stupid nexus 

      • Hubbabubba111

        all you have to do is find ‘Play store” it in your apps and place it back 😉 id have to say, the app icon looks much better on my home screen.

      • Guest

        you thought after you replaced an application with newer version and with different name it was your phone that magically removed the shortcut?  No wonder you are constantly hating on the gnex  i would too if i was too stupid for it.  My 90 yr. old grandma cant open an email i send her.. piece of sh*t computer…

        • easy to tell you are one these idiots who puts your little nexus on a pedestal and worships it everyday,thinking its just the best thing ever

          • Josh Groff

             Almost as bad as iFans. I’ll stick to Motorola/HTC, and just maybe, if Motorola gets a chance to make a Nexus, I’ll buy it.

          • iFonePhag4S

            Dude, sell your Gnex  on Craigslist and go buy an iPhone. You’ll be in heaven

    • Drakehill

      YYes did the same exact thing to me. i take it Google play is replacing the adriod market

    • Dmg

      they left my broken shortcut on my homescreen =(

  • Jjooeey

    WHEN IS XOOM AND Rezound going to get ICS? DATE?

    • Verizon just announced today that ICS would be coming to the Rezound. Hold your horses.

  • Rick

    I found that Google Play Store was already downloaded and was in the apps All list.

    So I went to the new Google Play Music app, pressed on the market/store icon and was prompted to install the new store app.

  • Got the update by clearing data on my Galaxy Nexus running AOKP, and my stock Thrive running Honeycomb.

  • Rick

    I also found if you already updated either one of the Google Play apps, then click on the market/store icon, I was prompt to use the Google Play Store.

    • EC8CH

      that did it for me.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Never. I’ll continue to keep on using the old Android Market even if it means never getting updates. This is how strongly I feel towards the new lam-o name and rebranding.

    Old Android Market FTW!

    • martyjones

      How noble of you!

      • i wonder when his knight-ing ceremony is…

        • EvanTheGamer

          The ceremony is this Friday…and everyone is invited…except for Google…the hounds will be waiting for ’em if they show up…

      • EvanTheGamer

        That’s right…

    • Tiny weewee


  • ~dArK.AnGeL

    ………………. RAZR

    • Justgregory08

      i havent got mine yet??? i have razr but nothing has been popped up or what should i do???

      • MrWolf


  • Thanks!

  • Nexussssss

    Or just wipe your market data in settings and it should update

    • My Nexus running 4.0.4 refused to update heh. Every other device would but this one. We know some with ROMs aren’t seeing it either.

      • Tonygonzalez319

        it worked on mine, I’m also running 4.0.4. You just have to clear cache a couple of times. Thanks Nexusssssss for the tip

        • Nexussssss

          no prob, its worked on all my devices including my old LG Ally lol

          • zUFC

            just went to do this trick after checking to see if Play was already updated. the second i went to clear data, i got the screen to change to the “play store”

      • I didn’t have to do anything with 4.0.4. I got a text from vz early in the morning stating that market will now turn into play and a couple of hours later there it was.

      • Kdacidsonx

        I have my nook running cm7 and it wont take it tried manual download but doesn’t work

        Sent from nook color

    • rals


    • Cam

      Thanks for the tip, sadly didn’t work on my Epic 4g Touch ;(