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Google’s Rumored $199 Tablet to be Produced by ASUS, Quad-Core Tegra 3 Inside?

Further speculation has been released on Google’s rumored upcoming tablet plans. According to our buddy Taylor over at Android and Me, Google was so impressed by Asus’ smaller, yet powerful 7″ MeMo Pad at CES that they approached the manufacturer to discuss producing a similar tablet, but with a complete Google “Vanilla” Experience and with quad-core Tegra 3 power built in.

Along with that, a price tag of only $199 continues to be thrown around by many in the industry. If Google and Asus can come together and create a pure Google device, with plenty of processing power for that small amount, they are sure to make a huge splash in the market space. To back all of this info up, Eric Schmidt and Andy Rubin have both said that 2012 is the year that Google takes the tablet market by storm:

2012 is going to be the year that we double down and make sure we’re winning in that space.

It is also said that production of these tablets could be happening soon enough that they would be made available to attendees of this year’s Google I/O. Wouldn’t that be a nice treat? We love rumors, but of course, they are just speculations between industry folks with no hard data yet. We can cross our fingers though that this is all true.

$200 7-inch quad-core pure Google tablet. Sound like a winner to all of you?

Via: Android and Me

  • Emily

    looks like I don’t want a Kindle anymore.

  • Guest

    The headlines says $199… then the picture says $249.
    DroidLife couldn’t get that correct?

  • winner? sounds more like ‘champion’ to me 🙂 

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    The price is nice but I’ll pass…I’m not really the biggest fan of nvidia processors

  • Christopher Riner

    Dude I’m all in.  Gotta agree, seven inches wouldn’t please a thai street walker.  But, for the price, and (for us flashaholics) a pure google experience– This is the tablet I’ve been waiting to jump on.  I love my nexus, but have been wanting a tegra 3 device for all the sweet games I’ve been seeing.  

  • No point in 7″ tablet as far as I am concerned. 10″ would be the minimum. I really enjoy the Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ I recently bought.  

    • No way my 7″ kindle is a lot more confortable to use than my wife’s 10″ iPad. It certainly has it’s market.

      True the bigger screen is useful for somethings but sometimes 7″ is more than enouch. Surfing most websites, reading books, and even watching movies is just fine on it.

  • Captain_Doug

    I’d be okay with up to 8″. 7 seems sufficient but 7.5 would be nice. I definitely wouldn’t go under 7…

  • N8shon

    Yes. In my opinion 7″ is the perfect size for me for a tablet and $200 at those specs is a good deal. I’d buy one on launch day with no hesitation. Where’s the pre-order page? I’ll take the Wi-Fi only version please.

  • Sign me up…. please!

  • Want want want. This is what I’m holding out for.

  • there already bunch of 7″ tablet in market. why just pick one and stamp it with Nexus brand. 

  • Pmagent2013

    id rather have a 10” for $300

  • OhAaron

    I’d totally buy it.

  • Ricktheprick

    The $200 price is a complete pipe-dream. Never happen.

    • Bionic

      oh really?  cuz you work at google?  stfu

      • Hans Wee

        why the hell would asus make a tablet for $200 and undercut their own tablets which at $250 is already cheap.

        i mean based on the teardown of a kindle fire, it costs $205 to build a fire which also doesnt have a front or rear facing camera and doesnt have a quad core cpu or 1gb of ram. 

        $200 for a state of the art tablet is a pipe dream.  google would be cutting the legs out from their own partners.   if its say $250 it woudl be believeable at least.

  • E A butler

    FIx the android market and you will sell more devices!!!!!!!  Apple wins because they have the software that people want to use!!! Bottom line!

    • Bionic

      no one cares.  Any good apps are on both markets

      •  How many Ipads versus Android tablets out there? Yeah, I’d say EA has a point and a pretty strong one.

  • longlong22
  • I personally do not care for the design aesthetic of that device.

    • Bionic

      thats probably not what it is gonna look like in the end

  • ddevito

    Asus isn’t tops on my list. Neither is the Tegra 3, but I’d still buy it because it’s a Nexus.

    Dual boot with Win8 anyone?!

    • Bionic

      windows 8 sucks dude. seriously.  I was playing with it on my bud’s tablet and i just frikin hate it.  seriously

    • Mlarson6

      Yeah that is seriously all I want! And no Windows 8 is actually pretty awesome and has now possibly convinced me to wait for their tablets and not get an android one.  If anything, some one will figure out dual-boot from there

  • Yeah, that really would be a no brainer.

  • TheJ

    Perfect take to work tablet

  • Philip Van Luke

    I will say the same thing i posted on the gizmodo post.

    I have been holding out for a tablet for 3 years, wanting one very badly. I almost bought a galaxy tab 10.1.

    in my opinion the tablet app market is far more mature for the iPad. I would buy into a $200 nexus tablet at 7″ if it has a FFC for video chat, I wouldnt care if it had no rear camera at all. But im ready to buy now. This thing needs to be announced, or “leaked” before the iPad 3 launch day or after two years of waiting to get a tablet, my money will go to apple.

    • Slightwarp

      If you go to Foxconn they will let you build your own IPAD3 and pay you $1.78 an hour !!!
      Book your vacation now !!!

    • Bionic

      are you aware of the massive price difference?  

    • I think $200 is a right price for tablet ($500 is not).
      There were a plenty of deals for a full functional 10″ Tegra 2 tablets for $200ish.
      $200 for Tegra 3 is a good price as well.

  • Great. Now I have to decide between this tablet and the Transformer Prime 2. But I do love me some Google. 

  • ForegoneConclusion

    They should release a bunch of nexus tablets starting at 7.0″ then they start getting slightly bigger 7.1″ 7.2″ etc. etc. on up to 12″.  Then you could go into Best Buy and get custom fit for a nexus tablet.


    ill buy..

  • Bring it on! I’ll buy one, maybe two or three.

  • Androider4Life


  • fgonzo98

    Definite WINNER and IMMEDIATE purchase over here…

  • Bob G

    too bad Taylor at Android and Me has really bad accuracy with his predictions.

  • tjpeco

    Lord help me anyone but Asus.

    I’d take a pantech over an Asus.

    • Why is that?

      • Dave Vandewark

        i would like to know why as well, i have a transformer prime and i think asus put out the strongest android tablet to date.

      • tjpeco

        Shoddy hardware.  Bad design that renders features useless.  Horrible wifi performance.

        The two TPrimes I ordered for users both had so many dead pixels in the display that I had to send them both back and one of the ones that I got back had backlight bleed so bad that a black screen literally faded to grey.

        Plus I’ve had nothing but issues with Asus PC hardware.  Their quality control sucks and they throw products out the door without adequate testing.

        • Slightwarp

          Look Ma ! A Troll !!!

        • Bionic

          i think you are in the minority because any ASUS product ive ever owned or used has been great

    • who

      Dont know that I’d take a Pantech over Asus but I agree. they havent released a sucessfull fully working tablet since the OG transformer.  Google instead make the market better and get us better developers to get us better apps!!

  • this makes me wonder why the hell phones are $100 more (even more if you include the subsidy !!)

    WHY ?!?!

    • George264

      IKR? GALAXY NEXUS- 299! WTF?

    • E A butler

      Sounds like Orcish mischief to me!!!……
      … I always wondered the same thing, my 10″tablet cost $500, but my new phone cost between $600-$800?

      • ServerGremlin

         yes but is your 10 inch tablet come with 3g/4g at that price?

    • Bionic

      simple, supply and demand my friend.  almost everyone NEEDS a phone.  Not everyone needs a tablet.  Therefore need equals higher price.  supply and demand.  

    • OhAaron

      Because of subsidies.  We don’t ever see the full price.  We get enslaved into contracts, because of this.

  • Google realizes that tying any tablet to a carrier is going to automatically result in very low, blunted sales. People DO NOT want a data plan or to have to sign another contract. This Nexus tablet, whatever it is and by whomever it’s made, will be Wi-Fi only and will be out either before or released simultaneously with carrier versions. Apple, as much as some hate them, have a good model with the iPad pricing structure. They make a mass-appealing tablet for a very low price on Wi-Fi only, then release a more expensive tablet with 3G/4G on board for the carriers. Carriers know their tablet versions won’t sell that well, but it’s still worth it to them to stock the tablets.

    I think they should make an 8.9″ tablet – it’s bigger than the 7 but isn’t as unwieldy as the 10.1″ tabs. Perhaps a 7.7″ size would be good, too… But 7″ is just a bit small, really.

    • Sporttster

      I’d never buy a tab with a plan connected to it. Why would I? Pay twice for the same thing I’ve got on my phone? Stupid! I’ll use wifi and connect to my phone or home, thanks….

  • Booboolala2000

    Sounds good to me. Anything that gt more tab specific apps for my Xoom.

  • Bionic

    Hopefully they come out with cool docks and stuff for this thing.  Id love to dock it as a music player for example.  Or even use it as a GPS on road trips, haha.  

  • I’m in.

  • EC8CH

    If true, how is this not going to destroy the sales of the Memo Pad?

    Unless that tablet has some kind of trick up it’s sleeves (or Google’s version is crippled in some way) a Google tab that is $50 cheaper is a no brainer especially since they are both going to be made by ASUS.

    • Bionic

      One simple answer could be that the memo 370t might be for cell phone providers at first.  Kinda like the new motorola ones that just came out.  At first you could only get them at verizon.  

      • EC8CH

        ASUS isn’t that stupid though 🙂

    • Droidzilla

      No one other than Apple and Amazon are selling in the tablet space, so Google doing a mass purchase from ASUS would probably be a net win for ASUS. Guaranteed bulk sales at a lower profit margin > non-guaranteed single sales at a higher profit margin, methinks.

      • EC8CH

        That makes sense. Also ASUS isn’t selling it’s own ecosystem with it’s tablets like Amazon is, so they shouldn’t care if it’s running their skin or stock Android.

        I wonder how similar the two tablets will be once they launch. Probably slight cosmetic changes with the Google version having less memory and being $50 less expensive.

        • Droidzilla

          I could also see the Google version having no MicroSD expansion slot. They tend to do that, and it would save some costs.

          • EC8CH

            I don’t mind that so much on a phone, but I think having less onboard memory and the lack of expandable storage would bother me more on a tablet.

            Oh decisions decisions

          • Droidzilla

            Totally agree. Of course, my decision is easy since I have a Droid RAZR, Dell Streak 7, and Galaxy Tab 7 (OG). I decide to not get this uber tab and keep my wife from being mad at me. Well, unless I sell one of the others first . . .

          • hkklife

            Honestly, $199 is TOO LOW for the kind of tablet I’d like to have.   My rationale:

            I am currently rocking an Evo View 4G which I got back in ne of those post-Christmas blowout sales.  I am of course using it wi-fi only and have never turned on the CDMA or WiMax radios.  I LOVE the fact that it has 1GB RAM, 32Gb internal storage AND a microSDHC slot.  The fact that it charges via conventional microUSB is the icing on the cake. I of course realize that a $240 closeout View isn’t a sustainable price.   But I’d like something with a few more screen pixels, a more powerful GPU/CPU, and of course ICS (vanilla, please).   Sense and Honeycomb are not a perfect marriage. 

            If Asus and Google come out with a Fire fighter at $199, it’s likely to be gimped on screen quality, probably 1024×600 screen, limiteed onboard storage, battery capacity, cameras, and expandability.   I agree with the thoughts above that it’ll be a cloud-centric device (not a fan). 

            I’d rather see a “Nexus” tablet at $250- $300 with two decent cameras, good battery life, microSD slot, and a 1280×800  IPS screen. 

            I don’t know why it’s so hard for these Android hardware manufacturers to realize what people want. Asus should have a 7.7″ 1280×800 Transformer running stock ICS on the market NOW to capture all of the sales of people who want a Samsung Tab 7.7″ but refuse to sign a contract!  And there’s no reason for every tablet to use a proprietary charger.  Give me a microUSB port and a 2A charger and I’m set!

          • KevinC

            Good thing you’re not CEO of a company.
            What most of the public wants is a cheap $200 tablet.

            Most people can’t afford basically the price of another computer.

        • Slightwarp

          I expect the Google Mini-Pad to replace the 7″ Asus MeMo on launch day. In other words, Google will buy a couple of million of ’em and rebrand them – No Asus MeMo. you read it here first.

          • OhAaron

            That’s what I’m thinking.

  • Jer85008

    Please don’t let it be another 7″ tablet. There are lots of options in that price range already, a “pure Google experience” won’t be that much of a sell to the majority of the public. Now, if they can hit that price point with something in the 8-9″ range, I’ll be the first in line with my credit card out and ready.

    • EC8CH


    • Bionic

      No, i prefer 7.  Besides 8 or 9 would be way more than 200 bucks.  

      • Jer85008

        But you have plenty of options at 7″ in the $200-$250 ballpark, some of which can be rooted and run custom ICS roms already. To me (and many other Android users), 7″ isn’t that much bigger than our phone (I have a Rezound) and the utility of a small tablet is low. What I want is something to replace my laptop for a good chunk of my time, 7″ just doesn’t cut it. I think you are right about the price though, but Google could easly get a 9-10″ tablet in our hands under $300.

    • Droidzilla

      I’d prefer 7″; 9″ is too big.

      Also, FYI:

  • EC8CH

    Ok here’s my plan:

    If this comes out in June for $200 bucks I’m getting it.

    Then if Google releases a larger Nexus tablet, I’ll get that and pass the 7 incher onto my kids who love to play games on Grandpa’s Kindle.

    • nwd1911

      I’m on board with you. How could anyone pass up a $200 Nexus tablet?  I wish the screen was going to be bigger, but that would cost more…wishing there was a $300 8-9″ Nexus tablet…like you said, I’ll have to get both!

  • if adobe touch apps start supporting 7″ screens, then yes. This sounds beyond phenomenal and I will be the first to get one at my local vzw/best buy/amazon. probably amazon…

    • Bionic

      you gotta wonder if amazon will even carry this item.  Its direct competition for the Fire.  

      • but not really… the UX is TOTALLY different… google is taking it to heart… but amazon… i dont think this will hurt their sales… they’re going to push the fire and just keep the nexus tab on the dl…

        • Bionic

          Hey i hope your right because i like buying most of my stuff from Amazon.  However if Best Buy has it for the same price (very likely) ill get it there because of the reward points.  

          • Droidzilla

            Buy it on Amazon with an Amazon card and get Amazon reward points. I really wish I could have written that with less “Amazon”s in it.

  • “Google’s $249 tablet for $199.


  • ASUS4Me

    I love my TF101.  When this is available I will have a hard time keeping myself from switching.

  • ddevito

    Awwwww yea – Google I/O 2012 Giveaway

    • Bionic

      i wish I/O was closer tho.  I dont want to wait that long.  My birthday is in june

  • Sporttster

    I’m getting antsy to get a new tablet. Been looking at either Tabs,7 or 8.9 but the prices are hard to swallow. This would sway me definately towards the Googlet. Price is the key…

    • Bionic

      same here.  200 bucks is perfect for me simply because i dont have a lot of need for a tablet.  It would just be a luxury item that i would use to play games on and it would probably be my main music player as well.  

  • Havoc70

    If they can put this together i WILL be buying one! cant wait to see if they do

    • Bionic

      its no longer an “if”.  its going to happen.

      • Havoc70

        I will keep my fingers crossed that you are right Bionic =)

  • MKader17

    Throw in an IR blaster and you have my attention.

    • Bionic

      for what?  tv remote?

  • jimbob
    • USA

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    • Kakashiisagod


  • tomgillotti

    This would be a great gift for my girlfriend; however, if the Asus version at $249 comes with a keyboard as some speculation had pointed out, then that will still be the tablet of choice!

    • EC8CH

      no way a keyboard dock is included at the $249 price.

    • tomgillotti

      Sorry, comes keyboard ready/ with the option to buy. Obviously that price would not include a keyboard.

  • if anyones earned it, its asus. lets just go ahead and get them on board for this years Nexus phone too. ok google? thanks

    • Havoc70

      +1000 for this !

    • why not make it the padfone?!?!?!? but a lot thinner please…..

  • EC8CH

    7″ is a little small, my phone’s already close to 5″.

    Wish they would come out with a larger 9″ or 10″ tablet.

    • Bionic

      they will, give it time.  

    • 1bad69z28

       Yeah I would like something a little bigger to.  Maybe Google will call thier tables a “Nexus” Tablet 🙂

      • AlexKCMO

        If it’s Asus, Nexus Pad.

        • 1bad69z28

          LOL How about “Google NexPad” 🙂

          • AlexKCMO

             Googorola Transformer NexPad …


            *mind blown*

          • Slightwarp

            Google 10″ Maxi-Pad ??? seems familiar somehow.

    • 8.9 i think is the sweet spot…

    • 4n1m4L


  • tjmonkey15

    I’d buy it.  I sold my original transformer plus keyboard for enough to buy this (if the rumored price is true) and have money to spare.  7 inch size could be nice too.

    • Droidzilla


      And yes, 7″ is pretty much the perfect size, in my opinion.


  • Bionic

    YESSSS.  I couldnt be happier with them selecting ASUS as the manufacturer.   Basically what we are going to get folks is a re-branded MEMO 370t.  

    Basically it will be a Nexus tablet, how cool is that?  I cant wait to find out more as this will be my first tablet.  

    When is google I/O ?

  • Edwin M

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m making it rain on my monitor, please please please take my money!!!

  • I’d love to see an 8.9 version (love my wife’s 8.9 Tab), but this would be a winner in my book.

    • Iny

       I’d also prefer something a little bigger.

      • EC8CH


      • Slightwarp

        That’s what she said..

    • Bionic

      im sure if the first one is successful they will make a bigger one.  For example amazon is going to release a 8.9 kindle fire soon.  

  • yes please

  • I’d buy that. I need to replace my rooted Nook Color haha

    • Ph76er21

      me too!

  • KleenDroid


    • Calvin Williams

      Windows 8 is gonna be in a lot load of trouble if this happens. They want too much money for each license. Their tablets won’t be able to reach less than $300, even for the crappiest ones. I think most W8 tablets will be $499+

      • Bionic

        windows 8 sucks anyway 

        • Tabe

          On desktop, maybe, but its a pretty slick tablet interface IMO.

          • Bionic

            not to me it isnt

      • you know there will be a way to dual boot within months of its launch… with win8 being able to work on arm.. i have no doubt there will be a dual boot solution.

        • Bionic

          why would you even want windows 8?  it sucks sooooooo much.