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Google Wallet Now Showing as “Unsupported” on Rooted Devices


Over the weekend, your Google Wallet app probably started showing a little yellow bar at the top along with an “Unsupported device” note. If you tap on the “Learn more” link next to it, you are directed to the page we have included on the right which talks about rooted devices and how Google may be unable to support them because of security issues that they cannot control thanks to “unauthorized” software.

This move shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially after Wallet took a beating from the media over a “vulnerability” that was discovered if a user had rooted their phone. The easiest move for Google in this situation is simply to call those devices “unsupported” and then not have to worry about them. While we would have wished they did not go this route, the rooting and ROM communities are too vast for them to even attempt to support them, especially when it comes to something as tricky as secure mobile payments. And remember, they already took a stance like this with their movie service.

What we haven’t been able to figure out yet is whether or not this message has killed use of Wallet completely or if this is Google’s way of saying, “We aren’t supporting your device since you rooted, so if someone steals your money, it’s not our fault. You can still make transactions though.” I can still login to my Wallet app and see my funds showing as available on my prepaid card.

Let us know your status. Have you been able to make payments using Wallet with this notice?

Cheers @droseum20, Sean, Jigga_Z, Craig, Eddie and Adam!

  • sean1985

    Well I think they are going to lose more money this way. I normally buy apps if they are reasonable.

  • 814 htc evo

    I got my evo 4g LTE on Tuesday and so far I love it but two major problems I activated google wallet on day 1 but HTC sense always and still is crashing after I exit any app to home screen…so I I tried a factory reset to make sense quit crashing…well it worked for a short while but now it’s back and google wallet after I did a factory reset now shows a security element is not responding please contact google wallet support and I did and got nowhere and since this device is 2 1/2 days old not many people have it nor does sprint even have infoon this issue or how to fix it so the simple everyday factory reset non root broke the security thing in my version of wallet and now it won’t work whatsoever!!! Check the phandroid forums for htc evo 4g LTE for more!!! and so far I have no way to fix it nor does sprint or google that I know of so be careful if you factory reset or toil be screwed like me 2 1/2 day old device and google wallet is already screwed !!!!

  • We posted on Google+ some information about how Google goes about detecting root. https://plus.google.com/b/114121973767140108311/114121973767140108311/posts/NDwdf3gxnBb

  • Michael Martin

    we are able to re provision our cards again!!!

  • Couldn’t you just do the same thing you do to get the stock Google Videos (er… Play Videos?) app to work on a rooted device? Temporarily move your su to something else (like mu), use wallet, and then use your “mu” to move/copy mu back to su. There is at least one app that will do this for you, but it’s very easy to do on your own (or to write a script to toggle it for you and trigger it from your home screen).

  • I’m not rooted, but I side-loaded the APK onto my VZW Gnex. This morning while trying to buy breakfast, I get an error that I need to update Wallet. The Market says the app isn’t compatible with my CARRIER. What the hell, Verizon?

    Anyone have a link to download the new Wallet APK?

    • kevintufts

       I’m in the same boat as you.  Any word on a fix?

  • Nickles96

    This release obviously has a checker of some sort. I reset app settings from within the app uninstalled and then installed my original working apk. No warning message but still can’t access prepaid due to “system issues”

  • BenAgain375

    I wish there was a toggle switch to go from rooted to unrooted for instances such as these.

  • Projectblkj15

    Yup. mine still works, Just tried it at quickcheck, I am rooted on 4.0.4 Gnex

  • Tjcard03

    Not rooted and using wallet on my galaxy nexus with no problems woo!

  • Melina M

    Works fine for me on my rooted GSM Gnex. I’ve seen that message for a few days, but I’ve had no terrible making payments or adding funds.

    • Melina M

      Gah, Swype! That should read “I’ve had no trouble”, obviously.

  • Droseum20

    Still haven’t got my prepaid. Looks like I lost 150 bucks.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    No problems for me.  I’m just rooted though…no custom ROM.

  • Wes

    4.0.4 stock. I have been getting the banner, but I was able to add 30$ to my prepaid.

  • Steve

    Still cant access my $10 for joining 2 months ago…

  • Stewie

    On the 4.0.4 leak, rooted and nothign else done to phone, not getting message, but haven’t used it in a while…

  • fvqu

    So we got the secure element issue, prepaid cards not working and now this. Anything else to add to the list of problems google wallet has?

  • Balls

    only a matter of time before a smart dev patches that

  • Firelight

    Well – count me among the disappointed. 

    Running P3’s TranquilIce I’ve not been able to use Wallet since the initial turnoff of Wallet from the controversy.

  • Greg

    I was getting this on the lastest APK.  I went back to a Titanium backup and restored it then applied the updated APK.  No warning message.  Rooted and not stock.

  • Ceber

    totally stock untouched, works fine, just added money to prepaid……

  • Skyskioc

    Rooted and running GUMMYNEX and I get the same yellow bar. Google wallet did work for m a couple months ago but now its a no go. I could really care less about it as Its not a deal breaker for me. Im a ROM flashaholic. I try all the new roms that come out and love the openness of this platform. Going to keep on flashing and using this phone until something better comes along.

  • LakeDub

    Rooted with AOKP get the yellow notification, just used wallet and it worked. But I use the Citi MasterCard. Haven’t used the prepaid since the free $10 not not sure on that one

  • kixofmyg0t

    LOL so you buy a phone because it has “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!” and a unlockable bootloader…..then get denied the ability to use the “ZOMG TEH NFC!!!!” because your phone is rooted……priceless. 

    This made my day. 

    • Jak_341

      How is ICS working out for you?

      • kixofmyg0t

        On which device? I have it on my Bionic, Xoom, Droid X, Droid 2 Global and Atrix. 

        • Jak_341

          Lol! Get that out of here. Bionic? Xoom? Lol! Motorola loves customers like you. Enjoy your Pentile Bionic and Xoom, voted worst tablet display. And need I even mention Blur?

          • kixofmyg0t

            Umm I am? Whats the problem with that? Idc about the pentile and my Xooms LCD is better than my 24″ Acer monitor so who cares. Yeah Ive heard of Blur guy. I prefer it to stock GB. 

            Is your pathetic attempt to talk crap over yet? Cuz its quite boring. 

          • Trey Fordham

            I’d like to jump in on ICS on Droid X—- no camera support yet. I would’ve stuck with moto except for the fact that (virtually) everything after the OG droid has had a locked bootloader.

    • Matthew Rosidivito

      It still works. Also I use NFC for a lot more than payments.

      • kixofmyg0t

        I keep forgetting that. My immpression of it always comes from people talking about how Google wallet doesnt work this my prepaid is locked that. Sorry. 

        • Matthew Rosidivito

          Yeah, it’s far from a perfect system still.

  • DWM

    Not rooted, no yellow bar. 🙂

  • John

    I’m still able to purchase items despite this warning message

  • William Ku

    if this is happening to rooted phones with custom roms only then oh well. bye bye to google wallet and ISIS, if it happens to them also. no way in hell am i giving up my custom flashed roms. being rooted is great but i need my unlocked bootloader and custom roms.

  • Tim242

    I just want them to get prepaid fully working again. This is ridiculous.

  • I noticed the unsupported bar on GNex on Sunday. I managed to buy McDonald’s for the kid on Saturday. 

    4.0.4 Stock rooted

  •  Running 4.0.4 and I have that message.  I did use my prepaid card on Friday night and it worked fine but I didn’t get the message until Saturday.  My balance was also updated since then so I dunno.

  • r0lct

    Just called Money network and am getting my money refunded via check on “30 to 45” days.  By the time it comes it’ll be like finding a $20 in your back pocket of pants you haven’t worn in a while.  Though I can’t remember that actually happening to me.  😛

  • Booboolala2000

    With pressure from the banks to offer a secure product no one should be surprised. These are your financial at stake. And a rooted or hacked phone is unofficial so shouldn’t be supported. If ever there was a time Google needed to act with the corporations, Google Wallet and media are those times. Removable memory is one of the reasons Sony hasn’t signed with Google music.

    • Tim242

      So, banks should deny cards to people that are prone to losing things?

    • BrianWenger

      No less secure than losing a credit card. It’s probably easier for a theif to use a credit card too, as opposed to realising the phone he/she just stole has NFC and Wallet on it, and using a hack to extract the PIN. It’s like the universe has to align for somebody to realistically steal anything from your phone with Wallet on it. If it’s your PIN you’re worried about, just change the PIN on your phone to something different than you use for your bank account.

  • Jonzey231

    My prepaid still won’t work since I wiped my phone and reinstalled.

    • if you have made a backup in the past of that app in Titanium, try restoring just the data. It worked for me.

  • Rooted, running Team BAMF’s ROM “BAMF Paradigm v1.0 [4.0.3]” no notice…But I haven’t been able to ever get the transaction to go through. I’ve only tried one place though, the app says “Sent” but the store didn’t get the $ and I had to pay cash.

    • Tim242

      Reset wallet from within app, uninstall, reinstall. That fixes that issue. However, can’t re-add card yet. Fix coming soon.

    • Ryan

      did you ever figure out how to get this to work… i am having the same problem

  • fallsgable

    I tried using my Google Wallet $10 Prepaid Card over the weekend, and although the transaction APPEARED to have been successfull, as it said “Done”, the $10 remained on my Google Pre-Paid Card, as well as the register at the store not recognizing the $10 payment….I completed the transaction 4 TIMES, each time it said done successfully….but no REAL success!
    I immediately called Google Wallet Support (got a real live American person REAL QUICK too), and they told me that although the .apk installed and even let me set up my account, and even apporved me and set up the free$10 Google pre-paid card….because my device is “unsupported”, the Wallet Transactions will NOT work, and Google support cannot assist me!
    I was told to uninstall the .apk and “sorry”…
    I am NOT even rooted….running a fully stock G-Nex

    • Tim242

      They were incorrect.

    • bgrubb7

      I have always had that exact same problem on my phone from stock rooted 4.0.2 to Axiom 4.0.3. I’ve tried BP. McDs and several other vendors and I get the same thing every time. Transaction reads Completed on my end, but not on theirs.

  • adam

    Getting “unavailable”. Nexus s 4g with pics alpha

  • Jeff Tycz

    running stock rooted I dont get this, might only be a problem for the people that flash roms

    • Robert Walters

      I am stock rooted and am getting this message.

    • Matthew Harmon

      I am stock rooted and tried over the weekend without success. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled, that made the message of ‘Unsupported Device’ go away last night, but it is back this morning?

  • Jac_White

    Hmmmmmm.  I do not think your title is quite accurate.   I am rooted……but not running a custom ROM and I do not get the message shown above? Maybe this is only for those running custom roms?

    • Vonny571

       Also stock rooted and get no such message. Haven’t tried a payment yet, as the only places that have pay pass where I live are McDonald’s. (yech)

      • David Verba

        My Wholefoods has paypass

    • Rooted and on a Custom ROM here. I am not getting a message either.

    • John

      You’ll get it soon

    • PSU_DI

      I’m on the leaked 4.0.4 update & I’m rooted, but so far no message at this point.  I can confirm that I did receive the Wallet update over the weekend.

    • Same here. I’m rooted running stock 4.0.4 and not showing that message.

      • 4n1m4L

        did you update google wallet recently?

  • frankiearrgh

    I was still able to make a purchase for a Coke on a vending machine yesterday afternoon.  While I received the message, I went back to the back, and the transaction was able to continue.  

  • tutaina

    U guys remember an app in which you can trick an app into thinking ur phone is not rooted..

    • Voodoo OTA RootKeeper right? 

      I vaguely recall using that to get videos working with the root check

      • tutaina

        Not sure..can’t remember

      • Robert Walters

        That is it!

  • Casey

    I’m still waiting for the “Pre paid is unavailable” warning to go away. I forgot to reset GWallet before I preformed a factory reset. I’m also getting the unsupported device warning. I talked to a rep on the phone last week. He said that the loss of prepaid use after factory reset was an issue being worked on and that the update to fix the issue should be out in one week. He told me that Thursday. Until the next update, I have no idea if I can still use google wallet even though my device is “unsupported”. Errgghh. I loved using google wallet. . .

    • I’m in the same boat as you. I had been using Wallet so much that I actually left my wallet at home and used GW for all my payments.

      • Casey

        It’s a darn shame, my friend. Hopefully that update comes soon!

  • Lee

    I get that message on my GSM nexus on T-Mobile and can still make purchases. I have citi card linked.

  • Guest

    I have the message and can still use Wallet.

  • Boblank84

    i had the yellow bar..went to settings and reset wallet and the bar went away, but pre paid still n/a.

  • On stock 4.0.4 rooted, I have wallet setup and don’t get this. I just can’t add a prepaid card yet. Maybe it’s triggered by custom roms?

  • Betcha Isis won’t work on rooted devices either…

    • Jacob121791

      If Google doesn’t want it on rooted devices you can bet your balls that Verizon isn’t going to allow it……

  • gbenj

    Started seeing it Saturday night, hasnt affected my ability to pay at all…made 3 payments and added 20 bucks to my prepaid card since then. (Stock rooted 4.0.4)


    Since I still can’t get a prepaid card (apparently because I had one before and cleared Google wallet from within the app), I cannot test to see if it still works. The language sounds like they’re covering their ass in case you lose your money via root exploit and not like they’re going to completely block you from using the service.

  • Guest

    But I thought if I totally destroyed my phone’s entire OS… and replaced it with a random 1 that I got off the internet… everything would work fine.  No?

    •  Destroyed?  No.

    • Is that really what you think rooting and flashing a custom ROM means?

  • David Hussey

    Interesting, that banner is not showing up on my rooted GNex with stock ROM.  My Wallet app is also linked to the market by way of Titanium Backup.

  • I don’t get the yellow bar on my VZW Galaxy Nexus, as far as I can tell everything is still working but I haven’t used it to make a payment since last Thursday

    • Same here. Still working fine for me, but I haven’t updated the APK since I first installed it. Maybe a recent update includes a root check?

  • I restored data-only from a previous backup of Wallet using Titanium. Now my prepaid card works again! Sweet!

    EDIT: And I am rooted. Haven’t gotten any warnings or anything.

  • htowngtr

    I get “prepaid unavailable” so I’m not sure how to change that. I can’t remove it and add it again either.