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Google Decides That “Key Lime Pie” Will Follow Jelly Bean in the Android Naming Scheme?

Before we start, let’s get one thing straight – we don’t even know that Jelly Bean is officially official yet for the version of Android to follow Ice Cream Sandwich. Google hasn’t called it that nor have we seen it appear on a device with that as the name. The chances of it ending up as Jelly Bean are probably pretty high, but again, we probably won’t know for sure until Google I/O in June. With that said, this weekend, a report from the folks at The Verge surfaced suggesting that “Key Lime Pie” will follow Jelly Bean in the Android naming scheme.

The only thing I can think to say about this, is how silly it is that we are talking about it. And I say “silly” because Google is releasing major updates to Android on an almost yearly basis these days, with the next big one (probably Jelly Bean) likely not arriving until the end of this year. Key Lime Pie would then be its follow-up in 2013, meaning we may be 2 years away from ever seeing a hint at it. The naming convention for Android is part of the fun though, so we’ll continue to talk about possibilities.

Personally, I liked Kugel. Other suggestions or is Key Lime Pie your favorite?

Via:  The Verge

Cheers Nadeem and Alex!

  • lobstamike

    How about “kreplach” for the MOT.

  • socalrailroader

    Note to Google:FINISH rolling out ICS FIRST! Geez.

  • i was thinking they would go out of the box and go kentucky  fried chicken and slogan would be android kfc is so smooth its finger licken good

  • how about a version that works

  • thanks for the cheers above!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does that picture look like Andy is laying on a couch doing something nasty with himself?

    • RiotPenguin

      And where exactly would the junk be on an android and/or jelly bean?

      • Skittleoid

        Wherever the black 
         jelly bean can be found. 😛

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    kiwi ,,, too bad it doesn’t fit with the dessert meme. KLP it is then!

  • Sporttster

    KEy Lime Pie….KELP…..

  • Jimmyeuniss

    The Galaxy Nexus will not be compatible with Key Lime Pie.

  • Dave Wolff

    Kream Filled Koffee Kake

    • BroRob


      • Dave Wolff

        opps my fault, i didnt even see that. I was just think of the tastykake treats

  • John Burke

    That image reminds me of that robot from Futurama!

    • RiotPenguin


  • thefullritz

    Kuchen…German for cake.

  • Malfunction84


  • Robert

    Key lime pie seem to long a name for me then again I felt the same way about ice cream sandwich too…..

  • Droid_Dude

    How about Kream Korn instead? Screw them desserts!!

    • BroRob

      Good thing you didn’t call it Kanned, we’d have an HR issues here!

  • Sam

    Well duh. How many other desserts do you know that start with the letter k.

  • summit1986

    Turd Sandwich

    • EC8CH

      Giant Douche!

  • forget key lime pie… zebra cake anyone?!? 

    • EC8CH

      Oh Little Debbie… you grace us with your sweet treats and all you ask for in return is a single quarter.

  • Draw me like one of your French jelly beans…

  • Cyprien Decouty

    Kouign Aman (French dessert very hype in USA)

  • Smeckle

    I’m okay with Key Lime Pie…but please for the love of God do not use that picture of Andy as a jelly bean on the couch again…

    • Scott

       It creeped me out too!

    • mtkregs

      I agree with both of your statements…

      I’m not a dessert person, but I like key lime pie a lot.

      That Jabba the Hut jelly bean has to go.  If you need to keep using it, at least have a chain connected to the couch with Princess Leia in her bikini shackled at the other end.

      • Scott


        • Noyfb

          Ice cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean, Key Lime pie,, wh’t after that Candy Corn, Baked Alaska, Oatmeal cookie?
           Starting to think the name creators are stoners ; p

      • Smeckle

        Be careful what you wish for…they might add jelly bean Andy in a bikini now.

        Oh wait, did I just give Kellex an idea? :-X

    • summit1986

      Think Costanza from Seinfeld

    • Cam

      Disagree completely. They need a life-size version of this in the Googleplex lobby.

  • Jake

    Key Lime Pie FTW! I have seriously been homing google would go with that for K. A slice of key lime pie and a corona on the beach, can’t wait to be in Mexico.

  • boybert

    Kettle Corn?

  • sirmeili

    Being from Florida and also being quite partial to the desert, Key Lime Pie works just fine for me.. mmmmmmmmmm

    • Droidzilla

      I’d be partial to the desert if I were from Florida, too, just to escape the humidity.

      • sirmeili

        Ha! good catch 🙂 too bad auto correct/word suggestion doesn’t work within the context in which you’re talking 🙂

        And the humidity isn’t a problem once you’re used to it. I grew up here with no A/C and I never really knew anything different. I actually dislike it when it is too “dry” outside (winter)

  • Captain_Doug

    …. I just don’t care. 

  • PC_Tool

    Screw KLP…

    I can’t wait for Lollipop!

  • lacokanostra

    The Verge is yellow Journalism

  • Paul

    Key Lime Pie sounds pretty good.

  • Crazydog

    I still think they should have used fyrstekake instead of froyo.

  • Zebra


  • Will

    I love me some Key Lime pie!!!

    • KniteLyf

      Key Lime Pie works for multiple reasons: 1) No trade marked brand name to pay (Klondike, Kool-Aid, etc. & 2) the name length does not matter…everyone will call it KLP anyway.

  • ddevito

    Krispy Kreme

    • BroRob


      • ddevito

        Aw man – ever get one hot while they’re rolling out of the ovens? Awww yea

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Ahh yest the good ole days… now I can’t even find one in Boston… Smh

          • ddevito

            NY never had one (metro area). Rochester area had one but I believe that one is gone too.

        • BroRob

          Yessir! I still have one 15 minutes from my house.

        •  Oven?

    • Scott


    • I live in Winston-Salem (home of Krispy Kreme).  They are the best!  We even have a “hot now sign” Christmas tree ornament.  I’m just waiting for somebody to say no to Krispy Kreme because Google already had Donut.  They obviously never had a hot Krispy Kreme if they think they’re the same!

  • znewman


  • martyjones

    M will be Mousse

  • Michael_NM

    I don’t care as long as it’s kwik.

  • Tim

    I like Kool Aid, since it would be a direct jab at what fruit based phone users seem to drink.

    • Havoc70

      Now that would be funny as hell, I am all for that one, Submit it to Google!

  • Lucas Monroe

    How about 4.0.4 before wasting time coming up with a name for 6.0?

    • ddevito

      Relax bud, Google didn’t announce this (or Jellybean for that matter).

      • WAldenIV

        I don’t think Jelly Bean fits their desert-like treat structure.  I think Jelly Roll is more likely.

  • Balls


  • Mchl496

    Android Kiwi Sorbet… mark my words

    • CharlesHussell

      Kiwi or any other round fruit would result in litigation of Apple

      • Mchl496

        Sorbet is nothing round.

        • Droidzilla

          It’ll make you round.

      • Mr Manville

        lime is a round fruit

  • klondike?

  • jimbob

    Should have gone with Kumquat.

  • EC8CH


    • mustbepbs


    • martyjones

      They can’t call it KitKat you fool. That would be like calling it Kardashian. It’s trademarked.

      • CORYK333

        Wow….”fool”, really? Did someone else take the toy out of the cereal box before you woke up????

      • EC8CH

        one is a delicious treat consisting of crispy wafers covered in milk chocolate.

        the other is a gaggle of filthy whores.

        I don’t see how they are like each other at all.

  • Key Lime Pie works for me.

    • Calvin Williams

      I say they pay KitKat for licensing. Key Lime Pie is so long! I don’t see why KitKat wouldn’t go along with it. It’s great advertising for them. 

      • RiotPenguin

        Ice Cream Sandwich is longer…

      • JaeLim

        Key Lim Pie = Android KLP. Sounds good enough for me.