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First Glimpse at Isis Mobile Payment System Interface for Android

Above is the first shot at what we can expect Isis to look like on our Android devices. Looking past the Froyo notification bar, we see a simple layout of your synced credit cards, an “Isis Feed” which is most likely a payment history page, a shopping directory, and a settings button. So far, we are fans of dark and minimal approach with the purple accents. What are you thoughts on the first look at Isis?

Via: Isis

  • I’ve created a mobile payment system, and I’m selling it for $200 this weekend only. 
    It’s a downloadable android app & qr code – 1 year license.
    Scan the code, download my app, open & pay me – this is the system you will receive.
    Knocking the price up in May.


  • They should re do it in ICS style. I’m starting to notice these flashy custom interfaces slow me down.   Looks like a hack job iOS port if you ask me.

  • Looks lame and doesnt conform to Android 4.0 design guidelines. So basically, it looks like Verizon made it.

  • As long as it works and gets adopted nationally, I could care less who backs it. That said, I would rather Google Wallet take off because it ties into my Google account and its one less password to remember.

  • WickedToby741

    I’m honestly pulling more for Isis here rather than Google Wallet. Google Wallet looks great, but it lacks widespread support from carriers and who wants a platform locked down to Android? Honestly, what are the chances of Blackberry, Windows Phone, or the iPhone getting Google Wallet? Not great. Even if Google tried, how many of them would snub Google? Isis is a multi-carrier supported solution that is a lot more likely to be multi-OS and catch on better. Besides, in the public eye, Google and private information don’t go well together. How many people are going to feel comfortable giving sensitive credit card information to Google?

  • The current biggest issue for me with G-Wallet is that two or three places I’ve gone to don’t know how to work the paypass system with their registers

    • snowblind64

      Happened today. The cashier at CVS didn’t think their pay pass worked until I asked her to run it as credit and it worked fine.

  • Tom

    Don’t care for the look really, purple is well…purple, blah!  I just hope it functions good. Waiting for this payment system is beyond annoying at this point. It’s pretty bad really that the U.S. is so far behind in regards to NFC payment systems. I better see VISA on it also

    • jodytamar

      it’s the purple that made me think “hm, i can switch from gwallet…” 😉  but then i remembered that i’m a loyal google fangrrl and got sad again

  • CORYK333

    Ahhhhhhh, white notification bar……I’m blind!!!!

  • EWas

    try LevelUp.  It’s totally free, attaches to your card, and builds rewards when you spend at places often.  Isis is garbage

    • John

      cool but haven’t ever seen a business in my area display them supporting levelup =

  • Jeremy Morrison

    I was weary at first because VZW had their hands on it but after seeing this I’m excited.

  • Nysysiphus

    Am I the only one wishing for a commercial with Archer in a strip club club trying to pay the stripper by rubbing the phone on her breasts. That would make my year. If your confused your missing the funniest show on TV

    • Bcorrell34

       HAHAHAHAHAHA. HUGE ARCHER FAN. That was an incredibly comment.

      • Bcorrell34


  • Bcorrell34

    As much as I want to use Google Wallet for eventually all my payments, I need a NFC Payment system that I can use with my current Credit Cards/Bank account. I have Capital One AND Chase accounts so this seems perfect. I have to go with whatever fits what I have currently. I don’t want to open another credit card just to use Google Wallet because of my stubborn support for everything Google. As much as I love Google. I love my money more 🙂

  • tjpeco

    Wait, thats not an iphone app?

  • marcusmaximus04

    That’s not a froyo navigation bar. At absolute newest, it’s eclaire. Froyo did away with the AM/PM display.

    • yeah that’s got cupcake written all over it. But that’s fine because it’s just a render from the emulator. Most apps are written for cupcake to allow compatibility with all device API levels.

    • N8shon

      False. My OG Droid is on 2.2.3 Froyo and uses AM and PM 

  • I see the morons used the iOS method of putting the tabs at the bottom and didn’t adopt any of the new ICS design standards.

    • John

      hah. also drives me nuts that so many app screenshots are still from Froyo!

  • as long as it’s free and i can load more than a mastercard… i’ll gladly show off my phone’s capabilities any chance i can.

  • Sam

    As an Android developer this UI offends me – whoever made this is living in 2009 – bottom graphical navigation bar???

  • EC8CH

    Make it look more like this:

    • sc0rch3d

      i would ditch gwallet if ISIS can link to any account i want directly, instead of a CITI card or prepaid card only.

      • EC8CH

        agreed, G-Wallet needs more banking support if it wants to compete.  People are going to use what ever gives them the most direct access to the accounts they already have.

        • I disagree on a personal basis. Being me, I don’t want my credit/debit cards linked. In case it gets stolen and hacked open, they can only use the prepaid amount I have on it. It’s really not a big inconvenience to replenish when I need to.

          • John

            Good point. But still being able to do that (if one chooses) would be nice

          • EC8CH

            I see what you mean, but for mass adoption people are going to want the easiest and most direct process possible.

          • Gwalker5

            SCREW CHASE! I had a 12.99% interest on my card before congress passed the credit card bill. Then 3 months before it passed Chase rose my interest to 24.99% on a $7k card I used mostly for plane tickets. I never missed payments and was never late, and paid way above the minimum required. I have since paid off chase and will never use them again.

          • justincase_2008

            Yeah i have a prepaid visa i use for all online stuff if that info is stolen they get nothing anyway. 99% of the time its at 0.

        • ddevito

          It needs more CARRIER support too

      • John

        Can you add/buy pre-paid google wallet card with existing Via credit cards etc? Looks like you could but haven’t tried to do that just yet

        • sc0rch3d

          yes….it’s very simple.

      • ddevito

        Pre-paid is more secure. 

    • Mack

      Agreed. Why do I have a strange feeling that carriers might try to charge people to use ISIS?
      Looking forward to having a phone with nfc though. 

  • rals

    Isn’t that 2.1 above? I thought the AM and PM were displayed smaller? God i’m such a geek for knowing that if I am right. 

  • I like the color scheme and layout. Now they just need to release it. I was using Google Wallet every day until they screwed up the prepaid card provisioning, now I can’t get my prepaid card back after switching ROMs and have been too lazy to call to see if there is a fix.

    • I’m in the same boat. However, i did call Google Wallet support last Monday, and the guy told me that the prepaid cards were expected to be back up and running within two weeks. Guess we just have to wait and see.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Doesn’t look ICS-optimized. What a surprise. A platform endorsed by banks and wireless companies is using outdated tech.

    • smh. It doesn’t need to be optimized. There’s no point whatsoever. They need to write these apps for old API levels to allow compatibility on all devices.

  • Spencer Kingman

    I would prefer ICS blue.

  • N8shon

    I don’t care at all about this. I won’t use this for paying for anything…ever. 

    • rals

      Why? I used my $10 gift from google wallet and paid for stuff at Macy’s just using the phone. I don’t know man, it’s pretty sweet…don’t care if it’s google wallet or ISIS. 

      • John

        Agreed. Until you’ve used it, one should not judge so quickly. I was like”meh” too until I tried it – then  realized how damn qiuck/simple it was. I thought I’d tap..let it authenticate..wait  wait..then it’d go through. But it’s freaking instant. I’m all about anything that makes tedious tasks quicker in my life

    • fsfadfasdfa


  • anon

    can almost guarantee root devices will be blocked when it gets released. hopefully chase freedom will work with google wallet one day or the devs can get it to work with root!

    • marcusmaximus04

      Chase Freedom is Visa, which is supposed to be added to Google Wallet somewhere around the time of the Summer Olympics.


    Apple is going to debut next week with their mobile payment system, SISI.

    • Bartemus

      Was more funny the first time…

      • htc1

        this ^^^^^

    •  and then sue isis because there name is reversed.

  • Froyo was so beautiful when it came out. And it is so hideous now compared to ICS.

  • Kyle


  • They’re clearly not following Google’s ICS-style UX. 😛

  • RobbyG

    Isis can die in a fire

  • Liderc

    With all the work they’ve put into this payment method, couldn’t they have put a little more work into the name?  Isis just doesn’t seem like a catchy enough name to get people interested.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but Google Wallet sounds like a name people would be willing to accept more than Isis.

  • Andrew

    Let’s get this thing moving!

    • Did they build this app with Froyo in mind? Why can’t people build apps that fit with the current UI? It isn’t very hard.