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Camera Finally Working in Bionic, RAZR and DROID 3 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS

Owners of Motorola devices who might want to flash some vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich with no Blur attached now have additional options when looking to do so. There have been ICS ROMs available already, but there was a bug involved that hindered the camera from working properly in some of them. And for some, a non-working camera is a complete no-go. 

Below we have a few ROMs that have working cameras and little to no bugs beyond that. If you want to flash any of these, know that you must be rooted and we hope you have a basic understanding of how flashing custom ROMs to your device works.


Via: Hash of Codes, Droid Modder X 

Cheers David and Jeff!

  • Brian

    How do you fix a non working flash?

  • Droid 3 link is broken 🙁

  • Nerrington141

    Droid Razr link is broken.

  • Tony Perez

    so am I to gather that the droid razr and droid 3 links are supposed to be the same? because I did the usual method of installing a rom on my razr and it has yet to boot up again after recovery reboot

  • Marc Martin

    I’ll wait until this is complete before flashing

  • Les600rr

    I’ve downloaded the ice from for the bionic but the Google app are missing and the link for them is broken. Can anyone help?

  • jorge1510

    On bionic doesn’t work front camera how can I fix that problem?

  • Wolf

    Thank you very much!!! Works almost flawlessly! The front camera doesn’t work and I only get 5mp for front camera, but I’m sure that will be fixed in the next release

  • Chris Harrison

    Just flashed it, and it’s pretty sweet.  Thank you!

  • Chad

    FYI: Sending a MMS in Handcent doesn’t work on the build for Droid 3.

  • JosephAllen

    Anyone know if video decoding is working on the bionic rom yet? Only killer for me was the lack of a working netflix….

    • video hardware acceleration is not working on my bionic. ALso the reason why Chrome wont work cuz it requires hard acc as well

  • RoadsterHD1

    Anyone test this ROM yet? 

    • Keenan Singh

      Yes, it works very well. I use this as my daily driver and I seem to have no issues so far. I’ve been using his Alpha roms before this Beta came out. 

      • RoadsterHD1

        What phone do you have?

  • not sendingme a validation email its been like 3 hours

  • Nakedgoat

    OK I’m always crackin’ smoke; but doesn’t the RAZR and the D3 go to the same place I do not a see a RAZR ICS.xxxxx zip

    • Ubuntu4u

      I see the same thing. I even installed the Droid 3 rom using safestrap thinking maybe they were compatible but not so much as when I tried rebooting after install all I got was a blank screen and no new boot animation. I’ve since switched back to unsafe (stock, rooted) mode until we get an update on the link to the Razr version of the rom.

  • QtDL

    Awesome news. Congrats Moto owners!! Much thanks to the devs who put in countless hours so that ICS awesomeness could be had by all. 🙂

  • bionic

    Can anyone please point me to a step by step method of how to do them bionic? I’m running stock .902

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  • enigmaco

    On the droid 3 it’s just the back camera that is functioning not the front, and you can’t use any barcode scanners with it at the moment either.

  • rdnckcub

    ok not a noob, but i might just be a dumb today, i flashed this rom weeks ago but couldn’t live without the camera and went back to stock (on droid Razr) just tried to flash this and it’s a no go (safestrap) am i downloading the wrong file? this is what i downloaded (along with the patch and gapps) [NEW] [WIPE RECOMMENDED] 2012-02-27 [Beta 2012-02-26f6edf41cb6c2b

    • Darthseph23

      I have no clue who’s build you are using or what version that blog actually has posted… but I’d check DroidRzr.com for the latest builds and instructions. I’ve never pulled anything off that blog.

  • Someone tell me right now.  I bought the Droid 4…LOVE having my keyboard back after coming from Droid -> Thunderbolt -> Droid 4.  But are the devs going to bring it into the fold?  Looks like it’s all RAZR all the time.  I got 2 days left before I can take it back.

    • Darthseph23

      Debatable to be honest.  It’s possible at some point the Dev’s may pick it up, but it isn’t the flagship device that the Razr is.  I wouldn’t rule it out, but the Devs are focused on getting ICS on the flagship device since Moto’s release schedule is a failure to meet consumer wants right now.

    • Droidzilla

      You may get ROMs, but I wouldn’t count on a lot of dev support for it. If you want something to hack and ROM, choose another device. My 2c.

  • Azndan4

    Droid Modder X > Droidth3ory.  Droid Modder is a real dev and much less annoying since he doesn’t us3 l33t sp34k in 3v3ryth1ng.

    • Darthseph23

      Harsh.  The guys been cool where I’ve seen him, then again, I only go to one place for my info right now (DroidRzr.com).  He’s been helpful there and speaks normally.

  • Wow, I hope this good news transfers over to the X at some point. 

  • Dannyyang527

    Is it stable enough to be a daily driver?

    • Yes, I run it as a dd. 

    • I’ve been running it for over a week now, and other than occasionally having to toggle the data from CDMA/LTE to GSM and back to CDMA/LTE once or twice, it’s been as stable as the stock ROM.

    • ran it on my bionic for 4 days. Yes as mentioned toggle GSM to CDMA/LTE everytime but that is easily handled with my app called Tasker

  • Jon

    front facing camera is still not working as of yet FYI. At least for the Bionic.

  • I wish I knew how easy it was to flash back to my current settings, I would give it a try right now.

    • Darthseph23

       One word: Safestrap… =0)

      • I’ve got it installed, I’ve done a backup.  All I need to do is restore and I’m back to what I have right now, yes?  Like on the OG using nandroid?

        • Darthseph23

          Never used Nan so I can’t say.  You should just be able to switch the safe partition off, and it will reapply the old image onto the boot location.  Everything should be there as expected.

          • OK, Thank you.  I’m gonna give it a shot.  just Finished my TiBu backups 🙂 (I’m paranoid)

          • Darthseph23

            I got mine too dude.  Always better to have a way out then to not. =0)

        • It’s actually easier than using nandroid.  All you do is “toggle” from the safe image (your new flashed ROM) back to your unsafe (Stock ROM).  It takes a bit for it to move the files around, but you don’t have to do any of that manually.  It’s awesome!

          Oh yeah this seemed backwards to me at first, so here’s some clarification:
          safe = safe to mess with, meaning the new ROM.
          unsafe = don’t mess with your REAL image, in case you want to go back to it.

  • Donnavon Hallgren

    Front facing camera and video working yet?

    • Darthseph23

      Not on the Razr.  Actually I haven’t’ verified if the video cam works.  Front Facing does not I know for certain.  Neither does Panoramic shooting.

      I would like to congratulate the developers though.  The amount of work and effort that came out last week was stupendous!

    • not on the bionic currently

  • J Dub

    Will the Droid X be far behind? I would love to flash ICS to my wife’s DX. I had it on there, but she said a camera is pretty crucial. 

    • tennis9z9

      According to the developers for the CM9 build for the Droid X on rootzwiki, they have most everything about the camera is working except it’s ability to take pictures.

      •  That tends to be a crucial part of using a camera…

  • Towelie420

    Is the bootloader unlocked yet?
    Nope… fail.

    • LiterofCola

      How original!

      • WickedToby741

        How true. It doesn’t matter how tired you get of hearing it, it never changes and no amount of amazing dev breakthroughs will forgive Motorola for breaking their promise to unlock the bootloaders. Its inexcusable. By the way, before you label me a Motorola hater, I own a Bionic. I gave Motorola the benefit of the doubt when I needed an upgrade (OG Droid was failing). Big mistake. Unless Google makes some drastic changes or Motorola changes course, I won’t be doing that again.

        • LiterofCola

               Unlike some of the people around here, I don’t label people as this or that, so I would never label you a “Motorola hater.”  But to your arguement, I agree that the dev community is making great strides in the right direction, and I fully support it.  But frankly, it’s childish to criticize and bash a product simply because it doesn’t comform to what you want it to be.  You have no idea what the makers had in mind for it to be when it was in development.  Maybe they’re starting to push some of their devices to compete with the side of the market that Blackberry has held onto for so long, and to do that, they needed to make the devices tamper proof.  If that’s the reason why, then it would make sense to encrypt their bootloaders.  Right?

    • ddevito

      I don’t disagree with you, but this article (kinda sorta maybe perhaps) nullifies your comment. No?

      • I’ll go nameless, thank you.

         No, it doesn’t at all. They still can’t use a custom kernel.

        • Taglogical

           OH NOH YOUR POINT HAS SOMEHOW RENDERED MY HIGHLY CAPABLE PHONE USELSS AHHHH HELP!! Oh wait, my Bionic is still sweet and it does more than I ever dreamed we could do on a phone.

          And guess what, I like my Bionic more than all three of the Galaxy Nexus’ devices that I returned. I like my Bionic more than the Razr.  It’s a toss-up with the Razr Maxx for the best phone on Verizon’s market.

          Now Bionic has vanilla ICS on it?! Oh snap!

          Yea, you have yourself a nice day!

    • Rodd

      well he does bring up the issue that confused me..
      If all the Motorola devices released in 2011 had a locked/encrypted bootloader, how is this possible?

      • PyroHoltz

        Via Bootstrap


        Leave it to the developers to figure out a way around the issue.

      • Taglogical

        Exactly. But a locked loader is still a HUGE DEAL… crap I can’t toggle my font size to 72.  So huge of a deal, like, you don’t even know.  I could explain how huge of a deal it is but I can’t really explain why it’s a big deal, cause it’s THAT big of a deal.

        (read: locked bootloader isn’t a big deal;)

    • Taglogical

       Damn Towelie, you really ‘have no idea what’s going on,’ do you? (Come on SP fans!)

    • hey look, a troll. how boot giving moral support to the dev community instead of insult a device manufacturer that is out of consumers hands. We know its locked… until then we have these other means. Idc if you have a nexus… this is software advancement to locked technology.

  • ddevito

    Cheers to the devs that made this happen. 

  • Greyhame

    Leave it to the devs to make me /almost/ regret purchasing my Nexus. Well done.

    Enjoy ICS without the shortcomings!

  • Skennedy412

    Will this work on the droid 4?

  • Gwspaulding

    Works great on AOKP AXI0M 4.03 by Droidth3ory

  • I’m on the 2-23 ICS4BIONIC build with working 4G and camera. This ROM is already rock solid, only one or two data drops, and while the camera lags a bit, it’s still functional and works extremely well. ICS is amazing and my phone has never ran better. The process to install the ROM was simple with Safestrap, and I have stock rooted .902 on non-safe side just in case, but I’ve been running ICS almost non stop.

    Seriously, if you’re thinking about it, do it. It’s awesome.

    • cheezer88

      where did you get that version, i can only find the 2-20 update?

  • subiedude85

    Been using the camera on my razr running ICS for almost week and loving it. Props to all the devs working so hard on this.

    • LiterofCola

      Are there any differences between the camera stock and with this ROM?

      • subiedude85

        The use of the camera is still limited. most of the features are still not working as of a fee days ago and it seems to step the camera down to 5MP. If you tinker too much with it, it will force close. For now it’s safer to just turn it on, take simple pics, and leave it at that.

        • Jon

          yes thats my experience as well. take simple pics and dont fuss with anything else and you will be OK.