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Installing Custom Recoveries and Applying PermRoot to HTC Rezound Made “Noob-Proof” Thanks to Developer

We can think of a few reasons why owners of Android devices wouldn’t want to flash ROMs and kernels to their phones. Mainly, the big one is that they simply don’t want to screw anything up. We can’t blame them – it may seem straightforward as just reading a few directions, but for others, it might as well be a different language. Thanks to developer Hasoon2000 over XDA, HTC Rezound owners no longer have to fear adb lingo, kernel talk, or installing custom recoveries.

After installing some software on your PC, you can easily access all of the options you see in the above image. If you are a Rezound owner and feel like looking into this option, then head on over to the XDA thread where you can find downloads and instructions.

Via: Android Soul, XDA

  • OMG it wont root. Im stuck at he perma root stage adb just says wait on device but when i plug it out it says fail to transfer su. anyone got the su.zip?

  • TC Infantino

    Great work Hasoon2000, It is nice to see the Rezound getting some Dev love.  I also agree that people should learn the hows and whys of adb, and fastboot to better understand what they are doing when they are tinkering with their phones.  But it is always nice to have a quick easy way to do something.

  • Jim McClain

    so do that have this same thing for the gnex and will if fix all the crap thats wrong on it?

  • RezCommando

    Very nice work by the Dev. Lots of nice work going on the Rezound Dev community.

    The only bad thing about this is that you don’t have to do any research. People have been having trouble getting CWM recovery to always play nice on the rezound ATM. Noobs won’t know this and may run into some issues. Great tool to speed things up as long as you know what you are doing. Learning adb and fastboot can always come later.

    Amon Ra works really well and is very compatible with everything.

  • jeradc

    That is a terrible looking application. /covers eyes

    •  Hey. I actually made that lol. It’s still in the early stages. I am going to make it look better!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    So easy a caveman could do it! Nicely done — just got “my precious” two days ago and while I was happily rooted on my DInc, I’ve been hesitant to root my Zound…

    • CORYK333

      Damn, i just threw up in my mouth a bit due to the “my precious & Zound” parts.

    • TC Infantino

      LOL  “Tricksey rootses, very tricksey.  But they can’t keep me from My Precious!…Golum…golum”

  • Mmoreimi

    Does anyone know if this will require you to perform a factory reset?  I browsed the XDA forum for this and didn’t see any mention.  I’ve been using the Rezound for a couple months.  I noticed that some earlier unlock bootloader and root steps included a factory reset and I didn’t feel like rebuilding everything.

    • Jake

      each time you unlock the bootloader, your phone will delete everything on itself, its part of the process for some reason.

      • Mmoreimi

        Thank you, Jake.  At least I can prepare for it now.  Thanks again.

        (moment of silence)

    • I am the dev of the program. When you unlock the bootloader using HTCDev’s method, it will automatically factory reset it.

  • KleenDroid

    This is awesome, and I love seeing this for the Rezound.

  • Jake

    or… wait for it… wait for it…     you could just actually learn to use adb like everyone should if they are going to be messing around with their phones outside of what the manufactures and service providers intent was, make them learn the process and understand what is actually going on…

    mad props to the dev for sure, I greatly appreciate the work…

    but I can see it now… “Your tool broke my phone! No you must fix it!”

    again, mad props to the dev, nothing against you, my beef is just with users who try and take the easiest way and not take the time to learn adb/fastboot and understand what they are doing before they just dive into hacking away at their phone blindly.

    • I actually agree with you.  Half the fun in unlocking, rooting, and flashing my phone is learning how to do it.

    • YourMother

      RTFM is soooo boring and annoying. I want the bells and the whistles, but without the hassle. 😛

    •  I made the tools to be easier but I also state on my thread “I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures within this guide. No warranties of any kind are given.”

      So as usual, use at your own risk!

  • Greg Morgan

    This is a really great thing. Flashing custom software on HTC phones are so different vs a Moto or Samsung phone. From what i’ve seen a lot of Bionic users that have been sent Rezounds as replacements have had a hard time understanding this.

  • Bewara2009

    I downloaded this couple days ago. I love it, it makes everything easy now hehe.

    • Mmoreimi

      I just asked above, but noticed you used this.  Did you have to perform a factory reset on your phone?  I’m looking for root and then will eventually try vanilla 4.0 or CM9…whatever comes first.  I usually use CWM to perform a backup and then flash whatever…in my Incredible days…

      • Bewara2009

        Yes, it will perform it self every time you you unlock your phone. You have to be unlock in order to root your phone. 

      • RezCommando

        I would use Amon Ra and not CWM. Some issues w/ CWM w/ the Rez at the moment.

        There isn’t really a vanilla 4.0 ROM that’s 100% right now. CM9 is still in alpha IIRC.

        There are some great 4.03 sense roms. I know there are Senseless ones too, but all are based off of a leak that is not official, and has some issues such as BT audio not working right. This may or may not matter to you.  I haven’t bothered to use the senseless ICS roms to know if there are other issues.

        There are a number of really good GB Roms that are 100%. Plus UOT Kitchen doesn’t really work w/ ICS yet, so self-theming is limited.

        HTC forces a factory reset in the unlocking process btw. No way around this.

        • Marcismo

          Joelz just released his first official BAMF Rezound ICS .06 which has the Bluetooth (including A2DP) fixed.  A very nice rom btw.