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Google’s Newest Invention Is A Gesture-Based Search Feature, To Be Used On New Devices

Another upcoming patent application submitted by Google has been broken down in detail by Patently Apple. The newest submission is a gesture-based search feature that is reported to launch on upcoming devices. Basically, you draw a letter which equals a command, then circle the content which you want the command to base its process on in a single motion. So draw a “G” then circle a word or picture and it will show the Google results for that content.

You can draw different gestures/letters to mean different things. For example, in the picture below, you can draw a “W” which would represent searching something on Wikipedia. You can do this for many different types of commands and we’re thinking that the gestures won’t be limited to just letters, but any gesture you may want to use. 

Sound like something you would be using on the daily? Of course, this is just an initial filing so we probably have a long ways to go before we see this on our Jelly Bean devices.

Via: Patently Apple

  • Larizard

    CM7 on my Droid has the gesture commands from the lockscreen. It works well, but it can only open shortcuts/apps. This Google patent I think aims to one-up that, by allowing the user to draw gestures anywhere on the OS, say the browser (maybe there is a button you have to press first to bring up a “gesture canvas”? Much like you need to press the “microphone” button to start a voice input).

    This one is also better with the ability to select with a “lasso” to give the command a certain context. So COMMAND + CONTEXT can not only open apps, but also perform queries straight from the cloud.

  • Google puts Apple to shame!!!

  • ddevito

    Anyone else see the hidden message/gem in the picture above?

    The letters G + O = Go.

    Go = their new programming language…hmmm……

  • Awfredricks

    I hope this works better than old gesture search alternatives. This type of stuff never works properly and then I just get pissed off.

  • google is an impressive innovator but they have so much going on it is hard to keep pace. I recently came across Knol only to find out it is going to be discontinued soon…

  • DWM

    Standby for Apple lawsuit in 3…2…1…

  • Sebastian Encina

    This is neat, but Apple will wind up getting the patent even after Google files for it first.

  • mustbepbs

    Figure 4E looks like a torso with boobs, Figure 4F looks like sperm, Figure 5A and 5B look like cock’n’balls.

    Happy now guys?

    • Droidzilla

      You had me at “boobs.”

  • I.P. Freely

    Ah the cock and balls gesture. It has been a long time coming for hands free searches.

  • Much like the Voice Search app in Android, this is the coolest thing that non-nerds won’t use.

    • LaCokaNostra

      People should just buy I phones

      • Instant_lunch

        No thanks

        • Noyfb

          lolz, maybe if someone hit me in the head with a hammer to drop my i.q. from 144 to 110 i might buy an iphone

          • Loki

            baah baah isheep

          • Popov

            apple can suck my iballs

  • kidcuda

    Soooo they’re going to integrate their gesture search app into the system basically?

  • Michael Forte

    Maybe this is why they removed the Search button?

    • MKader17

      Then they better give me the ability to draw a V anywhere to initiate Voice Search.

  • iPhoneBestPhone

    Those gestures look like phallic objects.

    • G@@

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    • Your name looks like a troll.

    • I wish terrible things on you and your loved ones, Troll.

  • ddevito

    I hope it works better than their ‘Gesture Search’ app

    • SenseOffender

      What do you find wrong with gesture search? I think it’s pretty intuitive and works okay…

      • ddevito

        I found it unnecessary and laggy. Plus the app never seemed to have any flow with other G Apps

  • Sounds pretty similar to https://market.android.com/details?id=com.google.android.apps.gesturesearch

    • Yea gesture search has been around for a while, but the cool thing about this is selecting objects.