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Google Music Not Living Up To Expectations, Hoping Implementation Of Hardware Strategy Can Boost Numbers

A recent report filed by CNET, shows that Google has had better expectations for their music service than the numbers they are seeing so far. The Google Music service has been available for only a short time, so no one close to the project is scrambling quite yet. But the music industry is looking into it and making sure Google has plans of making them money.

Managers at Google have told record executives that they hope a new ‘hardware integration’ strategy can put a boost in sales and downloads. As we have been following, Google does have intentions on releasing a home entertainment system based around the Android OS which will sync with your phones and tablets. When we can expect to see Google put all its weight behind the music service is still in question, but be assured that Google has plans on making it a serious contender for music buyers.


  • Samvelavich

    i love google voice.. nuff said 😀

  • Knlegend1

    I use Google music all the time. I’ve used amazon in the past. Google music is so easy to manage. I’ve been hoping for a desktop version to manage my music. 

  • A good lightweight desktop client will get even the lightest computer nerd to switch from iTunes (even they bitch about it). That will “save” google music.

  • V.A. N.

    I haven’t bought anything from Google Music because everything I need is at Amazon. I buy the music; I download it to my PC, which does so directly to iTunes; and with (Google) Media Manager running, it auto-uploads to the Google Cloud.

  • Robwatkins007

    I’ve never used itunes. I have used Amazon MP3. They have a hetter selection and better prices most of the times. I like the google music concept and hope that their selection increases. Lets hope Google puts a serious effort at making it a more seamless complere experience.

  • I also don’t get everybody’s fascination with all these music app clones.  They all basically do the same thing, and unless they’ve fixed things in the last year, they still all suck.  Cool skins aside, I had nothing but trouble with Poweramp, Cubed or w/ever it was, etc.. Stopping, skipping, closing, starting spontaneously?  Ugh.  Sometimes it started both my stock player and what ever app I had installed at the same time.  How hard is it to make an mp3 player user friendly and functional?  How about a shuffle all?

  • Mmoreimi

    I would love if Google Music can actually obey folder structure that I already have in place such as Rock, Hip Hop, Classical, etc…

    As it is now, their software uses pre-defined classifications like artist, songs, etc….
    Your tags have to all be set up correctly for “genre” to work properly. 

    Sometimes I think software tries to be too smart… I need some dummy options. 

  • Its price and availability for me.  My music has to A) be downloadable to my pc and my phone, and live safely in the cloud.  I’m tired of having to have tons of memory to store my music and B) it has to be available.  Often enough Google strikes out when I do a search, and Amazon has what I’m looking for. I would love to have a consolidated experience like iPhanboys.  I’m tempted to go back to just syncing off my pc the old fashioned way.  Wish I could afford to keep my music in lossless formats…

  • Even though Im a google fan boy, they have not made a good case for me to switch from my hybrid Amazon mp3 store and my old iTunes account….

  • jedijesus95

    Big problem is Amazon is still quite a bit cheaper.

    • In my purchases they have been the same. Amazon runs their specials which are great but Google has sales too.  Unfortunately the sales on G Music usually don’t have much interest for me.

    • Also… I forget that artists/producers are allowed to set their own pricing right?

  • John-Mark Clawson

    I would use it more if it allowed more than 1,000 songs in a playlist

  • android 101 or lack thereof

    The thing is, the people who buy the millions of iPhones are mostly tech savvy enough to get around it and know how to use it, whereas people buying android are just buying phones to have a phone and don’t know what the heck their doing or know what they got since android is in damn near every phone. As the numbers verify

    • TC Infantino

      I must not be reading this right.  I am pretty sure that the majority of people, tech review sites as well, all seem to agree that the Android smartphones appeal to the techno-geek community more than iphones.  Most of the tech sites that I read seem to think that one of the reasons people would choose an iphone is it’s ease of use, that you don’t have to be very tech savvy to use most of it’s features.  Whereas the majority of people buying android phones have more tech knowledge to be able to tweek and customize it how they like.

  • Troubled_Asian

    I really like Google Music and made a few purchases.  However, their prices are about a buck or two higher than Amazon, which is where I make the bulk of my purchases.  I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person that is willing to purchase an identical product elsewhere if the price is lower…

     Hey Google, lower your prices to match Amazon’s.  Then I will purchase more music from you.

    • I haven’t paid or seen anything over $1.29 (some as low as .69) and I’ve purchased at least $50 worth in the last few weeks.  

      • Troubled_Asian

        I should have been more specific – I meant to say that albums are about a buck or two higher than Amazon…  

  • Brianem

    Google Music has some good ideas, but falls flat on its face in practice (at least for me) on Android. Google Music is way too restrictive, especially for downloading music. When I buy something from Amazon, and I hit download in the player, its instantly available to other players. Most the music I buy these days is actually on my phone, when its recommended by others or when I hear it on the radio. If they want me to use the service, they’ll open up google music and/or allow music to be downloaded, through their player, to be available to other apps without some convoluted worka-around app.

  • Hohlraum

    They need to make sure they are as cheap as Amazon for EVERY ALBUM. They aren’t like 90% of the time when I compare them.

  • eagletrippin

    I use Google Music all the time to listen to my uploaded music. With that said, it is BUGGY AS HELL — mainly, album art is totally effed up throughout my entire collection. And, no, when I uploaded them they either had the correct album art, or no album art whatsoever…

    • Smeckle

      Oh yeah, I love being able to stream my music through the cloud when I’m away from home and not have to have headphones in. But yeah, the album art thing is ridiculously annoying. It’ll all be perfect on my computer and then it gets all weird and messed up when it uploads to Google Music. If you want to see a great example, look at my attached picture. WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??? Obviously this is not what the album art should be, since it’s for bird sounds (I’m a biologist). And in this particular case it only has this art on my tablet. On my phone it is fine. 😐

      • eagletrippin

         lol! Your tablet vs. phone issue is a weird one. For me, I have only ONE *cough*Yanni*cough* song in my collection (ok, old Michael Jordan videos from the 90’s were filled with Yanni and John Tesh joints)…yet somehow, his album art is plastered all over my R&B collection…? WTF? I spent like 4 hours cleaning up things one day, only to realize inside other albums, individual songs had the wrong album art…ridiculous. If you ask me, it’s the unrefined software that is to blame for it not living up to expectations…

  • Travillion

    Prices, prices. I love the service and use it all the time, but in terms of purchasing my music, GM is almost always more expensive than Amazon. Google Music has frequent 3.99 sales, but rarely offer anything of interest to me. To get your product off the ground you can’t launch with premium pricing.

    • Ryan Powell

      I feel the same way. I love Google Music and use it constantly at work, home and in my car through my Galaxy Nexus. Once I switched all of my music over to GM I’ve found that I’m listening to my own music more and more. Being able to have access to my entire collection anywhere has been such a benefit. 

      I’ve purchased my music from Amazon ever since their service launched and the Google Music store just hasn’t motivated me enough to make the switch the way Amazon did over iTunes. I’d love to have the process of purchasing music be seamless but I’m not willing to pay a couple extra dollars per album.

      The comment suggestion of gift cards would be a big boost also. Parents and friends are quick to just grab an iTunes or Apple App Store gift card as a gift but don’t have that option with Google. It’s a shame.

  • leimeisei

    I’m sorry but am I the only one that thinks the Google Music cloud storage service is absolutely horrible? Doesn’t stream the entire song, All the “Unknown Album” stuff ends up getting thrown together even if its by different artists, and iTunes only syncs add operations (if you delete songs or edit their info in iTunes this is not reflected in GMusic.) IMO Motocast is a ton better.

  • fvqu

    Dear google, A desktop client would be nice

    • leimeisei


      • fvqu

        ….A desktop client as in, an application running from my desktop, not my browser.

        • Google

          haha. Google is living in a fantasy world where everyone wants only web based apps

        • JB

          EXACTLY! THANK YOU! 

  • Hmmm

    I want to like it but the sound quality of the music being streamed on my google music player just doesn’t sound as good as when it’s non steaming. But I as a normal player I still can’t find it in myself to use it since it doesn’t have the previous/next button using the volume button as a lock screen widget. So I went back to my Power Music app. And It takes forever (at least on my connection at home) to upload music to the cloud with google music. I like the idea though. But I’d prefer itunes over google music if i had to choose unfortunately. 

  • Google

    Another cheap, crappy version of an Apple product. I am SHOCKED this is not a hit. I mean who doesn’t want a music provider who has a crap music selection. Google is hilarious. They are copying every move that Apple makes. With the exception of Android none of them are working. 

    • leimeisei

      The first part of Google music to really exist was the “cloud storage” part of it, which Google announced and released way before iCloud was unveiled by Apple. Your trolling fails.

      • Google

        Google Music is their copy of iTunes. The cloud part is a feature of a product and not a product. 

        • Casey Megginson

           So Google’s ripping Apple off because they created a music store?

          • Google

            you are catching on

        • leimeisei

          So what you’re saying is, it doesn’t matter what other features that anyone includes, as long as it’s a music store, they’re copying Apple? You’re an idiot, sir.

          • Google

            Haha, what are you talking about? I was talking about music store to music store. If you think one is different because it had ONE feature before the other then i am sorry for you. That is like me saying the notification center in iOS is not like Android because there is a x to click and dismiss the notification. That isn’t in Android’s version so according to your logic they are completely different. 

          • leimeisei

            So apparently Apple fanboys are such angry, arrogant people that they have nothing better to do than go to a competing company’s fan-site and start trolling. Funny. And you missed the point. Apple wasn’t the first company to have an online music store. Amazon MP3 existed before the iTunes store. So, therefore, did iTunes copy Amazon?

          • Google

            hahahahahahahahah. Amazon didn’t sell mp3 until 2007. iTunes came out in 2001. How old are you?

          • leimeisei

            Wrong again. Amazon sold MP3’s under it’s main site (not using the name “Amazon MP3”) since the late 90’s, although the selection was not good. iTunes began as a software in 2001 but the iTunes Store did not open until 2003. Get out of here.

          • Google

            Great story but it isn’t true. iTunes sold digital music long before Amazon got into the business. Haha. Just making things up doesn’t make it correct. 

          • u know nothing.

            You sir are a trolling faggot.

          • Google

            no i like girls

          • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Online_music_store
            Seriously, everyone can be wrong at the same time.  iTunes 2003, some dude 99. Get over it.

          • Google

            i never said iTunes was first. i said they sold music digitally before amazon. thanks for linking a wikipedia article which proves my point. 

          • fvqu

            I guess every other digital music store is copying apple then

  • Darthseph23

    I’ve used Goggle Music a bit, but it does not replace the simplicity of WinAMP for quick listening or iTunes for library management.  The shop is mediocre, and to be honest, I don’t buy on iTunes or Amazon much anyway.  I buy from the labels I support directly, unless I can find it on sale somewhere… otherwise I still buy a CD for a really good LP.

    I don’t like that there isn’t a sample scrolling feature in the shop; that’s a huge No-No with the options out there today.  The prices and sales they have at GM leave me wondering why I’d buy stuff there.  Also, a lot of the albums I might look out in their library I have already – not all, but most.

    What GM could do and would make me really happy is create an unlimited upload area.  My library could easily destory that 20K song limit.  That, coupled with a great library management system (I love the ease of use iTunes has with Album Scroll enabled), would set them apart greatly.  Most, if not all my library of music, is digitized, so having it available would be awesome.

    That being said, I still throw music on my SD card for my phone to not have to stream a crap load of data for no reason.  I have unlimited on my mobile, but, that is prone to failure still. When it comes to sound quality and linking to data bandwidth (i.e. signal strength), I’d rather take the nonvolatile way and go with the SD card.  Yes, its small, but 9 out of 10 times, it suffices.

    • TC Infantino

      I had the native Android music app on my OG Droid and when the Google Music Beta came out I loaded that on there as well.  When I used it on the OG it ‘saw’ my music library on my SD card just fine and I was able to us that as my music player on the phone.  I only recently installed the GM app on my Rezound a few days ago, and today is actually the first time I tried to use it.  For some reason the GM app does not ‘see’ my music that I have on the external SD card, and is only showing the few songs that I have bought from Amazon MP3.  I won’t be using GM for anything until they start addressing some basic usability issues.  There are alot of times that I want to listen to the music that I have stored on my phone instead of streaming from the cloud.  And the player itself is very limited, at least compared to the majority of music apps on the market.  Sorry Google but you really need to step up your game if you want to pull me away from PlayerPro and Amazon MP3.

  • Presb4

    Just wanted to say that I haven’t bought a music album in 8 to 10 years, that is until GMusic came along. Maybe its that I’m just getting lazy in my older age but I find it easier to just wait for the specials GMusic has every month and buy some music on the cheep vs. going through the trouble of downloading unknown quality, virus having music from pirate bay for free. 
    In a way GMusic has converted me back to a respectable human 😉 Besides, my work place is heavily fire walled and most streaming music services just will not play, but GMusic has always played flawlessly. 

  • Casey Megginson

    I’d buy music from them if I could download lossless versions that I could keep on my desktop machine. Bonus points if they release them as 24 bit FLAC.

  • feztheforeigner

    They need a polished and well-integrated desktop app in addition to the website. I don’t think most people are ready to switch over to the web entirely like Google wishes in all of their services.

    • Google

      Google and polished don’t exist together. 

      • feztheforeigner

        What do you call ICS, Gmail, YouTube, Google search, chrome, google maps, and google earth?

        Get off this website, we are all Android/Google lovers…just get out…

        • Google

          ICS is on about 2% of phones and isn’t anything special. Google bought YouTube so i don’t get what you are so proud of. Youtube was huge before Google bought it. Who the hell ever uses Google Earth, it is cool but useless for 99% of the human population.  Google Search, Google Maps and Google Voice are excellent. Google should stick to products that require engineers and not designers. Their design sucks, their engineering is amazing. 

          • feztheforeigner

            ICS is the future of Android: it will spread to all phones and tablets (or an update version of it will – Jellybean, anyone?). Google has made a few huge YouTube face-lifts including a very recent major one: it no longer looks anything like YouTube originally did, leaving it at the hands of the * Google* design team. Google Earth is very cool, although I admit it is not very useful, however you said “polished” not “useful” there are a lot more “useful” Google services if you want a separate list of those…I can’t believe I forgot to mention Google Voice though…

            Google has a *phenomenal *engineering team and an amazing design team with a focus on function rather than pretty pictures (Fapple)…

          • Google

            How is ICS the future of Android when JellyBean is coming out this summer? Not a very long future. By the way the new Google designs are terrible. Gmail and Reader look like crap. The black bar looks like crap. The ICS icons look like crap. Google’s design team is soooo amazing they had to bring the guy from WebOS in about a year ago. Google sucks at design because you are not their customer. You are the product. 

          • Michael G

            I don’t know why ppl hate on the “black bar”.  I love it.  They had the bar then switched to that annoying drop down menu that actually made it LESS efficient.  Luckily Google realized that and changed it back.  I’m curious, how would you change the black bar?

          • Google

            i thought it was fine the way it was. Why not make it light grey or just white. The black is ugly, it doesn’t match anything and stands out like a sore thumb. The only place it wouldn’t look terrible is on Youtube where it kind of matches the color scheme yet it doesn’t show up on Youtube. Makes zero sense. 

          • feztheforeigner

            It’s supposed to stand out Google. You designed it to create more interest in all the services you offer listed in the black bar.  Remember?

          • Google

            it is ugly. it looks like crap. if you disagree then you have bad taste.

          • Treekillet

            Angelface is back!! Name -> Google. Noted.

          • Michael G

            haha  Google whenever you post as I read your comments I envision an angry German accent.

          • feztheforeigner

            JellyBean will probably just be an update to ICS (not a rewrite), so at its heart it’s still ICS…I disagree with basically everything you just said (I love all the new looks). Design is subjective: I love it and you don’t, nobody’s right or wrong.

          • TC Infantino

            Well, if you are discounting things that a company buys instead of inventing itself…you iFanbois can STFU about SIRI, because Apple didn’t invent it, they bought the company that did.

  • SD_Scott

    I want this to work out so badly… but for totally selfish reasons.  I don’t buy music from them, but I do upload a ton of flac files and use their player all the time.  My phone and tablet don’t have the space to carry 150+ high quality albums.  Please survive GMusic, I’m begging you…

  • Nate Davidson

    Hardware Strategy?

    Hmmm… I didn’t know they had a hardware division…

    Oh wait… Hm…. Interesting…

  • Mbruno44

    A good part of their problem is the fact that it’s closed.  The stock player has a terrible, flat sound and they have not opened the API to other developers to integrate into their players.  Poweramp for example.  I don’t use the cloud as much as I would if I could pull from the cloud into Poweramp.  I know that’s not necessarily addressing the issue of people not buying enough music from them, but it would be a step in the right direction.  I don’t even think “Google” when I think music.  

  • I use it on my device, but not on my computer.  I HATE having an extra browser window open to listen to my music, and then not having the ability to use keyboard or mouse shortcuts to control it unless that is the active window.

    If they had an actual software player…or better yet had other software players that could integrate and stream the music from the GM account, then I’d use it on my computer much more.  I’d actually probably use it on my phone even more.

    As for music purchasing…I don’t do it often any more.  I’ve got so much stuff in my library at the moment I can’t keep it all straight as it is.

  • chad917

    Allowing customers to download the album and use it with any music player would be a plus.

    • Michael G

      They can.  I use my Nexus as my primary music player now.  I still put the music I download from Google Music on my iTunes that my wife uses now.  

    • PuzzleShot

      Either use the web interface to download individual songs and albums or use the Music Manager software to downlad all of it at once.

      •  Both answers are not ideal. They aren’t convenient and they aren’t flexible.

  • ihild

    Still buy all my music through Amazon, but love the Google Music player service.  The one thing I really wish they would release is a desktop music player client.  There are options, but a native client would be awesome.

  • RedPandaAlex

    Go unlimited streaming

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Wow.. if Google is saying this, this is a nail in the coffin for the other 10 companies trying to do it and the 1-2 that are about to NOW just launch services.

  • The actual service and player is great, I use it all the time. The Music Store part blows. Ive given it a couple chances, and had to go back to Amazon because Google Music didnt have what I wanted. Im only going to do that a couple times before I stop trying.

    • Bonzix

      This is my exact experience also. Can’t find albums I want or they are always cheaper by several dollars on Amazon.

    • New_Guy

      I agree. That’s my major complaint is that their music selection is garbage. Amazon practically had everything.

  • jb

    Google needs to create their own “Itunes” for my PC and also it must sync my music flawlessly and does not take 20 minutes to sync like double twist and does not duplicate my play lists. 

    THEN and only THEN will I fully switch over.

    • Mevestally

      Hey JB, doesn’t the Google Music Manager do this already? 

      • Smeckle

        No, Google Music Manager takes forever and a day to upload files. It took me over a month to upload my whole music library, leaving my computer on all day during the week while at work. Granted, I have about 16,000 tracks. But it is SUPER slow. Plus it is still very buggy. It cannot yet tell when you change metadata locally and it will not update the files in the cloud unless you delete them from your cloud library and then resync. I have had this problem and right now I am running into the issue where, after having it resync to update some non-commercial tracks that I had changed, it wants to re-upload like 4000 tracks, which means it’ll give me duplicates of those and max out my storage. While I would love to see Google Music take off more, it is still very buggy. And yes, I actually have talked to customer service about these issues 😉

        • Google

          you guys have to upload your music to the cloud??? haha, that must suck

        • Sean Bello

          most annoying thing ever for me…not updating metadata. I unknowingly had some stupid random mixtape cover as the image for all of my non-album related tracks. I deleted the image, but no change on Google Music. I’m not re-uploading my library just to change cover art. ugh.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            You know you can upload your own picture for whatever album via the web interface right? You can also edit album information with out deleting and re-uploading everything.

          • Smeckle

            The worst for me is that it sees albums with the same name as all the same album. For example, anything from an album called “Greatest Hits” gets grouped into one massive greatest hits album. I cannot just listen to a single greatest hits album by a single artist, I get stuck with a huge playlist that goes track by track through every greatest hits album I have and I cannot figure out how to make it stop doing that. If I go through artists or albums or even songs it always brings me back to the huge compilation of everything with that same album name.

    • Michael G

      Huh?  How is there no “iTunes” for your PC?  Google Music has an iTunes-esque interface.

      • JB

        No, I want a program like “itunes” that is installed on my computer that I can store all my music on without having to be connected to the cloud. Sometimes I want to listen to music on my laptop and wireless internet is not available… That’s when I would fire up itunes but if google had a program like Itunes that would be awesome. 

        Also, I’m the type of person who wants to have all my music on a HDD, especially my purchases. I want to be able to burn CD’s etc. Google music does not offer everything the Itunes program has to offer as of right now. 

        Right now I use Itunes to purchase music and then google musics pulls my music from itunes. But it would be nice to be able to have my music on my computer HDD as well as in the cloud. 

        Thats all I’m trying to say. 

        • GaryTerpak

          This would be the way to go. Google+ has photo management on line and then there is picasa for your off line localy stored photos. It would be nice to have the same for music.

          Yeah, i know picassa has acloud tie in to G+ and picassa web…

        • Michael G

          Good point.  I never even thought about *gasp* when there’s no connection! lol
          I’m so used to having Chrome open it never crossed my mind.  My iTunes bogs down my laptop so bad I hardly have it open.  Trial and error I guess.  I’m hoping Google will let GM evolve as people point this type of stuff out.

    • V.A. N.

      Huh? Dude, Google Music uses iTunes.

  • Its biggest problem is that all Android devices that are sub-ICS don’t have it integrated by default. Basically, it becomes a PITA to implement GM fully for those devices and as such is just a meh experience.

    Then on top of that you have a large number of android phone users who either have or have had ipods and itunes. Frankly, Android’s initial music app just sucked by comparison. So, now they are battling getting people to switch to GM from their already comfy lives in iTunes.

    In reality this is just an uphill battle. Its gonna take awhile and a better adoption of ICS for starters.

    • Droidzilla

      What’s better about Google Music on ICS? I have it on my RAZR and it works great, but I probably simply don’t know what features I’m missing.

      •  GM on ICS isn’t better, its just pre-installed and fully replaces the original music player in android. Basically, what I’m saying as a default app will be naturally received better.

  • Amazon MP3 has everything I could need for music. It’s got cloud storage and streaming, big selection, and Amazon support (which is pretty good, they always handle any problems I have.) Since I was an Amazon MP3 user before Google Music, I just haven’t seen a feature Google Music has that would make me want to change my habits and switch over.

    • longhairbilly

      I use both now. It can’t hurt to have my music in two places.

      I have found one area where Google Music is better than Amazon. I have a lot of old CDs ripped as wma files that Amazon won’t allow in the cloud. Google does. So I got to add a little over 1,000 extra songs with Google Music.

  • Will

    I’d use it a great deal more if they could get Apple Lossless uploading working.  I’d be fine with them converting my ALC songs into 192 mp3, but right now, I’ve got scripts doing conversions and I can’t get my iTunes playlists copied over at all.  So, it’s a dumb folder full of music.  Useful, but more as a just-in-case library.

  • I was using Google Music but then Spotify came to the US….. I haven’t looked back at all since

    • Michael G

      I use Spotify too but I refuse to pay for it to use on my phone.

  • frankandsimple

    People actually BUY music?? 

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Wait, there are services for buying music? Huh, go figure.

    • Billyrouth2000

      Yea some people have morals and aren’t low life thiefs!

      • splash

        We’re talking about copying music here, please stay on topic

      • You don’t have to steal music to not buy it.  You can subscribe to Rdio, or Rhapsody, or Spotify.  I wouldn’t consider that buying music.

    • I think that is the problem.  Most people use Google music for storage of their existing music not buying new music

    • Adsf

       Via CD, I definitely do.  I refuse to go digital…
      Why miss out on the album art and actual sensation of physically owning something?
      I buy…and “pirate” the CD online for streaming via GMusic as opposed to ripping it…simply because it’s faster.

      • digitalicecream

        You know you’re getting old when CD’s are not considered digital any longer. 🙂

      • Droidzilla

        How do you route a power cord into your cave, and does it frighten the other cavemen that you have a “magic demon fire box” to watch Netflix on?

      • Smeckle

        Yeah, I always buy the CD unless I only care about like one or two tracks, which happens every once in a blue moon. I agree, I love having the booklet and actually having the physical copy. I feel cheated when the artists do just the one page folded insert with album tracks and songwriters only.

  • OreoMan

    I left iTunes a year ago and haven’t looked back. I love Google music. I use it on my turntables now too.

  • Butters619

    Hey Google,

    While you at it, fix Music Manager so it doesn’t use 15% of my i7 running in the background on a mac.  Thanks!

  • zhusker

    Selling Google Music gift cards or Android Market gift cards would help boost sales.

    • IanKellogg

      People have been asking for this for years and I still don’t understand why they haven’t done it yet. Especially since Google wallet has prepaid credit cards.

      • Bepsrockk2

        I would love that. Some people who don’t have credit cards can’t even buy apps or anything on some carriers…

    • Nemesis099

      I agree I seem to always have a gift card balance on Amazon which allows me to give in to impulse purchases.  Google doesn’t have this so I hardly buy anything through them.  They need gift cards so I don’t have to punch in my CC# and have each song or app be an individual charge which is annoying.

      • Smeckle

        Seriously, the way Google Music handles transactions is terrible. It gets really annoying having to confirm my payment information for every track, especially if I’m going through a bunch at a time.

    • Trueblue711

      Exactly. So many iTunes sales are from gift cards.

  • Jarrett Mattina

  • Droidzilla

    I love Google Music, but if I were already heavily invested in Amazon, iTunes, etc., I’d probably have no use for it. I really think the streaming models are more the future, in any case. We’ll see, though. Google has a history of taking something and implementing it in a “why do I even need this?” fashion, then making it awesome and indispensable later. For proof, see Chrome, Android, GMail, etc. (and yes, there have been some duds, too).

    • Google

      way more misses that hits. 

      • Google


  • I tried it.
    Don’t know if it’s the player or the restricted bandwidth streaming, but it sounds like a five-dollar radio wrap in a blanket under ten feet of water.

    • EC8CH

      probably just listening to a Ke$ha song

    • JB

      Go into settings and choose “stream at highest quality” 

  • Love Google Music.  If not for my iPod integration in my car stereo I’d never have to open iTunes.  If it didn’t show the album artwork I’d just go back to using an aux cable and use my GNex instead

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Meh. Too late for me. I’m done buying music. Rdio all the way

    • Yes, Google needs to do a subscription service. I have no interest in buying music.

  • cancerous_it

    I’ve bought many albums and songs from google music.  I really love the cloud streaming aspect of it. 

  • burntcookie90

    This has become my new music player for everywhere but my home desktop. 

    • Droidzilla

      Ditto, except I also use it on my home desktop.