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DROID X Soak Test Rolling Out Now, Make Sure to Use RootKeeper if You Want Root Afterwards

The DROID X 4.5.621 update is available now to Motorola Feedback Network members who signed up to participate in soak tests. As you know from the changelog we posted on Friday, this is a hefty bug fixer that should help stabilize your phone across the board. Head into Settings>About phone>System updates to pull it.

You will lose root after updating just like you will with almost any OTA update. We are hearing that OTA RootKeeper will work though. There is a good chance that the DROID 4 root method will work as well.

Cheers D and B!

  • Jaylundgreen

    I have clockword mod installed on the phone.  I would remove if I knew how.  I don’t need it anymore as I am no longer interested in SBFing.

  • Jaylundgreen

    Anyone successfully rooted after this updated?  I was rooted and lost root.  No big deal, as I was expecting that to happen.  I was hoping to use the Droid 4 root method and have attempted twice without gaining root.  The root tool tries to copy all the files and says “system is read only”  Any other way to root Droid X after applying this update?

  • So if i have a deoxed rooted GB installed, will this update work?  Im not concerned with losing root, im more concerned with stability.  


       Of course it will, it’s like SBFing your phone.

  • Higher_Ground

    I was running rooted 605 and downloaded “voodoo ota rootkeeper” before accepting the update. I let it try to update but it went into clockwork recovery and when I rebooted it said update failed. I still have root and I’m still on 605 but now everything is going haywire… LPP and the browser become unresponsive every couple minutes. I cleared the cache but I’m still getting FC’s left and right.

    I would recommend staying far away from this one.

  • I immediately signed up for the Droid X soak tests when I first got my X two years ago. I then was permitted to participate in two subsequent soak tests. I gave them terrible ratings and unflattering feedback in both soak tests because both of the updates were just — terrible. The updates glitched out my phone, all but ruined the camera, added yet more bloatware, diminished battery charge life significantly, and otherwise they all-around simply sucked.

    Motorola never let me participate in another soak test again ever since.

    That is Motorola.

    After this update rolls out and the Droid X is finally relegated to ‘unsupported’ status, my teen son will be given my Motobloata Droid X. I will be saying good-bye to Motobloata forever. It does not matter what device they contrive in the future. If it’s Motorola branded, it’s destined to be crap.

  • xiafei22
  • Jeffrey Kaplan

    Like others, I’ll wait until I get solid confirmation that root can be retained or regained before even thinking about getting this update.

  • CWA

    I love my DX. Verizon wants me to upgrade. To what? There is nothing SIGNIFICANTLY better out there yet.

    • cooksta32676

      I’m in the same boat. There are better phones technicality speaking, but really there is nothing you can do, that you can’t do on the X a tad slower. hTC Orion is what I want.

  • Nick H

    I participated in the soak test. Received my update for 4.5.621 a couple hours ago. I was able to restore my root using Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper. I took the sceenshot using my “Screenshot It” that requires root. I must say so far I haven’t experinced any bugs, but of course it is still early.

    • Ken Pendergrass

      Thanks for the info. Voodoo OTA Rootkeeper says something about – /system partition as Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4??? Can you explain this? Or is it explained when you run the program? thanks

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  • WAldenIV

    You know the DX has a two-stage camera button, right? The first stage focuses and the second snaps the picture.

    • I’m aware of that and my pics are grainy as well. Doesn’t really matter about the lighting conditions. Some DXs are better than others based on what I’ve learned from the folks over at DroidXForums.

      • Dan

        I don’t do a lot of pics with my X, but I don’t have any blurry or grainy issues.  Still waiting for the Note to come to Verizon (or something better that’s as big).

        •  WOW. I think this bug fixed the camera…

          My DX is running right now lol

  • DXuser

    Waiting for someone to confirm the Droid 4 root method works.

    • Brucefan42

      I tried the Droid 4 method on the 621 update and it failed (arrgggg). Here is the dump:
      [*] Waiting for device…
      [*] Device found.
      [*] Deploying payload…
      1439 KB/s (501292 bytes in 0.340s)
      [*] Owning phone…
      [*] Motofail: Universal Motorola Android Root Exploit
      [*] Copyright (c) 2012 Dan Rosenberg (@djrbliss)
      [*] Exploit complete.
      [*] Rebooting device…
      [*] Waiting for phone to reboot.
      [*] Attemping persistence…remount failed: Operation not permittedfailed to copy ‘su’ to ‘/system/bin/su’: Read-only file systemUnable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directorylink failed Read-only file systemfailed to copy ‘busybox’ to ‘/system/xbin/busybox’: Read-only file systemUnable to chmod /system/xbin/busybox: No such file or directory/system/xbin/busybox: not foundfailed to copy ‘Superuser.apk’ to ‘/system/app/Superuser.apk’: Read-only file system[*] Cleaning up…[*] Motofail: Universal Motorola Android Root Exploit[*] Copyright (c) 2012 Dan Rosenberg (@djrbliss)[*] Exploit complete.[*] Rebooting…[*] Exploit complete![*] Press any key to exit.Press any key to continue . . .So far the phone is working pretty well. The only thing I used root for was to keep ADW EX in memory. I have seen some lag painting widgets after closing applications so I would really like to get my phone back the way it was, with ADW EX Launcher in memory full time.

      • Anon

         I’ve got the same problem on my X. No root method yet?

  • Too bad I’ve already got ICS on my X 😀 And I’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Player to use for any camera needs

    • Zach is a boner

       shut up moron, nobody cares.  add something useful to the conversation

  • John Galt

    People still run X on anything other than Cyanogen?

    • When I still had my X, the battery life using CM was pretty horrible.

      • cooksta32676

        I get about 14 hours out of extremely heavy use.

    • Where is John Galt?

       Liberty ROM.  Way better battery life than cyanogen

  • Me

    WTF??? I’m getting an error “Check for update is not available at this time” “Try again later”

    • Did you even bother to read the FIRST SENTENCE in this short post?

      “The DROID X 4.5.621 update is available now to Motorola Feedback Network members who signed up to participate in soak tests.”

      Read before commenting.

    • niteperson

      On the upside, that usually means an update is forthcoming.

  • LaCokaNostra

    If I was an htc device. It would have the latest version of sense

  • Very nice psot!

  • Motorola has really stuck to its word on fixing the DX (besides the crashing and camera problem) I mean what other phone has kept consistent updates on for more than a year and a half?

    • Anonymous

      Al of that is true, yes.  But IMHO there’s no excuse for the DX (and the DX2 & DP) to have had such a buggy series of GB updates that went unaddressed for so long.  This update is the one they should have been rolling out last summer!   Still, I’m glad to see that the DX will finally be “fixed” and put out to pasture in a worthy fashion.   I’m curious to see if the best parts of this update will also be rolled out to the X2, DPro, D2, and D2G since it doesn’t look like they will be receiving ICS. 

  • is this ics?

    • Anonymous


      • So this is Moto saying, “No, we’re not giving you ICS, but look! We’re still doing something! That’s just as good, right?”

        • personally Id rather my DX was bug free for the remained of my contract. Im gonna hold out for a solid quadcore phone that will make the newest version of Android run silky smooth. Blur really bogs the system down; really wish they would have released a Dev kit for the DX that let the user choose whether they wanted a blurred phone or a stock one. 

    • Moto wont see ICS until Summer…put it on the board.

    • Michael Forte

      Doubt the X will get ICS, even though it’s certainly capable.