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Chrome for Android Will Improve “By Leaps and Bounds” – Full-screen and Desktop Version Viewing Coming Soon

Speaking with CNET, Chrome’s Senior VP Sundar Pichai had his first chance to openly talk about their newest release, Chrome for Android. As expected, he seems to be thrilled with its early success and the piles of positive feedback that it has received. He also mentioned that they have had two features in particular that users have requested and that they are working on them both:  full-screen viewing (like in the ICS browser) and the option to tell Chrome to show you desktop version of sites by default.

Pichai said that his team is going to take “leaps and bounds” with this product over the next year. We aren’t exactly sure that means on a features level or on an availability level. He probably means both, but the rollout to other versions of Android will hopefully be addressed first.

Still using Chrome? I know I haven’t looked back after switching to it.

Via:  CNET

  • allcentury

    I still feel like the side to side gesture controls are too sensitive.  Meaning if i try and scroll to right, it always does the 3D nudge (like I’m tab switching) instead of scrolling — hopefully that is improved as well.

  • as soon as they add flash to chrome i will disable the other stock browser.

  • Justinmoser

    i think it needs quick controls like in the default ics browser but not as much as in browser+

    • Justinmoser

      I also agree with jayvanbuiten that it needs flash support. it is annoying having to switch between browser and chrome if i want to use flash.

  • jdrch

    Firefox Beta has had all of Chrome’s major features for a while now. Oh, and it’s available for non-ICS devices. But I guess that Google Kool-Aid is just too good for some bloggers 😉

  • Larizard

    There are reports about webtop functionality coming to Android. I called this out way back when Motorola announced the webtop for the Atrix. 

    Imagine your Android phone acting as the brain of your Chromebook. The phone will dock to provide processing power, Wi-Fi/4G capability, and connectivity to the cloud, while the chromebook will provide Chrome OS, a keyboard, and a bigger, higher resolution screen.

    The perfect marriage of Android + Chrome is on the horizon. Get ready for it!

  • Google Chrome the best browser in the world!!!!! Now take that Apple with that broke down Safari!

  • What does chrome have the dolphin doesnt ??? besides not being be able to surf and use flash when you choose i dont get it??

    • Q

      I like Chrome’s use of screen real estate a lot better.

  • I DON”T UNDERSTAND. Why doesn’t Android use a “chrome” browser? Its so wierd that theres two, even though they both come from google…

    • jeesung

      Silo-ed product development.

    • KevinC

      it’s because android is open source, along with the stock browser.  the chrome browser has never, and will never be open source, so that’s why it’s not in android by default

      • kwubba

        Chromium is the opensource version of Chrome. 

  • Jonathonflores6958

    Had to uninstall bc it kept force closing and rebooting my phone. Sucks bc I really liked it. Nexus on AOKP B23 Franco Kernel.

  • Gerret Walczak

    Biggest missing feature for me was the ability to click a phone number in-browser and have it pop into my dialer. I filed a bug report, and they said it should be in there soon. Love everything else so far!

    •  If they apple lawsuit falls through. Otherwise they can’t probably.

  • Anonymous

    Going to have to by leaps and bounds to make me switch from ICS Browser +, I can’t see one good thing about Chrome Beta so far, as compared to B+

  • whats the big deal no plugin = trash

  • Bkircher1

    I like the chrome beta very much in my prime tab, the only thing I wish it would do would be to have gesture motions to open the bookmarks rather than have to touch a few buttons to get to the bookmarks page. Like the dolphin browser

  • KevinC

    chrome will never be the default browser for android since it’s not open source.

  • Q

    Does it seem like Chrome Beta is eating crazy battery to anyone else?  I have installed it and re-installed it two or three times now.  Everytime I install it, it seems like my battery goes completely down the drain.  

  • Anonymous

    No quick controls?

  • double tap to zoom would be nice also

    • Anonymous

      um yaaaaaaaaaaaa why don’t you actually go try double tapping and see what happens.

      • EC8CH

        it XOOMs

  • any word on plans to make it available to older versions of Android?

  • RezCommando

    That PenTile screen looks horrible.

    Chrome is nice, but still find I need another browser for everything. No flash is a pita.

  • cantcurecancer

    I fail to see how Chrome is better than ICS Browser+. Who really cares about seeing the tabs you have open on your desktop computer? It has hardware acceleration, quick controls, good tabbing system, Chrome sync, and flash support. Talk to me when it gets flash support/quick controls.

    • Anonymous

      The reason Chrome isn’t available pre-ICS is because of hardware acceleration. Chrome of course has Chrome sync as well. They have two different tabbing systems so that’s a matter of opinion.

  • I don’t use it due to the fact that is doesn’t and wont have flash support. Sure in the future we will be moving to HTML 5 but this isn’t the future it is the present and every website is still using flash. You would have thought google would have planned a work around for this.

    • Stating El Obvious

      Flash is not a google product so what workaround could they provide?  Adobe is not going to implement flash into chrome so there’s only two options:

      1) Not use the browser
      2) Be a sheep and tell everyone how awesome the browser is, even if you stated that iPhone sucks since it doesnt have Flash.

      Many here have embraced #2, unsurprisingly.

      • RadicalPie

        Although I’ll be a sheep and drink kool aid because of saying this, it is an awesome browser for an awesome operating system because we have the option to use a browser with flash or with out. Choices my friend choices.

        • Stating El Obvious

          So do Apple users.  It’s not like they can’t get flash on the iPhones, but somehow that didn’t matter.  Now that android sheep are in the same boat, it’s ok.

          Android Kool-Aid is tasty.

          • LOL at El Stupido

             You are super cool!

      • baaaahhhhh baaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  • Pistolpete665

    I only go back when I want to share a link

  • Firelight

    … and … extensions?

  • Rob Becker

    Google Chrome! F*** Yeah!

    • angermeans

      Great reference to a great movie.

  • Still rocking Dolphin HD until chrome catches up

  • Anonymous

    The need to find a way to integrate flash just like with desktop chrome. Far too many sites still use flash player…

  • Love it, when I can actually use it. Haven’t found a single ICS rom for my Epic Touch that it works correctly on yet. Looks great though, and will definitely be my default browser. I love the bookmark sync.

  • Stating El Obvious

    Wow, no Flash support??  You guys are not getting the “real internet experience”.  Have fun with your “crippled Internet!”  LOL…sheep.

    “Safari sucks there’s no flash!”
    “Chrome Beta is released, but has no flash.”
    “Chrome Beta is awesome!!!!  I’ve made this my daily browser!  I can’t wait until they get rid of the stock browser and make this the official Android browser!!!”

    • Muddy B00ts

      simmer down.

      • Stating El Obvious

        You’re one of those guys, huh?

  • Anonymous

    Once I can set the user agent to desktop this will become my default browser, I currently use dolphin.

  • Anonymous

    Chrome for Android is a really fast browser. Whenever Verizon/Moto decide to update the Xoom to ICS it will definately become my default browser. It looks and works nice on my G-Nex. Over the weekend i installed CM9 (ICS) on my HP Touchpad and the Chrome Beta browser just works awsomely!

    • Michael Forte

      Team EOS nightlies are pretty awesome. if you’re tired of waiting for Verizon and Moto to update to ICS, I highly recommend them.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah did that exact thing a few days ago works great. After i did EOS i never installed FLASH back on and dont see the need all videos work great no flash banners sucking up bandwidth. With EOS nighty (56 i think) MAN this thing flys now. 

      • Anonymous

        I’m not ready to unlock and root just yet, but if they don’t hurry that is what I plan to do.

  • Interstellarmind

    No flash us deal-breaker for me.

    • Stating El Obvious

      Strangely it’s not a deal-breaker to the android sheep who were whining about lack of Flash on iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        i know you are just a blatent troll to get replies but he is saying the exact same thing you are being a dick about…it WAS a deal breaker without flash…both browsers…

        • Stating El Obvious

          Yes, which is why I agreed with him….

          • El Stupido Detector

             No school today

  • I use it a lot, but Dolphin is my go-to for certain sites, or if things aren’t working in Chrome. It’s not quite a do-it-all package… yet.

  • Will

    Especially on an ICS Xoom, Chrome is a wonderful experience, if nothing else, in how well it handles large pages (like your Tumblr dashboard).  I’d cry if it were pulled from the market.

  • Anonymous

    I love it! That aside, how do I view browsing history?

  • Been running ics on my bionic and for some reason Chrome doesn’t work 🙁

    • OT, I know, but what ROM are you running?  I’ve got a Bionic and have kept it stock for a while, but have recently start itching to do some flashing.  

  • I’m back to the stock browser, temporarily. I’ve found links that didn’t work in Chrome for one reason or another as well as some other random bugs; some having to do with formatting

  • EC8CH

    Can’t wait to see how it gets better.  It’s already pretty awesome as is.

  • T Hall

    Chrome + Team EOS ICS on Xoom = Awesome

    It is funny though that if there is a flash website I am using, I then open up the stock browser for that.  

  • hopefully with android 4.03 they merge chrome and the ics stock browser together. it seems pointless to release a “new and improved” browser in 4.0 and then a few months later come up with chrome. its really weird 

  • Michael Forte

    I use Chrome as my primary browser, but find YouTube video playback horrible at times. Sometimes it will freeze up a whole tab when I try to play a video, which I assume is in HTML5, plus I can never get it to go fullscreen either.

  • Chris Kirby

    Yeah, its been my default since release. Though i do miss the quick actions menu (lab) quite a bit from the stock browser. Basically, if you use chrome on your desktop, then it would be silly to use any other browser on your droid…the integration is awesome.

    • Michael Forte

      Not sure how quick controls would work with Chrome unless they disabled the swipe to switch tabs when you’re using the quick controls. I personally love the way Chrome works as is, it basically improved the things I wanted in the ICS browser.

  • Anonymous

    Works great and I’m Chrome4Life… Luv it, it’s the only browser on my Vaio

  • Jason Purp

    Why isn’t Chrome, or at least all of its features, the stock standard for Android 4.0? I don’t get it.

    • i was wondering the same thing, its really weird. maybe they can address that in 4.03 or whatever

    • Google has already said that is their ultimate goal.  As soon as it’s stable and working the way they want, this is what will happen.

    • because it just came out

    • EC8CH

      Some have speculated that they will remove the browser from AOSP and Chrome will be part of GApps.  That’s the other option.

      • Another reason as for the wait was that it does not support flash and they did not want that to happen to android yet if they could avoid it. So they waited till version release then released it through the market instead.

      • AOSP vs Google experience. I theorize that the AOSP browser will always remain within ASOP and the chrome browser will Google experience app. Like Maps and Market.

    • John

      It only just came out and its still in Beta. When the final version version is out then it will probably be the main browser for the next Gen phone (like the next Nexus)

  • Dave

    where are you galaxy tab 10.1 ICS so I can use chrome =(

    • CM9 has released a pre alpha: http://android.chemlab.org/snapshots/p4wifi

  • Anonymous

    My body is ready.

    • Chrome…be gentle with the man.  This is his first time.

  • Im not. I cant get it to display any pages for me ever. Im running Hashcode’s ICSkang on my D3

    • Doesn’t work on my Encount ICS for the DX either.  Prob something missing in our roms.  Can’t wait to use it though

      • Anonymous

        At least for EncounterICS it is a problem with the rom, stated by firstEncounter.

  • Anonymous

    Its a great browser, but no-flash support is annoying. Whenever I want to use flash i need to copy and paste the URL into the old browser. They should at least give you an easier way to do that.

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    • while I do miss flash on my phone sometimes I don’t find it really necessary. It didn’t always run great to begin with and I hate it being a battery hog. I found it most beneficial for a tablet. But if you know you’re going to use something in flash just use the old browser.

      And who knows maybe someone will figure out how to create a hacked version that will work with it.

    • JWellington

      Use Browser Switcher in the Market; it is a great tool to have for when that comes.

  • Andrew

    I can’t use the stock browser anymore. It feels inferior.

  • Ahsan

    Chrome doesn’t work on the CM9 rom for the Droid 2 Global…

    • Anonymous

      only works with 4.0+

      • Michael Forte

        CM9 is based on 4.0…

      • Anonymous

        CM9 is 4.0+

        • Anonymous

          my mistake, only saw D3.

    • Drewfus0929

      I know that chrome didn’t work in my brother’s incredible due to the hacked together hardware acceleration. Not having properly functioning hardware acceleration seems to be disabling it.