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LG Spectrum has been Rooted.

If you need are looking to see if a new device has been rooted, you will want to follow @djrbliss aka Dan Rosenberg. You may have heard his name recently in conjunction with Motorola root methods that apply to the RAZR, Bionic, XYBOARD and almost any other Moto device running Gingerbread or Honeycomb. He’s puttin’ in work as we like to say around these parts.

His newest target is non-Moto. The LG Spectrum has fallen to his methods and is now rooted. LG has in the past left their devices wide open to hackers and Dan’s comments on rooting it seem to reflect just that. His Windows and Linux tools to get this job done can be found at the source link below.

Via:  Vulnfactory

Cheers Mike23 and Eric!

  • Aoholmes95

    Replaced rezound with the spectrum and this thing is sweeet! Much faster/better screen/battery life. not as sexy software wise but this phone flies

  • Buckgrad

    Hopefully people will take another look at the Spectruk now that it can be rooted. The big complaint people seemed to have was the UI and the plastic back with fingerprints (get a gel case…problem solved).. Look at the specs people. This phone deserves more than the trashing it has taken. I shopped the Galaxy Nexus, Razr, and Rezound. After comparing, I chose the Spectrum. I don’t regret the decision.

  • Tmenke88

    So…any chance this thing will ever get a review or did we all collectively decide that it would be ok-ish, with a hint of LG suck

  • Anonymous

    Give Kellex a break, it’s the weekend.  At least he’s trying to stay up to date.  Plus it gives those of us that work the weekends extra reading material. lol

  • guest

    does that mean that this is the best phone on the market now that it is rooted???

  • Anonymous

    All that needed to be said was LG Spectrum rooted by @djrbliss.  END OF STORY

  • EC8CH

    moar root

  • Hamholla

    “if you need are looking” really? I know it’s sunday but come on man

    • Jason Purp


      • LionStone

        Also… “….Dan’s comments on rooting it seem to reflect”…

        Appreciate the weekend posts, but it is getting harder to decipher lately.

        • Muddy B00ts

          Am I missing something? That part seems correct.

          • LionStone

            It seems there should be a comma after rooting for a pause or “Dan’s comments on rooting seems to reflect”, seems to sound better…to me anyway.

    • nana

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