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Leaked DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Build Shows What We Can Expect in the Next Version of Blur

razr ice cream sandwich update


And here is your DROID RAZR bomb for the week before it even really gets started. A DroidRzr forum poster by the name dragon974 posted a massive screenshot session of his RAZR running what appears to be an almost complete Ice Cream Sandwich build from Verizon and Motorola. We say “almost complete” because this thing includes all of VZW’s bloatware, the special sorting options in the app drawer that were included in previous Blur builds, and skinning in some specific places like the lock screen.

The Android version is 4.0.3 and the Blur build is 6.7.407. What has us confused though, is the fact that Motorola left off all of their Verizon devices from their ICS timeline that was released last week, yet this thing looks close to completion. Is that because both companies are working tirelessly to push an update well before Q2 or Q3 to phones like the RAZR? Wouldn’t that be a treat. It’s definitely odd that all of those devices didn’t make the initial cut, so maybe there is something to them releasing updates to select phones even sooner. This build in particular looks to be coming along quite nicely. Jump past the break to see it all. 

Home screen with VZW bloatware and an updated app drawer with new options:


New Ice Cream Sandwich gallery editor and the Blur camera app:

New Blur dialer, in-call screen, and incoming call screen:


ICS folders and the Blur’d settings menu:


I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of the mix of ICS theming and Blur theming as the colors don’t mesh all that well (the icons for example). But the new dialer, lock screen and incoming call screen tweaks all look solid. I also love that they have kept it ICS enough for you to know that it is definitely ICS. This could all change of course, and it could be more Blurred than ever as it gets closer to a release.

The actual ROM has not been released, but RAZR devs are doing everything in their power to try and get a hold of it.

And, your thoughts?

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers @Ravenloves69s!

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised they didn’t change the app drawer icon to the ugly blur one.

  • Not the worst that I had feared.

  • Anonymous

    Bionic too? Please??

  • ILuvSoPa

    Well, I’m still not too up with Motos icons but the rest definately makes enhances the look of ICS. That baby piss blue that they use is *FUGLY*. Wish Moto would get rid of all of it though 🙂

    • Anonymous

      You mean the baby piss blue on Stock ICS? Glad I’m not alone in HATING that color scheme…that and the icons for Contacts pics with the big ass heads.

      If I woulda kept my G Nex I woulda HAD to start using Contact pics just so I wouldnt see them.

  • Anonymous

    Full asop or death!

  • Anonymous

    I hate getting jerked around like this but it’s about time for this to come out but personally I’d like to see the f devs get ahold of it first so they can easily port over the camera for ask the new roms that just came out.

  • Other than the icons it is much better than Ice Cream Sensewich (or touchwich). I like how moto has started modifying the base android ui instead of completely changing it.

  • Anonymous

    I really didn’t think it would take till quarter 3 to get this to the Razr. I don’t own one, but I think it will be Q1 or early Q2. If nothing else there will be a full leak and those that want to load it will be able to.

  • Anonymous

    we can expect more trash

  • I’m surprised. I thought they would mess it up more! 😀

  • Anonymous


  • 来看看,收啦

  • Hmmm, not half bad…stock still looks better though.

  • Tom Cat

    It’d make sense if this came out relatively soon. Even though the Razr wasn’t listed as receiving the update anytime soon, verizon HEAVILY advertised the fact that this phone was ICS upgradeable. I know that may not mean much, but all the razr uses can hope. What’s everyone guess for when it’s ready?

  • bikerbill

    It looks more like someones attempt at a bad custom made rom than it dies something motor.and verizon would release! First off why handsent instead of native text? And.second usually a rooted rom natixt doesn’t work . Also a rooted device usually has currents in it .. like a cm build etc.!! Just my observation on it

    • The end user decided to install handcent SMS, I’m not sure why this is so difficult for you to understand. And it’s a beta/test release, It’s not complete, relax.

    • Anonymous

      first, wrong. second, wrong. third, surprise wrong again. Currents is a GApp that can go on any phone. Native Text Apps work on almost if not all ROMs, and handcent is a other texting app anyone can install… 

    • Anonymous

      I have seen professional previews of Android Motorola phones with 3rd party launchers on them…Handcent isnt an indicator of a ROM.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised I like it.  The icons don’t even bother me that much.

  • Most skinning sucks not because skinning is a bad thing, but because in many cases, the act of skinning exists just for the sake of skinning, and provide no actual improvement to the UI, and at the same time, the design of the skin looks awful.

  • Tomgillotti

    Agreed, color scheming is terrible. Stick ICS or nothing. So glad I own a Nexus.

    • Tomgillotti

      Stock ICS*

  • Can we just go ahead and have this now? Looks good, maybe fix the icons? But all in all its looking great. Hopefully we don’t have to wait until the end of the year. 

  • Anonymous

    I like it. If this comes out soon, I’d definitely consider it. If it does NOT come out soon, I will continue to wait to upgrade until there is more than one phone with ICS on Verizon to choose from, regardless of brands. 

  • Daisyville

    A) I have a lady boner (can I say that on here? )
    B) What the frig is a “hancent”?

    • DBK

      It’s a SMS/MMS app.

  • Hans Kwazneski

    It’s hideous! TALE IT DOWN! TAKE IT DOWN!! It really is the Blur Witch project! 🙁

  • Its official. Blur> Sense. Dam.

    • LaCokaNostra

      Are you stupid? Sense is the most polish skin out there. Sense 3.5 adds so much functionality to Android 2.3 .I can wait too see that plain jane Android 4.0 Improved with sense.

      • Q

        Sense is garbage

        • who cares about htc? really? out of all phones, moto currently has the worst along with there ui. i had the og droid, dx and dx 2. ive had both nexus and rezound, moto shouldn’t be allowed to be mentioned around those two. moto is a bust.

          • Moto has strong radios, fast as hell hardware, and they’re constantly improving their skin.  They’re also the only OEM who has put GB on nearly every one of their current line of phones, and is even continuing to support a phone that’s nearly 2 years old (hello, Droid X!).
            ALL UI’s are a matter of personal preference, isn’t that what’s supposed to make Android awesome?  Choice?Sooooo, the rampant Moto hate really needs to stop.  Can’t we all just go back to making fun of Apple??? 😀

          • Anonymous

            I regret that I have but one like to give.

          • DBK

            Did you just dis the OG Droid? O.O

            Them’s fighting words, sir.

      • I would rather shoot myself multiple times in the knee than to allow that laggy and played out skin to run on top of Android 4.0.

        • LaCokaNostra

          Have fun with your locked bootloader fan boy.

          • DBK

            So he’s a fan boy because he doesn’t like Sense? Funny, I must have missed where he said he loved Blur. Oh, I guess you would need troll vision for that, huh?

            Someone here is a fan boy, but it definitely isn’t Luis.

          • I hate Blur 😉 I actually own a Rezound (well kinda, it belongs to my other half) 

          • DBK

            lol And that just makes LaCokeHead look even worse. This just gets better and better.  🙂

          • Prttyboiii007

            Just get a Galaxy Nexus and be done with the argument. 😛

          • LaCokaNostra

            Please if you had ever uses a sense enhanced device you would never go back.

          • DBK

            I’ve had the Rezound for a brief stint, and played with one that was running the latest Sense. I can tell you from experience that Sense is garbage and that you will never see Sense (or anything resembling it) anywhere near my phones. I would rather this version of Blur or Stock over any version of Sense, any day.

            As much as I enjoy feeding you, I think it’s time you went back into whatever hole you crawled out of.

          • LaCokaNostra

            That doesn’t even make sense. If you owned a resound then you always had one with the latest version of sense and would not of required you to play with a different phone running the latest version. Fail Motor troll.

          • Does this matter guys? I don’t think there is anything set in stone saying one is gaurenteed to be better. It’s all about choice and preference. Isn’t that why we all buy androids to begin with? Isn’t that why there are roms tweaks and mods out there? That’s how TheCokeHead and DBK can each have what they want and it doesn’t matter who’s thing is bigger…err…better at the end of the day, right?

          • DBK

            The Rezound has been updated since it was released you know.

            lol a troll calling someone else a troll. Proving my point like a boss. My work here is done.

          • Doug Wing

            I had a Thunderbolt from when it came out until the day the Bionic came out.  I don’t miss Sense in the least.

          • Anonymous

            I had a Fascinate until I had a Bionic and I actually missed touchwiz after experiencing blur. Then I got the GNex and now I miss neither of them.

          • Anonymous

            I would have to disagree on that one there chap…

            I have a Rezound….and prefer my RAZR ALOT more.

            Sense UI has ALOT more features and eye candy…but it hits you over the head with it more than Blur does.

          • You are calling me the fan boy? Ookkayy lol. Do you understand why having an unlocked bootloader is important to so many enthusiast who buy HTC? So that they can get as close to VANILLA as possible and get rid of that abomination called sense. Time to stop feeding the troll

          • DBK

            But then what would we do with the rest of this troll food?  🙂

          • LaCokaNostra

            No. Most of us put the newest version of sense on our phone. For example im running BAND SoaB with sense 3.5. Beauty of unlocked bootloaders

          • LaCokaNostra


          • DBK

            Wrong. Most people who unlock their phones do it to get rid of the skin (especially sense). You’re just oozing of fanboysm, aren’t you?

          • LaCokaNostra

            Wrong. Look at xda most roms for htc devices are sense based.

          • Bob Martin

            there may be more sense roms but the most popular rom for all types of phones that can run it is cm7. which is stock. there doesn’t need to be anymore stock roms since cm7 exists.

          • That’s because stock-based roms are easy.  AOSP/CM9 ports take time, effort, and knowledge.
            Please, try harder next time.

          • Evileclipse

            Hey, not that I’m trying to agree with La, but you would probably be surprised how many modders are only unlocking their HTC phones so that they can have the newest sense roms.

          • DBK

            Oh I’m sure there are plenty. But the majority do it to get rid of the skin.

          • EdubE24

            Wrong… most people do it to get free sh*t like tethering!!!

          • no. not true.

          • Anonymous

            you only need to root, not an unlocked bootloader for tethering.

        • angermeans

          I hate to tell ya but sense runs much better than blur. it always has and always will. blur is a mess at least sense has an overall feeling that HTC is trying to give the end user something to buy into. I’ll give blur one thing though. It is better than touchwiz but not by far. Plus one for the skyrim reference though (if you meant to do that)

          • Anonymous

            Try a Bionic, RAZR and Rezound and tell me which one runs better.

            If it does run better….its not by alot. Blur has come a looong way.

      • DBK

        Sense is horrible. It may “look” nice, but it is one leggy, dysfunctional piece of crap. Unlike Luis, I would rather take multiple arrows to the knee than ever see sense on ICS.

        • LaCokaNostra

          That sky rim menstrual is played out, like locked bootloaders

          • LaCokaNostra


          • DBK

            I know it’s played out. It’s the perfect metaphor for Sense, hence why I used it. Not surprised that went over your head. Trolls aren’t very bright.

      • hi HTC fanboy

      • Anonymous

        Sense is crap. A large shiny piece of crap. True story.

      • You have to be kidding?? Sense is so intrusive into the ROM, it’s horrible. Everyone that I know that owns a sense device is always asking me to remove things, or change their standard start screens, or some other modification that can only be accomplished through a new custom ROM. Most of the complaints I hear from HTC users all have to do with Sense just messing things up.

        • Brian, me too. Some friends and family of mine have HTC phones and hate it, always asking me to change it for them. And looking at it myself, I find sense hideous.

          • LaCokaNostra

            You need glasses buddy

          • Azndan4

            Sense is a billion times better than blur. sorry guys. Although AOSP > all

        • angermeans

          At least HTC gives their customers an out by unlocking their devices moto forces their customers into blur and has no apologies for the bugs and endless waiting for updates. Let’s hope Google whips them into shape as I trust moto the least in all the oems

  • shdowman

    What a graphic mess. Wow. Looks like they had their hardware engineers slap this together.

  • Anonymous

    I’m actually surprised at how stock it looks (compared with previous blur versions). I would say it’s second only to actually being stock…

    *crickets chirping*

  • Harryreppert

    Although Gingerbread on my stock Verizon Razr is very good, the good will Motorola will engender by surprising us with an early ICS upgrade will ceratinly impress this customer.   Sure, I would have liked the bigger battery that RAZRMAX now offers, but knowing that Moto is doing their best to make things right with their early-adopting customers will no-doubt build enduring loyalty.

  • Kierralj

    Googles’s icons look even worse so….

  • NghtHwk

    If I got something like this pushed or ROM’d to my D2G, I would be a very happy person.

  • Ahsan

    Jesus christ it actually looks good….except for those damn icons.

  • This is so interesting. On one hand, you have Moto holding steadfast to Blur, what with their ugly icons and terrible skin in general. On the other hand, you’re starting to see more and more of “Vanilla” Android leak through. It’s like, with each iteration of Android, Blur becomes less and less, but there’s still so much that it’s still sucky. In another 2-3 OS iterations, we’re going to be so close to complete Vanilla on moto phones that Blur is going to be laughable – we’ll all be like “just a little more… just let go a bit more Moto… ok now all the way – there ya go, you did it!” That time could so easily be now, but I don’t see it happening yet.

    Ah, well, Moto fanatics can rejoice a bit… it doesn’s look HORRIBLE – ICS is very much “there” – but it doesn’t look as great as stock ICS.


    • Kierra

      lol you really think google’s icons looks better? Both are butt ugly.

      • Anonymous

        No. Googles icons are great. 

      • Other than the camera icon, Google’s stock ICS icons look great.  The camera looks technically good, but it’s just too much.  It needed to be much simpler like it used to be.

    • Anonymous

      I usually install a third party launcher and theme the icons in any case, so this will basically be the same as Vanilla for me.

  • Why does Motorola have to ruin every phone they make with Motoblur? Haven’t they gotten the hint that almost 99.99% of their users HATE their software. Hardware is another story though…

    • ddevito

      99.9% of us (the 1%) care.

      The majority really don’t.

      • Anonymous

        E X A C T L Y!! lol

        Why do some of us act like we are the majority? Even then 99.9% of us dont really mind. I would say about 50% of us hate it….If that.

    • DBK

      lol That’s a bit over exaggerated. It’s more like what ddevito said. And there are more of us, from this community, that like it than you think.

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The average consumer hasn’t got a clue as to what the hell Motoblur even is so the majority doesn’t care what skin they run…all they know is that have a droid

    • 99.99% accept it because they don’t realize it can be different 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Maybe they accept it cuz it doesnt bother them? Just a thought.

        My kids mother is not very techy. She knows how to change and add wallpapers…thats about as far as her customization goes. I put SPB Shell 3D on my Droid X1….and her and my kids thought I had a new phpne. I also put on Launcher Pro Plus and ADW.

        Guess which launcher she preferred…..the Blur one. Maybe cuz she was used to using it…but she preferred it.

    • Anonymous

      Blur is incredibly unintrusive, these days. With ADW EX and an icon pack, I can barely tell I’m not stock, vanilla Android (the icon/theming of ADW would look identical on stock; not that I chose stock icons, but I could in ADW).

  • ddevito

    Wait – I thought the US versions of the Razr weren’t even in development stages yet? I’d say by the looks of it it’s a lot closer than we think

    • That’s more the interesting point here, than the rest of the comments about Sense vs Blur….it sure looks like RAZR users could see this thing as early as March, IF this is really how it’s going to look at launch. We could be seeing Soak tests very soon, and possibly even a pull off the Moto Servers even earlier than that.

      • ddevito

        yeah it would be awesome to see more devices on ICS. The more the merrier. That’s what this is all about isn’t it?

    • I’ve said it in several places:  Verizon does not like the status of their updates known to the public.  That’s something that’s been proven time and again.  So, this “leak” is most likely Moto’s (or Verizon’s, for that matter) way of getting around that policy, without giving any sort of projected completion date.  Best of all worlds, as far as they’re concerned.

  • Anonymous

    i hope moto adds favorites to the phone menu, i use that the most. the camera looks about the same.  hopefully they are working overtime. i wouldn’t be the only one that would appreciate it.  what if jelly bean ( i reaallly hope Google names it jawbreaker, sounds so much more serious) is coming Q2? 
    one step closer to perfection, i like my phone better every day.

  • Sporttster

    Looks nice but I definately am not convinced it’s coming soon at all. We’ll get a Dev version long before Moto ever gets theirs out…

  • once again they improve blur…. by making it more like stock.

    • nacl

      say what? blur used to be much closer to stock than it is on newer devices, from an aesthetic standpoint at least. 3 icons on the launcher, vertically scrolling app drawer, no psuedo 3d on the home screens…and 7 home screens instead of 5.

      • blur has never looked closer to stock than the above images. starting with huge cartoony phone and contact buttons at the bottom of the screen.

      • Timoh is right, Blur, when introduced was not at all like stock. Lately it’s been getting closer to stock than any of the other manufacturer UI’s. 

  • ddevito

    I thought 4.0.3 was designed for tablets? (Yes, I know lots of ROMs are based on 4.0.3)…

    BTW – 4.0.4 rocks! It flies!

    (Although I’m still having the Settings menu app crashing issue still) – anyone else having that issue on 4.0.4?

    • I am running 4.0.4 and am having zero issues, especially none with the settings menu/app.

      • ddevito

        Yeah, 4.0.4 is sweet.

        My settings issues might have something to do with a dirty flash somewhere along the way. A friend of mine suggested I start over (again) – from stock, again – but this time using Wug’s Rootkit.

        As of 30 mins ago I’m back to 4.0.4, so far haven’t seen the issue. 

        Also, it seems the email widgets (gmail and email) appear to be finally syncing live, although the bug is still open – I suspect it will remain open until the official OTA is released.

        • Bob

          Trouble in fandroid paradise? Dirty flash. That can’t be google failing could it?

      • ddevito

        Actually – it happened again. Just tried opening Google Wallet (same thing happened 4 hours ago) – same end result. Frustrating. 

        Going back to stock 4.0.2 until this crap is fixed.

        • ddevito

          It’s Google Wallet. I did this 6 times.

          Every time I install it, menu crashes. Uninstall Wallet, poof – works fine. 

          • Anonymous

            I have Google Wallet installed on 4.0.4 and it runs flawless for me. I haven’t had any issues in the settings menu either. I haven’t been browsing the forums lately. Is this a known issue for many users or just a problem you’re experiencing?

          • ddevito

            I’m not the only one – someone else has the same issue in GWallet (not a 4.0.4 issue).


          • Bob

            Geez. Crashes? Sounds like trouble in fandroid paradise to me. Just saying’.

    • Bob

      Crashing issues? Ouch. And I thought you said android was perfect in every way. Looks not. Just sayin.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe it. Motorola seems to have the least customized version of ICS. 

    • Anonymous

      For real. Sense and ICS is an abomination.

      • Anonymous

        at least htc allows bootloader unlocking and doesnt force sense down your throat, and then lie about why they locked the bootloader

        • Wow, just can’t give that one up can you?  
          How do you know this build isn’t unlocked/unlockable ?  With a build this polished while the Motorola update schedule says that it’s still under evaluation, who’s to say that they aren’t going to drop one hell of a bomb at MWC last week.  ICS and an unlock solution?  That would just about smoke anything the other OEMs announce.

          • Anonymous

            For us nerds it would, but not for the masses. I would like what you’re saying to be true, but I somehow doubt it will come to pass. That said, this build does look awesome.

          • angermeans

            I hate to tell ya and as much as I would like it to happen we both know it never will especially since moto wants to charge for an unlocked phone and have it come with no warranty. I don’t see why people still hold out hope that moto will do something for their customers. If it doesn’t have dollar signs in their future we won’t see it.

        • Anonymous

          Yea…but this is in response to what Moto did with ICS + Blur…

          Not bootloaders. And if you look at the HTC Ville ICS leaks….HTC does force Sense down your throat. They have been doing it since The Incredible…

          Sense UI has been getting heavier while Blur has been getting lighter.

    • Lgreg64

      I 100% agree. Of all the UI’s Moto has done the best with ICS.

    • Anonymous

      Its no surprise to me if this hold true. I’ve been saying this since the Droid X1 launched….Blur is the closest to stock Android you can get vs. all the other custom UI’s.

      Looking at the app drawer on this vs. the HTC Ville…..stock Android lovers need to give Motorola a lil more credit in the UI dept.

  • ddevito

    Yeah, let’s make a phone icon, in the shape, of a desk phone??

    • Anonymous

      if they made it in the shape of a cell phone, it’d just be an empty rectangle…i think the desk phone icon is a little more exciting

      • Bbprs17

        If they made it into a rectangular phone Apple would sue

        • Anonymous

          Call me crazy but last time I checked , like 3 seconds ago, the stock ICS icon is a shaped like a desk phone too.

        • Anonymous

          i didnt say a rectangle with rounded corners, i just said a rectangle

  • ddevito

    Don’t like those menu icons.

    But at least they didn’t invert the background color theme this time.

  • NorCalDroid

    Dialer is horrible. I am big fan of the vanilla dialer. It looks so clean
    And they took away full size pic from caller id. Fail.

    • Anonymous

      If it will be a T 9 dialer….I will call it a win. Cuz I hated that about stock ICS dialer.

  • David Hayden

    Looks great.

  • hmm… not that bad actually. 

  • Anonymous

    Colorful-ICS…   8-o

  • Oh, the humanity…

  • Kevin K.

    I wanted to post something well thought out, but instead I’ll just say 


  • No_Smoking


    • Srgolub

      I hope this build leaks soon so we can play with it

  • Anonymous

    Why the hell can’t they leave it alone?

    • Anonymous

      Save that complaint for HTC….they REALLY need to hear it more than Motorola.

  • droidftw

    Hell ya

  • Those icons in the settings menu are awful. 

    • Yeah the icons are not looking so hot with ICS theming. Moto needs to hire a new icon designer stat to get those in line.

      • John

        Although God awful looking, they are a hint better than Samsung’s, which are the worst

        • ddevito

          You’re eyes without a face  :p

      • EC8CH

        or just leave ’em stock 😉

        • Anonymous

          Where’s the “Leave ICS alone!” post? lol

          • EC8CH

            ohhhh I thought about it.  Didn’t want to play it out, besides for the most part they have.  Too bad the parts they didn’t are the parts that look like suck now.

    • Michael Forte

      Blur icons in general are ugly as sin. Other than the icons it doesn’t look TOO terribly bad.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed, this is an improvement IMO.

      • Anonymous

        I can see it’s still loaded with bloat.

    • Anonymous

       I thought with ICS they had to stick to the Holo theme?

      • Anonymous

        No, with ICS the Holo theme has to remain available to applications, so that if an application like google Voice is installed, it’ll have the Holo look to it even though none of motorola’s applications do.

        • Anonymous

          Thank makes sense.

          Thanks for the clarification.

        • Anonymous

          GVoice won’t have the Holo theme unless it’s specifically coded to use Holo and not default (which I would highly doubt). The theming rules Google set down are actually to help with solidarity across a single device; basically, so that non-stock apps look stock; not so that non-Blur (or the like) apps look stock ICS Holo. This is good for all themers, not just factory ones.

      • Travisjshepherd

        I think that’s just for the framework.res. Look at the battery/data it is holo. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Daniel Dlugos

      I would assume that they will be changed before the final release.  This isn’t even a beta, for all we know it could be ‘shopped concept pics.

  • VERY nice… Almost looks vanilla