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Leaked DROID RAZR Ice Cream Sandwich Build Shows What We Can Expect in the Next Version of Blur

razr ice cream sandwich update


And here is your DROID RAZR bomb for the week before it even really gets started. A DroidRzr forum poster by the name dragon974 posted a massive screenshot session of his RAZR running what appears to be an almost complete Ice Cream Sandwich build from Verizon and Motorola. We say “almost complete” because this thing includes all of VZW’s bloatware, the special sorting options in the app drawer that were included in previous Blur builds, and skinning in some specific places like the lock screen.

The Android version is 4.0.3 and the Blur build is 6.7.407. What has us confused though, is the fact that Motorola left off all of their Verizon devices from their ICS timeline that was released last week, yet this thing looks close to completion. Is that because both companies are working tirelessly to push an update well before Q2 or Q3 to phones like the RAZR? Wouldn’t that be a treat. It’s definitely odd that all of those devices didn’t make the initial cut, so maybe there is something to them releasing updates to select phones even sooner. This build in particular looks to be coming along quite nicely. Jump past the break to see it all. 

Home screen with VZW bloatware and an updated app drawer with new options:


New Ice Cream Sandwich gallery editor and the Blur camera app:

New Blur dialer, in-call screen, and incoming call screen:


ICS folders and the Blur’d settings menu:


I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of the mix of ICS theming and Blur theming as the colors don’t mesh all that well (the icons for example). But the new dialer, lock screen and incoming call screen tweaks all look solid. I also love that they have kept it ICS enough for you to know that it is definitely ICS. This could all change of course, and it could be more Blurred than ever as it gets closer to a release.

The actual ROM has not been released, but RAZR devs are doing everything in their power to try and get a hold of it.

And, your thoughts?

Via:  DroidRzr

Cheers @Ravenloves69s!

  • Big Red

    I talked to a VZW store rep and he said it’s taking so long because moto had all their blur on there and then google came in and said no so they had to revise it at the last minute…..so we should have more of a vanilla ice cream sandwich:)

  • JKC

    Anyone else notice that the camera app doesn’t have the panoramic option like it does on the GNex?    Seems to just have “Video” and “Still”.

    • Jack Coleman

      Thanks to motorola, its already included. Its in the pullout drawer thing.

  • Christopher Riner

    This actually looks pretty decent.  I hate how manufacturers put all those colored icons in the settings.  Stock ics is definitely way sweeter. You know, you’d think with something as awesome as ics that they’d be able to create UI’s that looked really sweet.  I just wish they wouldn’t go as cartoony with the icons. 

    If it stays like this, blur might actually be the sweetest of the ics skins.

  • possomcrast1

    Verizon CEO:”needs more bloatbell”

  • Timmy

    I noticed the 4G icon is missing something very important…the LTE part. I think this might be a fake,

  • The Dude

    It’s a lot better than the monstrosity that is Sense 4.0. This at least preserves the ICS asthetic and even adds color in a few places (like Settings) which is an improvement. 

    This is ICS with modifications. Sense 4.0 is hideous and looks nothing like ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Looks awful, but I guess that is just my opinion.

  • Azndan4

    Just die motorola

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a key thing to note: Under Webtop version, it says “Unknown.” Does this mean that Webtop isn’t working yet? Is that the hold up in the first place?

  • We will call it Blur until Motorola removes every reference to it being called Blur in their skin files. If you look internally at a Moto phone, it says “Blur” in every file that has to do with this skin. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I just call it Blur/Moto Applicaton Platform or The UI Formerly Known As Blur…

      But yea…I still call it Blur too. Its just so easier to type…

  • DaedalusDemands

    I can’t believe there isn’t more of a focus on what Verizon’s doing here. All that crapware, all that bloat, is a direct result of Verizon forcing more of their corporate nickel-and-dime-the-user-to-death philosophy onto Android devices. I’ll bet the most awesome feature (in my opinion) of ICS, the ability to disable an app from running, is absent from the final build of any ICS update on Verizon, save for Google reference devices like the GNex.

    I’ve been an Android lover since my OG Droid, and I loved that device specifically because it was a Google Experience device. I could use the apps I wanted, customize my phone the way I liked, and run processes the way I needed it to. The primary reason I rooted that phone is because (a) it was easy to do, and (b) I could tweak it to fit my needs.

    Verizon doesn’t seem to get the fact that it is CRUCIAL for a mobile device to run lean and mean. Anything that sips away at resources, processing cycles, RAM, or storage, bogs down the device and the operating system, let alone diminishes battery efficiency. 

    This is the exact reason I sold my Droid 3 on ebay and bought a GNex. Every time I launched Advanced Task Killer (to see what was running in the background), sure enough there was Verizon Apps, Citrix, VZ Navigator, and almost a dozen other apps that I never even wanted on my device, let alone running in the background.

    I couldn’t even make Google Music my default music app, because the phone always wanted to default to the Moto “Music” app preinstalled. Every time my car would pair to my phone, and I would push the track forward >> button on the steering wheel, the phone would launch said preinstalled Moto Music, and play nothing, because I had no music stored locally on the phone. That, alongside oh probably a dozen other major annoyances, is why I will never purchase another skinned Android device again.

    Let’s be honest, I’m sure Motorola’s Blur (or application platform) software development team never said, “You know what, let’s design the ugliest, most annoying, intrusive software layer we possibly can for our Android devices.” More than likely, they submit a pretty good software design to Verizon, and Verizon says, “Nope, take this back, tie all of these apps and services into the core functionality of the phone, lock them down, make it impossible for the user to remove them, and then bring it back to us. Oh, and don’t worry if it sucks the battery dry, our customers will just have to buy more wall chargers, car chargers, docks, and additional batteries from us at a ridiculously inflated price.”

    I am sick of Verizon’s politics and policies hamstringing the devices that I BUY and pay to use every month. Sure, they deserve to make money for putting up a nation-wide network, and developing probably the most advanced LTE network on the market. But I bet they will never offer a pure vanilla Android device again, after the GNex. When mine and my wife’s contracts are up, we’re going to Republic Wireless. I pretty much live in a WiFi world all the time now, and so does she. If we have to use Sprint’s network as a backup, and save a couple thousand dollars a year in the process, so be it. Verizon has not just diluted, but all but destroyed the DROID name, which arguably put them back in the ring in their pre-iPhone days.

    Hell, I’m not even a developer, I’m a graphic and visual designer. But that’s where I stand. If Verizon can’t deliver another good Google Experience device, I’ll go to a carrier that can.

  • Jack Coleman

    My brain just exploded, eff all yall that said switching to the razr from the gnex was a bad idea, btw, how hard can it be to replace an icon pack?

  • Yellowcanary73

    Be nice to finally get the update for the Galaxy Nexus that they talked about when i bought it. Its been over 3 months thought everyone said these would get updates quicker then other phones seems to me as slow as my droidx.

  • weapon x

    Having looked at this, and taking into consideration how much moto likes to have their stuff front and center on everything, i’m pleasantly surprised to see that much ICS on the Razr. I know everyone is entitled to their opinion…if anyone likes this, thats great. No one should talk crap about them.

  • Truthfully, it’s not as awful as I expected. But I’m still glad I have a Nexus.