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Samsung Continuum Set to Receive Massive Froyo Update…Wait What?

I almost can’t even type this post with a straight face. And yes, this is actually happening. The Samsung Continuum is set to receive Android 2.2 some time in the very near future. As in, Froyo. No, not Gingerbread. Froyo.

Does anyone remember when Samsung actually held a special press conference to introduce this phone back in 2010? The kind of event that is usually reserved for big devices like the RAZR or Galaxy SII. The invites had a stock market ticker on them in reference to its “ticker” second screen. It was going to change the world of notifications as we knew it. Dual-screens, go!

And then the phone came out with the exact same specs as the Fascinate and completely disappeared from anyone’s radar. We won’t go as far as calling this the flop of the last couple of years, but damn is it up there. So to see it receive Froyo after almost a year and a half, we can’t help but giggle and point fingers.

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Cheers Trailblazer101!

  • Anonymous

    Wow it must be Android Manufacturer Throwback Day.  First this and not the Droid X is getting an update.  

  • Terminator

    That’s equivalent of wanting your son to Disneyland when he’s already 30 because you were never around…

  • Anonymous

    I had forgotten that this phone actually exists.

  • Anonymous

    “Better late then never…”

  • Telerien

    That’s Samsung for you, and your all going to run out and buy there phones.  Your lucky if you get one update from them and then your stuck waiting on your two year or shelling out the cash for there newest and still be lucky to get one update.  Samsung is the worst company for android phones period.

    • ddevito

      Who ran out to buy the Continuum??!! LOL

    • ddevito

      The GSII, Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note are pretty kick ass phones. 

  • Jeremy Turnley

    See, now this is the reason I didn’t run out and buy a Galaxy Note, and I am not willing to fork out for a GSM Nexus – Samsung just sucks. (Yeah, I know, I should be on Verizon still, but the new job gives me a 19% ATT discount).

    The new HTC and Sony phones sure are looking better and better, between this crap and the BS Moto is pulling.

    • Djlowproz

      I still get 20% Employee Discount  and 25% off accessories(including Data) with Verizon and that company went out of business in 2009.

  • DCj

    My wife will be thrilled.  Not really.  Truth be told, it is a decent phone.  Not fantastic (no pun intended there), but decent.  Unless you like real customization (read rooted and flashed).  

  • T1392

    I pick up this pone a few months ago for $80 for my pops so he can get grandfathered in to unlimited data while i got moms a fascinate.she got the better deal though her’s was $120. Haha

  • ksat

    Hope this keeps my daughter from complaining too much anymore about her phone…

  • I think thats a plus for samsung. For a phone that has been out that long and still get a major upgrade shows at least samsung is committed to supporting their products. 2 years ago samsung would have written the phone off as an EOL phone.

  • Edwin M

    Next thing you know, the Droid Eris will get an official Froyo update!

    • Anonymous

      time to dust that eris off!

      • Edwin M

        Especially now that I can unlock the bootloader.

  • I had Froyo on my Continuum before I sold it via a custom ROM.

  • sjobs

    Samsung.   Say no more.

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    its official! HTC Thunderbolt to receive ICS 🙂 Official Facebook post

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    its official! HTC Thunderbolt to receive ICS 🙂 Official Facebook post

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA   … LOLOL  wow..  soo glad i never got that piece.. 
    DROID INC – [ROM/Port][2-17-12]ICS-Dinc AOKP “Ice Cream Sandwich     –    BABY  🙂  and loving it

  • Anonymous

    Price is Right Losing Horn:


  • just a guy

    Maybe I should return my wife’s Razr Maxx and give her back her Continuum….     I think I would be dead.

    • Jak_341

      You should give the Maxx back to Verizon and get the Nexus. Your wife would like you more.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        Yay, android has its own iPhone fanboys.

  • Anonymous

    My wife has this phone (currently)..  it came with 2.1, i looked all over and FINALLY found a way to get 2.2 on it via rooting and rom about 3 months ago.   Shes not into any hacking or modification, she JUST wanted it to run NETFLIX!.  thanks samsung, 3 months to late.

    • Anonymous

      same story. my wife has this phone and I thought it was left for dead by samsung/verizon. I rooted it and put one of the few available roms on it a few months ago. Her GPS has not worked the same since, but at least she could get off the 2.1 version of the market and get google music, better gmail, & get rid of bing.

  • Wfree7

    Great idea for a new thread:  Friday Funnies!

  • Anonymous

    maybe next year it will get gb

  • So what version does it have right now?

  • Jim McClain

    shows how stupid samsung is, give a dinosaur an update and not the nexus

    • Josh Nichols

      Because Samsung controls when the Nexus gets updates right?

      • Abc


    • Anonymous

      I am sure they will be glad to update your Nexus to Froyo as well.  

      Do you really want the team that has been working on the FROYO update for this phone to work on the Nexus?  You won’t see an update until 2014 and it may be Cupcake for all you know. lol

    • ddevito

      right – thank G0d Moto is much better.

      Ya know, with their TBDs and “Updates to Follow” with the ICS upgrade.


  • Cory Ward

    Can I get this unrooted?

  • EC8CH

    Finally! Now everyone can stop bitching about Android fragmentation.

  • Michael Forte

    The hell? This thing didn’t even release with Froyo…wow, just wow.

    • I said the same thing…thought it had Froyo already, making this even more hilarious.

  • EC8CH

    *Anderson Cooper Giggle*

  • Kuboo99