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Will Android 5.0 aka Jelly Bean Be Released in Q2, Allowing Dual-OS Booting and Unicorn Feeding? The Latest Rumor Says So

This one is a doozy. According to famed rumor starter DigiTimes, we could see the launch of Android 5.0 (Jelly Bean) by Q2 of this year. Oh, and this latest version of Android will also allow dual-booting of operating systems so that vendors can toss on Chrome or Windows 8 or some other OS that you can dream up. It will also be optimized for tablets, as if Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich were not. And lastly, Google’s downstream partners were not all that thrilled with the performance from ICS, so they are now skeptical about Jelly Bean.

Good lord, where do we even begin? Dual-booting capabilities with Chrome integration?  Someone find me a manufacturer that is willing to build a tablet that can dual-boot Windows 8 and Android. The idea that bits and pieces of Chrome OS could find their way into Android just seems like a no-brainer, but I highly doubt that Samsung is going to line up to create the ultimate dual-OS tablet. Maybe that’s just me though.

Second, how can partners of Google’s even know how Ice Cream Sandwich is going to play out? Talking about a lackluster performance for a version of Android that is on all of 5 or 6 devices? We aren’t even shipping phones with ICS yet, but reports claim that people aren’t happy with it? Come on now.

And third, we don’t even know that the next version of Android is going to be Jelly Bean or Android 5.0, and we highly doubt that Google is going to release it in Q2 after barely getting ICS out of the gate. By that time, companies like Motorola and HTC will just be getting their line of handsets updated to it, while releasing their first few that have it pre-loaded. Android 5.0 in Q2, pfft.

I will say this, we may see signs of it at Google I/O which just so happens to be in Q2.

All better? I am, just had to get that out.

Via:  DigiTimes

  • Total Telecom Consulting

    PS: ics was not ready for prime time

  • Total Telecom Consulting

    Verizon will say hell no to dual boot!

  • Anonymous

    I think that if they created a “boot to Chrome OS” feature or something like it, it would be a success. Imagine if all android tabs had optional keyboards like the transformer prime that would instantly make it into an ultra book with a mouse and keyboard. Eric Schmidt said Chrome OS was more for Keyboard use and Android was for touch, well with dual boot option and an integrated and removable keyboard, it would be one device to rule them all. 

  • what makes you think jellybean will be 5.0? i doubt it.

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    Pumpkin Pie

  • Jim McClain

    doesnt seem like anyone is trying to fix the nexus problems,not heard a word, 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this, but why would you want both Android and ChromeOS on the same device? They’re essentially the same thing, except one is web-based. One of my friends has a Droid Charge and a Chromebook, I asked her which one she liked better and her response was that her Droid was more useful than the chromebook since it didn’t have a lot of stuff available for it.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds pretty awesome to me! I love the dual-booting Idea, I would probably use it for Linux even though Android is already Linux and it’s currently possible to do so. I could see it being launched in Q2 since it extends all the way until December, which IS 10 months away. I don’t think Jelly Bean will be Android 5.0, but a 4.x version. I also see it being a minor update like Eclair to Froyo or froyo to GingerBread. 

  • C’mon Google, Apple’s iOS 5.0 only ‘just’ caught up to Android 1.5 Cupcake.  Give them a fighting chance.  At least wait for them to ‘change everything’ again with 6.0 when they copy features from 1.6 Donut.

  • AndroidAce

    Im starting to wonder if theres a behind the scene scheme manufacturers and google have in place.  Think about it.  Motorola, HTC and LG are slow with updating their existing phones, right?  Us as consumers become frustrated because were not getting the latest/greatest.  All of the sudden, one of the aformentioned OEMS releases a phone that has the newest version of Android.  So, do you wait for your Droid3, Incredible, SGSII or current phone to be updated with the latest release (i.e ICS), or do you shell out another 200-300$ for a phone that has the latest in greatest (i.e Jellybean)?  Im typically not the one to harp on consipiracy theories, but this my friends seems like a business tactic.  I am an owner of the GSN and I guarantee when JellyBean is released, the GSN will NOT be updated in a reasonable amount of time AND/OR might not function as expected (Nexus S anyone??) forcing users to buy the next Flagship phone for Google/Android.  Just my two cents. 

  • Agreed. This is a bunch of BS.

  • sjobs


  • Anonymous

    This truly bs. Most of us are still stuck with the 2.3.3 update, and probably will never get ICS. And Google is coming with jellybean. If google is even thinking on competing with Apple they got to make sure that all their android devices get some upgrade, because at this point we have to buy a new phone every 6 month, thats not fair, to us.