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DROID Eris Bootloader Unlocked Thanks To HTCDev Site

If anyone needs their DROID Eris unlocked after all these years, you can now do so at the HTCDev.com site. Whether you are into HTC phones or not, the fact that they are going back this far to allow a phone to be unlockable is impressive, to say the least. Motorola and their “developer edition” failure of a phone cannot compare to the stellar work that this company continues to do for the developer communities.


Cheers Daniel!

  • Honestly if HTC used better screen technology I’d be all over them.  Had to move to Samsung for the Super AMOLED :X

  • So…Hey


  • Now they do it >_< and im stuck with my sammy charge….damn you HTC…..but I still love them <3

  • Damn I just traded in this phone for the G-nex just last week. I will sure miss it and hate it at the same time. But I did have fun putting in custom ROMs and of course overclocking the hell out of it. 

  • HTC phones need unlocked bootloaders.  They’re useless without putting a ROM on them.  Sense needs to die forever.

  • Gyanesh Bajpai

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  • Lol, unlock the bootloader when most who had this phone have already updated to another phone. Too little too late, HTC. 

  • Jordan Webb

    My fiance just replaced hers with an iPhone…I’m sure I could find a use for it.

  • Anonymous

    This was my very first Android phone that got me hooked on rooting and customizing.. Got rid of it for a Droid 2 but will probably go back to HTC when I can renew in May. I loved that phone!

  • Anonymous

    This was seriously the easiest phone I ever rooted… With a phone this old, what is anyone waiting for?

  • Anonymous

    IMHO sammy will see a small decline and htc  will make its comeback in 2012..htc has had some of the most beloved devices the android community has ever seen (nexus 1..eris..DINC..EVO 4G) so you know that they know what it takes to make a great device….good job htc

    • …you knew people who liked the Eris? I mean, the Incredible I can see maybe… but the Eris was always terrible.

  • Now If they would just start putting stock Android on their phones HTC would be a perfect company.

  • when i think of the droid eris, i think of the phone they should use to detonate road side bombs… I find no other use for that pile

    • mons

      It was pretty terrible stock, but after installing a custom rom, it worked much better.

  • Anonymous

    I miss my eris… had a blast switching rom’s with it back in the day.

  • Edwin M

    Looks like I know what I’m doing this weekend!

  • roflmao

  • Sam

    Motorola…I hate you.

  • Zachary Manville

    it made a great skipping stone last summer. are any mermaids in the dev community?

  • Just about 2.3 years too late.

    • So its gingerbread years late?

  • Logan_jinx

    Two phones too late for me. I gave up on that phone even before contract even ended

  • eris owners in somalia will be thrilled

    • Balls

      LOL, i litterally laughed out loud

  • Anonymous


  • Ive actually turned down someone who offered to give me one of these in the past. I thought this was supposed to be a pretty unremarkable phone. Didn’t it launch at the same time as the D1?

  • Michael Forte

    HTC wasn’t playing when they said they’d unlock bootloaders. Can’t believe I ever thought Moto would keep their word and unlock theirs.

  • Legalkill

    My wife might have been still using hers had a school bus not ran over it.

  • Anonymous

    Honestly HTC is becoming the most dev friendly manufacture out there period.. Might have to change my name.. lol

    • Seriously. I want to support HTC because of what they’re doing. I hope they have the Nexus this year.

      I don’t think Motorola will get the Nexus this year around for political reasons alone. Google already knows the other Manus are on edge.

    • Now if only they could make a phone that didn’t suck.  Maybe Nexus rules would force them to do better.  But I’m not sure I would be interested in another snapdragon type device.

      • seems like theyve turned a corner. what sucks about the rezound? i see a few people say that here but give no examples to back it up. on the other hand i see a lot of people say they like the rezound and give examples. and people ive met who are average users that have one like it too.

        • I had a Rezound for a month and more or less liked it.  The only issues I ran into was general sluggishness that was surprising to me considering the processors.  I now have the Nexus and have to say it’s the best phone I’ve ever had.  So while I’d recommend the Rezound, especially for people that like Sense, I prefer the faster, slimmer, pure Android experience of the Nexus a lot more.  But it’s mostly my personal preference in the end.

    • B Diggs82

      Well gotta do something to make up for their hardware failures

  •  And yet still no unlock love from Moto

  • Oh Eris, you were my first.  I really miss the unlock button on the front of the phone, so convenient 😀

  • Anonymous

    And all 5 remaining Droid Eris owners rejoice!

    • Rlockwich

      Correction. All 4 remaining Droid Eric owners rejoice! I just upgraded today! *sarcasm* This was my first android tho, I loved this phone when I had it. This phone opened up a whole new world for me and it’s been Android OS ever since. I’m 11 androids down the line now…Eris, Droid, Droid 2, Droid X, X2, Incredible, Incredible 2, Xperia Play, Continuum, Stratosphere, and now currently the Droid Razr. The 3 phones I had used for the longest amounts of time were Eris, Droid and the X. 

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Guess I will have to take my Eris back from my 2 year old daughter who chews on it and fire it back up..

  • Anonymous

    People still use this device?

    • Hey I still have a hero sitting around in my kitchen, even it has ICS on it :p

    • Bunie

       Sadly. Some of us are dirt poor 😀

      • John

        They have free phones better than this though =/

    • Mine is now my home phone.  Still works just as well as the day I picked it up.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet. Bring in the ICS ROMs. 😛