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Sims FreePlay Lands On Android Market, Classic Sims Right On Your Mobile Device

All you Sim fanatics can head into the Android Market today and pick up EA’s latest creation for free. Sims FreePlay brings the classic alternate-life game straight to your handset. Design your dream house, meet the Sim-girl/boy of your dreams, have a great career and all the other things Sims like to do. Once you download the app, there is a whopping 600+MB download, but hey, this is Sims we’re talking about. 

Market Link

  • SingingStar16

    Could they make it available for Archos 10.1? I really want to play this!

  • Kimmyk

    when is this game going to be available for samsung galaxy s3

  • aforeal

    why can’t i get the sims game on my samsung galaxy s3

  • Tracey

    I can’t play it. I have a Android bionic. This sucks!

  • irma

    does it work on
    Samsung Admire Android Metro PCS Phone

  • Ayers Calon

    i want to to work on droid 3 I would love to play.

  • Rykatemom

    They’re going to lose a pretty good amount of their user base if they don’t get this game compatible with ICS. The high-end phones are updating to ICS (or most are, anyway) as well as many of the tablets. Really irritating that their “big update” included borking the game for so many of us. 🙁

  • I had downloaded this to my EePad Transformer tablet and then, the new update arrived and now my device isn’t supported. Thunder pissed.

  • qwerty2653

    what about the droid bionic

  • Starkeiamonique

    Ugh im mad cuz its not compatible with my phone very hurt 🙁

  • iesje

    This isn’t compatible with my Samsung Galaxy 🙁
    What to do?

    • Hanna_conrad

      Yes it is compatible on the Galaxy 10.1 tablet if that is what you are talking about. I’ve got it on mine

      • Tashika78

        i have the samsung galaxy note and its not downloading on my device, its saying it is not being supported

        • Gamerkizmo2

          Me too, it’s making me mad. Atleast I can play it on my iPad, but I’d like it on the go. I hope they do something about this soon.

  • Carol

    I have a Droid 3.

    It loads fine and it looks fun, but there are some issues with the

    1. Only a couple of the hairstyles load. 
    All the other hairstyles show up on the Sims bald.

    2. When zooming and rotating in the lots, the landscape turns completely
    red or grey.  I have to angle it just
    right in order to get it back to the normal grass color.

    3. When I built the third residential lot, there was a giant black shape
    that covered the entire house.  I’ve
    still been unable to make it go away. 
    And its covering everything so I can’t see anything to do anything.

    I haven’t had any issues with game freezing.

    • White_erin17

      I have a droid 3 & its not compatible 🙁

  • Jen3223

    NOt compatable with HTC Incredible Andoird 2.2 – wtf?

  • Does this game work on Android 2.2?

  • For those who want to play this game on their GNex, I did a Google search for “The Sims Freeplay .apk” and found this site 
    http://www.apktops.com/the-sims-freeplay-1-0-24.html Apparently you download the apk, the power vr, the adreno, and the mail downloads and install them on your phone. It is suppose to work. I am trying it now. Anyone else want to try and let us know if it worked for them? 

  • No Galaxy Nexus support.  Maybe Google won’t let them put in on there LOL.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    Dog in the picture has a total DERP face…

  • Anonymous

    wish I could download for my galaxy nexus

  • Any work around for G-Nex? Let us know! 

  • Seth Kelley

    DLed the apk to my GNex. Still no good.

  • Ulnek75

    “all of your devices are not supported” lol

    • Superangelo13

      its supported on my x

  • tiptoptommy

    NNo compatable with the rezound?

    • David Hayden

      I was about to install it when I found this out. Pretty disappointing.

  • Chris G

    Pulling it down.
    Is this something I can play on my TFP and then go to the GN for a while, or is it now a stand alone game?

    • Can’t play it on the Gnex. And no, probably not.

      • Chris G

        It claims not compatible with my OG, my PRO and my GN.  Oh well.  TFP it is.

  • Jeff Simpson

     Jumping on bandwagon.

    How come no Galaxy Nexus support??

  • Superfly5203

    downloading now on my X

  • leetusername

    Bonus of having 2 phones, Bionic is at home on the charger, go to Link, hit install, and I will have it when I get home.  The gnex is ready when EA says it’s OK.

  • TomZ

    Does anyone know of a work around for getting this installed on a device not listed as compatible? Only my Thunderbolt is compatible, but I would rather play it on my tablet with C7.

    • If you can get it on one device just download and install then back it up with titanium. Copy the files over to your device/titanium folder and restore it there.

      • TomZ

        The problem is you need root to use Titanium Backup. I can’t root my Thunderbolt without deleting the data off my phone. Thanks anyway for the suggestion, it may help with my old Droid(rooted and ROMd) and my tablet.

  • Anyone having an issue with the market? Almost every app says it isn’t compatible with my galaxy nexus. Aokp m3. The carrier work around isn’t even working. Maps, flash and evernote say nay to my market.

    • Just updated maps and flash on AOKP M3 a half hour ago without issue.

      • What the hell. Seriously, this is freaking insane. I updated apps this morning like PowerAMP and such. Maps doesn’t even show up in My Apps.

        • Might be an excuse to upgrade to one of the newer releases. Try wiping the cache and data on the market maybe.

          • I have already tried that. Nothing’s working.
            Just tried to download Fragger from the market, also incompatible.

  • StuntinX

    It says G-Nex isn’t supported…… I’m tired of games only being developed for only certain processors.

    • Anonymous

      they aren’t… If you’re interested on why things work the way they do, look into API changes over time as well as Open GL. With games these are usually the reason things are limited. This is java, not C++. Things are built around the processor.

  • Besides being free, is it any different than The Sims 3?

  • Anonymous

    I have a Galaxy Nexus and the market tells me “your device is not compatible with this item”

  • Anonymous

    Too bad it didn’t support the galaxy nexus.

  • Abbie Rosario

    Any news on when these EA games will be compatible with the GNEX?

    • Bakerbreaker123


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