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Two New DROID 3 Updates Available, Flash With Caution

Two new updates for the DROID 3 have been discovered and are flashable in the stock recovery. Before you jump all over these though, understand that once you update to them, there is no going back to the prior and official Blur build. And we have done some digging and so far cannot tell if either of these will end up being official or not. These are for the tinkerers in the building, not necessarily the novice non-rooted folks.

Users who have taken the plunge are reporting better connectivity thanks to the new radio, a more stable camera, and faster Blur.

Both can be rooted using the latest DROID 4 method that seems to be able to root almost any Moto device.

Downloads:  5.7.902 | 5.7.905

More info at this XDA thread.

Cheers Sam!

  • whaaa leaked updates? That means they’re still working on software for this device…b-b-but the peanut gallery over here told me in their infinite knowledge that sice the Bionic was out and since the Razr was out and since the Razr Maxx was out and since the D4 was out, that Moto would no longer be supporting the D3! How can this be?!?1!2

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  • I just put MavROM on my wife’s D3 last night, so I guess I’ll hold off.

  • Confused… what are the updates?

  • Azndan4

    Yay Motorola

  • Jinjelsnaps

    Well, this might make me hold off on throwing it against the wall and getting an iPhone. So that’s something. I’m on my 9th Android phone in two and a half years, and the D3 is the first even vaguely stable one I’ve had since the OG Droid. Well, and the HTC Incredible but I hate Sense with the fiery passion of 1000 suns.

  • Anonymous

    Still working on ICS, I guess.

  • DJyoSNOW

    I was shocked to read the person whos post it was bricked there test device?? No clue since I neved owned a moto….

    • droidian1441

      I posted the updates up and I setup the thread. I tried going back to 5.6.890 to see if others can get back and it bricked it permanently.

      • Tila11

        I have 890 and I can’t install this update. Recovery says: Bp error 7, installation aborted.

        • droidian1441

           Are/Were you rooted at the time of the attempt? I’m beginning to think rooted users are having more trouble with the BP install.

          • Chad

            I was rooted with safestrap and running the Mavrom. I did a complete wipe and disabled safety then went in and unfroze all bloatware in the stock rom. rebooted into stock recovery and installed 905 with no problems. Phone does seem a bit faster.

          • droidian1441

            Just note you cant FXZ back to 5.6.890. Now that your on 905 there is no going back.

          • Tila11

            I try unrooted phone and I check whats happend.

  • Bionic owners will tell you: be careful with flashing updates that will take you off the official upgrade path. It took a few months before a way was discovered to bring you back onto the path. While 5.7.893 made the phone better, when it didn’t turn out to be the next OTA, a lot of us were stuck.

    It’s all good now, and I’m sure someone will find a way back, just be careful.

    • Michael Forte

      Very true…I suggest not flashing these unless you know you have a way back.

  • I just don’t like that phone… I don’t know what it is. I gives off horrible auras.