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Open Edition Of Android Minis Land In Large Retailers, Go Get Yours Today

If you happen to stop by an Urban Outfitters, or have future plans of shopping in a Barnes & Noble or F.Y.E. anytime soon, you may have a chance to scoop up some adorable Android mini figurines. An open (non-limited) edition of the Android miniatures have been produced exclusively for some big retailers in the United States and possibly Europe. You can find a taxi cab android, yeti android, or even the cute little business man android. 

Urban Outfitters has them for $10 a pop, so head in now before they’re all stolen by Google fanboys. As you can see below, business man Andy has already found himself a good home. Although, he is not a good dog toy.

Via: Dyzplastic

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  • Anonymous

    I’ll wait a month until the shop I go to in NYC gets ’em. Got majority of series 2 there along with some dope Kid Robot “FatCaps”. The smaller shops usually get them a few weeks after the big boys.

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  • Anonymous

    Forgot about the “pic or you’re lying” rule…

  • Anonymous

    Sets of 7 on eBay are going for $240 and each figure is going for $25-$50.  I have 50 of them left over.  They weren’t easy to come by I can assure you.  Sales are brisk.  These vinyl bad asses are a great sell. The local UO is sold out and B&N and Fry’s don’t carry them. Calling about them is like pulling teeth. Your average sales clerk doesn’t have a clue what Android minifigs are.

    • Phani


      Do you have the Pink android figurine? If so how much are you planning to sell it for? I have the rest of the 6 pieces, but I am missing this one piece.

      • robotsforeveryone

        Here’s a link to the eBay store.  http://bit.ly/d68GVg Just message and we’ll give you the price.

        • Phani Tathineni

          Hi…thanks for the info..
          But when I went to the link you had provided, I did not see any listing in that Ebay page.

          If you have the Pink android piece (Pinkey), can you lemme know how much are you selling it for?


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    • Anonymous

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  • Pdiddy187

    Stopped by an Urban Outfitters on my lunch break. Nothing doing.

  • Drootz

    Just ordered mine from Urban Outfitters. They were $10 a piece for anyone interested. I also had to call 3 different UO stores before I could find one that had all 7 in stock. UO will take phone orders and will ship to you if you ask.

  • set acquired 

  • Anonymous

    Just checked the local B&N – no luck 🙁

    I wonder if they will only hit certain stores?

  • James Friedman

    I’m lazy….. and I just ordered 2 of the 2nd gen mini’s from Amazon yesterday.  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004RRZL4M

    • Cody Dean

       Those are NOT the ones sold at Urban Outfitters, they are Series 2 Dead Zebra Collectables.  Just to make sure people don’t get them mixed up.  Be careful where you buy them, I have seen Amazon sources that open the boxes, look for rares, then sell them as “new in box” if they are standard series 2.  See here: http://bit.ly/yms9b6 for a portion of my collection of Series 2 from Dead Zebra. 

      • James Friedman

        Nice collection you got there….yeah the description says blind box/unopened and the reviews sounded legit enough. I kind of missed out on series 1 and 2 directly from Dead Zebra but will not be had on the series 3. I do understand though that they are not the series 2 ones. Wish that these ones were sold online though, hence the laziness 🙂

      • Brandon

         What’s up with all the love for the cupcakes? They really aren’t that amazing….

      • Brandon

         Also, with that collection I hope you have a rusty. I can honestly say I have all of them except the dev. I’m pretty excited about series 3 coming out.

  • Jrer34

    Apple doesn’t have a patent on mini collectibles do they?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      No. But they do on square shipping boxes with art on them in colorful colors on all sides.

      • David Henry

        I’m sure they’ll argue they own the patent to any box with 8 edges

        • A box has 12 edges. 🙂 Four along the top, four along the bottom, and four vertical ones connecting the top and bottom.


          You sir, have failed.

          • David Henry

            Well played. Didn’t think of those

        • Jim Harris

          They can have the one with 8 edges. I’ll take the one with 12 edges.

  • Too bad there is not a single B&N/UO/FYE within an hour of where I live.. 🙁

    • Drootz

      Call UO they will ship to you, that’s what I did.

  • Anonymous

    wtf looked at B&N & U.O. and neither has them online. But I just found some on Amazon so I’m just going to get a couple of those.

    •  which ones?

      • Anonymous

        They’re supposed to be a blind box from the Dead Zebra 2nd collection, reviews say they’re authentic, we’ll see. Only $8.99 too with free prime shipping.

        • Cody Dean

           Read the reviews and make sure people are not saying “my box was opened” because there is a seller on there that has been notched with getting the blind boxes from Dead Zebra, opening them, selling the Rares on ebay and the standards on Amazon…

  • QtDL

    So while perusing the B&N site for the droid figurines (which they don’t have online), I see that XDA is releasing a book. I know it’s all common knowledge for you guys but cool nonetheless. May be a good read for dummies like me.

    • Josh Groff

      I love you!!! Definitely pre-ordering next week.

  • I’ll take a ride down to Urban today, let’s hope their in stock. I wouldn’t even know how to call and ask for these

    • James164


      •  ah yes – I’m aware of the difference and how to use them, must have rushed this one

      • Adam Metzner

        Really? One post on Droid-life or any disqus site for that matter and you have to correct someone on THAT!?! Did you create an account for that?

        • Angelrod111

          Yes, if you want to be taken seriously don’t write like a 3rd grader.

          • Mac Kellam

             Like it matters THAT much that someone would completely toss a person off for spelling it wrong and not read whatever they wrote. Grow up and/or shut up.

  • Anonymous

    Can you buy an entire box of the lot? I wonder…

    • Anonymous

      i was really hopeful that the $10 mentioned was for the entire box 😛

      • Hah I wish. 

        • Anonymous

          Exactly what I was about to write. hahah

  • Anonymous

    yours 🙂

  • Jordan Webb

    I used to have a really brindle boxer. Such pretty dogs…

  • QtDL

    Those little guys are so cute. Too bad my 1 bedroom apt limits me from having collections of anything…..well maybe I’ll pick up one. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    what the hell, where are they!?  me want!

    • Josh Groff

      A little bit of reading goes a long way…

      “Urban Outfitters, Barnes & Noble, or F.Y.E.”

      • Anonymous

        i understand that dude.  but this is the internet..  they’re supposed to be here linked to for me to immediately buy.

        • Josh Groff

          Ahh, true. 😉

          Did you check the usual places, newegg/ebay/amazon? I’m sure they’ll be on there in time.

          • Anonymous

             nah, no sign of them on here yet.  every article i found was sans-link.  looks like it’s just in-store right now, or they haven’t been released just yet.  i love these things.  my wife and my coworkers probably think i’m crazy haha.

          • Josh Groff

            They look pretty sweet, I still want that crocheted one though. Or an android squeaky toy for my dog.

          • Anonymous

             the crocheted one was awesome.  i’d still like to figure out where people got those bags where the mouth is the zipper.  they’re pretty cool.

            i’m trying not to pull the trigger on those Andru phone chargers but i’m losing the battle with myself haha.

          • QtDL

             I think those bags were hand made as well. I could have sworn I saw something similar in the Google store a while back though.

          • amazon has them….just look up android mini

          • Anonymous

             yeah, those have been there though, and i’ve ordered my fair share already.  i was really hoping for a link to that big box of them up there.  haha.

  • Zachary Manville

    you mean, “the cute little business man-droid”?