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Hot Off the Press, Droid Loot Launches Assortment of Android Shirt Designs

If little Android Collectibles are not your style and you would rather sport your Android love with a shirt, Droid Loot has an awesome collection of designs that meet the needs of any Google enthusiast. The shirts go for about $17, so if you have been in the need of a good Andy shirt, go check out their excellent assortment down below.

Via: Droid Loot


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  • Anonymous


  • QtDL

    LOL @ froid


  • R2D2! That is the Droid I’ve been looking for. 

  • virtual

    Love the Army of Darkness and the Jusus (Jesus from Big Lebowski, for those who didn’t look at the shirts) ones 🙂

    Wish they had the basic cotton tee in black, though :/

  • Damn, I wanted a Pikachu Droid onesie, but there’s not a size for 360 months.

  • Ganesha1994

    time to buy 10 of the same shirt

  • I ordered the “Let There Be Blood” onesie for my son a couple weeks ago.  Will post pics when it gets here.

    • EC8CH

      “I drink your Milkshake”

      good stuff right there.