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U.S. Department of Justice Approves Motorola Acquisition by Google, Nortel Patents Purchase by Rockstar Bidco Too

Hours after we learned that the European Commission had approved Google’s acquisition of Motorola, the U.S. Department of Justice has done the same. We are inching closer to this deal becoming finalized (pending China) and a world rid of bootloaders. OK, I just made that last bit up, but one can have high hopes, can’t he?

The DoJ claimed that after their investigation into the merger, that it is “unlikely to substantially lessen competition” even though Google clearly purchased Motorola for their patent portfolio. However, if they are to get out of line with licensing deals, the hammer would be dropped – in some shape or form.

In related news, the DoJ also cleared the bid by Rockstar Bidco for the Nortel patent bundle. Not familiar with Rockstar Bidco? It’s a group of tech companies that put together a massive bid for a batch of patents owned by bankrupt Canadian company, Nortel. The group is made up of Apple, Microsoft and RIM to name a few. That’s right, Google is not involved and many of these patents are telecommunications-based and should be of concern.

Via:  DoJ, CNET

Cheers CG!

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  • Rlockwich

    for a split second I thought it said purchased by binford tools

    • PC_Tool

      Rockstar Bidco…when you need more power.

  • Unlocked bootloaders soon….maybe it’s wishful thinking but I can dream can’t I haha.

  • So… Someone said before and made me realize. Motorola Mobility is a hell of a lot bigger than phones. Motorola Mobility also has cable boxes under their umbrella. Just something to think about.

    “unlikely to substantially lessen competition”

    Maybe they’re talking about in the search arena, considering that’s what Google’s main focus is.

    • Mobility has a ton of products yes.  Motorola is if I remember right the largest supplier of cable boxes in the world.  I can see it now.  Your cable box tracks your viewing habits and then recommends PPV movies based on that.  Put a nice little gmail app in there and start growing the connected experience which will make way for more Google TV exposure and a demand for it.

  • Pink-slip the bootloader crew. {{-_-}}

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    • So this is clearly a spam but has anyone actually done the math? If ,in fact, someone made $79 an hour @$8385 after taxes, it wouldn’t be just a few hours a month. That’s a full time job.

      • Josh Groff

        79/hour*.80=$63.2/hour after rough taxes, 8385/63.2=132.7 hours. Breaks down to 30.9 hours a week (4.3 weeks per month.) Still pretty good, if only it was true. :/

  • Why can’t we be Friends

    Does Apple realize that if they push to far Google could push back pretty hard as in, Block Youtube Maps and prevent Siri from using Google Search. Its not like theres a Youtube replacement Apple could use.

    • QtDL

       This would be funny actually. 🙂

    • Hi

      All those products you mentioned have public APIs so the king of open should close off the web. Hahahaha. Good one. Oh guess what else Eric Schmidt admitted in front of congress about 3 months ago that iOS devices make up 66% of googles mobile ad revenue. So you think google should spite themselves and force iOS to send all 250 million of their web enabled devices to Bing? You know that would severely cut into googles ad revenue which is how they make about 92% of their revenue. I am shocked you don’t run a corporation with your amazing business acumen.

  • Anonymous

    Google’s first step should be fire anyone at Motorola with a title containing CEO, President, Vice President, or Senior Director/Manager,  

    • Anonymous

      Why? Sanjay Jha is doing a pretty good job managing the company. He’s the one of the people that made Motorola mobility relevant again

      • KnightCrusader

        And then watched it go down the toilet afterwards…

      • A while ago didn’t he say something along the lines of “People love blur, they use it on all of the devices we sell”?

        • Anonymous

          He was actually responsible for minimizing motoblur and actually making it a somewhat enjoyable experience.

          • I don’t think that’s the case.

            Taken from the Q2 2010 earnings call transcript. Back when Blur was at its worst.

            “MOTOBLUR is a clear satisfy for consumers and we expect it to create
            consumer stickiness and improve long-term repurchase intent for our

            In the Dec. 2010 earnings call he used the fact that Motoblur has millions of subscribers as proof that people want/like it…. With no option to rid your device of it, I’m not sure how the number of people using Blur is relevant to people being fond of it.

            And more finger pointing as of late: First Jha claims, “Verizon and AT&T don’t want even stock ICS devices on their shelves”

            Hey guys, apparently Blur is all Verizon and AT&T’s fault.

            It’s pretty clear they don’t care what the consumer actually wants. They’ve proven that time and time again. Also, time and time again, when anyone complains about their devices they point the finger at someone else. Like blaming the slowness of the blur interface on poorly designed 3rd party apps(back in june of 2011)

          • Anonymous

            While your statement is true, it still does not falsify my statement.

          • I agree. Do you have any articles or proof to cite that Jha is the reason for the less intrusive blur? It would be nice to see if that’s true.

            Every revision of Blur is considered better than the last. The funny thing is, every “improvement” to blur makes it closer to stock.

        • see below. Mispost.

    • angermeans

      Second step is to wait until all those people get jobs and then buy out the company and fire them again. Only a company like Motorola could have one of the best phones of all time [original Droid] and then immediately lock boot loaders, not come through on so many promise, and force blur down our throats. they pretty much got success and did completely the opposite after the Droid

    • Sean

      You mean the people responsible for the fact that the current crop of Moto’s droids have the loudest speakers, brightest screens, most reliable signal signal strength, best call quality, and least intrusive skins on the market?
      The phrase “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” comes to mind…

      • Brock Overcash

        no thats the engineers and designers lol. the execs are the ones responsible for the bootloaders and decisions not to update

        • Sean

          So you don’t think the engineers and designers have bosses? What about the lead/chief engineers for every separate project/phone? It’s the execs that appoint those guys.

      • Anonymous

        Least intrusive skins? HA!!!!!

        • Sean

          Yeah. You think Touchwiz, Sense, and LG’s UI warp the android experience any less?

          • Anonymous

            TW is less intrusive and less laggy.

      • Anonymous

        Wait, brightest skins too? Are you a Moto employee?! They have terrible screens! Motoblur is terrible, the new weird angle corners are terrible, and their qhd pentile screens are no bueno. Don’t get me wrong because I do believe Moto is doing some things very right as you stated, but they’re also doing some terrible things.

        Dear Google,

        Abort Motoblur. Ditch the weird corners. Use HD IPS screens. 4 – 4.5″ max please!

        • Sean

          you THINK they have terrible screens, you THINK Motoblur is terrible, you THINK, the coners are weird and terrible etc etc. Everything you just said is HIGHLY debatable.

          You’re probably one of those people who got caught up in this whole pentile madness and doesn’t realize that there’s more to a display than how easy it is to make out pixels. It’s been said to death, if you want accurate colors and brightness, you could certainly do worse.

          Have you used Motoblur lately? There’s no lag…it’s as fast or faster than touchwiz and way faster than LG’s UI or Sense. And touchwiz is in no way less intrusive, it’s approaching Sense levels of sheer girth. I’m sure you hated Blur on your Devour or whatever ancient handset you had, but those days are long gone.

          • Anonymous

            I had the OG Droid then had the Galaxy. I have an iPhone now. My coworker has the New Razr. Sorry but it lags.

          • Sean

            Your coworker has a lemon then. My boss’s Razr does no such thing.

          • Anonymous

            Then so did the VZW stores set that I used for quite a while. Look I said Moto does some great things. They just need to go back to the old school RAZRs design. I had it in black. Such a sexy device nerds, and casuals wanted.

          • Sean

            what exactly are you defining as lag in the first place? Cause when it comes to moving between homescreens or opening common apps, there just isn’t any.

          • Anonymous

            We can call it stutter if you want. It’s not major but it’s there. Galaxy Nexus has no stutter, I love it, just under contract with my 4S.

          • Sean

            Well I’ll just absolutely have to disagree then, I’ve never had my hands on a single Razr that stuttered, and I’ve messed with my fair share of them at Verizon stores as well.The Galaxy Nexus is as smooth, but just not as fast or responsive in my experience.

          • Anonymous

            Fair enough. Just going by my experience. Will use my coworkers phone again and check it out. Also, SG2 on AT&T and Sprint. Zero lag. Extends FTW!

          • noyfb

            i’ve never ever heard on hear or anywhere that the razr is faster than the nexus, if it was it would be a selling point, which is not used

          • Sean

            Yeah sure. Because that would go over well for Verizon, single out portions of the user base by pitting parts of its own portfolio against itself…
            And since when is that ever a selling point? You see an iphone commercial advertising how simple it is? How about a Galaxy SII commercial advertising how much smoother the web browser is than another device?
            Matter of fact in my lifetime as far as I knwo there’s never been an ad for a phone that, that shat on another phone. I think you’re just talkin out your butt.

          • Anonymous

            You’re forgetting that truth and common sense have no place here.

      • Anonymous

        terrible screens, god awful cameras, ugly designs(opinion), terrible blur.

        Sorry, you’re wrong.

        • Sean

          Nah I’m afraid you are when it comes to everything but the cameras…and the nexus’s camera is still worse.

          • Ahsan

            Actually, the cameras in the latest devices blow the Nexus’ out of the water. You Nexus fanboys are becoming just like Apple ones now…

          • Sean

            Sounds like you didn’t really read my sentence, I know my structure is a little iffy but c’mon…

          • Sean

            Sounds like you didn’t really read my sentence, I know my structure is a little iffy but c’mon…

          • Anonymous

            The Nexus’ camera is not worse than the Razr’s , you’re insane. 

            Motorola uses the worst screens there is no opinion behind that.  Ask anyone who uses the worst screens and they’ll tell you motorola’s pentile. 

        • Anonymous

          Those are of course you’re opinions.  Just because you don’t like it doesn’t man it isn’t a good UI, a good camera and a (in my opinion) a fantastic design.

          • Anonymous

            No the only opinion is that I think they use terrible designs.  The pentile screen’s Moto uses are terrible, that is a fact.

            Motoblur is terrible, if you did a poll the majority would agree.  

          • Anonymous

            Whichever kind of screen they use, saying that they’re “terrible” doesn’t make it a fact, sorry.  And honestly, who cares what a “majority” would think.  Their opinion doesn’t make a fact on any given matter.  If some “majority” thought that that sky was purple, would that make them right?  No

          • Anonymous

            Now you’re just being an idiot.  If the majority say Motorla uses poor pentile screens, then yes they use poor pentile screens compared to other companies.  When we’re talking about people who know what they’re talking about, then yes, their “opinion” matters.

            If I ask an expert carpenter what’s the best wood to make a chair, his opinion is going to be factual because of the experience and knowledge.

            Opinions when based on factual information are shared by the majority. 

          • Anonymous

            Still can’t debate your point without name calling, eh?  Regardless…

            It honestly doesn’t matter what any GENERAL majority say about anything, unless their opinions are based on facts.  In this case, if different screens from different manufactures are to put an honest test (saying that two screens of an equal tier or level are the ones being compared) then that would weigh more into an opinion in my book, than a group of people who’s opinion aren’t based on something other than their baseless perceived knowledge.  Saying that Motorola’s UI or screen is “terrible” in itself, means that the statement isn’t based on any facts, unless you’ve heard every professional opinion on the matter all state that the UI or screen is “terrible.”  That is an obvious opinion.  Now if you said that Moto’s UI is typically not preferred by Droid- Life users compared to stock Android for whatever reason, would be more of a fact based on recent polls.     Now, taking what you said about experts in the field making comments after an honest, unbiased and technical comparison of devices, is a different case all together.  I never said an expert’s PROFESSIONAL opinion didn’t matter.

          • Anonymous

            The fact is you know what I’m saying is true.  You just don’t want to admit that it’s common knowledge from anyone familiar with current smart phones.

          • Anonymous

            That is not a fact kind Sir, and it might be “common knowledge” to the circles you roll with, but it doesn’t make it a fact.

          • Anonymous

            I’m just going to ignore you from now on, I can see from your past posts that you’re a troll and refuse to accept reason.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry buddy, but just because I’m persistent in my point which differs from yours doesn’t mean that I’m a troll.  And I can accept reason, maybe you can’t.

      • TB99

        Should make a poll, Droid Life. It wouldn’t be scientific but would be interesting to see the public perception of which manufacturer has the best design, least intrusive skin, camera, screen, speakers, signal, etc

    • Should make a poll, Droid Life. It wouldn’t be scientific but would be interesting to see the public perception of which manufacturer has the best design, least intrusive skin, camera, screen, speakers, signal, etc

  • Sk102704

    What pisses me off here is that the DOJ warned Google that it needs to “play nice” or the “hammer will be dropped” but it has done nothing about apple’s “fair” use of their patents.  They’re pretty much telling Google this deal is cool with us as long as you don’t do the same thing apple is doing.  The DOJ needs to drop that hammer on apple and all the other companies that are escalating the patent wars!

    • angermeans

      +100 internets

    • Hi

      Because don doesnt want companies buying patents to use for litigation. Apple is using patents they applied for and earned through their development. The nortel patents apple won they won with microsoft and a group who companies who bid together. Google was asked to join the group and they refused because they want to use nortel’s patents to fight apple and Microsoft lawsuits. That is why doj said what they did not because they love apple. Grow up and look into things before you spout off about something which you know nothing about.

      • Ir724

        Clearly you have no idea what you are talking about! You’re the one who needs to look into things before you “spout” (only an idouche fanboy would use that). Apple did not develop all these patents and most of of their lawsuits are bs (its a rectangle so it confuses people who really want idouches). apple started this patent war and you cannot deny that and now they’re going after bs crap. Like the suit CA against Samsung because the voice search that has been in Android for years infringes on Siri!!!! Are you kidding me. You need to grow up and stick to the idouche blogs, thats more your league anyways

        • Hi

          They never sued because it was a rectangle. The rectangle was one small part of the overall copyright protection they were seeking. It was not a patent lawsuit. Apple has never sued Samsung over Siri. I bet when you hit post you thought you had gotten me. Instead you just proved how uninformed you are. By the way since when did “spout” become an iOS word? Are you in middle school still and have never heard that word?

      • Josh Groff

        Apple innovated something in the last 5 years? Name 3 examples…

        • Hi

          -tablets which everyone has since copied
          -macbook air form factor which everyone has since copied
          -iPhone which everyone has since copied
          -removing optical drives from computers which everyone has since copied
          -multitouch gestures which everyone has since copied
          -intergrated system of hardware, software and media which …..
          -music matching which doesn’t require uploading which…

          Shall i continue?

          • Josh Groff

            -Tablets were around before the iPad, so nice try.
            -Macbook air is essentially a freaking netbook (remove the optical drive, check use WiFi only, check.)
            -Android didn’t copy iPhone, as the iPhone just copied other smartphones that were out before it and integrated a smooth iOS specifically for mobile tech.
            -Removing something is not innovating…
            -Multi touch has also been out for awhile…
            -Integrated, I will agree with that comment.
            -What music matching are we referring to?

            Sure, lets see your “innovation” not get shot down.

          • Animal

            he said innovate and not invent. reading compression fail on your part. 

          • Josh Groff

            Comprehension. Innovating typically would be introducing massive changes or creating something entirely new. Most of what he mentioned was just Apple changing minor things and calling it innovation.

          • Hi

            -they innovated in the tablet market with iPad. if you don’t see that well you are clueless
            -How many netbooks come with i7s and SSD?
            -they innovated the phone market, never mentioned Android. Why are you?
            -Seeing trends and forcing those trends before anyone else in your industry is pretty much the definition of innovation
            -again you seem to confuse “innovate” with invent. use a dictionary
            -you agreed to next
            -itunes match. music matching of your own ripped CDs or digital music which is then “matched” in iCloud and doesn’t require uploading. Unless of course the music is extremely obscure and not in the iTunes database which is something that only applies to a very, very, very, very small percentage of people or their songs. 
            Nice reply from you too bad it was either uninformed or lacking semantic meaning. 

          • Josh Groff

            -They certainly revolutionized it, I would not say they innovated.
            -Including a different set of hardware is innovating now?
            -They changed the phone market, not really major changes.
            -Mac book air is pretty much just an advanced netbook IMO, sure they made more people adopt the concept, but it’s very similar.
            -I’m sorry that my standards for what is considered innovation are higher than yours, but then again, I was born in the 90’s.
            -iTunes match I can indeed agree with, pretty rad concept too.

            I’m glad you replied and set a few things straight, again I will emphasize that my standards are pretty high, so I don’t count minor changes as innovation.

          • John Laris

            in·no·vate   [in-uh-veyt]  Show IPA verb, -vat·ed, -vat·ing.
            verb (used without object)1.to introduce something new; make changes in anything established.Hi is clearly a troll but Apple did innovate all the things he mentioned. You can prefer Android and at the same time not pretend like Apple didn’t innovate the market for thin laptops, personal computers, music, phones, tablets and even digital consumption of media in general. Don’t be the guy who ignores reality because you like Android. It makes Android look bad. 

          • Josh Groff

            I was going off of introducing something new, didn’t know minor changes could count as innovation. Sorry my standards were set too high.

      • Odoylerules

        Hi-” Apple is using patents they applied for and earned through their development.”

        Quote from same article Hi commented on-” In related news, the DoJ also cleared the bid by Rockstar Bidco for the Nortel patent bundle. Not familiar with Rockstar Bidco? It’s a group of tech companies that put together a massive bid for a batch of patents owned by bankrupt Canadian company, Nortel. The group is made up of Apple, Microsoft and RIM to name a few.”

        Hey Hi, is that the same apple you’re referring to? Dumbass

        • Hi

          Yes and they bought those patents in a group with Microsoft and they are being jointly held by this group. Why did they all agree to buy these as a group? So none of them would sue the other of them. Apple and Microsoft asked Google to join the group which would have protected them from being sued by the group. Google wanted to win the patents and use as leverage in the cases where they were already being or going to be sued. So please read the actual article and do some research next time. You look foolish. 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe if Google gets some good leverage instead of forcing Apple to pay a hefty percentage of sales they could just force Apple to stop all patent wars, and if Apple doesn’t comply Google will just ban everything that uses that patent from sale in the US. That would help everyone.

  • Anonymous

    U.S. Department of Droid Owners simultaneously approves dismissal of Sanjay Jha and the Blur Bootlocker Brigade.

  • gibson

    From the DOJ statement on the Nortel patents:

    “During the course of the division’s investigation, several of the principal competitors, including Google, Apple and Microsoft, made commitments concerning their SEP licensing policies.  The division’s concerns about the potential anticompetitive use of SEPs was lessened by the clear commitments by Apple and Microsoft to license SEPs on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms, as well as their commitments not to seek injunctions in disputes involving SEPs.  Google’s commitments were more ambiguous and do not provide the same direct confirmation of its SEP licensing policies.” 

  • Peter Kelly

    Maybe Google will send an email to the Rockstar dudes, copying the DoJ

    Hey, we’d like a FRAND license to patents X^.  Assume you get the same terms for the FRAND MotoPatents we now own.  Way cheaper than lawyers/litigation/thatThingYouDo.  
    How much will it cost?  

    Yo, DoJ, you got this?

    Seems every phone would cost $25 bucks more for the cross-licensing, but in the VZW world, that means an additional $100 per phone.  Everyone wins!

  • 10 years from now we will be asking each other “Do you remember where you were when the DoJ approved the Motorola-Google deal?”

    • Hi

      It will be remembered as the beginning of the end for google. Mark it down.

      • Hi<—-I smell pussy.

        Don’t worry I will also mark the day you die so yeah both of you have something in common.

        • Hi

          You don’t know me so you won’t be able to mark the day i die. Next. Zzzzzzzz….

  • Anonymous

    I hope it’s not a world without bootloaders, without those our phones wouldn’t work at all!

    • Anonymous

      Glad I wasn’t the only one who had to stop and think about that for a second.

  • Anonymous

    And Apple pulls back their litigation on the Galaxy Nexus. And they also pee’d themselves a little bit.

    • Unfortunately for Samsung, Googorola doesn’t really give it much ammunition.  Most of Motorola’s legal defenses are already in play.

  • This could be the start of the First Ever World War Of Patents – History Changing folks.