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Original DROID Incredible Receives Ice Cream Sandwich Through AOKP Build 22

The well loved Android Open Kang Project has been brought to the original DROID Incredible. Built from the latest Google offering, Android 4.0.3, AOKP brings the greatest in customization options that the rooting world has to offer. We have covered AOKP in some of our previous Custom ROM Friday posts which you can see here. For rooted and unlocked Incredibles, flashing is as easy as one, two, three. 

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download AOKP zip file and place on phone’s storage.
  2. Download Google Apps and place on phone’s storage.
  3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and create a Nandroid backup.
  4. Wipe data/cache.
  5. Install AOKP ROM.
  6. Install Google Apps.
  7. Reboot and enjoy.

If you have questions or run into problems, let us know down below and we will do our best to help you out.

Via: XDA

Cheers Joe!

  • K

    how do you choose the file from this?

  • FYI. Files are gone.

  • Build 25. Problems with phone freezing after charging over night. Stock camera doesn’t work.

  • Jasonorillas

    Where can I find the list of things that work, and the ones that don’t for this build? I’d really like to make sure a few key elements work before I go through the trouble of doing this, I’d also like to know if I should do this while I’m in my home area, or if I can do it in roaming, which is where I live. In roaming I only have 1x service, and not 3G, and I cannot make the programming call in roaming, it has to be where I have 3G. Can anyone answer these questions?

  • Tmklose

    HTC Incredible AOKP V25HTC sync does not work. I installed package, but computer does not see the phone.
    Only sees SD Memory, not system memory as USB drive, or from ES file explorer.

  • Tmklose

    HTC Incredible AOKP V25
    Bluetooth does not automatically connect with car sync radio on build 22 or 25. 
    Pairs OK. If you start vehicle it will not connect to phone automatically….If you power BT off/on the phone…it connects OK.  

  • Ok.  I’m new to this and am just wondering if someone could expand upon Step 3 from the above instructions.  For example:

    3a. “Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery” – How do I do this?  How do I get ClockworkMod Recovery onto my phone.
    3b. “Create Nandroid backup” – How do I do this?

  • Rob

    I installed ICS on my DInc, works great! Did notice a small glitch tho, the Home, Menu, back & search touch buttons on the bottom don’t light up. They’re supposed to be backlit & the only time it does is when I adjust the screen brightness. But after locking the screen & turn it back on, nothing. Any thoughts? Also how do I make a nandroid backup using this ROM? I used to be able to through clockwork mod, I installed it & when I press backup, it takes me to the bootloader. Where’s the green text menu? HELP 🙂

  • Weddalvarez

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!! Except after completing the install, cannot get dial pad to appear during calls. Also, i might have missed this, but also having Bluetooth failing- connects but sound is very crackled. Anyone have any ideas. Thank you.

  • Entwood

    Put this on my DInc yesterday, and after it installed, it was a little buggy for the first few minutes.

    Only two issues I have noticed with it:

    – If you run the onboard “Clock” app, the app crashes and closes itself.  But, it still shows up on home screen
    – Before I make a phone call, it shows 3G, then when I dial a number, it connects NOT on 3G

    • I’m confused. You’re using a “Droid Incredible”, which means you’re on Verizon.

      There is a GSM version of the phone, but Verizon runs on a CDMA network. One of the drawbacks to CDMA is the inability to use data while making calls.

      The behavior you’re describing is normal. Data should disconnect whenever you make a phone call.

  • Ryan Gardner

    Hey guys, I put this on my phone, but I had to switch back to CM7. I switched because I saw a big difference in the smoothness of CM7 to this ROM. My brother said it’s because of no hardware acceleration. So Does anybody know when it’s getting that? (First smartphone, so I don’t know really anything about this stuff. Only had it for a week) Or is anyone else getting sluggish performance?

  • Kevin Lindner

    Is it possible to root the incredible running gingerbead v2.3.4?

  • Dan Orr

    Will this work on the Incredible 2?

    • pussylickin

      i dont think so

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  • The name of the site “Goo-inside.me” and its logo. Nuff said…

  • Android Junkie

    Where is my Dinc2 love?  I might have to charge up my old OG Dinc to take a look at this.

  • Anonymous

    This rocks. I have a Gnex now but I just put this on my old Incredible and it rocks!!!

    • Bill Mitchell

      What, T9 support? I don’t know about installing an apk, but most custom roms already have it built in. Or, GO Dialer has it, that’s installable from the marketplace.

  • Anonymous

    What works and what doesnt?

    • Nathan Corachea

      so far the only thing ive experienced that doesnt work is the panoramic feature in the camera. everything else is fine so far for me

  • Anonymous

    Dang, I just upgraded to a Galaxy Nexus from a DInc. Proud to see it’s still very much relevant 😀

  • Deltaechoe

    I thought it was AOKP build 23, not 22

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  • Anonymous

    I had the Incredible since day one it was/is an amazing phone. I liked it better than my Bionic. I’m glad to see the development community is still alive and well.

  • Joe Rios

    I love how Droid Life actually took my advice into consideration! Thank you!


  • Did anyone else read this as Original DROID receives ICS through AOKP? Incredible! 

    Though I don’t have the OG anymore and got the G-Nex, I was really excited to read the report. 

  • Majortokage421

    OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there was another Devs ICS rom before this one. This wasnt the first one.

  • Kuboo99

    I am tempted to see if I can find and buy one of these cheap and just mess around with ROMs on it.

  • Hayesj09

    Seems to be running fine but getting errors trying to download any apps in market even after market data/cache wipe.

  • Anonymous

    I was THIS close to buying this phone, but I ended up getting the DROID X… I don’t regret it but then again I kind of do…

    • Kuboo99

       I felt the exact same way.

      • Anonymous

        I love my X. I really got accustomed to the larger screen for games and such. I also flashed a lot of ROMs but there are always some kinks that are never worked out, which is why I am back to running stock GingerBlur (mostly for battery life). If I had the Droid Inc. I’m sure my flashing experience would’ve been much more friendlier.

        • Andrew Block

          I traded on craigs list dorm the DX to the DInc. Was a good choice indeed. The community for the DInc is incredible (yeah, I did just make that pun), and I’ve never had any issues. It made me realize that a dev community can make lesser hardware not matter

          • Anonymous

            You said it man! NilsP and co. kept my Dinc alive for a good few months leading up to my upgrade to the GNex. It was a great foray into rooting and modding…good times 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Ill never forget this as my first android device. Glad to see that its been supported by the dev community and has seen builds as far back as 2.1.

  • Anonymous

    I have to convince my wife to let me play with her Dinc now. She’ll love it so much more. 

    • Danielcartis

      That’s funny, I convinced your wife to play with my dinc

      …see what I did there?

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This really stresses the point of the power of having an unlocked bootloader.

  • Ciggy

    Hopefully coming to the incredible 2 soon. So I can get my girlfriend onto ice cream sandwhich

  • Will this work on the Incredible 2?

  • Mark Lewis

    Sooo tempting.  I’d love to see a video of how it performs.

    • Nathan Corachea

      it works ahaha. like so far the only problem ive experienced is the camera force closes when i try to use the panoramic feature. and well it can be kinda slow at times but i think its worth it ahaha

  • of course this happens the day after I upgrade to a GNex!

    • Jeff F

      You have 15 days to return it…..doubt you will tho 🙂

  • Mtyedavis

    But let us not forget that ics has been on the Inc for months now with the great work by the evervolv team and kushdeck.

    • Ohshaith55

      thank you for saying this. i was thinking it as well. they also implied that aokp was the first evo ics ROM, iirc. 

  • Anonymous

    Droid ICEdible!

    • Rick

      wtf??? it hurt trying to read that stupid comment..

  • Nathan Corachea

    WAIT IS IT LIKE LEGIT? does it run smoothly :D????

  • Anonymous

    Amazing how phones like the Incredible and (sadly, now to a lesser degree) the A855 Droid continue to be relevant.

    Also amazing how significant the differences between those two phones seem despite the fact that they were released a mere 6 months apart. Seems like we’ve gotten stagnant…

    • David Cohen

       There are big differences between those phones and the dual core there are now. Speed and efficiency are a lot better for one.

      • Anonymous

        True, but even after using a Bionic for 6 months there are things I miss about the DINC. The size and the screen, mostly. That was a slick little phone.

  • Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus …

  • David Cohen

    double post 🙁

  • dkbetts

    This news really makes me want to steal my wife’s phone tonight while she is sleeping.  Hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    The original Incredible never ceases to amaze me.

  • Anonymous

    AOKP is the next Cyanogenmod.
    Yes, I really mean that.

    • It directly kangs from CM with some of its features, so I doubt that.

      • Andrew Akker

         Not really. romann writes all the stuff himself. I guess if you consider taking logical ideas “kanging.” Also, CM is completely open source. You can’t kang open source stuff.

      • turd_ferguson

        Except it doesn’t kang a single piece of code from CM.  Maybe ideas but the Kang part of AOKP is that it’s kanged AOSP

    •  Its not even close yet.

      • I know it’s not quite a valid comparison but I ran CM7 on my DX and run AOKP on my Nexus.

        I like AOKP better in the features department. It has everything I want and not a ton of extra crap that just ends up causing problems.

        Like I said though probably not valid. I know the DX was never officially supported, and it’s 2.3 vs 4.0.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      No… it’s Amazing

      • Derp

        No…It’s an HTC Incredible

        • Kingofyo1

          No. Its Patrick!