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Minecraft Pocket Edition Updated, Survival Mode Now Available

The update all Minecraft fans have been waiting for is finally available. Developers have added the much needed, “Survival Mode” for users to play with. There’s now zombies, and sheep that PC users have grown custom to. More mobs are to follow. Along with the entirely new mode, Creative mode users can now fly around the map for easy masterpiece building. Happy building!

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Cheers Orange!

  • Everyone has been raving about minecraft lately. Even my friends. I really need to know what the “Fuzz” is all about. I’ll probably try it out this weekend. This is F2P right?

    • Josh Groff

      The mobile one is 4.99 if you didn’t buy it on android’s $.10 for 10 days deal when they hit 10B downloads. Would have totally paid 4.99 though, it’s perfect.

  • Ccw In Az

    PC users have grown “accustomed” to sheep? 

  • grammar nazi

    grown accustomed* to

  • 文章不错,来看看

  • 哥弟来访,勿惊勿怪哈。支持楼主啦

  • Kuboo99

    It is actually a quite decent game now. All it needs is some form of mappable keys and/or gamecontroller support. That would make gameplay much more fluid.

    • Anonymous

      Xperia Play 🙂

  • angermeans

    Tim are you using that not so black theme or whatever? I really like that white bar on the bottom, but didn’t want to theme the whole thing.

  • Anonymous

    Cool, glad I got it when it was 10 cents. Now I might actually play it.

    On an unrelated topic. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a post about Wallet’s Google pre-paid card being taken off-line by Google due to recent  overblown security concerns. 

    • Anonymous

      saturday is a slow news day for them.. lol

    • Anthonypadilla8

      same here!

  • Been playing this all night since I got off work. I love it. It’s still missing a bed though, which is a pain when I’m trying to do stuff in survival mode. Also, you can’t craft/make things yet.

  • Anonymous

    I’m addicted to minecraft

  • sceadwe

    Force closes on EVO 3D when clicking create new. 🙁

  • Jason Purp

    Look at dat moose

  • i haven’t played any other game since i got the counter strike port in xda

    • ….. and I care? I was wondering where the “what does this have to dow ith the galaxy nexus” post would be.. close enough

      • oh were you wondering that? and i care?

        • LindaNo

           enough to reply

      • Dude…shut the hell up.

  • Kristen Vidal

    only minecraft is worthy of the saturday droid life post!! lol….that and motorola unlocking bootloaders….(never gonna happen)

    • Josh Groff

      Until Google buys them.

  • Anonymous

    Just updated, can’t seem to hit sheep, otherwise its awesome

    • I killed me some sheep already. You can definitely hit them 

      • Anonymous

        Then somethings up, i only hit it once out of like 10 tries

      • Anonymous

        Thats why god made women……   ‘Cause sheep can’t cook.

  • Anonymous

    A DL post on a Saturday?! WELL COLOR ME SURPRISED

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