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DROID Bionic 5.9.902 Update Rolling Out to All Users

DROID Bionic owners, the latest 5.9.902 update for your device is available to be pulled. Cruise into Settings>About phone>System updates and the 57.6MB file should pop up asking to be downloaded. Once completed, your Bionic will be much more stable, have better data connectivity, and longer battery life. You can read the full changelog here.

Cheers Shane, Marty, Drew and Jim!

  • hazeleyes

    my droid bionic will not do the any updates there has been two updates since I’ve had the phone when i go to settings hit about phone go to system updates a mess comes up says check for update is not availiable at this time try later my daughter has same phone with no issue verizon said i have to do a hard reset i dont want to cause i will lose lots of stuff like this one game i play that i am high up on the level and have money i earned that would be lost is there anything else i can do

  • Refuse2bstopped

    Well I bought mines used off ebay earlier this week and just randomly checked for update and the 5.5.893.en.US came up.  I downloaded it and after the automatic reboot, I got the message update bla bla bla was successful.  I reached towards the screen but before I could press the “ok” button (talk about coincidence lol) another message popped ON TOP of that one that says system update 5.9.902.en.US is available for download.  lol  I was like wooooowww.  I’m also one of the fortunate ones who loves my phone.  I looked at the razr maxx and galaxy nexus because I’m do for upgrade this month but decided “hmmm what if I can find a reasonably priced bionic on ebay”.  This allows me to go month to month until I see what they sneak on us between the summer and holiday season and STILL get 4g coverage, front facing cam, dual core processor etc.  And after playing with the razr it seems like it’s the EXACT same phone, smoothness and all and that was BEFORE I just did the two updates.  And the nexus I won’t judge since both the bionic and razr (among many other devices) will also be getting the ICS update.

  • jon c

    This update has made my phone even more squirrelly.. the screen times out for no reason & apps now freeze… Thanks moto… also all that Verizon bloat ware is pathetic…. glad I didn’t buy the lapdoc I’d be pissed…

  • Public

    well. Since this latest update my bionic has drained battery faster than before this update and switches back to 3g more often .

  • Abrn

    This update bricked my Bionic (not rooted) and the replacement phone is automatically rebooting when WIFI is enabled and Battery mode is set to “Performance”. No known issues when WIFI is disabled.

  • Bionic Blunder

    The Bionic has been the bane of my existence for several months now. I live on the edge of a 4G footprint so I am constantly switching between 3/4g, which is one of the biggest challenges for this phone. Long story short, installed .902 update(kept root) and I can honestly say I don’t hate my phone any more.

  • What the hell, i’m stuck on .893? Do I have to flash back to stock and unroot to get the update?

  • No problems with 4ever root. 🙂 Also one of the I guess lucky users that have had a great experience with the Bionic.

  • Received update, camera improved and faster, allot faster. smooth. Was
    about to go a buy  another phone. After 8 months, whom owes all of
    us compensation for what we paid for and never had.

  • Dmorin78

    I’m on 5.5.892 and it says I’m up to date when I try to push new updates. Any suggestions?

  • Mojocardinals

    no update for me yet? Hmmmm

  • Mojocardinals

    N o update for me yet

  • Jake-Larrs Christiansen

    This update definitely screwed up my phone. My GPS stopped working. Keeps saying, “Searching for GPS” and my hotspot definitely stopped working. it worked perfectly before the update even came out. Now my laptop won’t connect to internet with hotspot from my phone. Definitely going to see Verizon and whup their butt till they fix my phone.

  • Mojocardinals

    no updates off any sort on my bionic

  • how do you gain root access back?

  • Spk06117

    Got the update yesterday.  Except for the unnecessary bloatware, the Bionic finally works as advertised when I purchased it over four months ago. Verizon and Motorola caused thenselves much ill will by sending a device to market before it was ready.

  • Dan Darden

    Yea thats great and all but I was kinda in the mood for some vanilla ice cream…

  • Mister_Waldo

    Battery life is excellent after this update. Phone seems to be running even faster now. Bash Moto for whatever you want but you can’t deny they are the fastest and most consistent when it comes to updating.

  • Just got the update (like 5 minutes ago).  Too soon to tell whether it’ll make a difference.  I’ve had few complaints about the device other than battery life and an occasional problem with data connectivity.  The latter, I discovered, was being caused by JuiceDefender, which I’ve since uninstalled.  I’ve very rarely had a problem since.  Decided to buy the larger battery to solve the first problem.  Love my Bionic.

  • Jon C

    bloatware isn’t appreciated but the fixes are.. 

  • Baumsphere

    Took my Bionic in and they gave me a Droid Razr!! Done with all the problems with Droid Bionic. Can’t wait to get my new BETTER phone on Monday!! Yea!!!

  • Tgaspari

    I was part of the soak test.
    Great phone once again
    With quick responses.
    No data mishaps.
    I now have 3 bars at least all the time.
    Love my phone.
    Better screen
    Better battery life 13 hrs on extended battery with 30 % still to go

    • So the screen is better?! I thought so! I was wondering if they did some color correction/calibration. Can you give any further insight?

    • Anonymous

      That’s true, my videos look better. The compression does not show up as much. They reduced the high contrast and lowered the reds. NICE!!!

      • Yeah, that’s awesome! Blacks are more black and whites are whiter too!

        I am very happy with that!!

  • Went from .901 to .902 a couple nights ago and everything has been spectacular.  Still have root and hotspot.  I feel bad for those that are having issues with the Bionic… in my experience it has been a phenomenal phone.  I even tried the RAZR and came back to the Bionic.  😛

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  • SO this is incredibly annoying, I counted no less than 5 music download/streaming radio apps that can’t be removed, for f*ck’s sake moto, verizon, is this really necessary?

    • JoeBionic

      This one reason why we root — debloating spam apps.

  • Zwashington

    Anyone know if this has any effect on root?

    • As long as you have the 4ever root setup on your Bionic, you will remain with root. I just did the update and still have root.

      • Hmm, I’ve never heard of 4ever root. Guess I’ll look into it.

        Right now I’m using the Safestrap method of dual booting, i’m booting back into Stock+Root right now.

        • I was on 893 (after shortly being on 901) via the path saver that posted awhile back. I don’t know if that had any forever root added (I rolled back from 901 because I didn’t have root)… Anyway, did factort reset prior to soak test. Didn’t get the test. Grabbed a leak. Now on 902 with root.

  • mario7

    Welcome to 3 days ago.

  • if i never rooted, and i just updated to 902, can i still root with the same Method as used for .893? I was wondering if anyone was on the same boat as me and tried it or if you are one of the users that lost root during the update and were able to get root back? Thanks in advance!

    • btw got my update in Seattle,WA

      • Anonymous

        from what i’ve read, i don’t think so, many are reporting that they rolled back and did the forever root and then updated to .902

    • Anonymous

      Nope.  I would wait until the devs come up with a new root method for 902.  I’ll bet there will be one out within 2 weeks.

  • On .893 Rooted with ForeverRoot, phone keeps saying that Checking for updates isn’t available at this time. 🙁

  • Princesation

    I was forever rooted with the pathsaver but now I lost root after I updated to 902 from 901

    • Princesation

      nvm . tried it again and i am rooted with 902

  • Sammy Aleman

    Got it here in IL

  • Alex Barry92

    I’m getting an error every time i try to update, is anyone getting this/know a fix? i’m perma rooted on .893

    • Preacher715

      do you have the webtop hack on your phone? This cause an issue with my last update…

  • Jimistaug

    This update did absolutely nothing to fix my data issue with my phone. I still have to toggle the airplane widget to get cell data after leaving a wifi hot spot. When I spoke with Verizon, they told me not to use wifi….that’s fine, but I like that wifi uses less battery than 4G. I guess I will just continue to use the darn airplane widget.

    • Anonymous

      just tell them you’re not satisfied with a conectivity issue and they will replace your phone with either a razr or rezound etc.. I got the rezound.. I got tired over the same thing too!

      • Tezack27

        How long did you have dionic

        • Anonymous

          I had it the day it came out and waited patiently for a fix so when the December bug fixer came out I thought it would help and it did not. I told them I reseted erased everything you could imagine and I told them to get me Another phone because 3g would come and go even airplane mode off and on didn’t help.

    • Jimistaug

      This is my second bionic, have been using it for about six months…. Love the phone otherwise. I called Verizon and they will not replace it with a RAZR or nexus, but only a lessor phone.

    • Taglogical

       I had signal drop and handoff issues on my Bionic after applying 893… Verizon swapped it with a Bionic pre-loaded with 893 and the phone works flawlessly.  Not only does it hold it’s signal like a champion, but I have an updated, better LCD display in my new Bionic!

    • Anon

       Tell Verizon that Wifi is a feature of your phone, and if you have to choose between one or the other, you want a replacement phone.

      You buy a phone to use the features it offers.  If it isn’t offering them, the phone is defective.  They should give you a replacement Bionic.

    • Bttfpromo

      I had a similar problem and changing my SIM card worked.

    • Boaguy

      hey was having the same issue get them to put a new sim card in fixed it for me

  • Austin Carey

    i was also in the .902 soak test easy install and really seems to have made the phone run better 

    • Anonymous

      I manually installed the 901–>902 update two or three nights ago when it was first made available.  While 901 had helped my data drops somewhat, I was definitely experiencing worse battery life.

      I am glad to say that 902 has improved the speed of the 4G to 3G handoffs and improved the reliability.  Battery life seems a tad better as well.  In addition, the unlock slider is smoother and the homescreen transitions are smoother.  Camera launches faster but is still very slow to focus and take pics.  Reception seems to be a tad better in fringe LTE coverage areas too.  Overall I am pleased with 902 but I cannot wait for ICS!  I also wish Moto would have unified the Droid 3, 4, Bionic and RAZRs to all be on GB2.3.6 with the tweaked UI and SmartActions etc.  Alas.

  • Tripod

    The .902 update showed up at 10PM PST last night. It applied successfully (took 10 minutes just as stated in the update info.) I had applied the forever root and my Bionic remained rooted after the update. Also, the Mobile Hotspot still works after the update. So far, no issues that I can see. 

  • Hmmm, my screen appears to look better, what I mean is that, colors are more vibrant, whites are whiter, did they do some color calibration/correction? Is there a way to tell?

  • Mpup

    Anyone find MOG and Slingbox on their Bionic after the update?

    • Anonymous

      Yep, along with some other Verizon bloat.   

      • Austin Carey


    • djembeman

      Yep, I froze that crap immediately!! Most of them are just videos telling you how cool the app is and that you should download it and pay whatever monthly fee.

  • Princesation

    what steps do I take to get this update if I am forever rooted on eclipse 901 then flashed eclipse 2.1

    • Princesation

      I didn’t mean to put the first eclipse

  • PHEW! I was on stock 901 and I was worried I would not be able to update, thanks motorola!

  • Pettis63

    Central Wisconsin and Western Wisconsin received the update 5.9.902 today (2/10/2012).  Had to manually push it, so far all the issues with the connectivity have stopped.  We’ll keep you updated to see if the connectivity issues persists…

  • Gary

    I was on stock, forever rooted, .901 and took the update with no problems and kept root.  As others have said, have no frozen or deleted system apps.

    • Anonymous

      actually, i was so happy to get and update that i flashed this file from post #38 
      ( http://www.droidforums.net/forum/motorola-droid-bionic/197250-901-received-installed-902-soak-test-build-post-here-4.html ) i totally forgot that i had frozen bloat and it worked fine for me and i kept root

  • Anonymous

    A word of caution, if you are rooted and want to stay rooted, check to see if you are forever rooted before installing the OTA.  Otherwise, you will lose root. 

  • Ciro Piccirillo

    The file is downloading for me, but I have tried twice and keep getting a “software update failed” error when it reboots and tries to apply the update.  Anyone else?

    • Anonymous

      Make sure you defrost any frozen bloat, change back any theme, etc.  You may need to factory reset.  Good luck.

      • Tgaspari

        What does freeze app ans defrost app ?
        Do you need tohave root ?

  • Anonymous

    Got mine. My Bionic works great although i did not have the issues some people had. Updates are always fun. I have about three data drops a WEEK and they lasted less than 30 seconds. I really love the camera speed now. I also increase one bar of signal in all places and in turn made my data speed a bit faster. Don’t care for the extra apps except maybe the TV one. 

  • Schrockdog

    I was gonna try to pull this update… until i realized i didn’t have a data connection 

    • Anonymous

      You can pull it over WiFi

      • Schrockdog

        I don’t have access to WiFi either right now

    • Anonymous

      Lol……. I dumped the moronic Bionic for that very reason. Rocking my Nexus, as a phone should be. Moto AND Verizon are worthless.

  • jimbob

    Kellex, are you really using JuiceDefender?

    • Angryunibrow

       That is not his screenshot, he posted the article before 9:40 as shown on the clock.

    • lol

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad the update is out and I hope it helps resolve the ongoing problems plaguing some Bionic users.  For me, I’ve haven’t had any particular problems since the 893 OTA.  The Bionic has been a rock solid device.

    • Anonymous

      Me Too. No issues or problems. 

      • Strangely enough, I only recently started experiencing MAJOR issues, my radio would drop all data and get it back 10 seconds later, but it would do this every minute or so, I hope this fixes it.

        • Yeah, Mine was great at launch. I didn’t read up on it after buying it because I didn’t have anything I wanted to “fix”. Then about 4 weeks into ownership it was colossal failure with the data connection.

  • Killed root and 1-Click Root will not work now.  Unfortunately I did not do forever root earlier.  Anyone have any suggestions??

    • Anonymous

      Give it a few days, a Dev we come out with something.

      •  You are right, they always do.  I just need patience!

  • Anonymous

    Is this gonna break my root?

    • Anonymous

      people on bionic forums are saying that it kept root through forever root. im downloading the file now

    • Droids

      If forever rooted, you will keep root.

      • Forever root stays.  I can confirm.  

        • djembeman

          Me too!!! I re-froze all the bloatware that I don’t use and froze all of the new bloat and my phone is working great.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not convinced about improved data connectivity. For me, its more reliable when dropping from 4G to 3G (or even 1X), but seems to get stuck going the other direction (3G to 4G). The added bloatware is a disappointment as well.

    • Jspumphrey

      I have this same problem on my RAZR 4g to 3g no issue but 3g to 4g I have to restart. Started happening after yesterdays update.

  • Droids

    I did the 902 soak test. Upgrade was smooth and it seems very stable.