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Ultimate Video Guide to the DROID 4 by Motorola

The DROID 4 will be in stores tomorrow for $199 and we know that many of you are interested in picking one up. 4G LTE and QWERTY have been done in the past, but most of our keyboard lovers were holding out for something as powerful as this. So for those of you with edge-lit slideouts in your sights, jump past the break to see more tutorial videos than you will know what to do with. MotoCast, cameras, design, docks, and simultaneous voice and data are all covered. Oh, and be sure to check out our first impressions of the device here.  

Meet the DROID 4:


Device design:


Smart Actions overview:


Cameras and video:


Using MotoCast:


Music player:


Simultaneous voice and data:


DROID 4 in the Lapdock 500:


Navigation dock:


Another handful of videos can be found at Motorola’s Youtube channel.

  • Anonymous

    I see they’re still using the horrible Droid 3 Camera that takes 8 years to focus and another 7 to capture. Such a let down. Why cant Moto make a flagship qwerty with everything up to par? Are qwerty phones so unpopular these days that they get leftover hardware??

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I haven’t had a physical keyboard since my original Droid, but sometimes I do miss it. No question the keyboard they have now is pretty sweet.

    • Noyfb

      once i started using the voice functions to do everything with the droid 1 I started using the keyboard less and less, and then stopped using the keyboard when the keys popped off 1 by 1

      • If you had a droid 1, thats not really possible since the keyboard was one single sheet of rubber over buttons.
        so your saying the sheet of rubber was peeling of your keyboard?
        Thanks, sorry if I sound douchy about it.

        • CORRECTION if you had the “bubble keys” droid 1 keyboard then yes this could happen, if you had the flat rubber keys then they wouldnt fall off, but the numbers would get rubbed off the keys sometimes.
          Ahh the old droid 1, miss that old dog !

  • D4Life

    Man, that thing is a Moose!!!… DROID 4 GRAZR

  • Anonymous

    Gettting mine tomorrow morning. Can’t wait.

  • Anonymous

    This phone has nothing on the Galaxy Nexus.

    • FutureDroid4Guy

      Man you Nexus chumps are just as annoying as iPhone users. The android community is dividing since some of you nerds need to brag about unlocked boot-loaders and nice screens. You losers need to go out and be more active. It’s just a freaking phone. 

    • LegalAmerican

      Galaxy Nexus has a slideout keyboard?

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  • Dlfarris7507

    Will there be an extended battery for the droid4??

    • Anonymous

      the battery is not removable, how are you going to replace the battery…..unless you send your phone to Moto to swap batteries….and that’s a long shot….just wait for the Droid 4 Maxx that will be released in june….lol

      • FutureDroid4Guy

        Ok the Droid Maxx joke is getting real old. Give it a rest will ya.

        • Mojoman

           It’s only funny because it’s true.  With a non-removable, low mAH battery I will continue to use my OG until they release the Droid4Maxx or give up waiting on Moto to make a decent successor and go with a slab phone (GNex or SIII probably).

  • VashHash

    Why doesnt the RAZR support voice and data. I wish my OG droid had lasted a little longer so i could have gotten this phone on contract but i think i might just save some pennies and buy it off contract after a few months I say a few months so i can wait incase the droid 5 comes out

  • Nick

    I’m interested in how the screen will look. at 4 inches, its got 275ppi, which is fairly high for a pentile phone. Now, its not gnex/rezound/iphone high, but its up there.

    Oh, and that keyboard is sexy.

  • Skennedy412

    I cant wait for this phone =)

  • Yusan Wu

    now I want an iPhone 4S MAXX, screw the iPhone 5

  • this kind of phone is my preferred type of phone. LTE and slider. Am I asking everyone else to hop on this bandwagon? no. this is just my own taste. Yes locked bootloader and battery yada yada. but physical keyboards are something i really love. I was almost gonna get the droid 3 instead of my bionic when i was upgrading because of the keyboard. Yeah. o well…. bionic it is for one more year n a half. atleast the battery life is dope.

    • Anonymous

      My wife has also been waiting for this phone. She actually prefers the actual keyboard to the onscreen keyboards.  This will probably be her phone very soon.

    • Kevin Parlee

      This is my favorite second to the nexus. I’d love a D4 Maxx and i wouldve picked it

  • I’ll wait for the Droid 4 MAXX.

    • EC8CH

      IN PURPLE!


  • Dan

    … Why would Motorola post videos about how a new phone shoots HD 1080p video, but only post 480p videos of said phone? Also, it’s 2012 and you’re a tech company. Get rid of the beta-max tapes already.

    • PROFIT

    •  so you want the phone being recorded to record itself in 1080p? sounds reasonable. All they need is a studio full of mirrors.

      • T4rd

        Obviously they would use another Droid 4 to shoot the video guides and commercials =p.

        • Oh where’s the fun in that?!

      • Dan

        Because the Droid 4 is the only device in the world that shoots HD video? I wasn’t aware that everything I see on TV and on movie screens was shot on an unreleased cell phone.

        • Slow your roll jabroni, you’re the one who implied it. Spend a little time thinking about your sentence structure next time if you can’t take a joke.

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