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Instagram Creator Holds Up Android Phone in Best Buy Super Bowl Ad, Maybe It Really is Coming Soon?

Yesterday, news spread throughout the Android world that Instagram – the ultra-popular iOS hipster filter photo app – was finally headed to Android because of a notification on a Galaxy Tab that read “Featured App: Instagram.” Most assume that Samsung is going to try and highlight the app either through their own personal app store or maybe in a new update.

Well, to help add to the idea that the app is almost ready for Android, a reader noticed that during Best Buy’s Super Bowl commercial of smartphone innovators, that one of Instagram’s co-creators (Kevin Systrom) holds up an Android phone to show off his creation. We captured screenies to show that he indeed does have in his hand an HTC device (or is that a Motorola Photon?), most likely a Sensation XL hence the red soft keys. Now, we see snafus like this in commercials or ads all of the time and also understand that maybe Best Buy didn’t want to deal with licensing an Apple product for this particular one, so this isn’t a definitive sign that Instagram is just around the corner. But again, why would the creator of one of the most popular iOS apps of all time show off his work on Android to millions of people instead?  

A closer look:

And the video:


Cheers Shannon!

  • Miss Dee30

    intsagram isnt letting me upload any photos and its telling me that my pictures are too small 

  • jag28co

    Now he better bring Instagram to Android or I will sued him for false advertising.

  • Anonymous

    Apple has the hipster market cornered. Android has the hater market cornered. 

  • Booboolala2000

    I don’t see what the fuss is all about. There are many arty filter apps on android already. Paper camera for one. And the GNex camera for that matter. Ehh, why ask why with the likes of Fart Apps and Words With Friends(which has to be one of the most poorly designed apps ever on Android)

  • Anonymous

    You know, back in the day (I’m 40, I grew up on Kodak’s and Polaroid’s) we used to try and avoid pictures coming out like this, and threw away ones that did. Now, people actually try and make their photos look quirky on purpose. 😀 LOL

  • LionStone

    Um… no.

  • Sam

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  • Anonymous

    I agree with the commenters that say this is a photoshopped iPhone.  Look how tiny that screen is!

  • So what is taking so long then?? Release it already on ANdroid!!

    • Trollikan

      Huge amount of phones = huge amount of time. DEAL!

  • Anonymous

    My HTC sensation has those very same camera effects built in, what’s the big deal?

  • Anonymous

    Who cares?

  • Anonymous

    I personally really like Retro Camera and Picplz.  Most of the same effects Instagram has.

  • Tomas Mijares

    I Want Instagram On My Rooted Thunderbolt 🙂 It’s A Good App That Has Great Effects 

    Because Taking My Cannon Dslr Is A Pain In The A**

  • he looks like a d bag

  • Azndan4

    I hate instagram

    • Trollikan

      you spelled “wish i had” wrong.

  • That’s a Moto Proton. The red keys are from the oh-so-hipster spectra.

  • Anonymous

    samsung app store??  oh god.  the problem’s getting worse.

    and best buy mucks up every single ad they churn out.  it’s horrible. you can’t trust them.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of people should descend on Best Buy and say they want to buy that EXACT phone.  Then they’d have to come clean about what it is.

  • Instagram was cool before all those loser douchbags who post pics of themselves shirtless came on and posted all these annyoing ass shoutouts of their “Bros” looking for more followers. You rarely come across decent photos, which was the intended use of instagram. I feel bad for the Android users because instagram wont be popular anymore once they get it.

    • Spoken like a true hipster.

      • Nick

        You spelled “stuck up douchebag wrong”.

        No wait, actually, you didn’t. Sorry about that.

        Instagram isn’t for “decent photos”. Its for people that want to add poorly done effects to their low-quality smartphone images. Decent photos are taken on a DSLR by people who know how to use a real camerca.

        • DSLRs are for AMAZING and AWESOME photos, not decent photos. To me a decent photo does not come from a DSLR. A decent photo comes from a smartphone or a point-shoot camera. Personally i like instagram for the sharing of pics…if i use a filter/effect, i usually pick the only that doesn’t change the photo too much. I am getting a DSLR soon though….can’t wait :)!!

        • Santadestroy25

          people post pics taken with dslrs all the time on instagram.

      • whats a hipster?!?!?

        • Atavanhalen23


        • http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hipster

          Frequently, they’re regarded as people who claim things are no longer cool when they go mainstream. You’re a cliché and you didn’t even know it. Sad.

          • 1. Thanks for the definition
            2. I only asked because i wanted to compare the “official” definition to myself
            According to the definition you provided, i should have shaggy hair, wear urban/vintage clothes, wear old school shoes, i should like indie rock and art.
            Lets see.
            A.Shaggy hair…i have long curly hair, but it is not shaggy
            B.urban/vintage clothes…nope, i wear plain t-shirts with some blue jeans and vans. I don’t think that is very hipster
            C. Old school shoes…no like i previously said i wear vans.
            D. Indie rock…no thank you, i listen to alternitive,pop,r&b,little bit of rap, but not indie rock
            E. Art…its important to have an artistic and creative mind, but i suck at drawing, painting, sketching, and anything else in that department
            In that definition it said NOTHING about “people who claim things are no longer cool when they go mainstream.”
            Thank you, Micheal Hart, for basically clearing up that i am not a hipster!

    • Santadestroy25

      i come across decent photos all the time. maybe you need to find others to follow?

  • Pretty sure it’s an unbranded/photoshopped iPhone. The curves on the edges are right, it has the metal back (telling me it’s a 3GS) and the top and bottom bezels look like the correct size to be an iPhone.

    My opinion? It’s an iPhone they’ve photoshopped to look like an Android, in order not to incur legal things with Apple.

    Sorry guys.

    • Anonymous

      I agree… my first thought was it looked exactly like a 3GS, but with Android buttons.

      • Anonymous

        And the screen it so small.

  • QtDL

    I’ve never heard of this app but how exactly does this make your pictures look good?

    • ThatGuy


    • Santadestroy25

      contrary to whats being posted here, this app is a photo SHARING app, not an editing app. it reminds me of ringo back in the day.

      and you dont have to use the filters, there are plenty that dont

  • Galen Sheridan

    Looks like a Sensation XE, not a XL.  I’ve seen Instagram pictures, don’t care much for the results.

  • Guest

    Looks like a Motorola Photon to me

  • Anonymous

    God I hope not. I see enough potentially good pictures ruined by the terrible filters it uses as it is. Instagram might’ve been interesting when it first came out but now it’s way overused and just makes every picture look terrible.

  • Anonymous

    I have friends who use instagram to post pictures to facebook. I always assumed they just had sh!tty cameras.

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  • MD

    Too late. I’ve got all the filters I need in 4.0 without the need for an extra login and app. They shouldn’t have waited so long.

    • Santadestroy25

      no amount of filters will fix the poor quality of the nexus’ camera over the shooters in the iphone4 and 4s. fact, not fanboyism im afraid. i wanted the nexus to be the new standard for smartphone shooters

  • Anonymous

    Unless he has massive hands, that doesn’t look big enough to be the sensation XL. Looks like a device with a 4″ screen or less.

  • ThatGuy
  • John

    I hope not. People overuse this app WAY TOO much.

    • You could say the same thing about twitter or facebook. Welcome to the mobile world. If you don’t like an app then you don’t have to pay attention to it.

      • John

        Why do you care so much? Welcome to the internet if you’re not used to seeing peoples opinions.

  • Dude


  • SAN


    • Khali

      Follow @trendy_treats on Instagram 

  • Anonymous

    Gizmodo just ran an article about this guy.  Didn’t really foretell much about android though.


  • JMK

    This means nothing other than that the commercial could not get approval to use an apple product with out paying out the ass trust me its what i do 

    • EC8CH

      you pay out the ass???

    • Figured this was probably the case, but he does have something up and running on an Android device. Again, could just be a picture he took from an iDevice and then sent to his Android phone for this commercial.

      • Anonymous

        Ya, it simply could be edited in. Phone too could even be edited, heck he could be holding a block of wood. The amount of editing in any commercials these days means you can’t assume anything (unfortunately)

    • MFG

      Still, though, that means they have a working product on the device. I doubt he would hold it up if the app was still tightly under wraps.

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t have to be tightly under wraps. They said some time ago it would come to Android, the question was when.

  • Christian

    Because Apple would have sued him had he held up an iPhone in the commercial.