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Google+ for Android Updated: What’s Hot, Who +1’ed, and Other Performance Tweaks Included


The Google+ team rolled out a significant update to their Android app today. Two features that were talked about back in January are now included:  the What’s Hot list and the ability to see who +1’ed a post. They also tossed in an infinite photos feed, the stream no longer jumps to the top for auto-refreshes, and stream posts have been shortened. Thanks, Google.

Full changelog:

  1. Massive performance improvements across the app
  2. What’s Hot!
  3. View who +1’d a post or comment
  4. Stream posts shortened to fit more per scroll
  5. Infinite photos feed in ‘From your circles’
  6. Stream no longer jumps to the top for an automatic refresh

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Still curious, is anyone using Google+ yet? We are on there more than ever now, but it still seems like it isn’t pulling folks away from that other social networking service.

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  • Andrew

    G+ is pretty dope if you don’t walk in expecting your socks to be blown off. I’ve made 365+ people following me and I hang out with 20 or so whom I didn’t know prior to G+

  • G+ app is moving in the right direction. One sorely needed feature is the ability to speed scroll through posts/photos. There’s nothing more tedious than having to scroll through a lengthy page to see what’s at the end.

  • Anonymous

    The update broke Google+ for my rooted HTC Thunderbolt with ViciousMIUI ICS. Don’t install if you have the same phone and ROM as I do, posts do NOT show up (nor does anything else really).

  • G+ is a lot more rewarding than FB and Twitter. It is more of a social network than all the others combined. It is not about just seeing the same old stuff from the people you have know for so long…….that is not social. Instead G+ makes you search for things that are interesting to you then talking to those who have common interests with you, being social.

    Besides, as FB “thinks” more and more for you I have no idea who is actually seeing what I post……if any?

  • Anonymous

    I personally have gotten 49 of my close friends to gplus and i love g plus. I am working on trying to get alot to gplus. Meanwhile i love gplus…

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha! That”s because you only HAVE 49 “friends”, and most of them are people who accept requests from anybody and everybody. What a joke!

  • I guess hating Facebook is the cool thing to do now.  I can still remember the day Facebook became available when I was in college.  I had to have my roommate explain it to me.

  • Its a brave new world.  I hate FB with a passion.  I think I will give in a 7 day fast and see if my perspective changes.

  • Sam

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  • It’s not a ghost town. You just have to view it differently…think more twitter and less facebook. While I’d love to get my core group of facebook friends on G+ so I could get rid of facebook completely, I doubt it will happen soon. Instead I use G+ to connect with interesting people of all sorts, including a HUGE circle of Galaxy Nexus folks. 

  • Brien Gerber

    Yeah its just tough to get friends over. I feel like I use it more like twitter where I circle people i’m interested in as opposed to my real life friends. 

  • Charles

    Only reason I use it is for the instant picture upload integration built into my G-Nex. Other than that, it’s a ghost town.

    • Anonymous

      Its all about whether your friends are on it or not.  Most of my “techie” friends moved over to it so there is a much improved signal/noise ratio on G+ than there is on the crapbook/twitter.

      Also, if you upload a photo via the “share” functionality, the quality of the image SUCKS for me.  Horrible picture quality.  Only once the pic is added to the instant upload area does the quality improve for me.

  • Jared Greenwald

    and still no ability to start a hangout from mobile

    • Anonymous

      I can start a hangout from my GN 

      • Jared Greenwald

        I knew about joining a hangout, but I didn’t think you could start one.  What are the steps you are taking?

    • Anonymous

      That was added like 3 releases ago. WTF are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

    I’m on it more than FB, and trying to evangelize it to my friends.  Once they go +, they’ll never go back!

  • Connor Allen

    Google+ for me is barren. I only know 1 or 2 people who use it consistantly.

  • tjmonkey15

    I would like to make Google+ my only social networking site, but most of my friends don’t use it.

    • If you like Google+ then the only way to have your friends switched to it is to start actively using it and stop using other social networks. Then you’ll friends will switch as well if they are interested in interacting with you. It’s a catch 22 – you not using Google+ because your friends are not using it and your friends are thinking the same about you.

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    • Tristan Cunha

      I’ve been on Google+ since beta, and pretty much stopped using FB at all a few months ago, and then went through and deleted my account compeltely. At first there weren’t too many people I was following because most of my friends/family weren’t on there, but they’ve been switching over slowly. Mostly I’d expect because there are a few of my friends that only post on there.

      Plus, it’s so easy to find other interesting people to follow, from other people’s shares, or “what’s hot” or just nearby posts, I’ve actually had to rearrange my cirlces a couple times because I had too much stuff showing up everyday.

      And the number of users is increasing very quickly, if your friends aren’t on there yet, they will be in a few months, and then it usually takes a couple months for them to start posting instead of just “lurking”, but I can’t imagine the “no one is on Google+” meme surviving very much longer.

  • Anonymous

    ok… what happened to all of us who wanted google to let us opt-out of what’s hot? Now they are including it in the app? I guess they are never going to let us opt out    

    • Just uncheck the “What’s Hot” checkbox in settings > Choose Circles………..gone!

  • Anonymous

    Google+ won’t be compelling until it can feed content in and out with other services. And they should really look at Pinterest’s citation model. I think “boards” could coexist nicely with circles as publishing targets.

  • Jim McClain

    not been on it yet

  • I’m on it all the time, and i’ve met and hung out with literally dozens of new people. I love G+.

    I also noticed that when you long-press on a post, it turns ICS blue, rather than that ugly shade of green that was used before.

  • Stlouisblue

    i use it. you need people to start putting you in real circles, not “those people” circles 🙂

  • i love that you can see individual circles instead of one giant stream. and what’s hot makes it easy to follow new people with similar interests. bravo google.

  • I only post to Twitter (Facebook I updated from Twitter automatically). If G+ had allowed me to post to it from Twitter I could have justified using it (or if G+ posts were easier to share to Twitter from a mobile device). I deleted my account a week or two ago because no one uses it. Facebook was able to easily replicate the innovations they had and most people don’t want another social network to manage (including me). Google should have just purchased Twitter.

  • Anonymous

    I could be wrong here, but isn’t this from 3 weeks ago? 


    • You are wrong, it’s not from 3 weeks ago.

  • I’m still hoping google+ takes off more than it has, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  Facebook is truly awful.