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New DROID Bionic Update 5.9.902 is Ready, Here is the Changelog

Two days ago, Motorola announced that a new update was headed to the DROID Bionic. We assumed that it was the 5.9.902 update that our sources tipped us off about a few weeks back, and sure enough that is exactly what it is. The update will introduce a couple of pieces of bloatware, but most importantly will make the device more stable – something that Bionic uses have been asking for from day 1. Black screen lockups, camera issues, idle resets, and multimedia dock freezes have all been addressed. Oh, battery life should also be a tad better.

The update is 57.6MB in size. Be sure to let us know when it pops up on your device.

Update:  If you a part of the Motorola Feedback Network and have registered your Bionic or soak tests, you should be able to pull the update now.

More info.

Cheers Dan!

  • Saestyalzent

    ok so.. still mp 4G and a crappy v apps.. GUN BROS $6.99 ARE YOU INSANE?

  • Mojocardinals

    D ont have it…dang

  • I got my update late last night/ early this morning. I just rooted for the 1st time yesterday, & thought I had added forever root. I must have done something wrong, as I lost root with this update. The changes I made to enable mobile hotspot stayed though. That was the main point of rooting for me.

  • I don’t think a lot of you guys realize that Motorizon have to roll out these updates first to clean up all the remaining bugs in the Bionic’s code, then they can roll out ICS. Would you rather have a buggy ICS without these two past updates and have black screens of death and all the other crap that has happened to the Bionic since launch, or would you want stuff nice and neat when ICS arrives so everything runs smoothly….Hmm…..I know what I would choose. Just sit back and wait for ICS and stop complaining already people. We will get our Android Desserts when they feel like rolling out the 4.0 update, which should happen before the first half of 2012 is done.

    • I bought the Bionic with the Lapdock after finding out that Cisco AnyConnect runs on Android (when rooted).  I wanted to use ConnectBot to login to web servers for work and AnyConnect is a requirement.  I was all set to use it and rooted my Bionic only to find out that the Lapdock doesn’t work when the phone is rooted (or at least it didn’t, I haven’t tried since this last update).  ICS includes hooks that will allow AnyConnect to work without root and Cisco has stated that those of us who can’t or don’t want to root will have to wait for ICS before we can run AnyConnect.

      So yeah, I’m anxious for ICS.  It’s holding up a feature that I have wanted badly since I got this phone.  It’s a big deal to me.

  • Jaypro99

    I want ICS

  • Rob Lemin

    I got the update this morning.  My phone just now suddenly powered down for no reason and wouldn’t restart until i pulled the battery twice.  Anyone else with the same issue?

  • Bionic – Arizona

    I got the .902 update on both my phones last night.  Not rooted,no issues with download. Just dont like the bloatware crap that was installed.. Hopefully Motorola will push ICS soon.

  • mr scott

    got my update to day

  • Dime-Baggins

    Got it!  =]

  • Kcgr8 66

    Just got my update today. Everything Verizon is doing in the update is all well and good, but more bloat and less useful content. I would have preferred less bloat or the ability for users to easily remove bloat that they do not use or want. However that would be to easy and everyone knows our Big Bro Verizon doors not think we can make or own informed decisions. Whatever. Last item, nice update, but where is Ice Cream Sandwich? Come on Verizon….

  • Exunkown

    Just got this update. 1230 works much faster online great new apps yay bout time

  • djembeman

    My phone is downloading the .902 update right now. Current version. 893. Forever-rooted, already updated once since being rooted, so here’s hoping that this will work perfectly.

  • Who cares?  I want ICS!

    • ajjaeger


  • Well, finally received the 5.9.902 update on my Bionic with one hiccup….I was rooted/forever rooted and all that jazz and tried twice with the update….everytime it would fail and then reboot with the message “Update Failed” with no reasoning as to why it did fail. So, sadly, used the .893 fastboot file to go back to complete stock and lo and behold the update applied successfully. I’m just without root now :-(. It’s not too bad though since I plan on getting the GNEX once I have an upgrade ready in like 2-3 months. Just wondering why it didn’t work for me and others that were forever rooted it did work……

    • Pokerloser949

      If you have any apps frozen you need to unfreeze them before an OTA update will apply.  Took me forever to figure this out but it works

  • maxoct97

    Installed on my device. Los Angeles. 

    • maxoct97

      I’m a non-soak tester. Non-rooted. 

  • Stabby_Smurf

    Anyone know when the update will be available for non soak testers?

    • Calebc742

      I got it and I was not a tester, I beleive its been released to the general public. Are you rooted?

      • IowaBionic

        I havent see anything out yet for me here in iowa

        • Anonymous

           rooted, am a member of the feedback network but form what most ppl said you have to be on wifi to dl it.

          • Tracyjesse

             I got it this morning and was not on wifi. Everything is working fine so far

    • Duck

      No one knows, including Motorola.  It hasn’t been released to the general public yet.  It is a good update but the process, much like the phone, what a nightmare.  Motorola will let you have it when they get around to it.  If you are smart, you will run before it comes, buy a different phone and enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    from MOTO: 
    A note about Ice Cream Sandwich:We are planning to upgrade DROID RAZR™ by Motorola, Motorola RAZR™, Motorola XOOM™ (including MOTOROLA XOOM™ Family Edition) and DROID BIONIC™ by Motorola to Ice Cream Sandwich. We will provide more precise guidance on timing after post-public push of Ice Cream Sandwich by Google, as well as any possible additions to this list of devices.

    • Calebc742

      Can you help me reroot my phone? I lost root on .902!:(

      • Anonymous

        No sorry, I’m not rooted. I decided after having been rooted with my OG Droid to stay unrooted with my Bionic cause I liked the UI and blur and wanted to stay on track for ICS.

        • Calebc742

          I did not Forever Root mine! Im so sad to lose it now.. And I beleive you will still get ICS if your rooted.

  • Calebc742

    I was rooted before the update and after I am no longer rooted? How to I re-root? Will I just have to wait for a new set of root tools becomes available to .902??

  • OOPS!  I never did the Forever Root before this update.  Anyone have suggestions on rooting after this update Petes 1-click does not seem to work.

    • Calebc742

      I had the same problem man, im super depressed about it

      • Anonymous

         consider P3 droids track to ota again.  basically it forces .893 or something, lets you root, forever root, then apply updates to .901, from there you can pull the .902 update having forever root

  • Pettis63

    No update in Central Wisconsin yet….

  • I wonder if this is upgradable from 5.9.901? It took me a lot to get to
    that point and rooted since I was off of the OTA path with a previous
    update. Hopefully I am still on the “ota path” with 5.9.901

    • Dan-O

      Yes, it is. There are actually 2 different OTA files being pushed. One that goes from 893 to 902 and one that goes from 901 to 902.

  • Gotit

    If your a Motorola Feedback Network member, where or how do you find the update??

    • if you were chosen to be in the soak testing group, it would have been pushed to your device by 10pm EST last night, if not you just have to wait until verizon pushes it out later this week, hopefully.

      • Anonymous

         wasn’t pushed to my device, i had to pull it this morning.  must be on wifi for it to pull.

  • Bionic

    Not available for mine yet.

  • Hodgewdm

    I got the update around 11:30 CST.  I was in 5.7.893 and did the pathsaver 1 click method to revert to 5.5.893…it worked and I got the update this morning..

  • Droids

    Got it from the soak test. Installed over 893. Kept root (4ever root). No issues at all.

  • Anonymous

    Because their insecurities about their Nexus need some external affirmation of their adequacies.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t get it yet 🙁

  • LegalAmerican

    Why are Nexus owners commenting on this?  There must be nothing useful for them to do on their own forum.  They have to read all about the Bionic and pretend they aren’t devestated that they don’t own it.  Someone pull the blinds down so they can’t see in and have to be alone out in the cold.

    • Anonymous

      Because their insecurities about their Nexus, they need some external affirmation of their adequacies.

    • Inbred Republican

      Owned both, kept the Nexus primarily because of the locked bootloader. Seemed to much like an iPhone.

  • anyway to get this from the leaked 5.7.893 a few months ago ?

    • Hodgewdm

      I was on the 5.7.893 leak as well.  I used the Bionic Pathsaver 1 click method to get back to 5.5.893 on Sunday and I received the update this morning…
      Bionic Path Saver 1-Click Method

  • Tjz

    Even with the update, Verizon let me swap to a Nexus. Thank god….

    • Anonymous

      Wait, how did you manage this? Did you tell them of issues or something? Was it free?

  • richlost

    Downloading now 😀

  • barritonish

    umm…I think there are more then just 2 apps on this update, I have a couple now I don’t recognize.

    • Anonymous

      I believe 901 introduced some, so if you skipped 901 you probably gained those too.

      • barritonish

        my phone said I was up to date prior to this update but now I have Slingplayer and MOG music pre-installed that I can’t remove. Maybe I missed them somehow in a previous update.

        • Anonymous

          901 didn’t get rolled out to everyone. My phone skipped it too.

  • Sk102704

    Hey Kellex,
    Any thoughts on what the soak test email yesterday was referring to?  Could the soak test be that quick to release the update a day after testing?  Could it be ICS possibly?

  • Mathew Bolden

    just showed up for me!

    • Mike Lamp

      Just showed up for me as well as part of the soak test.

  • Mine wants to update (on stock 5.5.893) but I’m waiting to hear if forever root maintains through it.

    • Ozlat

      I’d love to know the answer to this too!

    • masiv

      Root remained for me.  5.9.902

      •  Thanks for the update. Will try for myself in a few minutes then.

      • Effinay

        did you need to do anything special to get it to install? Mine fails when I try to apply it.

        • masiv

          typical install.  root remained after update was complete

  • Lmntbnntt

    Getting the update now!

  • Jonny_Ks

    Popped up right as I finished reading the article. First time my phone alerted me before I could check for an update since the first g1 update…

  • Has anyone gotten the update yet?

  • I’m on stock 5.9.901 not rooted, It says my system is already up to date.

    • Anonymous

      Same here. Ugh. I thought 901 had gotten us back on the update path.  What a disaster this phoneh has become.

      • I don’t think it’s that, 901 was pushed out by motorola so it HAS to be part of their update path. If not, there will be hell to pay.

      • Anon

         If you’re on .901, you’re still on the update path.

        …says someone who was on OTA .901 until five minutes ago.

  • Anonymous

    So does this update break anything? Root? Free hotspot?

    • probably root, but not sure.

    • masiv

      Updated to 5.9.902.XT875 15 minutes ago.  Root remained intact. 

  • hmmm but the soak test email just came yesterday? maybe its for a future update and not this one?

  • Murph

    then….what was the soak test email i got yesterday afternoon about??  ICS?  could it be?  🙂

    • Jon

      How does one get on the soak test bandwagon? Where do I sign up?

      • Sk102704

        You signup on the Motorola Feedback forum.

      • Jonny_Ks

        Join the Moto feedback network forums for a chance to be included.

  • guest

    update was 5.5.893.xt875.verizon.en.US

    • Wrong, the file name is named to match the current version you are running, not the version you are upgrading to.

      • In which case, the file name from guest would be right…./facepalm

  • Smurf

    Bionic camera owns the nexus

    • Anonymous

      if that makes you feel better than us GNEX owners, by all means keep gloating. 

      • Bionic battery owns the nexus, too.

        • Franzie3

          well with unlocked bootloaders, and better screens i’d say nexus owns bionic.  Matter of fact, my nexus owns my roommates bionic in battery since i can run custom ROMs with kernels…i can go over a day with my battery, he cant.

          • Biggus Dickus

            Bonic has a bigger penis

          • Anonymous

            Then why do you feel the need to read/comment about the Bionic? You jelly?

          • Anon

             Actually, he’s probably commenting because some pro-Bionic anti-Nexus troll started off with “Bionic camera owns the Nexus”.

            I’m a Bionic owner who’s happy with his phone.  I’m glad GNex users are happy with theirs.  I have no need to gloat; I’m secure in my phone and my manhood.  Can’t we all just get along?

        • Anonymous

          Ok bud

    • Dude

      So it takes pictures quicker that don’t come out blurry?

    • Tony Allen

      Sure, when the lighting is perfect, and you can hold it perfectly still for long enough to allow it to take a picture ROFL, the camera is my least favorite aspect of my Bionic. It’s pretty miserable, even when it’s working well. My tests on GNs have been considerably more pleasant.

  • Skeetch79

    will this install over 5.5.893 or 5.9.901? if this will go over 5.5.893, the changelog seems alot shorter than 5.9.901’s. 

  • Redwinedr101

    just got it this morning

  • Surprise surprise:  “Check for update is not available at this time.  Try again later”.  Bring your update servers back online damn it!

    • DB

      im getting this too. is that a big problem, or does it just mean im in a holding pattern?

      • Try turning on WiFi, that seemed to allow it to connect to the update servers for me at least.

        • Anonymous

          That’s what did it for me as well.

      • Davidborchgrevink

        Had this problem since I bought the phone in January. Factory reset under privacy settings fixes it. Kind of a pain in the ass setting everything up again but at least check for updates works.

        • DB

          i manually downloaded .901… this may be the reason??

          • Anon

             Having an OTA download of .901, I had the same issue with Updates.  I don’t think it has anything to do with the manual update vs. OTA.

            Doing a hard-reset fixed the issue.  It could also be that this is something that .902 fixes so that it doesn’t happen again.

          • Pokerloser949

            If you have any apps frozen you need to unfreeze them before an OTA update will apply.  Took me forever to figure this out but it works

          • Tony Allen

            I use App Quarantine and I had some apps frozen/quarantined. I forgot about them *out of sight out of mind* and my .902 went through just fine.

      • Rickjgraham

        You might need to reset your phone to get the update. Thats what I had to do. Good luck!

  • Anonymous

    Thank God we’re getting the VCrapst Apps Store back.

  • John

    ::sends the “try to update your phone” txt to family members who were unlucky enough to get this phone::

    • Anonymous

      I have a Bionic in my family collection, and I honestly don’t have many complaints.

      • John

        Well that’s cool. As a typical pretentious Galaxy Nexus owner, you should expect that type of comment from “us” 😉

        • Anonymous

          No worries, I’ve made more than my fair share of jabs at Moto.

        • John Suh

          You are so cool

          • John

            I’m so cool that even ice cubes are jealous!!

    • Honestly don’t count myself unlucky.  I love the phone when it works, and by all indications that should be permanently now 😀

      • John

        Cool. I should’ve expected a few feathers to be ruffled with my passive jab towards Moto