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Android 4.0.5 Coming to Galaxy Nexus in March According to French Mobile Site SFR

We are barely settling into Android 4.0.4 on the Galaxy Nexus (unofficially of course) and French mobile site SFR is reporting that Android 4.0.5 will be out in March. Do we believe them? Eh, maybe. It’s tough to tell with these Euro mobile sites if their information is on point or not. Since this looks to be a retailer, you would think that they would have some sort of an idea as to when their phones will be updated, but again, you just never know. If we see this info disappear into the internet’s abyss within the next couple of hours, you can maybe put a little bit of money on it.

Via:  SFR, reddit

  • Jim McClain

    when will all of us who are not interested in rooting and unlocking get our updates? was promised support,been almost 2 months lots of fixes needed and seen nothing yet, pathetic

  • Jim McClain

    they are dragging this out forever, fix this phone,give us all the updates,tired of this piece of crap

  • This is good news only if you have a GSM model (since that’s the variant most likely to be used in France).

  • Anonymous

    Seems like there will be different releases targeting different devices?  So maybe .4 for LTE and .5 for GSM?  However thanks to custom roms I’m sure we’ll all stay on the latest whether we need it or not. 😛

  • Pale5151

    I am waiting for 4.03 never mind 4.5

    • Rick

      4.0.3 is for Nexus S/4G and for tablets I read.

    • we’re getting 4.0.4 next

  • Rick


    Saw this: http://thedroidguy.com/2012/01/verizon-wireless-issues-list-of-galaxy-nexus-issues-that-dont-warrant-a-replacement/ and it takes about another update in March.

  • I went there. http://bit.ly/zZobEo

    • Anonymous

       4.5 in another planet – MARS!

      • 4.5 in another planet – URANUS! ROFL COPTER

  • Anonymous

    haven’t even seen the official release of 4.0.3 yet.  If 4.04 fixes the radio, what the heck does 4.0.3 do?

    • it’s nonexistant. disregard it.

      • Anonymous

        Just like Leisure Suit Larry 4!  Spooky…

    • 4.0.3 was rolling out to Nexus S devices and was stopped, presumably to work out some bugs. kimir is right, for all practical purposes, it doesn’t exist.

  • Anonymous

    Any word or rumor yet as to when the official 4.04 will be released?

  • Jd

    hah.  doubtful.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody running that leaked 4.0.4?  How’s that treatin’ ya?  I’m always a little scared to pull the trigger on leaked ROMs.

  • John

    Hell yes.

  • That hopefully means we’ll see 4.0.4 soon. If this 4.0.5 rumor holds true that means we’ll have 2 significant updates in as many months. This is why I bought a Nexus.

    • ddevito

      yeah but we’ll see how quickly they’re actually released. I’m still convinced Friday’s news meant that Verizon controls it 100% now.

      • you’re reading wrong. Google still controls it

        • ddevito

          Yes, I didn’t post what I meant to say correctly. Google controls the code.

          But I think we can kiss OTA updates directly from Google goodbye. Looks like that’ll never happen. So in that case the Nexus doesn’t have much of an advantage over other phones on Verizon like we all imagined and hoped for.

          • Noyfb

            stock update from verizon is still 4.0.2 after unboxing and updating, on my brothers new phone today. Does anyone have timelines for stock updates for 4.0.3 & 4.0.4? Thanks for any info

          • Root your phone. I was sick of waiting on Verizon too but now I’m running 4.0.4 and it’s working great. Some nice speed improvements (especially with scrolling) and new cell radios.

  • Anonymous

    did you guys ever figure out what 4.0.4 is doing for us? i didn’t see any article updates (but A LOT of comments).

    • ddevito

      Here’s an unofficial list:

      Noticeably FasterAndroid OS bug fixed (in battery stats)Long-pressing on a blank spot on the last page of app tray bug is goneNew Radios. 3G/4G switching MUCH better. Don’t even notice it changing.Improved signal strengthNew Power Menu. New from 4.0.2, familiar to those who have used a stock 4.0.3 rom. Screenshot herePRIMELA03 BootloaderFaster boot up timeAuto-brightness Functionality changed. Smooth transitionHolding down camera button now refocuses againMultitouch issue seems resolved. Screenshot hereAutorotate is fasterBrowser performance noticeably improvedRecent apps list opens fasterMiscellaneous camera UI changesIncreased volumeKeyboard fixesUpdated News & Weather app UIImproved quick controls in browser. New when coming from 4.0.2. Present in 4.0.3. Screenshot here (Update: 02/05)

      • Anonymous

        That all looks nice!

      • mikeym0p

        The auto-brightness tweaks, are the lower brightness values tweaked? Or is it just the transition?

        • ddevito

          Transition I believe. Currently in 4.0.2 I think there’s a delay but can’t remember. I think this was fixed in 4.0.3 actually.

      • Anonymous

        While it definitely has genuine improved signal strength over the 4.0.3 radios, it also now includes the fudged display. -95 is now full bars. …Yea right.

        • ddevito

          LOL. Yeah it’s amazing they get away with that.