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Staples Gives Us Their Take on Tablet Data [Infographic]

A little tablet data to take you into the weekend? And I don’t know why, but I find it shocking that the average tablet user manages to spend 90 minutes per day on one. I also think people lied about using them in the bathroom. Name me a better bathroom buddy than a massive 10″ slab?

Via:  Staples

Cheers Kris!

  • Anonymous

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  • I got in on the Stales $250 Xoom firesale last week. I am loving this tablet!

  • Anonymous

    “35% of people say they have used them in the bathroom.” In reality 35% of them omitted to using one in the bathroom, the other 65% didn’t want to say they have.

  • Kellex, any more rumors or word on that pure Google experience 7 inch tablet that’s supposed to be coming?

  • WAldenIV

    I use my tablet all the time at home. It’s lighter and brighter than my laptop with much better battery life. Salesmen are starting to use tablets all the time; they no longer need to carry brochures or technical documents. I don’t use mine on the throne, though. The phone is for the throne.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mind being honest here, If I’m in no rush and I’m already in the middle of something I’ll bring my Transformer Prime into the bathroom with me. Also I find it much easier to take around with me than my 18.4″ Toshiba laptop, so I take it almost everywhere I go.

    (P.S. This is all written from my Transformer Prime…though not on the toilet 😉 )

  • Alex

    i worked for staples.  The only time i ever saw a tablet sold was when the new hp touchpad was first released.  They advertised the Blackberry playbook with a pretty big display.  People played with it but never bought it.  As for Android.. they sold 2 maybe 3 tablets and a $30 deal to set up a tablet, which im 100% sure is literally a scam.   Even old people can set up email:D.

    • Anonymous

      I also work for Staples and I bought a touchpad. I actually sold quite a few tablets at my store. Not the playbook, but android tablets. All it takes is some salesmanship!

      Also, the tablet setup is $20 and is not a scam, a lot of people in my store don’t know how to make an account for their tablets, and we help them download apps, etc. Some people feel it’s a good value.

  • Kellex: I’m all business when I go to the bathroom. The average poop for me is probably under a minute. There is no time for a tablet.

    • well psh, you get a gold star!

  • Anonymous

    I would say due to the Kindle Fire and the Craptacular Ebay specials that the 7″ tablet is probably making a huge push. (Staples can’t sell Apple products so they probably omitted those results)

    • I really like the 7 inch tablets in terms of form factor, but I haven’t found one with a solid dev community and all the features I want. Droid Life teased a Google experience 7 inch tablet for $200 rumor a while back…but no more word on the subject since.

  • Anonymous

    Its funnier that Staples can’t get Apple to let them be a vendor.

  • Drew

    It is the perfect solution for many business travelers. It is terrific for email and convenience browsing, like a phone, but gives you the added ability to review and revise documents, watch video in a larger format, etc. I was very skeptical when the iPad came out, but since I purchased my Xoom I have become a believer.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree. Not as portable as a phone and a cheap eMachines PC could punish them technically. Remember people thought net books were the next sliced bread also….

  • I find this infographic to be quite shocking.  We have 4 tablets in my family and since the novelty wore off, they’re all sitting idle with little usage.  The same cannot be said about our smartphones.  I genuinely cannot believe there is a market for tablets.

    • Zachary Manville

      with my tablet, i cant believe they havent replaced tv and gaming consoles in more households

    • Raven

       I was a huge tablet skeptic at first, never thought I would want one.  Then a friend got one and sensing a little envy in me, my wife bought me one for my birthday (Transformer).  Saying it has changed my life sounds a bit extreme, but it has certainly changed how I use technology.  I used to sit at my laptop desk in the living room evenings we are home while watching TV and what not.  I would deal with my 4 email accounts and manage a charity web site I run (which includes dealing with some Facebook stuff), do a little web surfing, whatever.  Now, I sit on my couch next to my wife watching TV and doing those same things on my tablet.  I only use my laptop anymore for things like picture and video editing that I have to do sometimes.  My 5 year old daughter also loves my tablet and we sit and play learning games together.  I even picked up a cheaper 7″ Iconia tablet for her to use but then found myself taking that out with me a lot because it is a little more pocketable than my Transformer.  So, I would definitely say there is a market for tablets.

      • I can appreciate that.  I guess in my case, my android has taken that role and more. I’m too lazy to lug around a full-sized tablet when a smartphone serves the same purpose and is much more convenient, but that’s just me.

  • Interesting the most common size is 10, yet the iPad is 9.7

    • Anonymous

      Sounds like a marketing ploy to me. “Everyone else is buying the most expensive one so should I”

    • Its still considered 10. Kinda how that 32″ TV is really 31.7″.

      I don’t have extra cash right now, but if and when I buy a tablet its going to have to be more ~13″ if its 16:9 aspect ratio.