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Saturday Poll: Does Your Galaxy Nexus Microphone Cut Out During Calls?

All the way back during week one of our time with the Galaxy Nexus. emails started trickling in from users who were dealing with a microphone muting issue while on calls. We have yet to run into the issue ourselves, but it’s clear if you browse any tech forum on the internet that this is a problem for a number of owners. Verizon appears hesitant to admit that it’s a serious problem, so we thought we would run a poll to see how many of you are being affected by it. No better way to let them know that with some numbers, right?

What exactly is happening? While taking incoming calls or making outgoing calls, the microphone on the device will cut out so that the person on the other end of the line can no longer hear a thing which obviously leads to them hanging up. Toggling mute on or off, switching to speakerphone, swapping devices, activating new SIM cards, etc. are not helping the situation. It’s pretty obvious that this is a software bug that simply needs to be addressed in the next update. The problem is, that this started happening to users back in December and we are now almost a week into February without a fix.

We still have no word on when the big Android 4.0.3 (or is it 4.0.4 now?) update will be out.

Does Your Galaxy Nexus Microphone Cut Out During Calls?

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Cheers Matt and everyone else!

  • cguella

    Please STAR this issue in the Google defect database. We need more attention on the issue. http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019

  • everettedl

    Maybe this poll should be about the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Those are the ones that seem to have the most issues from the Google forum (mine included)

  • Just received my 2nd handset with this issue. Really thinking about giving up on the Nexus. I’ts just not worth the issues.

  • Modnoc121

    I am having the same issue here any soulutions?

  • Wakajawaka

    I have had two Nexi and both have cut out during calls. They both did it constantly. Non rooted 4.0.2. Nothing helps. Wiped the phone, no apps, turning on and off and changing various states. Still cuts out the mic. Very frustrating. It has gotten so bad, my friends, colleagues and customers know it is my phone and that I am waiting for a magical software fix which never comes.  The most frustrating phone experience I have ever had. Giving up 

  • nailbomb3

    Kellex, you should bring this back to the front again. Here we are, its almost the end of March and still no fix.

    This is a REAL issue and NO its not me covering the damn mic with my finger. It happens with:

    1. all ROMS
    2. all radios
    3. all the Kernels I’ve tried
    4. with bluetooth the speakerphone AND the Mic!

    John Baptiste-Quero from Google tacitly admitted to me that its an issue with one of Sammys propietary closed source binaries. That would explain why 4.0.3 ROMS have the issue, because while userland is on 4.0.3 those proprietary binaries are OLD as there no newer factory image other than 4.0.2.

    Someone needs to get a STRAIGHT answer about whether this is getting addressed in the 4.0.5 OTA.

  • Danzzwiebel

    Second phone in a week – same issue.  Grrrr!

  • Jeremy

    Mine does this almost every single conversation.  A huge disappointment, and frankly, embarassing.  Talking to folks and having the mic cut out is so awkward!

  • Anonymous

    Please go star the following site if you are having this problem. Let’s get Google’s attention. 

  • Brent Morin

    If you are not one of the ones having this problem, I bet those of us that do have the problem can give a list of cities that you are NOT in. This is a regional issue; and NOT related to the region of the phone where I place my damn finger.  

  • Anonymous

    I got this phone the first day it came out.  I started having this issue since day 1 where the other person I was talking with could not hear me, but I could still hear them just fine. I don’t use a Bluetooth device or a wired headset, just talking into the phone. A week later, I took the phone back and had it replaced with a new one.  I thought this had fixed the problem but after a couple of weeks the problem returned.  What is driving most of us crazy who are experiencing this issue  is that Verizon tells everyone they have not heard of this problem before.  You can tell by all the comments on various websites that thousands of people are calling in to complain about this issue, and many of them have traded their phone and sim cards in two or three times to see if that would fix the problem to no avail.  But Verizon will act like you are the first person to call in to report this problem!  I think it is great that most people who own this phone are not experiencing any issues, but if this poll is a reflection of what is going on nationwide, this is big problem and Verizon/Google/Samsung need to acknowledge it and get it fixed!

  • Lakerzz

    The only problem/ bug I have with mine, is when you are doing something on the phone, and at the same time I receive a phone call, the slider to answer a call “freezes”. I then have to lock the phone, and unlock to “unfreeze” the answer slider!!

  • Anonymous

    Wasnt aware there was an issue.. aside from abnormally low speakerphone no issues

  • Anonymous

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    • Jim McClain

      this person is an adiot

    • Anonymous

      I hate you…and your mother, for having you

  • Anonymous

    I had problems with this with my first & second Nexus. I swapped my first one out for a different reason, but it continued to happen with my second one. On one forum, I read that someone had luck swapping their Sim card. Since my second one was using my first one’s Sim, I decided to give it a try. That apparently worked because I have not experienced the problem since.

  • Anonymous

    So all of you who laughed at RAZR buyers because we didnt want v.0 of an OS, please refer to this article and comments. Thank you.

    That being said, I do hope it gets resolved quickly. I feel for ya…

  • Anonymous

    To those that suggest that we’re holding it wrong or somehow covering the mic hole.Those are questions I would ask a 5 year old. I’ve got 2 phones and both have this problem. My wife had 2 from BB and just ordered her 4th one from verizon, i’m ordering my 3rd one on monday. Phones have been in various stages of locked stock and unlocked rooted, no difference. Another result of this problem is that the dial pad wont transmit, meaning you can’t access voice mail because password isnt recognized. Where is verizons responsibility to give us working phones that we already bought and not pawn off refurb RAZR or Resounds to us that we didn’t want in the first place.  


    i have had this issue. I did how ever have a reboot issue…kind of like a boot loop. I took it in and they gave me a new phone on the spot. The only issue i have had is a buggy keyboard. Now to keep this in perspective, this is a new OS. With new a new OS there will be probs. Im okay with how things are thus far. Again, i would still tell anyo.e on verizon to pull the trigger and get this phone. All in all its a very good phone. I think people that come to this pg to help pick a phone see all the probs posted & think its not that good of a phone, it is. Just wanted to chime in.


  • Kellyarens40

    OK so here is the short version….Buy the Nexus on the day it drops and little by little I start having issues while making and receiving calls.  The person on the other end can only hear a clicking noise, but I can hear them perfectly.  This happens immediately, a few minutes in or maybe 30 minutes in.  I call Verizon and new Sim Card…no fix, call Verizon and new phone…no fix, Call Verizon and new RAZR….problem solved.

  • Deiler

    I love this phone, but the microphone cutting out is getting unbearable.  It only happened periodically in the beginning, but now it is happening several times a day.  It sucks that I can’t use my phone as a phone.  

    GOOGLE, Please fix this for us!!!!

  • Sts86gt

    yes, I’m going back to my OG Droid. (just kidding).

  • Anonymous

    I have issues with the headphones and mic that came with my Galaxy Nexus. People have a hard time hearing me using that little thing.

    • eze4

      It’s called a bluetooth

  • Evan

    I know what the problem is…it was manufactured by Samsung. I had a charge and swore I’d never buy from that company again. The pure Google is like lipstick on a pig.

  • Zeeds6

    I had to go back to my iphone until they fix this problem.  Almost every call it would do it.  So annoying.  

  • Gerrysafford86

    people that want a solution to this issues check the link theres a new ics verison that is flashable some claim its solved alot of there issues including the radio issue. 

  • Anonymous

    So glad this is getting more attention. Thank you Droid-Life!! Here is a Google issue thread that some of us have been talking about this problem for a while. http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=24019 
    We have determined a few things: It is a one way audio issue and not a mic issue. This happens on headsets, bluetooth, etc… This seems to be a regional issue. Some users have reported moving or traveling and not having the issue anymore. This is not just a Verizon issue, GSM users and international users have had this problem as well. This issue happens regardless of ROM, Radio, Bootloader, etc. There is plenty more information in the thread above. Google/Samsung please fix this soon!!

    • Deiler

      Thank you for cross-referencing this.  Everyone, if you are experiencing this issue, PLEASE go and “star” the issue at the provided link.   Hopefully that will get Google’s attention.
      Thank you

      • Anonymous

        Before you do that, make sure you are not covering the mic with your finger! 

        If after that it still isn’t working then by all means…

        • Anonymous

          Not covering the mike with my finger…. as I stated this is a one way audio problem happening when talking on Bluetooth or wired headsets as well. Clearly not a finger issue. As seen in the poll almost a third of Nexus users are also experiencing this. We are all hoping for a fix soon. This phone is amazing but the one way audio.cut outs get beyond frustrating.

          • Anonymous

            Not saying that the finger is the only cause. My voice recognition wasn’t working and my mic would cut out during calls. It turned out my finger was covering the mic (it is very easy to do). I’m just saying that this is probably happening to a few people as well and it would be good to check. 

          • Anonymous

            Agreed you may be experiencing this actually but that 1/3 on google forums is prolly half that due to trolls and another half of the alreadu half from ppl covering the mic… i cover the mic on my iphone4 almost every call cas the phone is so damn small but i have to admit its user error

            Btw i have not experienced this issue.. low speakerphone volume yea mic cutting out nope .. 3 week owner

          • Anonymous

            Can we please stop bickering out the finger possibility and other assorted nonsense? This is clearly a bonafide issue that many gnex users are having. It seems to be regional and is extremely frustrating. Let’s focus on raising awareness to get a fix for those affected.

            For those not affected – congratulations and enjoy all the benefits of this amazing device. Please help fellow gnex users by not ckuttering this with nonsense that may get in the way readers gathering info.

            I’m off my soap box now.

  • Azndan4

    I’m running AOKP (Android 4.0.3) and I have no mic problems. Is it only happening to people on the stock firmware?

    • Kris

      Stock firmware is not stock as there was an update 4.0.2 right after activation. I am running Stock from the box (no custom roms) and I am having this problem 

    • Anonymous

      I am having this problem on AOKP. I have had it ony every ROM I have tried as well as different Radios. 

  • jimbob

    Truth be told, I’ve only talked on it about 5 minutes. The other person said I sounded great, like I was there and it wasn’t even a phone call. I’d say it’s doing okay so far.

  • Djlowproz

    android 4.0.4 for the galaxy nexus is up?

  • Kris

    I plug mine into a fm transmitter and it does cut out every once in a while. It acts like the output jack was unplugged. I found this also happens when listening to music with the headphones that came with the phone. My BIGGEST problem with the Gnex is that the ringer and notification volume are tied together. I don’t care if i get an email in the middle of the night, but i do want the phone to ring if someone calls. Having to change the notification default every night and every morning is getting tiresome and it makes it difficult to set up different ringtones for different things.

    • That’s an ICS thing, not phone specific. I can’t imagine why they thought it was a good idea. Latest version of AOKP has them unlinked.

  • Someones

    never had it happen, but ive had a rom on my nexus forever 

  • Ok

    No, you’re most likely placing your finger over the little microphone dot which will completely mute the phone.

    • Mike Petty

      I can still hear side-tone, aka my voice looped back into the speaker.  It’s definitely picking me up.  Not to mention, I’ve had phone calls cut out right in the middle of my daughter screaming at the top of her lungs, with absolutely zero audio on the other side.  It’s not muffled, it’s totally 100% gone.

    • Matt

      If you haven’t been fighting this problem for 2 months, you probably don’t want to speculate, because, you’re wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Unrelated but bgr doesnt allow any comments under this article, wtf.  So much for “it just works” lol.

  • Anonymous

    I think this is a figment of folks imaginations…just like I am imagining my poor signal strength. I have, and still do, wanted to love this phone from day one. But now with Google pulling it off of “official support” and the fact that I can’t use it to its fullest capabilities because of a weaker than normal.signal, I have been really disappointed in the gnex. If this is what it means to own a Nexus, I could have lived without it. Wish I had known it two months ago when I used my last upgrade.

    • Anonymous

      google is still supporting the phone, did you actually read the articles and clarifications from google, geesh

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I did read quite a bit. I’m still somewhat disappointed though because it sounds like the update will have to run through verizon. That stinks. If verizon messes with the updates, there goes the pure Google device. I hate that there is even a possibility of it. So while gnex is still supported it is not “officially supported”. At least that is what I have read.

        • angermeans

          You might want to read a little more. All updates come “through Verizon” as they are checked to make sure there are no problems. The updates will come from Google and then checked and pushed. Nothing has changed in that matter. What happened yesterday was Google updating their developer page in AOSP to avoid confusion. Anyone can still build AOSP, but the data and phone calls will not work unless the missing signed apks from Verizon are there. Because of this Google took in off the dev page and that is it. Unless you plan to develop I doubt that you will ever notice a difference. I wonder if you even knew what a Nexus device was all about to begin with (I didnt until I really started to do some research. All this means is that the wonderful devs at XDA and RootzWiki will have to add the signed apk (I dont know too much how this works, but it might not even be different then what they have been doing all along) all CDMA devices have this issue that is why you cant just throw in a 4G SIM and off you go as you do with GSM phones. Believe me man I spent hours yesterday reading and I think if it bothers you this much then you should take a minute and read (starting with the posts on this site from yesterday and Android Central has a great one that Jerry wrote up and also it looks like he spent a lot of time answering people that posted their concerns) people need to let it go and/or go educate yourself before making an assumption as it really isnt anything to really worry about. 

          • Anonymous

            Hope you are right. That would be nice.

        • No. Verizon (or Sprint, or whatever CDMA carrier) has to provide Google with the CDMA things that require different keys. Then Google takes those and puts them in with its otherwise open source build and pushes it out. This is all just technicality. The reason it was pulled from their official stuff is because technically, it’s no longer open source once those other closed source bits go in there from VZW or Sprint or whoever. Updates are still coming to us straight from Google.

          And anyway, “what it means to own a Nexus” is ****ing fantastic dev support, more than anything else. Slap a ROM and a kernel on there, and stop worrying and enjoy your phone.

          • Anonymous

            good advice! I may just go with that and try a new rom tonight! Thanks!

  • Joshwaaaaa

    Is it really the speaker? I’ve activated the keypad when it happened and hit the numbers and they don’t work either. Do they require a mic?

  • Joshwaaaaa

    Yes, this has happened to me. Once it happened 3 times in an hour prompting me to call VZW support. Got transferred to some upper tier tech support who wanted me to do a bunch of crap I’ve already done then he puts me on hold and when he comes back he says it’s a known issue and that a fix is scheduled for this month. Who knows if he really knew anything. Love the phone otherwise.

  • Anonymous

    Basically, I will be on a call, the person on the receiving end will all of a sudden not hear me. I can hear them fine. It happens frequently enough to be very inconvenient.

    • Mr. Vick

      DUDE! this hits it on the head! I want to love my GNex but I can guarantee this mic issue to happen EVERY SINGLE call I make! Inconvenience is an understatement. I have tried diff combinations from stock, custom kernels, and ROMs but still have the issue. It has been described to me as a low popping sound when I try and speak or a flat out mute. I’ve tried going in store and get hit with the same “It’s a known issue” speech and basically wait for the update. I really am surprised Google nor VZW hasn’t addressed this issue. I am tempted to just switch back to the DX until something is done. 

      • Matt

        Funny, after 4 calls to 4 different techs, every single one denies that it is a known issue.

  • SD_Scott

    This has only happened to me twice, but the call was dropped and then I couldn’t dial out and nobody could call me until I rebooted the phone.  Running stock.

  • Anonymous

    My RAZR works great, just in case you were wondering.

    • Anonymous

      lol… thanks

    • Anonymous

      I dunno if you have seen a GNex camera shot, but how does the Razr camera optics compare to the GNex? There’s a lot to be left desired of Moto’s cameras, and we all know from reviews that Samsung’s optics on the GNex is “subpar”. What do you think?

      An unbiased opinion would be great. Still wondering if I should go and jump on the COSTCO Nexus deal, or wait a little longer til Mobile World Congress.


      • Anonymous

        I am extremely pleased with the camera on the RAZR. It is not a point and shoot replacement, but it is quick, has good focus and great color. Also has the panoramic mode that works great. Like the Droid Life review says, this is the best camera on any Moto device ever.

    • Anonymous

      Trying to compensate for that locked bootloader and year old OS? 😉

      My gnex works flawless and i couldnt imagine being off ICS after running it for 3 days.. it would be like going back to XP from 7…. android 2.0-2.3 are all the same +/- some new options … 4.0 is a brand new unbelievably polished OS that i cant wait to hit all android devices.. its stunning even for noobs.. matias was an amazing hire

  • Pcraig87

    No problems here running AOKP milestone 3. No mic issue, no random reboots. All in all I am pretty happy with this phone. One thing to fix is the volume of the speaker. Volume+ is working ok but an OTA fix would be nice. 

    • Anonymous

      Never had random reboots on stock.. volume is my only gripe… as for the only addituons that would make stock ics better? A customizable button on the lock screen and power control toggles in the noti pull down… i know ill rom soon dont worry.. stock ics is incredible

  • Anonymous

    This happens to me all the time, always have a fear it will cut off during important calls. Running stock, rooted and unlocked.

  • Anonymous

    It is not the mic.  It is something with either the codec or transmission it seems.  I have been told of it happening on calls I have made and I also had my friend with a Verizon Gnex cut out on me.  It just goes silent and then you only hear very short blips of audio that sound nearly like clicks but you can tell it is small chunks of the actual audio.

    It happened on mine completely stock and my friend’s phone completely stock.  It has also happened on mine with different ROMs and the 4.0.3 basebands.  So something needs to change.

    •  That’s where I’m at.  I’ve tried, during calls, to use the buttons to see if they’ve made noises and they don’t get a reaction out of the other person I’m talking to.  I don’t think it’s a mic issue either.

  • Anonymous

    The next time your mic cuts out check where your fingers are at. I’ve found that the mic is positioned in such a way that my pinky (the finger I use to brace the bottom of the phone) almost always covers the mic completely…especially when holding the phone with my left hand (which is what is most comfortable for me).

    • Deiler

      No, that is not the case.  There is a real problem.

    • Kellyarens40

      I am sorry, but that comment is almost insulting….You need to read some of the forums….this happens even when you are using blue tooth.

    •  Or maybe you can answer why people don’t hear you pressing numbers either, smart guy.

  • Anonymous

    No but I always accidentally cover it with my finger.

  • Frankydroid

    It happens to me almost twice a week. Usually when I place the call, but sometimes in the middle of a call.

    Also, sometimes the other person cuts out so bad I can’t understand them. It is sporadic and doesn’t last the length of the

    • Frankydroid

      Of the phone call*

  • Hey Kellex, Do you think you could give us a run down in a post about what we have to look forward to on the Verizon Horizon? I understand that the galaxy nexus has become the ultimate iVerizon, but  I bought one, and returned it due to my own personal preferences. I’m eagerly waiting for Droid-Life to get excited about something else besides the flagship.

  • I don’t have that issue, but the mic sucks on speakerphone.

    And when the hell is Google going to update this phone [4.0.2 doesn’t count]. The RAZR and Rezound have received two bug fixers each since the Galaxy Nexus released. 

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    i get some text mesages hours later while other come in on time. 
    other times i get 4-6 msges at the same time. this only happens on one of my devices. 

  • frustration

    Well Verizon tech support is sending out a phone for me to test for up to 5 days to see if it makes a difference. Not holding my breath considering this story…

  • gregwilliams

    I don’t have this problem… one issue I do have is that if I download a PDF from a password protected site the download will be “download unsuccesful”.  I have read that it’s an Android problem.  Also, I have read that other browsers (Opera, Dolphin, etc.) don’t have this problem, but what is the deal with the stock browser? How come they haven’t fixed this?

    • Eazy

      Click on the file. It will take u to the download app click on the file again n select retry. It should complete after that

      • gregwilliams

        Yea i click retry and then it just says failed

        • Eazy

          OK sometimes doing it three times works if not then click on the dl link again

          • gregwilliams

            unfortunately no such luck

  • This happened to me stock as well as while running various roms. Usually happens right after answering a call. I can hear the other person but they cannot hear me. Hanging up and redialing usually works. Kind of annoying as I use my device for work.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had issues with a couple apps, but they’re all third-party and I don’t blame the phone/Google.

    Btw, I cannot recommend Pocket Casts enough. Amazing podcast app that looks and works great, with very good ICS support!

  • Trigun123478

    Running gummy nexus this still happens to me. At least twice a day. Random reboots about twice a week. Verizon told me Google is aware of the issue and a firmware update is coming mid February.

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  • Jbjork70stpl

    This happened to me all the time. One of the many problems I had with the GNex. So I returned it and got a Rezound. I love my Rezound!

  • 123

    I’m running a 4.0.3 “ICS Passion” ROM on my Samsung Vibrant and my Wife’s.   The microphone problem above happens on hers…  not on mine.   I wish it was the other way around.

  • I love my Gnex but toying with the idea of going back to Moto. Signal sux with the Gnex and HTC in my area and I never had an issue with my OG…..  🙁

  • MikeP

    Happens to me. It is not a mute or finger over the speaker. I’ve checked everything multiple times, and I can still hear my side tone in the handset, so the speaker is picking me up.

    Never happens at home, but at work with 4 bars of 4G and downloading speeds of >20Mbps it happens a lot. Almost guaranteed if the call goes over 15 minutes. Probably has happened two dozen times by now, sometimes 3-4 a day.

  • Mikewoods94

    Its the dtmf tones causing the issue and not a muting or speaker issue. And yes mine does it all the time and pisses me off but all other phones out suck so I will wait for a fix.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone elses spearker produce a loud screaching sound during calls every once in a while?

    • yes like a feedback chirp…  I haven’t had the mic issue but have heard that chirp or screaching noise almost once per call (if more than 5min)

    • bigfootjumpsuit

      This happens to me as well

      • Anonymous

        when i got it launch day it was awful. Like all the time. Its less now, but still there every once in a blue moon

        • Noyfb

          I can’t even hear anything on the back speaker, volume+ didn’t do anything, i can’t hear messages or phonecalls if I’m more than 10 feet away or god forbid in another room.. 

    • Anonymous

      It sure does, but not all the time. But once and awhile it screaches terribly. 

    • I have either the screeching or muting about 1 in 10-15 calls.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone still have a Thunderbolt anymore. It was the ROM king and has been tossed aside like yesterday’s newpaper. 

    • Bogy25

      Still rocking the TBolt – I’m off contract – waiting to see what get announced this week and then decide – so many to choose from.  My wife’s Rezound kicks ass, the Razr Maxx is insane but I want a better screen, the GNex is good but every time I check here they are posting a poll to see if you are having the newest problem……decisions decisions….

      • Anonymous

        I’m in the same boat. I almost picked up the GNex too. Im working the contract free TBolt. 

        • Bogy25

          What are you thinking about going with jawaj? I have this fear that whatever I go with BAM! they will announce the next best thing and then I will be stuck for the next two years.  I miss the one year deal Verizon had – it was great for people like me who update every year not every two years.  Sigh

      • Anonymous

        I have zero issues with the RAZR screen. The only time I can even tell that it’s a lower ppi (relatively) pentile is when I have it on static, white text on a black background and I’m staring at the screen from a couple of inches away. In normal usage, it’s a brilliant screen. I actually like the screen a lot better than the Rezound’s screen due to the awesome contrast and colours of the sAMOLED tech, but maybe that’s just me. I’d go and see one in person and see if it’s an issue for you; I have yet to hear a RAZR owner complain about the screen quality. I hear a lot of other phone owners complain about it, but everyone on the RAZR forums thinks it’s great (myself included).

  • Jim McClain

    and yes that has happened to me too…piece of crap

  • Jim McClain

    well they have not fixed the speaker,radios,or camera so what makes you think they would fix the mic ???????????????????????

    • Anonymous

      An excess of question marks is my vote.

  • Outbackpaul

    I have it cut out on me at least once a week.  I thought it was a radio issue but now I see it’s not.

  • Interstellarmind

    wasn’t this happening to the GSM version pre-release?

    only major bug i’ve had was random reboots… which have seemingly disappeared.

  • Anonymous

    It does not often happen, but does maybe once every week. My biggest issue is randomly completely losing all types of data and having to reboot the phone to get it back.

  • Anonymous

    This happens to me rarely (i.e. once a week) but still often enough to know that it’s an issue. 

    The bigger problem for me has been the random restarts – most commonly after I unlock the phone directly into the camera, or drag down the notification bar while still locked. The fact that it happens more often when doing certain things makes me think it’s software related, but it’s still getting annoying.

  • Lmi500

    I was getting random reboots for a while, but those have seemed to have disappeared, and the need to.wear an oven mitt because of the heat. My sim card decided to go out of whack for some reason also, which turned my phone into a GSM phone??? Too bad I don’t know anyone in Europe. Am I on to something by taking out the extended battery, and the problems seem to have gone away? I am still upset that the area I live in is a 4G blackhole, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t, so I use wifi most of the time.

  • Mine usually cuts out around the 20 minute mark. If I hang up and call again, it’ll work then.

  • Br27540

    Happens to me 2-3 times a week. Thought I was muting the phone with my cheek but its not showing muted. I try toggling mute just in case but that has only woked once. I can hear others. They just can’t hear me. I put up with it but the phone does have a problem.

  • Thebestaccountant

    The galaxy nexus has achieved something that was never done in history, every user has totally different issues, mine for instance, although I don’t have the microphone issue my phone drops calls in nyc, the speaker sucks, I can’t update my facebook status (to which I have suspicion that that’s google’s hand) and apps like market and other legit programs just force close randomly, besides all that this device its an awesome peace of cr* p

  • I put my thumb on the mic once, but that was it. Otherwise, the phone part of the smartphone is perfectly acceptable.

  • Who says this?!?

  • Guest

    mic doesnt cut out, but speakerphone speaker is horrible.. I wish it was nextel levels.. 

  • Nobody has ever said it happened. I assume I don’t have it.

  • I have the problem with the mic cutting off also.  Only seems to do it when not using my bluetooth headset.  The other major problem for me is that the phone reboots itself.  This mostly happens when I have Pandora playing, but I have had it other times.

  • Scottyb

    Im on my second G-Nex, an both have done it plenty of times.. i was actually wondering what it was. Id be in mid conversation an people are like hello hello, an i had no clue what was causing it.

  • Djlowproz

    The first one I had did cut out on me and i returned it within a two days of owning it my brand new replacement works so far. 

  • Anonymous

    I gave up on the GNex.  Had this phone replaced 3 times and everyone of them had connection issues and other miscellaneous problems.  Verizon replaced my GNex with a RAZR and had zero issues since.

    The GNex would be a great phone if it worked.  I don’t understand why people still praise this phone, it’s like they are blind to reality.

    • Anonymous

      People probably praise it cause they haven’t had the issues you’ve had. Mine has been flawless.

      • jbonics

        up until yesterday when google dropped you lol. and now sprint is going to get a 1.8 ghz model with a upgraded gpu….. that phoneis doa… keep telling yourself thats its flawlwss….

        • Anonymous


          • jbonics

            i was just trolling wow what a wol waste of life and to the guy that spent an hour on his life story below. like i said before you need attention that is why you got the phone no girl i see. Please dont tell me you upgraded from a bionic like all these other losers oh a thunderbolt yes u suck my galaxy note is a beast soorry waa waa

          • Anonymous

            I knew you were trolling, that’s why I said 0/10.

        • Mannysaurus

          Google didn’t drop us and even if they did, we have the developer community. If you buy a Galaxy Nexus and don’t root it, you’re missing out on the whole reason why a majority of us phone nerds creamed ourselves over it. Upgraded Galaxy Nexus? That’s fine, such is life in the Android ecosystem. If you want an OS where a phone better than yours won’t be out for another year, go get an iPhone.

          Also, learn to spell. Is it so hard to get a third grade education?

          • jbonics

            its jbonics i cant spell thats why you sleep alone your so smart…. i know

        • Shocking that someone with a name like jbonics couldn’t afford to purchase a Galaxy Nexus and now feels the need to speak badly about a phone that they’ve likely never even used for an extended period of time.

          Seriously, color me shocked.

          • jbonics

            haa i spend it like a rock star u keep collecting unemployment mommas boy

        • angermeans

          Where are you getting your infomation? No where has stated that the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is getting a 1.8 ghz processor with upgraded GPU and Google has not dropped “us” you must not have taken the time to read anything cause if you did you would have seen that ALL CDMA devices where “dropped” cause it needs more that what the AOSP builds have to work properly so if by your logic then the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint also wont be supported by Google so stop being a moron. Im willing to bet the Sprint one will have the same processor. If they dont then I will gladly have my Nexus now then six months down the road and also have it on Verizons much better LTE network and continue to actually have 4G coverage cause I am willing to bet Sprint wont ever even have the 4G coverage that Verizon now has and Verizon has barely covered half the people on their network. Im sure if you ask most Verizon Nexii owners that they would rather have the Verizon Nexus with what I mentioned above then wait 6 months to have a Sprint version with everything the same except a slightly faster processor (we are talking less than 20% and nowhere has it said 1.8 the only thing we have seen is 1,5 and the processor in the Nexus now theoretically will clock to the same.). YOu wont even see a real world advantage, but you will always see a real world advantage when it comes to comparing Verizon and Sprints network not to mention Verizon is going to be a year and a half ahead and have the much better network all around. So keep telling yourself what you want to hear. 

          • jbonics


      • Anonymous

        Mine is also flawless. Haven’t had a single problem and couldn’t be happier!

    • user

      You just have really bad luck. I’ve had absolutely no issues with my unit

    • Scottyb

      I have alot of the same connection issues as you.. i want to love this phone, but it does have quite a few issues.

    • Adam Brandt

      Mine has been perfect…Gummy 0.7.0

      • angermeans

        How is that ROM? I was thinking of flashing today or tomorrow now that I have the time off. What are the differences between that and stock? Can you tell a big difference. I have had mine rooted for awhile, but stayed stock and now that I have the weekend off I thought I would tinker especially since I havent tinkered with a Nexus device for almost 2 years since my Nexus One and man how I’ve missed it. Its great to be back/

      • matt

        I have the issue and I’ve tried 2 different ROMs, neither fixed this issue.

    • angermeans

      I dont praise it, but its the best phone I’ve owned in awhile. Ive had zero issues with it and I mean zero. I dont have connection issues and besides the camera not being the best (what Android phone is) its been great and such a relief as I was about to give up on Android after numerous HTC, Motorola, and Samsung problems, bugs, and intolerance to supporting decives and keeping them updated beyond six months. 

    • webby


      *raises hand high* — delighted with my Nexus

  • Tywine

    Mine seems to cut out when I’m on the phone and I either enter or leave range of the remembered WiFi network.

  • dersh

    the problem I keep having is the airplane mode turns on automatically and I have to reboot the phone to turn it off.

    • Anonymous

      The issue I had with Airplane mode was when i turn it on one time… the option to turn it off greyed out… and I couldn’t do it in the settings menu either even though I unchecked it. So I had to restart it. Only happened once though

  • Drastik651

    That’s funny that you start this thread up. I called a robot voice. the problem is is that when you talk into the microphone you will get cut out like the signal dropped entirely. What happens is that the callers get frustrated and hang up the phone are you think that is the dropped call. Especially with me yesterday i was talking to verizon rep and it happened to me. They said they said they were not aware of the issue the first two unknowledgeable reps. Then I had advanced technical support check the forum for verizon and found out that it is a problem. He also told me there’s no estimated time of when they will address this issue. I even asked him if I warranty my device would it fix it. He said ot would not. Durning the fifteen day period I took back my original purchase. Now my new one does it.. possibly 1-7 times a day.. I am stock on 4.0.2. I should note my wife is on 4.0.1 and she rarely has this issue.. Any rooted and or rommed nexi users wanna tell me the leaked radios fix this?

    • Anonymous

      Rooted and rommed here. Haven’t had any issues. Gummy 0.7.0

      • hmm maybe the new radio fixes my issue then.. this is drastik651 for some reason Droid-Life wont let me log in on the board with my google info..

      •  Rooted and rommed here as well on AOKP no radio update, happens at least twice a week.

  • I used to think my microphone was having problems because when I would do voice to text it wouldn’t register at all.  Then I eventually discovered that the way I was holding the phone I was covering up the microphone with my finger.  Haven’t had a problem since.  I wonder if anyone who is having microphone related problems is coming up the mic with their fingers?  I would bet on probably.

    • Deiler

      No, you are mistaken.  There is a real problem.  I can confirm it with absolute certainty. And I can guarantee it is not where my finger is.

  • Anonymous

    Ive never had that problem before. The biggest problem ive had is the phone randomly rebooting or powering off completely. Google support pages and android forums both have several threads on the issue. I think thats a bigger issue than the mic issue. Ive also had trouble getting the phone to connect to data (3g radio only). Ill have no connection or no data will come through on grey reception bars (blue bars wont show).

    • Anonymous

      SAME ISSUE with the Grey bars… I think the issue is toggling manually between the radio sometimes the only way to get back reception is to put 4G back on. I’ve just started leaving the LTE/CMDA on because I don’t want issues with not having service.

  • I spent about an hour on the phone every day for the past two weeks and never once had my mic cut out. Been running AOKP on the CDMA version of the GNex.

    • Oddly enough it happened for the first time today (though my GF’s iPhone is having similar issues so it may not have been my GNex). The only thing I changed was to use the Faux b7 kernel.

      • Anonymous

        I sure hope your trying to get your girlfriend on to the good side. If she doesn’t switch to Android soon, she’s not ‘wife material’.

        • Anonymous

          So true!

  • Aran Miller

    Only time it has cut off is if I accidently hit mute (which is prob because of how I hold the phone) but a quick toggle off mute and I am back in business, nothing like what you described. 

  • Imagineer87

    I exchanged my Gnex this morning because I couldn’t hear the other person while making a call (or any sounds as a matter of fact), then on top of that the microphone wouldn’t work. I haven’t made a call in so long I just now realized it :/

  • Anonymous

    Yeah this happened to me a lot while I was on a trip. Microphone would cut out during calls (not exactly late in the call either). Outgoing calls only for me. Also had the phone restart a couple of times during a call (also disruptive), and restarted a couple of times while I was browsing a webpage. Camera connection problems have been a frequent complaint for me too (attempting to use the camera, it fails to connect and requires a restart). 

    I believe that’s been the extent of my problems. Despite that, there’s a lot I love about the phone. I mainly hang onto it for 3 reasons though: 1) updates directly from Google, 2) has ICS, and 3) the soft-buttons can vanish increasing screen real estate. 

  • Richard Vadnais

    Hey I have the droid bionic that did the same thing and it is much much better now that they told me to have the DATA ROAMING checked..  == settings then battery&data manager then Data delivery.. have all three checked.. That really helped the Bionic that I have. sure hope this helps you out.

  • Michael Forte

    Wait, people make calls still? Haha, only kidding. I haven’t had this issue with my Nexus though.

  • Abundis5555

    Maybe I’m holding it wrong…

  • Anonymous

    Not at all.. Every. That would piss me off to no end. I do have many other ANNOYANCES on my GNEX starting with the Sporadic shutting down that needs a fix ASAP. The redrawing issue on the homescreen where sometimes it takes a couple secs for my icons and widgets to redraw themselves… I ususally notice this randomly when the phone is under heavy use….. Low Volume(Fixed by Volume+) . . . The Lag that the “Recent Apps” button has once it’s loaded up.

    Most of these issues seem like they could be fixed with a software update…. not too sure about the shutting down though….

    BESIDES all that LOL I still love my phone…. ICS is WORLDS better than Anything before it. 

    • Anonymous

      As to the screen redraws, I don’t have a Nexus but I have had that issue in the past. Are you using a home screen replacement?

      • Anonymous

        No replacement just stock everything. It’s happened on my OG EVO… but I just thought that was Sense UI being a resource hog.

        • Anonymous

          You could try a homescreen replacement and make it system persistent. I think LP and ADW do that, as well as some custom ROMs (again, though, I don’t have a GNex so I can’t speak for what works on that beast).

  • John

    Nope. Has always worked great.

    • sheldon

      This happens to me on almost every call.  I had my first device replaced in store within the first 14 days due to the issue.  My new replacement had the same issue from day one.  Spoken to Tech support and havent even been able to get a warranty replacement out of them.  If this next update doesnt fix the issue I’ll be demanding a different device or cancelling my services.  I hate to give up my Nexus but I use my phone for business and this issue is just unacceptable.

  • the only problem i’ve had with my GNex is sometimes the speaker gets choppy but nothing to freak out about.