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Newer DROID RAZR 6.12.174 Update Pulled and Available for Use, Fixes Search Key Force Close

Another leaked build has been released for the DROID RAZR. Do know, that after flashing this you will not be able to return to the official OTA and this might take you off the correct update path Motorola and Verizon has planned for consumers. You flash these at your own risk. In order to return back to stock, you will need to use RSD and fastboot. If you don’t know these terms, then we suggest going no further. 

So now that we have the scary stuff out of the way, this is build version 6.12.174.xt912. According to the source, this could just be a small ’emergency update’ to fix a force close bug when hitting the hard search key while in the app drawer. The radio has also received a minor update, but no word on what the update actually contains. After flashing this, you will still be running 2.3.6 and everything else should remain the same.

Instructions (simple version):

*You do not need to be rooted to flash this file.
*You need to be running 6.12.173.XT912. That is mandatory.

1.  Download this file to your SD card (not internal storage).

*You want the file located in /mnt/sdcard-ext

2.  Power down your phone.
3.  Reboot into recovery by holding both Volume Up and Down and Power at the same time.
4.  When the first menu appears, choose “recovery.”

*Scroll using Volume Down. Select “recovery” with Volume Up.

5.  When the exclamation and Android logo appear, press both volumes at the same time.
6.  Select “apply update from sdcard.”  Scroll with Volume Down, select with Power switch.
7.  Select the file “Blur_Version.6.12.173.XT912.Verizon.en.US(Update%20to%206.12.174).zip” to flash.
8.  Watch your phone update itself! And trust me, it could take a while.
9.  When it finishes, choose “reboot system now.”
10.  Enjoy your updated phone!

Via: DroidRzr

  • Deni Guerrera

    Anyone know if this update can be applied to an UNLOCKED Rogers (Canadian carrier) razr?

  • The Phoenix

    The search key froce close in the app drawer exists on ALL Moto Blur devices if you have the latest google search installed from the market. If you uninstall the updates of the google search there wil be no force close at all. This is Google’s fault and they should update the app instead of Motorola’s workaround for the problem. 🙁

  • I’ve been waiting  version 6.12.174.xt912

  • Azndan4

    Razr ppl are so jealous of the nexus (read comments below)

    • Guest

      ROFLOL!  Yeah, I’m jealous.  That’s why I spent several extended visits to compare my RAZR with the Nexus, only returning multiple times to try to convince myself of what you Nexus people are so hyped up about, only to leave each and every time shaking my head and thanking myself for making the decision to go with the RAZR.  ICS is boring, the camera sucks, the case and build quality is comparable to my son’s Bakugans (for those who don’t know, they’re overpriced little pieces of plastic that break easily), and the screen doesn’t impress me at all, since my RAZR screen looks amazing.

    • Kmorgan315

      Agree with response from Guest below.  The razr will be a phone that lasts.  Everyone interested in ICS only devices are forgetting that better quality phones will be getting the ICS update soon.  The razr and razr maxx are the phones to have right now if you want to hold onto it longer than a year.

    • Kmorgan315

      Agree with response from Guest below.  The razr will be a phone that lasts.  Everyone interested in ICS only devices are forgetting that better quality phones will be getting the ICS update soon.  The razr and razr maxx are the phones to have right now if you want to hold onto it longer than a year.

    • Daniel Archibald33

       Nexus people are jealous that their phones aren’t protected by nano-coating to guard against water damage!! And the fact that the Nexus is made out of flimsy plastic and paperclips

  • Guest

    Not showing up for me,

  • Stephen

    Is there any phone coming out within the next month that can compete with this?

    • mons

      Galaxy Nexus and the Rezound are both better, and already out

      • ILuvSoPA

        Lol I almost pissed myself laughing at this statement. TY I needed a good laugh today 🙂

      • Stephen

        I meant the Razr MAXX, and I just had to return the Nexus because I could not make phone calls at my house.  So that one isn’t an option for me

      • Anonymous

        hahah plastic, poor battery life, crappy radio. The gnex may be a better door stop. As for the rezound, it’s a nice phone.

      • Alexander Garcia

        FALSE!   NEXT!

      •  The Nexus might be the real google experience and all the openness that many would like, but on Hardware quality can’t be compared to the Razr, just because You like a phone don’t need to trash the other, for me the Razr is a better fit for me, and don’t get me wrong I like the nexus, the Rezound is a nice phone and better build quality than the Nexus.

        • tjmonkey15

          I agree with the build quality.  My all-time favorite phone would be a Nexus built by Motorola.  Hopefully in the relatively near future….

          • ShooterMcGavin

            Google would have to be crazy for their next nexus device not be on motorola. I’d love Nexus Moto, without blur of course, but should not need it anyways once the goog steps in

          • Noyfb

            And if it is a Moto Nexus, it’ll be the first Nexus device with a locked Boot-loader 

          • Guest

            Haha 🙂 That was good!

  • Anonymous

    Offical RAZR updates one day, new leaks the next day. Ugh! I am becoming livid over the continued indiference shown to us long-suffering Bionic users. Time to call VZW and raise hell!

    A leak of the mythical .902 update from last month would be a really fine way to kick off the big weekend…

    • Jordan Webb

      Is there something on the Bionic that needs fixing still?

      • Anonymous

        Running the leaked. 901 and my data drops are a little better than before but still happen pretty regularly. On top if that, the battery life with 901 is quite a bit worse than all the earlier versions. Finally, the DB’s camera absolutely blows. Since the RAZR reportedly uses the same camera module & hardware as the Bionic, the DB’s poor camera performance must be software-related.

        I would like to see the Bionic brought up to par with the RAZR—SmartActions, minor UI tweaks, camera performance—if not with 2.3.6, then definitely by ICS.

  • Josh Groff

    Did Motorola put “fuses” like with the Atrix 4G to prevent flash backs?

    • Its a quality of the locked BL, you can’t flash back to an older build number, only newer ones with a .img file, and the patch files from updates only apply to certain builds or they’ll fail entirely.  This problem occurred for the Bionic with a large number of leaks, but luckily a workaround was found to get back on the OTA path, though it doesn’t look like any such thing has been done for the Razr (yet).

      • Josh Groff

        Thanks for the clarity, it’s all starting to make sense now.

      • FoxKat

        Wrong.  The Fastboot flash for 6.11.744 takes the Droid RAZR phone back to completely stock, exactly the same as straight out of the box.  Once back to stock 6.11.744, the OTA update to 6.11.748 works perfectly.  This has been tried by countless RAZR owners and with 100% success if done as instructed.  ANY problems with the method have been the only reported failures of the update, and if that works, then all future OTA updates will work as well.