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Rhapsody Releases Redesigned Application For Android Tablets

Happen to be subscribed to Rhapsody and own an Android tablet? Then today is your day! After a long wait, Rhapsody has released a completely redesigned and overhauled application for 9″+sized tablet users. With the redesign, you will notice a magazine-style layout which makes finding your favorite tracks out of the 14 million+ they have available a whole lot easier.


– Magazine-style layout with artist biographies and album reviews from some of the top music writers in the industry
– Unlimited access to over 14 million songs
– Customized playlists, new music recommendations
– Exclusive content: artist interviews, live performances and pre-release listening
– App is free, service is $9.99/month for unlimited listening on your phone, tablet, computer or via connected devices like Sonos.

The application is free, but you will still have to pay Rhapsody’s $9.99 a month fee. For some folks, that’s nothing if you enjoy listening to whatever song you want from wherever you are.

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Cheers Montoya!

  • Anonymous

    Hope Mog follows suit soon. Otherwise, it might be time for a change.

  • Anonymous

    Very Nice, a much needed improvement…

  • QtDL

    Is this a screenshot of your tablet Tim? If it is, nice choice of music. ‘Guided By Voices’ is awesome. 🙂

  • Kellex, can you get rid of the Airpush ad at the top of the screen on the homepage?

    • Use AdBlocker dude. Best thing you could do for your eyes and your web browser.

      • I don’t care about there being an ad there (I am happy to support Kellex, I’m not asking him to take it down, just to not use that specific one).

        Airpush is extremely dangerous.

        Basically any app can start pushing ads into you notification bar, and AdBlocker will not get rid of those. 🙂