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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX 6.12.173 Update is Official and Ready to Roll Out – Here is the Changelog

The 6.12.173 update for the DROID RAZR that we posted up back on January 23 is now official and ready to roll out to handsets. Actually, the same software is also rolling out to the RAZR MAXX. We wrote about the fact that both phones would run identical software and that you could potentially install 6.12.173 to either device without any hiccups, so it’s nice to see this confirmed by Verizon.  

From the changelog we have included up top, you can see that there are a number of performance and stability enhancements introduced with this update. Moto and Verizon also tossed in an update to Visual Voicemail, Mobile Hotspot, and MotoCast. A slightly tweaked and more polished UI is included as well, even if this document doesn’t mention it. Since we have flashed the software already, you will have to trust us on that one.

You can either wait for the update to appear on your device or manually install using these instructions. The update is 151MB in size.

More info:  RAZR | MAXX

Cheers Kris!

  • Anonymous

    So, did Verizon just choose not to mention a BUNCH of stuff from the update (seen in the Motorola changelog) or what?

  • Cdavid469

    Just get ICS already, 173 is a big improvement, it runs well, has a bigger than stated impact on standby battery use, and really seems to solve data connectivity issues. It’s a far cry from what everyone on any form of razr wants, which is ICS and an unlocked bootloader, it is nice for now, but so far motorola has stumbled out of the gate with a very impressive phone that is being hampered by an overcontrolled  bootloader. This phone has been terribly unfriendly to the developer community and the developer edition was viewed by most as a slap in the face rather than the answer to the problem, since most of the people who would have considered the phone a viable option were already invested in a previous edition and the developer edition wasn’t suported or offered by carriers meaning you would pay the full $600+ pricetag out of your own pocket. Motorola has dropped the ball on what would have been a top 3 option.

  • MaXGTS

    Will the update kill my root?  If so, does the same root method work as before?

  • ILuvSoPA

    Theres already a 6.12.174 update after this one lol

  • Madcity

    Moto just threw the Bionic owners under the bus.

  • Guess this means that those of us on the Motorola Feedback Network that are invited for the soak test are testing ICS… whoops! Did I say that out loud?

    • Scofield Jasonl

      When is that going to start. I have been waiting forever!

      • Steven Vanek

         This is what I’ve been thinking. I RSD’d down to stock for the soak test and I’m getting pretty peeved that the soak hasn’t started yet!

  • Trophynuts

    improved data throughput in low 4G areas…aka making your signal match the G Nex lol …not trolling hell i have a G Nex. 

  • Ahku Droid

    Hooray, just what I wanted…V CAST App now comes preloaded.  My bloatware life is now complete.

    Verizon is the equivalent of Dell 7 years ago, but at least that junk you could remove without jumping through hoops.  

  • DipStick

    maps works properly,  google sky is not fubar, hotspot is perfect and my 4G stays locked.  3 weeks now baby.

  • Darthseph23

    Update fail right now for me… no OTA update available according to my Razr.

    • Anonymous

      Same. Patience is a virtue, but so is work around hackery. Do the manual way if you don’t want to wait.

  • shopdroid

    Does “improved Mobile hotspot security” mean the end of wifi tether, the free hotspot for rooted phones?

    • condony

      yes i think so cuz my razor max don’t work anymore

  • 408dood

    Has anyone with a rooted razr done this update..will it break root??

    • Blix

      I just updated the last OTA, (I just got the phone) and it didn’t break root because I used OTA rootkeeper. Well, it DID break root but I backed it up with rootkeeper then restored it after the update. If you don’t do this then I think that the update will break root.

  • Rmkeesler

    Has anyone received the update yet?

  • somewhat unrelated, but how does boot manager work? does anyone use it?

  • 408dood

    Will This update break Root?

  • Akaryu

    ¿¿Does anybody know if this works for the xt910??, thanks

    • Jay

      probably not, that doesn’t have any verizon bloatware to update since it isn’t a verizon device

      • Akaryu

        🙁 Thanks for the info

  • T Hall

    Yes finally a VZ Navigator update!

  • kretz7

    I couldn’t have lived without V CAST being preloaded, thank you VZW. 

    • EC8CH


      “Your welcome… now eat my Bloat”

  • Gratz Razr owners, enjoy!

    I’m going to look at the glass half-full (read: being delusional), and going with VZW and Moto making damn sure that all the network bugs are fixed in the next Bionic update, hence why its taking so long with no word from anyone.

  • Nyce2beme

    gald they gave me a Rezound after all the problems mine had like random restarting and horrible signal and that was after the update

  • Anonymous

    I guess Verizon has forgot about those of us that bought the Bionic

    • Guest

      never buying another motorola product again! I hate my Bionic

      • Fdcguy

        I love my Bionic.

        • I actually don’t mind the Bionic. The RAZR is a stud though, but the Bionic worked well for me.

          • Q

            I never understood the Bionic hate and the new Razr love.  Functionally, they are basically the same devices with different screens, battery, etc… I guess the devil really is in the details

          • NOYFB

            Everyone’s opinions was the Bionic was outdated when it released and taking too long to be re-engineered. Wonder what the Motorola sight says. 

      • df2rools

        good that i returned mine. i had no 3g/1x/4g on it. was unacceptable.

      • Bionicman

         constant power offs (yup not even a reboot, it just turned off) and data problems not to mention sound issues ugh. i dont miss the Bionic one bit. If it wasn’t for the GNex, i would have been happy getting the RAZR. now if only google and verizon would release our GNEX update!

      • Joshua

        Ill never buy another Motorola product again and I have the Razr…just wish VZW would fix their LTE — AT&T looking better and better each day. Come on S3!

    • Jay

      Yes, something else gets and update that you don’t get, and instantly they’ve forgotten about you. That’s how the world works…if you’re 10 years old

    • ringthing

      the update they issued a while back worked like a cham for me, sucks to be you I guess!