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Again, Clockwork Touch Recovery is Available in Beta for the Galaxy Nexus


We wrote up this bit of news on Sunday when Koush first released it, but our inbox has made it clear that many of you unplug from the internet on weekends (how dare you!). So for those with lives, you should know that a beta version of Clockwork Touch Recovery is available for the Galaxy Nexus and a handful of other devices.

If you want to get it for free, you can browse through the “Download Touch Recovery” column at the ClockworkMod site and then flash the .img through fastboot (Instructions). If fastboot is not your friend, you can pay $1.99 through ROM Manager to unlock the touch goodness.

*Note – Through the first couple of releases, some ROMs were struggling to flash properly. Koush appears to be working through many of those issues, so if you run into any, report the errors if you please, and be patient.

  • Mrpicolas

    just a quick heads up. For those having issues with fastboot drivers (vista users mainly) try using linux or a windows 7 pc. I personally used linux mint and resolved my issues i was having in vista

  • PC_Tool

    Still like the one from unstableapps far better.  Seems more natural.  Swipe, scroll, buttons, soft keys, haptics…all work beautifully.

  • Tony Romano

    Love it! I was getting sick of my highlight passing my selection on the Gnex. $2.00 we paid $300. for our phones. Why get cheap now?

  • Uncle paul

    I love the current touch CWR better as well.

  • Got no problem with fastboot, but bought off market to support koush. Half the price of a cup of coffee.  C’mon.  Works perfectly and easier on the Gnex to scroll to the correct file.

    • Anonymous

      Same here

  • Thracks,, and all flashed successfully via fastboot on the i9250 (Maguro).

  • Anonymous

    Worked perfectly for me! I hope to see all recoveries in touch form for all devices!

  • Boblank84

    Probably will buy through rom manager just to support koush, but still like unstable apps version better.

  • Igotgame

    Unstable Apps version for GNex is way better than this.

  • Anuraj Bhatt

    Is it better than the one from Unstableapps? Because I love that one.

  • Michael Forte

    Once again, I still like the other Touch CWR better. That’s the great thing about Android, we have a choice!!

    • Anonymous

      Me too. I liked having the option of the soft keys and the swiping gestures. But your right gotta love choices!

  • I can’t image someone on Droid Life paying $2 to avoid using fastboot. This CWM version rocks!!

    • Mikesevenfold

      Its called supporting your developers for their hard work on things that “rock”. Crazy concept, I know.

      • Zach

        I have no problem paying for it, but think it should have been in the premium section of Rom Manager.  

        • Normally i would agree with you 110% BUT since it’s Koush, then I’ll donate to him. He has done an insane amount of work on Android so it’s all good. I mean common, the damn guy was the first person to put out root for the first Android phone on the market (G1) and still going wicked strong at it. Someone like that without a doubt deserves it IMO.

      • Tbh I didn’t think of it that way. I thought it was for the lazy/stupid people. I do go out of my way to support devs. If I saw a huge shiny ‘donate’ button, I might have actually gone for it.

  • Anonymous

    Got an error when trying to install AOKP Milestone 3 for Galaxy Nexus CDMA. Reverted back to the old version of CWM Recovery and it installed fine. Just a heads up.