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GetGlue Receives UI Overhaul, Take Your Gossip Girl Check-ins to the Next Level


Whether you use them or not, social check-in apps are going no where any time soon. The newest UI overhaul over at GetGlue is a sign of just that. While I personally have never used the service, at least a few hundred thousand of you do on Android alone. Who knew that checking into TV shows, movies or books for that matter would be such a big deal? And yes, I just got a “Droider” sticker. Jelly?

Through the latest update, users get a new visual stream for check-ins to Gossip Girl (other shows too), the ability to participate in multiple conversations about Selena Gomez, and personalized guides to shows. Badge me, GetGlue! Badge me!

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  • EC8CH

    You are watching gossip girl…


  • trumpet444

    Haha, Kellex sounds like a teenage girl

  • Afsdre

    So jelly