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Monday Poll: Current Custom ROM is?

Since we made the decision at the end of last week to kick start Custom ROM/Theme Friday again, we need to make sure we have a good feel for the ROMs and themes that you guys are into these days. With more ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus than any normal person can keep up with, we would love to hear about your favorite, along with custom kernels, mods and themes. We also can’t forget about the Rezound (aka the current darling of the Android world), RAZR, Bionic, and all of the other recently released and popular devices. It’ll be a tough task trying to keep up with them all, but we are ready to give it a shot.

So in the comments, let us know phone, ROM, kernel, mods, theme and anything else that has been done.

  • Running Gummy .7.0.  Love kejar31’s work!  I’ve thrown the release 3.6 theme on it.

  • mikeym0p

    Redemption Rom 1.0.5 w/ Glados 1.4Dinc:
    Cm7 latest nightly w/ incredikernel

  • GNex – AOKP MS3 + IMO’s LeanKernel

  • Justinlightner

    Galaxy Nexus running GummyNex with imoseyon’s experimental lean kernel w/ jakebites’ lean kernel mod

  • Anonymous

    Code name Android

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus GSM – Codename Android
    Nexus S – Codname Android with my own kernel.

    What else would I use 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus-AOKP Toro 21 with blue back, home a search (hold home for tasks).  Works pretty well.

  • Mack

    Droid X2 running CM7 (2.3.7). Kernel is from motorola’s 2.3.4 build due to the locked bootloader. Depending on my mood it’s either the stock “system” theme, matted blues, or minimal bread. 

    Thanks [email protected]:twitter CM9 is on the way though. 

  • Daniel Rowen

    CM7 for Droid2Global, totally loving every new build that comes out

  • Teng247

    GNex CM9 Kang w/ kernal that came with it, softkey mod, toggle widget mods.  May try AOKP since there are so many customization options

  • GNEX with Franco Kernel 14. 

    Only issue I’ve had with GNEX is a little instability. Occasional reboots that I never saw on Revolution HD. BUT, battery life is absurd. Actually made it more than 24 hours over the weekend with moderate use. Only 3 or so hours of screen-on time, but screen-off battery life is SICK.

    • Anonymous

      Try the Franco kernel. You won’t be disappointed…

  • smoothy

    DroidX with Encounter ICS, running Manup’s Simple word theme on nova launcher, clocked at 1.3GHz and just got a 2305 in quadrant 😀

  • Jcoleman38

    Tbolt with liquid smooth 3.2 

  • codename 1.2.0.. apparently it’s a kang… but its so snappy… a lot quicker than aokp…

  • Galaxy Nexus (CDMA), AOKP Milestone 3 ROM, Franco #15 kernel

  • BroRob

    TBolt CM7 stock kernel ADW with ICS theme (impatiently awaiting CM9)

  • Anonymous

    BAMF SoaB 1.04 w/Sense 3.5 Thunderbolt

  • sigmonster

    Dinc running evervolv’s ics preview 7 with the tiamat kernel.

    • Anonymous

      I tried ICS-deck last week and thought it was pretty good, but I’ve heard evervolv has surpassed it. How do you like it?

  • Xboxkid

    D-inc  ics-deck-inc [alpha5]  

  • I’m on a Droid X2. I’m currently running CM7 7.2.0-RC0 X2 Beta. 

  • SteveP

    DX split between Liberty GB w/LauncherPro and EncounterICS

  • Greg Perry

    OG DROID rocking peter alfonso’s bugless beast.

  • G2 with CM 7.1, ADW EX Launcher, no themes.
    Atrix with CM7 beta, stock (ADW) launcher, no themes

  • Sporttster

    RAZR running the same thing since I bought it because there isn’t much if anything to choose from….thanks, MOTO. Last phone I buy from them…..unlock or lose customers….your choice….

    • But you knew it was locked when you bought it…?

      The only Moto customers that can complain IMO are those of us that purchased the Droid X.

      • Sporttster

        Well, knowing that a ROM can be side loaded using Bootstrap or Safestrap, I’d figured by now that there would be a decent choice available but that hasn’t been the case. This phone has been all but forgotten by the developers. I guess I didn’t expect that knowing that other locked phones have has some developer attention. I won’t make that mistake the second time….going with a unlocked Sammy, whatever it is by then…Galaxy SIV maybe.

        • weapon x

          This phone is far from forgotten…what sites are you looking at? check out Droidrzr.com. Check  out the forums..you will be pleasantly surprised. Awesome site, awesome peeps.  No trolls allowed. period.  Some site moderators, (cough, cough) could really use some good examples of keeping a site troll free

  • BigLa

    Droid Incredible: Evervolv p7 ICS. Tiamat Kernel.

    • sigmonster

      rock on!!

  • Anonymous

    On my GNex I was running Axiom till that whole thing went south. 🙁 Now running AOKP with Franco’s kernel. Between those and using that app Powermax I get insane battery life now. Also modded the softkeys to that light blue. No theme, but loving this setup!

  • Davidukfl

    AOKP 21 with Frost theme + Franco Kernel 15

  • Anonymous

    GNEX running AOKP toro M3 with Trinity 512 kernel.  non-touch CWMR

  • Me: G-Nex, Rootzboat 7.1 ROM, KangBang Kernel 0.9.6, T9 Dialer Mod, no themes. 

    Wife: Droid X, Galnet MIUI ICS 2.1.6, stock kernel, no themes. We’re a happy Android family!

  • Chris01

    I am running Airborne Sony Xplod Edition  here 
    http://infectedrom.com/showthread.php/827-ROM-Airborne-Sony-Xplod-Edition-Alpha-Discussion    on my thunderbolt. It works very very good and fast!! I also really like ThunderStick-icsBread v1.0.0. Amazing customization between launcher pro themes as well as under laying them with miui themes. “found on rom manager” no MMS though :-(.  What I would love to see is a rom with TSF
    http://www.tsfui.com/shell/index.html  embedded into a rom!! 

  • MY own Custom from source build with some of Pete’s BB repos thrown in for the mix.

  • Captivate running Team Hacksung’s ICS Build 14 and stock kernel.

  • AOKP, Imoseyon Kernel, CWMR Touch. 

  • Matthew R Meiklejohn

    Gnex running AOKP Toro 19 with Franco 13.1 kernel

  • PC_Tool

    Currently AOKP 21 with leankernel. 

    Probably flashing to Milestone 3 later today.  Loving the way this ROM is coming along.  It’s goh-jus.

  • Anonymous

    GNEX – AOKP 21 running kernel that came with ROM

  • Anonymous

    AOKP 21 on my Galaxy Nexus and my GalaxyTab 10.1

  • JP

    Teamhacksung’s ICS Build 6 with the Glitch Kernel on a Samsung Fascinate.

  • Anonymous

    Encounter ICS for the Droid x

  • Good Ol CM7 for the DX2 . . . basically a brand new phone. 

  • Anonymous

    GNex LTE still rockin Axiom

  • Anonymous

    Running rootz boat 7.1 with glados 1.6 kernel. Haven’t had any problems

  • Robert Toudouze

    GNEX- TranquilIce P3 and unstableapps are a great team.

  • Dave Miller

    aokp milestone 3, transparent statusbar/reflective softkeys, inverted gapps, chaos framework.

  • Sean

    Thunderbolt, AOSP kernel, liquid smooth 3.2 ICS themed launcher. This thing is awesome. Forget Verizon.

  • 来啦,好文章,转啦

  • Athensjohn

    Thunderbolt, Gingerbean (Icedbean), Stock HTC kernel, Ice Cream Sandwich Theme

  • Anonymous

    Redemption ROM with the kernel mod. The most stable ROM I have encountered since coming to Android. 

  • New Android mobil from LG (LG Optimus L3)!  It launched in February in Sweden, where it will be launched in other European countries do you think?

  • Uberblade

    Gummy nexus 0.7.0 and lean kernal 1.80 exp3.