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Monday Poll: Current Custom ROM is?

Since we made the decision at the end of last week to kick start Custom ROM/Theme Friday again, we need to make sure we have a good feel for the ROMs and themes that you guys are into these days. With more ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus than any normal person can keep up with, we would love to hear about your favorite, along with custom kernels, mods and themes. We also can’t forget about the Rezound (aka the current darling of the Android world), RAZR, Bionic, and all of the other recently released and popular devices. It’ll be a tough task trying to keep up with them all, but we are ready to give it a shot.

So in the comments, let us know phone, ROM, kernel, mods, theme and anything else that has been done.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 running CyanogenMod9, ICS 4.0.3. Running ADW Launcher with StyGian Black icons

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus LTE:
    – AOKP B21
    – Thirdeye Theme by tgwaste
    – Franco’s Nightly #15 Kernel

  • cm9

  • Bub

    Running AOKP on my G-Nex… kinda new to this custom rom thing. 1st time doing it and i’ve had 5 android phones. phone so far. still tryna learn the lingo with kernels, etc. Here’s my homescreen… wanna get the transparent soft keys and status bar next… anyone got a link/advice? 

  • Kismet769

    Tranquil Ice 7.0

    Runs great and has constant updates.

  • Galaxy Nexus – AOKP Toro 21.

  • Galaxy Nexus with AOKP Toro 21, Black Exodus theme with circle battery mod and transparent Nova Launcher and task bar.

  • parabellum

    GummyNex 0.7.0

  • HTC Rezound.Unlocked & Rooted. No Custom Rom(Yet due to lack of CWM).Running ADW EX. All bloatware removed thanks to Ti Backup 🙂

    Here are my screens showing off customization’s and how its themed(ICS by: Kovdev great work)

    Album should be public if not let me know


  • sway40

    forgot, i have the GNexus

  • sway40

    Cm9 nightly 1/29, franco kernel 14.4, softkey w/circle battery and notification icons mod, inverted gapps and w/ inverted email, and the icing on the cake Nova Launcher.

  • T

  • Droid 3 Liberty Rom

  • Will be running AOKP Milestone 3 pretty soon! It’s coming out tonight. As of right now, I’m still on Axiom because of the built in fast glow and wait for the new AOKP milestone.

  • Nembe

    What rom is on the screenshot?

    • AOKP. It’s on rootzwiki. Pretty amazing ROM.

  • AOKP Toro 21! Just flashed it last night (was up till 5 am) and I love it so far. Really can’t wait to see new improvements. What are you running Kellex? I am guessing AOKP as welll. Let us know if you like anything better. 

    • PC_Tool

      Heh….he just released Milestone 3.  Timing…

  • Anonymous


  • Teng247

    GNex : CM9 Kang 1/29 build with built in kernal. So smooth. Although i may try AOKP. So many customizations it ridiculous

  • Jesterz

    OG Droid – Bugless Beast (GPA19) rom, Syndicateapps ICS Launcher and ICS Theme, V6 Supercharger, and RZR recovery

  • GNEX, AKOP, Trinity Kernel all else is Stock

  • Anonymous

    Liberty 3 2.0 on DROID 3

  • Lynahred

    AOKP 21 on Nexus with Boot Manager allowing boot to Gummy, Codename, and stock.

  • Al Heasley

    Redemption rom……….it is effing awesome!

  • niconnor

    GNEX – Running GummyNex 0.7.0 with the GLaDOS 1.7 kernel. All on the Boot Manager app 🙂

  • joemama

    GN running Codename 1.2 with Franco Kernel. No problems so far…speedy.

  • AOKP tuna 21 with softkey mod, black exodus theme and trinity kernal

  • Galaxy Nexus: CM9, Trinity Kernel, and CWM Touch recovery

  • Anonymous

    GummyNex 0.7.0 Black Exodus.
    Nexus = best phone I have ever owned.

    • Anonymous

      agreed, I came from the galaxy s

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus- AOKP Toro 21 with franco kernel. Great performance, still terrible battery life with a very high Android OS percentage.

    • Have you tried imoseyon’s leankernel? Lots of people are getting great battery life with franco, but I was not one of them. Getting much better with lean.

      • PC_Tool

        AOKP 21 with leankernel here.  Switched fro GladOS yesterday due to much spontaneous rebooting over the weekend.  Now roman has Milestone 3 out.  *sigh*

        …back to recovery.  :p

  • Anonymous

    Running Android Revolution HD 2.1.2 by mike1986. No Kernel, no theme.

    I installed it a long time ago for soft key mod (can’t live without my search). I’m also running 281 DPI.

    Really need to take the time to look into a 4.0.3 ROM where I can write NFC tags. Also want to get semi-transparent notification bar and soft key dock. I may look into the dark themed stock apps. This phone is really so good, I don’t feel the need to go look for ROMs as much.

  • droid 3: stock kernel, liberty3 rom, status bar modified with rom toolbox app. waiting for gingerbread, but i really dont like the search bar static on every screen. would really hope devs get rid of the search bar, it just kills screen realty.

  • Anonymous

    OGdroid GPA19(BB) with go launcher

  • Anonymous

    Bugless beast with franco was awesome but I wanted more customization so I switched to AOKP with Franco. Btw, this post and the awesome comments makes droid-life feel like it used to with everyone helping each other. Good to see. I’m happy bro.

  • YARP

    Galaxy Nexus AOKP and XOOM running EOS over clocked at 1.4..

  • Zach

    Redemption Rom! 

  • comJustifiable

    Codename Rom & Codename Kernel

  • Anonymous

    AOKP on Galaxy Nexus. Still getting a feel for the mods and customization.

  • I’m using Peter Alfonso’s latest build of Bugless Beast (some very minor tweaks made to the stock Android 4.0.3 AOSP build), it’s on Android 4.0.3, with Faux123’s latest kernel. I’m running this setup on my (obviously) unlocked Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus.

  • zee

    Droid 2 running liberty3 2.0

  • Jmcfache

    G-Nex, Liquid Beta 2, Imoseyon’s 1.8 exp 2 kernel, no other mods.

  • Davros

    GNex, AOKP 21, Inverted Gapps.

    • Anonymous

      like your icons on the lockscreen, im runnin gummynex 0.7.0 which just has stars for the extra 2

  • HP Touchpad running CyanogenMod 9 alpha 0.6, with build.prop manufacturer and model changed to samsung and GT-I9100, respectively, so Gameloft games will work.

  • Staticx57

    I am running a Galaxy nexus with CodenameDroid with the stock for the ROM kernel. No mods after that as I like the stock look.

  • Vhernandezking

    Encounter ics for my droid X ….its very stable and thr only thing not working is the camera…its still.in beta three though …im happy with it anyways

  • Sean Cahill

    ‘stock’ Bugless Beast (Thanks Pete!) with Nexus S boot animation. For now…

  • TankerTough

    GNEX W/AOKP I use novalauncher for custom orange icons, wpclock wallpaper, and changed soft keys to orange in ROM settings.

  • Droid 3- Hashcode’s ICS Kang

  • Tony Allen

    Stock and rooted. Not going to be doing anymore bothering with ROMs until I can get a CM stable build on my Bionic with everything working and an unlocked bootloader.

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid Inc running Peter Alfonso GPA 19 with inckernel

  • Jasonharris42

    Gnex running GummyNex 0.7.0