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Monday Poll: Current Custom ROM is?

Since we made the decision at the end of last week to kick start Custom ROM/Theme Friday again, we need to make sure we have a good feel for the ROMs and themes that you guys are into these days. With more ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus than any normal person can keep up with, we would love to hear about your favorite, along with custom kernels, mods and themes. We also can’t forget about the Rezound (aka the current darling of the Android world), RAZR, Bionic, and all of the other recently released and popular devices. It’ll be a tough task trying to keep up with them all, but we are ready to give it a shot.

So in the comments, let us know phone, ROM, kernel, mods, theme and anything else that has been done.

  • BlueDolphin

    Droid X CM9 EncounterICS Beta 3

  • BimmerMechanic

    HTC Thunderbolt. Daily Driver: Gingeritis 3d v1.2, Ziggy471 kernel Oc’d to 1.6ghz. Fun: Twisted’s ICS Beta3

  • Jonathan La Farr

    cleanest gnex youve ever seen 
    apok 21 – lean kernel 1.8 – ice & black theme – softkey mod – many othershttp://www.pictureshoster.com/files/tv603y28hfi1y8ejej8p.png

  • I’m running AOKP B21 with Lucid theme, text icons, and various transparent/inverted widgets. 

  • Bbrutcher

    AOKP on my GNEX…love it but having one problem…if my screen is on and i get a phone call i can’t answer it because the slider won’t work!  husband has same phone same rom and no issues!  any one have any ideas?  flashed it twice now and have same issue.

    • Luke

      Mine is doing the same thing. I thought I was an idiot and it was some setting I did cause there are no other bugs. I restored and was planning another try.

  • Running Eclipse on my Bionic. 🙂 Deblurred and Debloated. couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂 

  • Asdf
  • ive been using TranquilIce 7.0

  • Dean Milord

    @chefreezi: TIRED OF THE UNICORN!!!  BLASPHEMY!!! XD

  • Dean Milord

    AOKP Milestone 3!!!

  • Maxxmentum

    Running Shift s33ns33 V1.5 on Thunderbolt.  Its a sense 3.0 skin

  • chefreezi

    Galaxy Nexus (LTE), AOKP, Franco Kernel, custom boot animation (got tired of the pink unicorn) 

  • jason6g

    forever bamf =(

  • GNEX w/ AOKP Milestone 3 and Imoseyon LeanKernel 1.8.0.  

  • Raptor Md8

    Now rocking AOKP Milestone with a few mods. Solid ROM

  • John-Mark Clawson

    GNexus with AOKP Milestone 2 Toro with circle battery mod.

  • Nexus with AOKP 21

  • Anonymous

    Gnex running GummyNex 0.7.0, Nova launcher with self created simple text icons.  Kejar 31 is awesome, love his stuff.  Performance and battery life are awesome, I can go 2 days on 4G with light to moderate usage if I need to. I do have the 2100mah extended battery, love that it doesn’t make the phone huge.

  • Mkemvp32

    DROID RAZR…..Running DROID Th3ory ROM Infex V1.1. ICS theme, Go launcher ex, with Widget locker….insanely awesome. My phone is mega fast, sleek, …freaking tight

  • Running 
    GummyNex 0.7.0 with 
    ImoseyON Lean Kernel… no themeing. Loving the battery life (keep in mind I am running CDMA only with wifi available most of the time.) Oh, I also installed Pete’s Bugless Beast coffee script so it can control my Android powered coffeemaker.