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Monday Poll: Current Custom ROM is?

Since we made the decision at the end of last week to kick start Custom ROM/Theme Friday again, we need to make sure we have a good feel for the ROMs and themes that you guys are into these days. With more ROMs for the Galaxy Nexus than any normal person can keep up with, we would love to hear about your favorite, along with custom kernels, mods and themes. We also can’t forget about the Rezound (aka the current darling of the Android world), RAZR, Bionic, and all of the other recently released and popular devices. It’ll be a tough task trying to keep up with them all, but we are ready to give it a shot.

So in the comments, let us know phone, ROM, kernel, mods, theme and anything else that has been done.

  • BlueDolphin

    Droid X CM9 EncounterICS Beta 3

  • BimmerMechanic

    HTC Thunderbolt. Daily Driver: Gingeritis 3d v1.2, Ziggy471 kernel Oc’d to 1.6ghz. Fun: Twisted’s ICS Beta3

  • Jonathan La Farr

    cleanest gnex youve ever seen 
    apok 21 – lean kernel 1.8 – ice & black theme – softkey mod – many othershttp://www.pictureshoster.com/files/tv603y28hfi1y8ejej8p.png

  • I’m running AOKP B21 with Lucid theme, text icons, and various transparent/inverted widgets. 

  • Bbrutcher

    AOKP on my GNEX…love it but having one problem…if my screen is on and i get a phone call i can’t answer it because the slider won’t work!  husband has same phone same rom and no issues!  any one have any ideas?  flashed it twice now and have same issue.

    • Luke

      Mine is doing the same thing. I thought I was an idiot and it was some setting I did cause there are no other bugs. I restored and was planning another try.

  • Running Eclipse on my Bionic. 🙂 Deblurred and Debloated. couldn’t ask for anything more 🙂 

  • Asdf
  • ive been using TranquilIce 7.0

  • Dean Milord

    @chefreezi: TIRED OF THE UNICORN!!!  BLASPHEMY!!! XD

  • Dean Milord

    AOKP Milestone 3!!!

  • Maxxmentum

    Running Shift s33ns33 V1.5 on Thunderbolt.  Its a sense 3.0 skin

  • chefreezi

    Galaxy Nexus (LTE), AOKP, Franco Kernel, custom boot animation (got tired of the pink unicorn) 

  • jason6g

    forever bamf =(

  • GNEX w/ AOKP Milestone 3 and Imoseyon LeanKernel 1.8.0.  

  • Raptor Md8

    Now rocking AOKP Milestone with a few mods. Solid ROM

  • John-Mark Clawson

    GNexus with AOKP Milestone 2 Toro with circle battery mod.

  • Nexus with AOKP 21

  • Anonymous

    Gnex running GummyNex 0.7.0, Nova launcher with self created simple text icons.  Kejar 31 is awesome, love his stuff.  Performance and battery life are awesome, I can go 2 days on 4G with light to moderate usage if I need to. I do have the 2100mah extended battery, love that it doesn’t make the phone huge.

  • Mkemvp32

    DROID RAZR…..Running DROID Th3ory ROM Infex V1.1. ICS theme, Go launcher ex, with Widget locker….insanely awesome. My phone is mega fast, sleek, …freaking tight

  • Running 
    GummyNex 0.7.0 with 
    ImoseyON Lean Kernel… no themeing. Loving the battery life (keep in mind I am running CDMA only with wifi available most of the time.) Oh, I also installed Pete’s Bugless Beast coffee script so it can control my Android powered coffeemaker.

  • Running Gummy .7.0.  Love kejar31’s work!  I’ve thrown the release 3.6 theme on it.

  • mikeym0p

    Redemption Rom 1.0.5 w/ Glados 1.4Dinc:
    Cm7 latest nightly w/ incredikernel

  • GNex – AOKP MS3 + IMO’s LeanKernel

  • Justinlightner

    Galaxy Nexus running GummyNex with imoseyon’s experimental lean kernel w/ jakebites’ lean kernel mod

  • Anonymous

    Code name Android

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus GSM – Codename Android
    Nexus S – Codname Android with my own kernel.

    What else would I use 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus-AOKP Toro 21 with blue back, home a search (hold home for tasks).  Works pretty well.

  • Mack

    Droid X2 running CM7 (2.3.7). Kernel is from motorola’s 2.3.4 build due to the locked bootloader. Depending on my mood it’s either the stock “system” theme, matted blues, or minimal bread. 

    Thanks [email protected]:twitter CM9 is on the way though. 

  • Daniel Rowen

    CM7 for Droid2Global, totally loving every new build that comes out

  • Teng247

    GNex CM9 Kang w/ kernal that came with it, softkey mod, toggle widget mods.  May try AOKP since there are so many customization options

  • GNEX with Franco Kernel 14. 

    Only issue I’ve had with GNEX is a little instability. Occasional reboots that I never saw on Revolution HD. BUT, battery life is absurd. Actually made it more than 24 hours over the weekend with moderate use. Only 3 or so hours of screen-on time, but screen-off battery life is SICK.

    • Anonymous

      Try the Franco kernel. You won’t be disappointed…

  • smoothy

    DroidX with Encounter ICS, running Manup’s Simple word theme on nova launcher, clocked at 1.3GHz and just got a 2305 in quadrant 😀

  • Jcoleman38

    Tbolt with liquid smooth 3.2 

  • codename 1.2.0.. apparently it’s a kang… but its so snappy… a lot quicker than aokp…

  • Galaxy Nexus (CDMA), AOKP Milestone 3 ROM, Franco #15 kernel

  • BroRob

    TBolt CM7 stock kernel ADW with ICS theme (impatiently awaiting CM9)

  • Anonymous

    BAMF SoaB 1.04 w/Sense 3.5 Thunderbolt

  • sigmonster

    Dinc running evervolv’s ics preview 7 with the tiamat kernel.

    • Anonymous

      I tried ICS-deck last week and thought it was pretty good, but I’ve heard evervolv has surpassed it. How do you like it?

  • Xboxkid

    D-inc  ics-deck-inc [alpha5]  

  • I’m on a Droid X2. I’m currently running CM7 7.2.0-RC0 X2 Beta. 

  • SteveP

    DX split between Liberty GB w/LauncherPro and EncounterICS

  • Greg Perry

    OG DROID rocking peter alfonso’s bugless beast.

  • G2 with CM 7.1, ADW EX Launcher, no themes.
    Atrix with CM7 beta, stock (ADW) launcher, no themes

  • Sporttster

    RAZR running the same thing since I bought it because there isn’t much if anything to choose from….thanks, MOTO. Last phone I buy from them…..unlock or lose customers….your choice….

    • But you knew it was locked when you bought it…?

      The only Moto customers that can complain IMO are those of us that purchased the Droid X.

      • Sporttster

        Well, knowing that a ROM can be side loaded using Bootstrap or Safestrap, I’d figured by now that there would be a decent choice available but that hasn’t been the case. This phone has been all but forgotten by the developers. I guess I didn’t expect that knowing that other locked phones have has some developer attention. I won’t make that mistake the second time….going with a unlocked Sammy, whatever it is by then…Galaxy SIV maybe.

        • weapon x

          This phone is far from forgotten…what sites are you looking at? check out Droidrzr.com. Check  out the forums..you will be pleasantly surprised. Awesome site, awesome peeps.  No trolls allowed. period.  Some site moderators, (cough, cough) could really use some good examples of keeping a site troll free

  • BigLa

    Droid Incredible: Evervolv p7 ICS. Tiamat Kernel.

    • sigmonster

      rock on!!

  • Anonymous

    On my GNex I was running Axiom till that whole thing went south. 🙁 Now running AOKP with Franco’s kernel. Between those and using that app Powermax I get insane battery life now. Also modded the softkeys to that light blue. No theme, but loving this setup!

  • Davidukfl

    AOKP 21 with Frost theme + Franco Kernel 15

  • Anonymous

    GNEX running AOKP toro M3 with Trinity 512 kernel.  non-touch CWMR

  • Me: G-Nex, Rootzboat 7.1 ROM, KangBang Kernel 0.9.6, T9 Dialer Mod, no themes. 

    Wife: Droid X, Galnet MIUI ICS 2.1.6, stock kernel, no themes. We’re a happy Android family!

  • Chris01

    I am running Airborne Sony Xplod Edition  here 
    http://infectedrom.com/showthread.php/827-ROM-Airborne-Sony-Xplod-Edition-Alpha-Discussion    on my thunderbolt. It works very very good and fast!! I also really like ThunderStick-icsBread v1.0.0. Amazing customization between launcher pro themes as well as under laying them with miui themes. “found on rom manager” no MMS though :-(.  What I would love to see is a rom with TSF
    http://www.tsfui.com/shell/index.html  embedded into a rom!! 

  • MY own Custom from source build with some of Pete’s BB repos thrown in for the mix.

  • Captivate running Team Hacksung’s ICS Build 14 and stock kernel.

  • AOKP, Imoseyon Kernel, CWMR Touch. 

  • Matthew R Meiklejohn

    Gnex running AOKP Toro 19 with Franco 13.1 kernel

  • PC_Tool

    Currently AOKP 21 with leankernel. 

    Probably flashing to Milestone 3 later today.  Loving the way this ROM is coming along.  It’s goh-jus.

  • Anonymous

    GNEX – AOKP 21 running kernel that came with ROM

  • Anonymous

    AOKP 21 on my Galaxy Nexus and my GalaxyTab 10.1

  • JP

    Teamhacksung’s ICS Build 6 with the Glitch Kernel on a Samsung Fascinate.

  • Anonymous

    Encounter ICS for the Droid x

  • Good Ol CM7 for the DX2 . . . basically a brand new phone. 

  • Anonymous

    GNex LTE still rockin Axiom

  • Anonymous

    Running rootz boat 7.1 with glados 1.6 kernel. Haven’t had any problems

  • Robert Toudouze

    GNEX- TranquilIce P3 and unstableapps are a great team.

  • Dave Miller

    aokp milestone 3, transparent statusbar/reflective softkeys, inverted gapps, chaos framework.

  • Sean

    Thunderbolt, AOSP kernel, liquid smooth 3.2 ICS themed launcher. This thing is awesome. Forget Verizon.

  • 来啦,好文章,转啦

  • Athensjohn

    Thunderbolt, Gingerbean (Icedbean), Stock HTC kernel, Ice Cream Sandwich Theme

  • Anonymous

    Redemption ROM with the kernel mod. The most stable ROM I have encountered since coming to Android. 

  • New Android mobil from LG (LG Optimus L3)!  It launched in February in Sweden, where it will be launched in other European countries do you think?

  • Uberblade

    Gummy nexus 0.7.0 and lean kernal 1.80 exp3.

  • Samsung Galaxy S2 running CyanogenMod9, ICS 4.0.3. Running ADW Launcher with StyGian Black icons

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus LTE:
    – AOKP B21
    – Thirdeye Theme by tgwaste
    – Franco’s Nightly #15 Kernel

  • cm9

  • Bub

    Running AOKP on my G-Nex… kinda new to this custom rom thing. 1st time doing it and i’ve had 5 android phones. phone so far. still tryna learn the lingo with kernels, etc. Here’s my homescreen… wanna get the transparent soft keys and status bar next… anyone got a link/advice? 

  • Kismet769

    Tranquil Ice 7.0

    Runs great and has constant updates.

  • Galaxy Nexus – AOKP Toro 21.

  • Galaxy Nexus with AOKP Toro 21, Black Exodus theme with circle battery mod and transparent Nova Launcher and task bar.

  • parabellum

    GummyNex 0.7.0

  • HTC Rezound.Unlocked & Rooted. No Custom Rom(Yet due to lack of CWM).Running ADW EX. All bloatware removed thanks to Ti Backup 🙂

    Here are my screens showing off customization’s and how its themed(ICS by: Kovdev great work)

    Album should be public if not let me know


  • sway40

    forgot, i have the GNexus

  • sway40

    Cm9 nightly 1/29, franco kernel 14.4, softkey w/circle battery and notification icons mod, inverted gapps and w/ inverted email, and the icing on the cake Nova Launcher.

  • T

  • Droid 3 Liberty Rom

  • Will be running AOKP Milestone 3 pretty soon! It’s coming out tonight. As of right now, I’m still on Axiom because of the built in fast glow and wait for the new AOKP milestone.

  • Nembe

    What rom is on the screenshot?

    • AOKP. It’s on rootzwiki. Pretty amazing ROM.

  • AOKP Toro 21! Just flashed it last night (was up till 5 am) and I love it so far. Really can’t wait to see new improvements. What are you running Kellex? I am guessing AOKP as welll. Let us know if you like anything better. 

    • PC_Tool

      Heh….he just released Milestone 3.  Timing…

  • Anonymous


  • Teng247

    GNex : CM9 Kang 1/29 build with built in kernal. So smooth. Although i may try AOKP. So many customizations it ridiculous

  • Jesterz

    OG Droid – Bugless Beast (GPA19) rom, Syndicateapps ICS Launcher and ICS Theme, V6 Supercharger, and RZR recovery

  • GNEX, AKOP, Trinity Kernel all else is Stock

  • Anonymous

    Liberty 3 2.0 on DROID 3

  • Lynahred

    AOKP 21 on Nexus with Boot Manager allowing boot to Gummy, Codename, and stock.

  • Al Heasley

    Redemption rom……….it is effing awesome!

  • niconnor

    GNEX – Running GummyNex 0.7.0 with the GLaDOS 1.7 kernel. All on the Boot Manager app 🙂

  • joemama

    GN running Codename 1.2 with Franco Kernel. No problems so far…speedy.

  • AOKP tuna 21 with softkey mod, black exodus theme and trinity kernal

  • Galaxy Nexus: CM9, Trinity Kernel, and CWM Touch recovery

  • Anonymous

    GummyNex 0.7.0 Black Exodus.
    Nexus = best phone I have ever owned.

    • Anonymous

      agreed, I came from the galaxy s

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus- AOKP Toro 21 with franco kernel. Great performance, still terrible battery life with a very high Android OS percentage.

    • Have you tried imoseyon’s leankernel? Lots of people are getting great battery life with franco, but I was not one of them. Getting much better with lean.

      • PC_Tool

        AOKP 21 with leankernel here.  Switched fro GladOS yesterday due to much spontaneous rebooting over the weekend.  Now roman has Milestone 3 out.  *sigh*

        …back to recovery.  :p

  • Anonymous

    Running Android Revolution HD 2.1.2 by mike1986. No Kernel, no theme.

    I installed it a long time ago for soft key mod (can’t live without my search). I’m also running 281 DPI.

    Really need to take the time to look into a 4.0.3 ROM where I can write NFC tags. Also want to get semi-transparent notification bar and soft key dock. I may look into the dark themed stock apps. This phone is really so good, I don’t feel the need to go look for ROMs as much.

  • droid 3: stock kernel, liberty3 rom, status bar modified with rom toolbox app. waiting for gingerbread, but i really dont like the search bar static on every screen. would really hope devs get rid of the search bar, it just kills screen realty.

  • Anonymous

    OGdroid GPA19(BB) with go launcher

  • Anonymous

    Bugless beast with franco was awesome but I wanted more customization so I switched to AOKP with Franco. Btw, this post and the awesome comments makes droid-life feel like it used to with everyone helping each other. Good to see. I’m happy bro.

  • YARP

    Galaxy Nexus AOKP and XOOM running EOS over clocked at 1.4..

  • Zach

    Redemption Rom! 

  • comJustifiable

    Codename Rom & Codename Kernel

  • Anonymous

    AOKP on Galaxy Nexus. Still getting a feel for the mods and customization.

  • I’m using Peter Alfonso’s latest build of Bugless Beast (some very minor tweaks made to the stock Android 4.0.3 AOSP build), it’s on Android 4.0.3, with Faux123’s latest kernel. I’m running this setup on my (obviously) unlocked Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus.

  • zee

    Droid 2 running liberty3 2.0

  • Jmcfache

    G-Nex, Liquid Beta 2, Imoseyon’s 1.8 exp 2 kernel, no other mods.

  • Davros

    GNex, AOKP 21, Inverted Gapps.

    • Anonymous

      like your icons on the lockscreen, im runnin gummynex 0.7.0 which just has stars for the extra 2

  • HP Touchpad running CyanogenMod 9 alpha 0.6, with build.prop manufacturer and model changed to samsung and GT-I9100, respectively, so Gameloft games will work.

  • Staticx57

    I am running a Galaxy nexus with CodenameDroid with the stock for the ROM kernel. No mods after that as I like the stock look.

  • Vhernandezking

    Encounter ics for my droid X ….its very stable and thr only thing not working is the camera…its still.in beta three though …im happy with it anyways

  • Sean Cahill

    ‘stock’ Bugless Beast (Thanks Pete!) with Nexus S boot animation. For now…

  • TankerTough

    GNEX W/AOKP I use novalauncher for custom orange icons, wpclock wallpaper, and changed soft keys to orange in ROM settings.

  • Droid 3- Hashcode’s ICS Kang

  • Tony Allen

    Stock and rooted. Not going to be doing anymore bothering with ROMs until I can get a CM stable build on my Bionic with everything working and an unlocked bootloader.

  • Anonymous

    OG Droid Inc running Peter Alfonso GPA 19 with inckernel

  • Jasonharris42

    Gnex running GummyNex 0.7.0

  • phenom

    OG Droid Baybeee!! Currently on Project Elite v6.5 and it’s smooth as a nutsack. 🙂 Can’t wait to get some LTE goodness when that Droid 4 drops tho.. that’s going to be well worth the wait (and skippage of the D2 & D3) 🙂 Big ups everyone!

  • Jack D

    OG Droid – Liquid Gingerbread Rom

  • Anonymous

    razr’s have roms?!?!

  • Anonymous

    CM7.1.1 on the Thunderbolt, hope CM9 comes soon (stupid screwy 4G RIL).

  • Guest

    hashcodes ics for the droid 3

  • 4geez

    Droid Charge – Humble 5 RC2 – imnuts PBJ kernel – adw launcher with minimalist theme

  • kp75

    Here’s my current setup, CodenameDroid 1.2 / stock kernel.  Looks mostly stock with some major OC/UV performance enhancements

  • James Ditmer

    Rootzboat 7 with Apex kernel and blue reflective softkeys.

  • Lucas

    GNEX … running AOKP Toro 21, Kernel from Franco, no mods needed … this is my current setup that got the Screen of the Day 

  • Mushmouth

    Codename Android1.2.0 with imoseyen’s latest kernel.  No other mods.  Tried AOKP and Gummy which are very good but CNA is running the best on my gnex. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why I’d limp my phone’s functionality by installing a custom ROM on it.

    Works great as it is.

    • limp your phone’s functionality? I think that’s rather epically missing the point..

    • Tim242

      Custom ROMs are stock, plus a lot of added functionality. Stock ICS is nice, but not enough customization options.

    • PC_Tool

      “limp my phone’s functionality by installing a custom ROM ”

      …you’re doing it wrong.

  • Bugless Beast nightly with Franco’s kernal

  • ApexNexus.  Been running Fab’s ROMs for almost as long as I have been on Android.


  • bose301s

    Galaxy Nexus with winner00’s CM9 Kang 1/29, imoseyon’s 1.8 kernel and stock theme.

    Best combo of ROM and Kernel out there.

  • Anonymous
  • Motorola Bionic – Stock!!!

    • Tim242

      You poor thing! : ( I’m sorry

  • RaptorOO7

    GNexus AOKP Bld21, waiting for M3 to release any time now.  Solid ROM, awesome dev and support.

  • Andrew

    GNex, AOKP Toro 21, softkey mod, removed everything except signal from navigation bar.

  • Anonymous

    Atrix 4G, unlocked bootloader, running CM7 w/ ICS theme

  • Tromanojr

    Gummy 7.0 with Cobalt theme, and Franco’s 14.4 Kernal.

  • BAMF Forever 1.09 with whatever kernel was there. Hate themes.
    I hate Sense as well, but hesitate to use a non-supported CM build.

  • Bigwavedave25

    GNex – AOKP build21, Nova Launcher, …..more
    yea! more stuff to try, thanks for the ideas guys!

  • Gummy Nex 0.7.0 with IMO’s 1.8.0

  • Ajohn7211

    Newt’s Incredible HD on the dInc2.  Not a huge fan of the animations but setting up my phone over and over again so i’ve slowed down on the flashing

  • KG

    Moto Triumph: MIUI, Darkside Kernel, No mods, aaaaaaaaaaand running the Default MIUI theme :D! Really great ROM btw!

  • babadush

    GNex – Had AOKP then I switched to CM9 Kanged. I like CM9 better. It feels snappier.

  • Droid 2 BMOD ICS 1.1

  • Justin Conner

    GummyNex 0.7.0!

  • OG Droid Bugless Beast (GPA 19 Android 2.3.7) and ChevyNo1 2.6.32 LV 1.0Ghz kernel 

  • jbonics

    ics miui gb kernel unthrottled mod jakesbitesmod w/ custom cpu slider in the notification pulldown (worlds first) no. no you cant

  • Mr. Joshua

    Thunderbolt – BAMF – Son of A Bliss – Sense 3.5

  • Tim242

    Galaxy Nexus, AOKP M2 build 21. Loving it! It is stock, with great options. I changed the order of the buttons, and the color to ICS blue. I feel that the back button should be in the middle, as I use it much more than home. I added the menu button. It was cute, but redundant. So, I took it back off.

  • Aaron
  • Jeremy

    Gummy Nex 0.6.6 on imo’s 1.8.0 stable kernal. Blue reflection software key mod, blue Google search bar mod, and bookeh boot animation. I also use unstable apps touch recovery on Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE with extended battery and Seido Active 2100mah case.

  • Androidfan

    running codename + francos kernel getting like 20 hours on 4g, screen brightness 30% with moderate to heavy use with extended battery. no bugs clean but its looking like codename and gummy are clearly winning the best rom with the least amount of bugs ive ran into like 5 roms for my g nex did everything correctly got bugs or lags or regular battery drain not with codename or gummy my 2 cents

  • AOKP toro milestone 2 build 21, default kernel, stock radio

    • Milestone 2 and build 21 are two different things…

  • Anonymous

    My custom ROM for my Droid RAZR is called… wait for it… STOCK! Seriously a lot can be customized without root access… and the RAZR is powerful already without the need for over clocking. Blur on the RAZR is pretty good in my opinion too.

    • Anonymous

      but what about underclocking?

      • Anonymous

        True, a custom ROM allows or under clocking to achieve better battery, but me thinks that the Android OS has a pretty good governor of CPU throttling on its own.

        It would be cool if Google provided an app to skin the OS rather than have to resort to the root ‘n ROM method.

  • Sattmullivan

    Galaxy Nexus – GummyNex 0.7.0 with leankernel 

  • GNex  w/AOKP milestone 2… that is, until I can get my homebrew working well enough as a DD.

  • Azholio

    Gnex running some Gummy love!

  • Mustang5Oh

    Motorola Droid Razr running a modified kern….oh wait….lol

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus running latest AOKP build with Faux LTE Kernel at 1.06GHz and ICS & Black theme by GSXRDon!

  • Noah

    AOKP Toro 21 with Franco’s 14.4.  Fast and smooth.  Great battery life with moderate to slightly heavy usage (it makes it through a 12+ hour work day with no charge).

  • David Larsen

    Galaxy Nexus on CodenameDroid…and it is wonderful

  • Phone: HTC Rezound
    ROM: BAMF Stockish 1.02Kernel: IncrediKernel (648 MHz – 1.67GHz)
    Mods: HTC Trace Keyboard with Arrow Keys
              4×5 Rosie Page

  • Anonymous



    • Lethalprophet

      Not a win. Thread is for custom ROMs.


  • Anonymous

    Some kang that kellex posted a while back. I’ve been editing some of the PNG files in the UIapk… Its not finnished as I’m still working on the 4G indicators. So far I have 3G, 1X, upload/download for wifi and data and signal strength bars. Other than that… fairly stock visuals…


  • Anonymous

    Running razrx on the Razr at the moment but looking to change soon. Seems like the battery life is even worse than stock. Hoping to fine something to improve battery life, under clocking has not helped much. Next on the list to test are Arctic and ic3razr

  • SteveTango

    GNex, nothing too special…softkey mod, nova launcher w/ Tron-esque text-only shortcuts, and new LTE radios.

  • C-Law

    Aokp b21, imo’s lean kernel 1.8.0

  • 1gr8droid

    Codename with trinity kernel

  • Lethalprophet

    Droid Razr on VZW running the Alpha ICS. it’s pretty sweet over all, but I do miss my camera. Now where did I put that fastboot file…..

  • Cheezhead19

    Droid 3: Hashcode’s CM9 alpha #5 (beta with working camera will be soon!)

    • Aroldan284

      Same here, can’t wait for the beta with the camera fix!

      • Matthew Gardner

        Anxiously, I might add. Can’t believe it’s already been almost 2 months on hashcode ics. Thanks again hash.

  • Xoom – Official stock ICS w/ added root access
    D. Charge – Stock de-bloated 2.3.6 w/ root access
    Dinc2 – CM7
    NookColor – CM9 nightly

  • teschall

    DX MIUI 2.1.30

  • Paul Ostendorf

    GNex: Apex 1.0 w/ Imoseyon 1.7.1 kernel. Super smooth and getting great battery life on extended.

  • Lake510

    AOKP toro build 21, stock kernel, 

  • MJ Lindamood

    GNEX – AOKP toro21 with Nova Launcher (incl. the invisible folders you linked to) and ICS Blue reflective soft buttons.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy NexusGummyNex 0.7.0 with the included Imoseyon kernel
    No theme, no additional mods.

  • TSM Resurrection 2.1, TWGB Kernel, Fascinate 

  • You, my good sir, have just thoroughly made my day!

    Thank you kindly for answering, and with links, yet!

  • Mark Woods

    Project Elite on Droid Bionic


    @google-7b355ba33aab179e296f25e94de28070:disqus …my buddy’s step-mother $8,370 last month. she w0rks on the internet and drives a Cadillac CTS coupe. All she did was get lucky and follow the information you can find here..ufil.ms/9h78c

  • AOKP 21 with Franco 14.4 Kernel.

  • Cyantific35

    Gnex. AOKP build 21. Franco.kernel14.4.  Modded icons. 

    • [[[…babysmoker…]]]

      Awesome wallpaper! Is it part of a theme or is it separate from the icons? & where can I find them?? 🙂 Thank you

    • twocents

      your setup would look awesome with the web 2.0 modded soft keys… they are blue with the last letter pink… simple metamorph mod 

      • Nicodemus

        The battery charging theme that is displayed in the middle of that wallpaper is pretty damn nice.  Is that a feature of AOKP that I haven’t found yet or a separate add-on?  

        AOKP 21 with Franco

        Also…..can anyone suggest a good radio?

        • Anonymous

          The battery readout is Minimalistic Text. Same with the days indicator above it.

    • Anonymous

      Me too. Love this setup!

  • GummyCharged for Droid Charge with ICS theme.

  • Eklinger79

    Droid Incredible, MIUI, incredikernel.

  • Drew Beck

    Gnex – Codename Android 1.2.0 with inverted Gapps

  • E Flores09

    Thunderbolt. Liquid smooth rom Ice cream sandwich
    Absolutely awesome and great battery life. Smooth too and everything works like butter

  • Anonymous

    AOKP with custom softkeys and minimalistic icons on the bar. Nothing fancy.


  • JSK

    AOKP 21 running with Francos 15 kernel, platform folder mod, 4.0.3 radios and the PsynFlip custom animations. 

  • Anonymous

    Samsung Epic, CM7,, using ADW and ics theme for dialer.

  • :)


  • Skittleoid

    [ROM][CM9] EncounterICS X (Beta 3)

  • Anonymous

    I’m using Codename. 

  • John Hance

    Right now I’m on CM9 Kang build 1/27 with Franco’s Kernel. Performance is great, battery life is substantially better than stock. I’m doing a backup as I speak so I can switch over to AOKP21.

  • Rich A

    Tried pretty much all of them. Loved Axiom 2.4 the best (with franco kernel). Tried aokp for a bit, but hated the pulldowns. Now I’m using apex 1.0 (as I loved that on dx). Diggin it so far. 

  • Droid X. Encounter ICS. Stock Kernal. It’s running awesome minus no camera ;(

  • Altivoid

    using AOKP on an lte galaxy nexus. Used to use tranquil ice.

  • Dns2k

    Codename android. 1.2 on the GNex. Its epic. Tried AOKP 20 and it broke GPS like cm7 did on OG Droid. BB final and CNA is what I’ll be backing.

  • Anonymous

    DInc2 CM7.2 KANG over aeroevan’s 0.8bfs kernal

  • Augie757 Ca


  • Galaxy Nexus with Tranquil Ice 7.0g and Franco’s kernel. Try ’em all with Boot Manager!

  • Brad_mlln

    Galaxy Nexus CDMA 
    Bugless Beast nightly
    Franco Kernel #15
    Stock theme

  • Anonymous

    Liquid is working tits for me right meow.

  • Queso

    Droid X running Liquid Smooth 3.0

  • Trophynuts

    Redemption Rom 1.0.5 running the optional DefiantV2 Kernel 

  • Anonymous

    Gnex BB nightly 12212. Runs smooooth.

  • Anonymous

    GNex. I switch between aokp+GLaDOS and Liquid ICS.

  • INFAMOUS2781

    Codename Android 1.1.4 with inverted G-Apps.
    running Trinity Kernel which is providing AWESOME battery life,as seen in the screen shot.

  • Anonymous

    gnex, gummynex 0.7.0

  • Craig LeBaron

    CM9 unofficial

  • Jacob E Walker

    My question is what is Kellex running the the photo?
    CodeName Android 1.1 with lean kernel 1.7.1 getting about 18hrs with 4g off

    • Nyjohn14

      from the looks of its AOKP…

  • Anthony Bohanon

    On the GNex i have AOKP with the Franco Kernel. On the Incredible 2 i have Miui and on the OG Incredible is Cm7.

  • ddevito

    GNex Bug less Beast (Toro) with Franco kernel.

  • MrChips

    AOKP Toro Build 21 + 3.0.17-tuna-faux1230-011 kernel.   All praise to Rootzwiki!

  • Devator22

    Inc 2, tsm bullet port 1.2, stock kernel. No other mods, no theme other than a stock skin. Smoothest rom I’ve run on this thing.

  • Sandyman

    Thunderbolt, CyanogenMod 7.1.1, GoLauncher

  • Jmaster674

    Liquid ics beta 2 but I’m usually on tranquilice

  • Anonymous

    SCrosler’s Senseless ICS on my HTC Rezound. Waiting for Joelz and Dmeadows to get the CM9 port working fully (currently no data/voice/other necessities) and then that will be my daily ROM.

  • Anonymous

    Droid Incredible, CM7, Incredikernal, ICS theme

  • Anonymous

    AOKP build 21 Toro. Trinity 512 kernel. Hybrid radios. Camera bitrate mod.

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus, im still running axiom 2.4 because it’s the smoothest rom I’ve flashed, also using franco kernel along with a whole bunch of other mods.

  • Cypher

    Sprint Samsung Galaxy S 4G: CyanogenMOD7 nightly
    Transformer Prime: Stock rooted (until the bootloader unlock comes out in feb).

  • Jack Hoffman

    Tranquil-Ice…that is all

  • Galaxy Nexus, AOKP Build 21, Stock kernel, modded softkeys and battery indicator

  • Ken

    Thunderbold, Liquid Gingerbread 3.2 no other extras

  • Htc Thunderchicken running Liquids ASOP 3.2 stock theme oc’d to 1.4 ghz

  • Droid X running Miui…

    Does anyone care?

    • Migamix

      i do, i still have my DX, not as a daily driver, that would goto my Gnex, but its not saying it dont want to slap some current rom on it… may give miui another whirl for the DX, but for now, im on Gummy.7.0 and out to slap the new 
      IMoseyON onto it

    • Doron Zehavi

      Ran MIUI for a while… too many bugs. Now on Liberty 3 V2.0. Everything works, which is an upgrade from MIUI.

      • I tried running MIUI a few time on my Dinc2, but always ended up going back to CM7 because of all of the bugs. It’s pretty to look at, but quite broken as a daily driver.

    • Anonymous

      I care 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Peter Alfonso’s Galaxy Nexus nightlies with blue softkey mod.

  • jimbob

    Rocking CM7 on my TB.

  • Nhlpreds98

    Galaxy Nexus – GummyNex 7.0, Franco Kernel 15, Nova Launcher, Modded Keys.
    Moto Xoom – Team EOS Nightlies

  • Anonymous

    EVO 3D running InfectedROM’s Eternity ROM and Anthrax kernel.

  • Palaver02

    Liberty 3.0 droidx

  • Anonymous

    My Galaxy Nexus has the Stock ROM/is Rooted. Won’t be installing any new ROMs until at least 2-3 months from now.

  • Anonymous

    GummyNex with all my softkeys set like it’s Gingerbread! 8D

  • Anonymous

    I’m using GummyNex on my Galaxy Nexus which uses Imoseyon’s kernel. I use the mods that are built into the ROM; pulldown toggles, clock in the center of the notification bar, MIUI style batter line at the top and therefore no battery icon, 2 custom shortcuts on the lockscreen (flashlight toggle and quick event) and I have both a search softkey and persistent menu softkey.
    Nova launcher, no theme (yet)My retired Droid X is running EncounterICSX which is a CM9 port/kang/ROM/whatever. No themes, I use it as a spotify player in my living room.

  • Tuner

    GummyNex 0.7.0

  • OG Droid… Liquid 3.2

  • Anonymous

    waiting on red mod for 1.2…. how do you like it over 1.1.4… im currently getting awesome battery life

  • Galaxy Nexus with Liquid-ICS Beta 2

  • MattyMcD

    GNex – Codename Android 1.2.0, included Kernel. 

  • Samsung SGH-T959V  (T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G / SGS4G)
    ROM: Valhalla-BlackEdition-Stock/CyanogenMod-7.1 hybrid (KJ6 debloat + 2.3.7)
    Kernel: Bryan Hundven’s (KJ6 source-based)
    Baseband: T959VUVKJ6
    Mods: restored TaskManager, GPS fix.

  • Anonymous

    Liberty Rom on my D3G

  • fartbubbler

    after getting the GNex on release day, I finally got around to unlocking and rooting.  

    I’m currently blowing up AOKP, with a GummyNex nandroid  😉

  • Alex Burtson

    Galaxy Nexus – GummyNex (no custom theme or kernel) – Nova Launcher

    • Alex Burtson

      Gummynex 0.7.0, that is.

  • Pearkel

    RAZR Abysm 1.1 its a screamer!

  • Droid

    Codename Android 1.2.0/BlueHarFord Custom Codename Kernel

  • Tbolt – CM 7.2 – XoomKernel @ 1.6GHz, with full ICS theme

  • Android Revolution HD

  • Someones

    currently running Axiom 2.4 with franco #15 kernel

  • BostonFan87

    AOKP B21 Black Exodus 3.6 and LeanKernel 1.8exp2

  • EaglesBlood ROM 4.0.3 + 
    franco.Kernel: best performance and good battery life  🙂

  • Gnex AOKP Toro 21

  • Anonymous

    CM9 on my droid 3

  • GNEX CM 9.0.0 KANG.  Still a lot of work to be done, but this nightly has gotten better and better by the day!  Plus, I have my CWM Touch Installer, Light Flow, and Custom Soft-Buttons, and my Doctor Who boot animation.  Love my phone and all of the tinkering that can be done 🙂

  • Rezound running stock deodexed (pre OTA but post-OTA hboot and radio), including 4-in-1 power menu, extended pull-down settings, and BAMF Rosie cobbled together from a few other ROMs.  It’s a mix of Gingerbread I picked from 3 different ROMs.

  • Droid 3 running Hasc0de’s CM9 – Android 4.0

  • Galaxy Nexus. GummyNex 0.7.0. Imoseyon 1.8.0.

  • HTC THUNDERBOLT rocking Liquid Gingerbread 3.2


    Tranquil Ice on the G-Nex. Best Rom I’ve tried on it hands down!! Amazing battery life, always updated via the TBH app. Love it!!

  • Michael Forte

    G-Nex, Codename Android 1.2, Leankernel 1.8. No theme. I like the way ICS looks stock.

  • Gummynex on galaxy nexus with stock kernel

  • Galaxy Nexus. My own CM9 Kang with Francos #15 kernel.

    • heisenberg

      same! buttery smooth 😀

  • Galaxy Nexus: CM9 Build01262012 with Lean Kernel Stable 1.8.0 and lovin’ it!

  • Anonymous

    CM9 Kang with Franco kernel on gnex. Thank you winner00!

  • Lakerzz

    G-Nex, AOKP toro build 21 with Nova Launcher. (Stock kernel)

  • On my GNex, I’m running AOKP with the stock kernel. I’ve tried a ton of custom ROM with custom kernels and to me they’re all quite similar. Also, my gnex is experiencing some buggy behavior, which persists on stock or custom ROMs and kernels, so I’m not motivated to experiment around too much. 

  • Meister_Li

    I use a GSM Galaxy Nexus with the Android Open Kang Project and Franco’s excellent Kernel.

  • Camb

    GummyNex / Franco.Kernel

  • Nwilkins15

    Gummynex .7.0 imoseyon kernel 1.8 black exodus
    Awesome performance , decent battery life, and awesome black look.


    GNEX running AOKP build 21 with 3.0.18-Franco Kernel-Nightly15. This thing is a monster ! GNEX FOR LIFE !    FTW

  • Anonymous

    Bugless beast on gnex from 1/22 nightly…. with the kernel it comes with.

  • Anonymous

    GNEX – AOKP Toro 21, sokey mods, Nova Launcher, Franco kernel

  • GNex – GummyNex 0.6.6, Franco Kernel 14.4

  • GNEX with GummyRom 0.7.0

  • GrapeApe

    AOKP for the GNexus

  • Ray

    aopk 21 negative theme

  • Galaxy Nexus, AOKP build 21, leankernel 1.8.0, blue light flow boot animation, ics blue text nav buttons. I think that’s it…

  • As I’m sure everyone has noticed, no one has put down any thing for the RAZR.  That’s because most of the ROMs all look like each other.  No one is really doing anything unique.  Unfortunately, the interest hasn’t been that high since Motorizon f***ed us on the bootloaders once again.  ARCTIC looks nice but still has some problems  I’m using a version of a ROM that was started by Droidth3ory, but finished by Nitro.  It works for me, but this era is NOTHING like the days of ROMs back when the Droid X first hit the scene.  It’s a damn shame.  Guess I’ll have to wait for another 20 months until I can buy a phone with an unlocked bootloader that’s close to being whatever is state of the art at the time.  I’ve had enough of Moto’s BS.  They can take that new Developer RAZR and shove it exactly where we ALL know it should go.

    • Mrchips

      Come to the Dark Side…  We have Samsungs! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The locked bootloader sucks as compared to GNEX but Droid Th3ory has been crankin’ out the ROMS, on my RAZR I’m running ABYSM 1.1 and it is sick.  Props to DT for keeping the Moto dev community runnin’!  Though I’d be remiss if I didn’t give Nitro some props too, though I haven’t checked out Eclipse yet.

    • Anonymous

      I think the main reason there was still so much support when the DX came out is because a lot of devs bought one thinking it could be cracked open easily. So did a lot of people hoping for a dev to crack it open.

      It’s moved away from Moto now because everyone knows the game they’re playing. It’s a shame, and the recent news of a “developer option” seems a little back handed. They could just as easily unencrypt the boot loaders and lock them like any other company(easily broken open with effort) without breaking the “regulatory guidelines” or “carrier restrictions”. They chose to encrypt when they could have just locked. On top of that, It will come with no responsibility for Moto to make a quality product due to no warranty of any kind.

      Bottom line: Sure Motorola has great hardware and nice designs, but they don’t give the customer what the customer wants. The give the customer what Motorola wants. It’s starting to catch up with them.

  • Anonymous

    G-Next AOKP 21

  • Ray

    Aopk 21 negative theme 

  • PhantomPtII

    HTC Desire > MIUI Rom with ICS theme

    ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=957291 

  • droidian1441

    DROID 3 with Hashcode’s CM9 Stock ICS rom
    Love it!

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus Toro – GummyNex 0.7.0/Lean Kernel 1.8.0/Cobalt theme

  • Jae Remy

    GummyNex 0.7.0 with lean kernal, nova launcher upadate, nova trans folder mods, and 4.0.3 radios 

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    AOKP Build 21 for LTE Nexus w/ LeanKernel and other various mods.

  • Aroldan284

    Droid 3 CM9 ICSs alpha#5

  • CyanogenMod 9 unofficial.

  • Gnex AOKP w/ cobalt theme. 

  • Tranquil Ice 7.0g with faux123 v10 kernel 

  • GNEZ – AOKP Toro 21
    IMO Leankernel 1.8.0

  • Samsung Droid Charge
    Eclipse ROM EP4D v1.2 (Android 2.3.6)
    imnuts’ PBJT kernel 1-15-12
    Non-accurate battery mod

    Samsung Captivate
    TeamHacksung’s ICS ROM IML74K Build 15 (CM9 Alpha Android 4.0.3)
    Icy Glitch v14 beta

  • aldizzle419

    Galaxy Nexus. GummyNex 0.7.0. Imoseyon 1.8.0.

  • Galaxy Nexus – Codename 1.0.1 (have 1.2.0 downloaded, just need to backup and flash), Imo Lean Kernel

  • Anonymous

    BuglessBeast for my Nexus (I like to keep it simple and Pete does that, no need for all those extras). I also modded my soft keys to an ICS blue and I’m running Imoseyon’s latest non-experimental kernel. I easily get a full day from my standard battery with regular use.

    Also got a Bionic, but that’s still 100% stock. It belongs to my wife and she doesn’t want me messing with it.

  • Andrew

    GummyNex v0.70

  • ummm GummyNex0.7.0 probably cuz I code for it 😉

    • im running gummy 7 also. but, because its awesome 😀 oh and using the franco kernel

  • Cjay1019

    Gummy Nexus

  • The Observer

    Galaxy Nexus running Gummy Nex 0.7.0, Imo’s lean kernel 1.8, and Nova Launcher. Smooth, fast, and great battery life. I finally have the perfect phone.

  • galaxy nexus – stock

    only problem is reboots. it literally happened in airplane mode this weekend.

    also: waiting for cm9, why not

  • Galaxy Nexus (i9250) AOKP – 21 with ICS Blue Softkeys

  • Sweetbabyj45

    GN Tranquil ice 7.0e Stock theme, Miui battery bar

  • Ganesha1994


  • Youllreachus

    Senseless ICS. Booyah baby!

  • Angelrod111

    GNex with GummyNex 7, franco’s 15 kernel and blue soft key mods

  • M1ghtysauc3

    Droid 2 Liberty 3…completely bored. Can’t wait to upgrade in a couple weeks.

  • Anonymous

    CM9 kang for the DInc 2

  • Edub

    Jailbroken 4S running SBSettings and stock theme!!!!

  • Jeff J

    Galaxy Nexus – AOKP build 21 – Franco kernel 14.3 – Nova Launcher – modded soft keys (blue)

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus: Codename Android 1.1.4 GN-CDMA

    Solid, stable, with a good amount of tweaks. I’ve been intruiged by some others, but for now I’m staying with Codename Android. Well, at least for tonight…

    I think my OG still has some Gingerbread MIUI…

  • Thunderbolt, Bamf Forever, Imo’s lean kernel, undervolted and slightly overclocked with a Rezound battery. Yes, it still has terrible battery life, but it’s less terrible than before.

  • AllJ

    Phone: HTC Thunderbolt
    ROM: BAMF_Forever
    Kernel: Adrynalyne 3++

  • Levi Wilcox

    Codename 1.2.0 (built with commits after the release) with it’s stock kernel. 

    repo sync && make -j8 otapackage 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus with Bugless Beast 1/22 nightly (and I’ll download the newest 1/30 nightly now), Lou’s Defiant v2 kernel, stock blue soft keys, and CirclesMod notification icons. Also have made my widgets for Pandora, TuneIn, and SoundHound transparent. Can’t get the transparent Google Music to install, though 🙁

    This poll should go hand-in-hand with a new “show your home screens” request 🙂

  • Anonymous

    GNex, GummyNex, Imo 1.8.0

  • eleazar

    Galaxy Nexus – AOKP Build 21

  • Cole Edmundson

    Galaxy Nexus- Android Revolution HD, would like change to a more custom ROM, but this one is very stable and faster than stock with good battery life.

  • Robert Best

     HTC Desire HD running LorD ClockaN’s Ice Cold Sandwich 4.0.3 beta.1.2 with a battery percentage and centered clock status bar tweaks.

  • Galaxy Nexus: AOKP Build 21, Franco Kernel 14.4 (has outstanding color modifications that make the screen look even more excellent), Stock theme. 

  • Mike Mike

    Everyone running Codename on your GN should be ashamed of yourselves!

    I support the creator of that ROM and AOKP, Roman!

    • Myself

      You are an epic retard who has no reason to be pissing and moaning. The only remarks that should be made are between devs, not fanboys. T_T If you read the code instead of following blindly and hopping on-board the kang wagon (Android Open KANG Project ring a bell?), you’d know they’re completely different roms.

    • Anonymous

      What makes it a Kang? Everyone uses everyone’s code and gives credit for it.  If you or anyone took the time out to read the Codename Android threads you will see credit was given. If you or anyone else who claims it is kang took like 10 minutes out to skim through github you can see the difference in code.

  • Anonymous

    My ROM…see image above

  • blakjakdavy

    Droid X, EncounterICS

  • Baked14

    Aokp. Francis kernal. Stock theme.

  • cawaller

    Droid X, ROM: Liberty 3.2, Milestone Overclock 1150/300 OnDemand.

  • Chssmsterwnook

    Galaxy Nexus LTE Kejar’s GummyNex with imoseyon’s beta kernel.

  • Klabit87

    SkyRaider Zeus 1.3 for the Droid Incredible 2

  • Steve

    Codename android 1.2.0

  • Inc2 with cm7 

  • No One Home

    Galaxy Nexus, ROM codename Android

  • trumpet444

    OG droid with CM6 (gingerbread hates the OG)

    • I remember loving CM6 on the OG but hating that no one ever properly figured out how to enable Compcache :/

    • Godric

      You should try bugless beast for the og, always worked fine when I had it. But project elite and miui have nice themes

    • TC Infantino

      I loved the Simply Stunning ROM for the OG, I don’t recall any bugs and it was very fast.  Totally rejuvinated the OG. 

    • Jack D

      Liquid is fast for me.

  • Galaxy Nexus running AOKP

  • Anonymous

    Gnex, codenamedroid, natemodz red mod

  • Current and first ROM: galaxy nexus with Codename android 1.2.0 with franco’s kernel nightly #15

  • Nexus with AOKP 21 with Blacked out GMAIL/MMS/Contacts and Cobalt theme

  • Galaxy Nexus – Bugless Beast with Franco kernel.

  • Anonymous

    Running Touchpro’s most recent ICS Beta, Aeroevan’s v7 kernel on my trusty DInc2

  • Rob Reason


  • Wade Wilson

    Thanks to much encouragement from DL, I spent my weekend flashing (and flashing and flashing…forgetting to make NANDROID backups FTL) AOKP + Franco’s kernal. Couldn’t be happier

  • Galaxy Nexus LTE AOKP b21 Lean Kenal 1.8.0 exp2

  • Galaxy Nexus : GummyNex v0.70, Imoseyon’s Leankernel v1.80 (Stable), Cobalt Theme

    Rom= Best out right now!
    Kernel = SUPERB Battery Life
    Theme = Blue Polish to Stock

    No need for anything else 😉

  • Thracks

    AOKP 21/Imoseyon Lean 1.8.0exp2.

  • Drewfus0929

    Running Liquid ICS for Galaxy Nexus, Imoseyon Kernel 1.8, 240 mhz experimental kernel. Fastest, most light-weight rom for the Gnex IMO.

  • Kuboo99

    CodenameDroid 1.2 on my Galaxy Nexus. I just installed Boot Manager so I am planning to have AOKP and maybe MIUI going to.

  • Jack Holt

    Codename Android v1.1.4 with Franco.kernel, tried 1.2.0, but the phone kept rebooting when I’d try to send a text message.

  • Mr ilheis


  • Droid X with CM7 GB Kernel nightlies.

  • Anonymous

    gnex, cm9kang 0127, franco’s kernel 14.4, custom boot animation

  • Galaxy Nexus:  AOKP Build 21. Stock kernel. Tried a theme and hated it, so back to stock.

    • EC8CH

      You mess with the pink unicorn you get the horn!

      • in da butt

        • EC8CH

          what what

          • I said what what…

        • Anonymous

          Leon Phelps??! Is that you?!

      • oz0ne

        Samwell approves

    • fartbubbler

      same here.   Have you flashed the 4.0.3 radios?

    • Black Exodus by NitroZ is super HOT!! You should check it out!! 

    • i tried aokp 21, but on my phone the pull down notifications just wouldnt show up. thats when i moved to gummy

  • ssjnimma

    GNEX – AOKP Toro 21 with softkey mod and transparent status bar mod! also running the Inverted apps!! 😛

    • EC8CH

      transparent status bar mod is intriguing… gotta link?

    • Anonymous

      Got the exact same set up on mine but also have Cobalt theme applied.

    • Cmonnats23

      This is quite literally the EXACT thing I am running! That along with NOVA launcher, circle launcher (set to transparent) and clockr! Not a fan of the inverted apps though b/c they dont update from google! Have you had any problems with AOKP?

      • how does that lwp work on custom roms? I bought it and refunded it, so I can’t check without purchasing it.

        • Cmonnats23

          Works perfectly with custom roms! However, all live wallpapers do not play nice with the transparent nav bar mod! I had to uninstall the transparent nav bar due to that reason. It gets all glitchy and flashes. does the same thing with all lwp, not just with this one

          • What about in app? Is it still transparent? I can’t handle white notification bars 😛

          • Cmonnats23

            In app it changes to whatever color the majority of the ui is! Like for the messaging app it changes to white but in the google music app it is a dark blue

          • Ewwww. Lol

          • nmoyer23

            How did you get that circle battery mod?

          • Not me. The other guy.

    • ssjnimma

      heres a link for anyone wanting to see the setup…


      • Cmonnats23

        In hose pics how do you not have a launcher? I am confused!

        • ssjnimma

          well with Nova Launcher you can long press on an icon and remove it… does that answer your question?? 

          • Cmonnats23

            so like the launcher dock is still there, theres just nothing on it?

          • ssjnimma


      • God damn that’s the farthest thing from stock ICS I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen a single other person on here using it, but I’m using Pete Alfonso’s Bugless Beast. Basically optimized stock ICS except for a few additions to the power menu and 180 degree rotation.

        • Chris – I’m using Bugless Beast. It’s awesome because it’s very close to what Google intended, except that it removes a few carrier-related restrictions (such as the VZW tether guard, so we can use the system-level infrastructure tethering for free). The 180 degree rotation is awesome, too.

          • Anonymous

            It’s been about a week and a half or so since I was on Bugless, but I liked Bugless Remix better. 

            I enjoy the mods that are offered in the roms but I always liked Bugless… It was the first rom I loaded on my old D1. Actually I think it was Bugless Beast… lol

            I would like him to offer a Bugless Beast option with all the extra mods for all of us that like that stuff.

        • I’m on Bugless! Don’t worry, there’s a good community out there who loves the slightly improved stock experience of BB!

        • Anonymous

          I used BB for aq while too as I don’t like to bother with heavily customized roms that introduce a lot of bugs.  However I tried AOKP and have to say it’s basically as stable as BB and provides a lot more options for customization so unless I discover a bunch of bugs I can’t imagine going back to plain old reliable BB.

        • ssjnimma

          haha ya I usually change the design layout about once a week… this just happened to be what I was rolling with at the time. I like AOKP alot for the customizations you can do and still have the ICS feel. I have had no bugs with this rom.

      • Bub

        Thats DOPE!

      • nmoyer23

        How did you get that circle battery mod?

        • ssjnimma

          It was part of the transparent status bar mod… the battery was in that mod. I have come across a thread over on XDA where you can change out the battery… If I was home Id share the link… just do a google search and you should stumble on it! 😛

      • mikeym0p

        That looks slick! Does the statusbar go black when you’re off the homescreen like in MIUI?

        • ssjnimma

          its based off the main color of the app… so for example Facebook the status bar will be black, and Twitter its white… 

      • Anonymous

        Nice! And the icons and weather widget?

      • JesseMONSTER

        I need that wallpaper!!!

    • Anonymous

      Also rocking AOKP Toro 21 w/ Tangerine theme, Tangerine Keyboard, Inverted Gapps and various minimal apps.

      I don’t think I’ve gone 48 hours without flashing something since Dec 15th..

      • Fikemox

        Holy crap that looks awesome…link?

        • Anonymous

          Here is a link to the theme: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0CDsQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Frootzwiki.com%2Ftopic%2F15696-theme-lucid-onyx-tangerine-violet%2Fpage__view__findpost__p__401913&ei=aQooT5DhBaHX0QHymbjrAg&usg=AFQjCNEQMbjtf7UTyqGH1AgSsv7CdqBWSw&sig2=5lBIK3IOHYRhKrCW9yGL8A

          If you poke around the Galaxy Nexus Theme section, you will find the rest :]

      • Nice setup! What’s your circular weather Widget that you’re rocking? What’s it’s name?

      • Sweet! What’s the transparent music widget?

    • Aaron

      I wish i could get build 21 to take on my gnex

    • Cutillo

      Somehow i lost my soft keys at the bottom and after I wipe and even install a new rom its still missing. Any help/ideas?

      • ssjnimma

        hopefully you made a nandroid backup?

  • Anthony

    galaxy nexus gummynex 0.7.0! Lightning fast and very stable

  • Galaxy Nexus 4.0.3 – AOKP toro build 21, Franco’s kernal 14.4

    • Franco’s kernel 15 just came out with a couple of new governors, I am liking it so far.

  • duckphan

    AOKP for G Nex shown in the pic above. It’s the first Rom i’ve tried on this phone and it kicks ass. Currently trying out Nova launcher, and using the black google apps mods.

  • Patmw123

    Bugless Beast 1-5 build. Lou’s Defiant V2 Kernel. 4.0.3 Radios.

    Its essentially a stock 4.0.3 AOSP build. Its great.

  • Currently on AOKP 21 with Trinity kernel and modded softkeys. 

    • EC8CH

      sexy as hell right there

    • Anonymous

      Where do you find that kernal?Aokp21 for me with Franco

      • Trinity Kernel can be found here – 

        • Anonymous

          Thanks! Geeze so many links. Which do you recommend?

          • I’m using this one  Trinity-NP-RD.zip the 512MHz GPU, 1.35GHz Trinity Flavor with fsync disabled. (RD == Includes its own ramdisk)

            http://goo.gl/XpdMv <–link

      • I have the 512MHZ one installed.

    • Hamforce

      Super Sweet!!

    • Wjones5

      what is that clock widget?  Thanks in advance!

      • Advanced Clock Widget

        • Wjones5


        • Anonymous

          What about the weather widget? I really like that

          nevermind I realized it was all one…

    • Anonymous

      That looks awesome. May I ask how you were able to change those folder icons or icons in general? I feel like such a n00b all over again 😛

      • Are you reffering to the blue dock icons? I have Nova Launcher as my default launcher and you can change the dock icons by long pressing them. It lets you select which icon you want to use. 

        • Anonymous

          Ah that’s nifty. Thanks sir!

    • wicked, if you wouldn’t mind answering a battery of questions…
      Question the First: What icon pack is that?
      Question the Second: Which softkey mod is that?
      and Question the Third: Where might I get my greedy paws on that wallpaper?

      And if any of those are your own work, bravo, and perhaps you’d not mind sharing…? 🙂

      • The icons I got from a friend and I edited them and removed the circle around them. Grab it from here http://www.box.com/s/ei8i3i0rnsg7hgj7o5x0  The softkey mod is called Pixelated ICS Blue which I got from here – 
        http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1413582 and the wallpaper I got from deviantart but uploaded it here http://www.box.com/s/iq82gnps5eqy55yb6ibp

        • Jamaicawind

          i hate asking this but im new to rooting and such but how exactly do i go about adding icons and softkey mods to my phone?

          • Noah

            Check out the rootzwiki forums.

          • Join up here 
            http://www.galaxynexusforum.com/forum/forum.php  and we’ll help ya out. 

          • Jamaicawind

            ill most deff join =)

          • Cool, see you there! 

          • Damn Wicked, you’re everywhere! Do you own a lot of these sites, because everytime I get a new phone/tablet, theres always a Xforum.com for it and you’re always there! 

    • Be sure to check out our site at 
      http://www.galaxynexusforum.com I'm also “wicked” on there. Currently we have a screenshot contest going on with some phone cases as prizes and icon packs from thePhlash. 

      • Anonymous

        joined your site and i think i put up a screenshot…. used you as referral hope thats ok.

        • Cool! Yeah, that’s no problem.

    • Cmonnats23

      how do you like the trinity kernel as opposed to franco? ive tried franco’s but it does not play well with my phone. hah

      • I’ve been on it since last night. So far so good. Pretty smooth and good on battery.

        • Cmonnats23

          better than franco would you say?

          • It’s comparable. The last version of Franco I had was 12 I think and battery life seems to be on par with that but Trinity seems a little snappier. 

    • Jermaine151

      I had to steal your setup. It’s the HOTNESS! I’m on Codename Android 1.2.0. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jason Purp

    Codename Android

    Hoping to soon make that MIUI


  • At the moment: Codename Android

  • EC8CH


    Franco Kernel

    Inverted Google Apps

  • Keyan X

    Galaxy Nexus cdma
    Imo’s 1.8 exp2 kernel

  • Anonymous

    GUMMYNEX 0.7.0!

    • Anonymous

      Same Here.  Gummy has been running great.

  • James Murphy

    Android Open Kang Project. All day, every day.

  • Austin

    DX MIUI 2.1.30

  • Galaxy Nexus, AOKP, Franco kernel. Runs beautifully and gives me 24 hours of battery life with hotplug enabled!

  • Anonymous

    Gummy for Nexus.  0.7

  • Anonymous

    ICS4BIONIC by dhacker29. That’s all for now.

  • Josh R Ingram

    CDMA Galaxy Nexus, AOKP, Faux’s Kernel

  • MoDaCo on Galaxy Nexus 🙂

  • Austin

    MIUI 2.1.30

  • GummyNex on my Galaxy Nexus. Stock kernel, no mods. No theme.

  • Stock baby!