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Custom ROM Friday: Android Open Kang Project For Galaxy Nexus

The Galaxy Nexus has an outstanding fan base among the developer community and it completely shows when you poke your head into these forums. After receiving plenty of requests for us to post some custom ROM goodness, here is a ROM called the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP). It is based on Android 4.0.3 and has all the features you would hope for when flashing a ROM to your brand new Galaxy Nexus.

There are a few main things people look for when flashing ROMs to the G-Nex. They need to be able to switch up the colors on the navigation bar, add system toggles to the notification bar, switch up their lockscreen to have more than just unlock/camera options, and of course they need WiFi tethering. From what we have experienced, you can do all of that and a whole lot more. AOKP comes with the stock 1.2 GHz kernel that is set to an interactive setting. For battery life, it is one of the best I have seen on a device. If you have been looking for a good custom ROM to throw on your device, then look no further. 

Flashing Instructions:

  1. Download AOKP  zip and Gapps zip. (Place both on your phone’s storage.)
  2. Create NANDROID backup.
  3. Reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and wipe data/cache.
  4. Install the AOKP zip.
  5. Once finished installing, then install Gapps zip.
  6. Reboot.
  7. After reboot and setting up your Google account, reboot again.
  8. After you have finished all of those steps, you’re ready to party.

For further instructions and info on the Android Open Kang Project, check our their forum entry over at RootzWiki. If you have any troubles, just ask below and we will do our best to help you through the process. Enjoy!

  • Sczth83

    Why i can not open / receive calls especially when other application is used….

  • White

    My coworker and I tried this. As soon as we did advance restore – data it wouldn’t get past the boot animation. Ended up going back to stock. Not sure what we did wrong.

  • zach taylor

    How do you get the toggles in the status bar?

  • babadush

    I’ve been using this for a while. Great rom. Mix it with faux’s kernel and be prepared for restarts

  • Dean Milord

    This ROM is amazing and has since been updated following this post.  Go to Rootz Wiki and get this ROM.  You will love it!

    • Gnexus

      What do you mean? His Changelog says Build 21 was updated on January 26. This post was posted on January 27th.

  • Gnexus

    Ok so i am newb. Yeah kick me. I was wondering if anyone can explain what a kernel set to an “interactive” setting is? Also i heard that this ROM undervolts your phone. Are these settings reverted back 100% if i flash back a nandroid of stock rooted? Also i know stupid question, are all kernels that the OS might have reverted back as well?

    Thanks.. i really appreciate any answers to these.

    • Anytime you flash a ROM, it flashes whatever kernel is ‘stock” with that ROM, so if you flash something else on top of this it will overwrite whatever kernel settings are in here with whatever the new kernel is. This is why if you want a different kernel than what comes with the ROM, you flash it after rebooting, after flashing the ROM.

      The way I understand it, the interactive governor means that the settings on CPU speeds get more conservative as your battery gets lower – so when you have a nearly-full battery, the cpu runs higher to give better performance, and when you are running low, it tends to stay lower to save battery. Someone please correct me if I misunderstood that, though, as I’m no expert.

  • Anonymous

    After flashing this rom and restoring with Titanium Backup my 3G and 4G signal bars as well as Wifi signal indicator are staying gray instead of turning blue. I have data connection but my Gmail doesn’t seem to be giving push notifications and Google Talk is not working right. Anyone have any insight on this?

  • Jamaicawind

    How do i create a nandroid backup and is this possible to make on a mac?

    • Just go into ClockworkMod and backup your ROM, you don’t even need a computer. Unless you’re unlocking the bootloader. That will wipe your “sdcard” but a regular factory reset won’t.

  • Turb0wned

    Am I the only one that likes Bugless Beast better? This rom just kept giving me problems and horrible battery life..

    • It must be really phone-dependent, as I’ve had the opposite experience.

  • Another really good rom for the GNex is Manhattan. A lot more customizability than bigxie’s pr ARHD.

  • QtDL

    I am liking the sound and looks of this ROM. I must teach myself how to flash this weekend….

  • Anonymous

    Love the Lang! Lots of settings..but I’m still using Franco’s kernal.

  • Are you all using NovaLauncher or Stock?

    • Nova comes with the ROM and has tons more options.

  • Anonymous

    You guys should mention that this ROM and most others that were mentioned by users on here are also available for the Galaxy Nexus GSM and Nexus S devices.

  • Kameleongt

    this Rom is awesome I noticed they have a newer build time to update 😡

  • Anonymous

    How does AOKP compare to Codename Android in terms of battery life and overall performance?

    • Abc123


    • Anonymous

       If you watch all the features that are in Aokp are in CNA with the same token it gets updated shortly once Aokp gets updated. When there was a Bt draining issue viola same bug in CNA. Aokp gives me better battery life personally and is updated faster since its the original rom.

  • antintyty

    i LOVE this ROM!! Super Awesome and the customization is over the TOP!

  • Anonymous

    so, i think i just flashed this, but the Android version is still showing 4.0.2 and the build is ICL53F.  I didn’t think to look at what the build was before flashing.  Can anyone tell me what I should be seeing?

    • Anonymous

      actually, i’m in a bit of trouble.  My home key doesn’t work and i can’t
      seem to sign into any google apps (it says Google Account Manager has
      stopped).  I did run the gApps zip…

      Anyway, so now i can’t download Rom manager since I can’t get to the market.  What is the shortcut for getting the recovery mode (on the OG it was power/X).  when i hold the down volume key and hold power, i get the bootloader screen, but the only option is START.  the volume keys don’t do anything.

      any suggestions?

      • Well, if you hold down and power that should throw you into Recovery. From there, make sure you’re wiping data/cache and dalvick cache as well.

        Reinstall the ROM, then reinstall the gapps. Reboot.

        If you still have troubles, restore your backup and find yourself a new hobby 🙁 lol jk

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the reply Tim.  I was in something called ODIN mode (i don’t know what that is) and recovery wouldn’t launch.  So, this is what i had to do (thanks to turbodestiny for the info):

          “You need to first get out of Odin Mode – to do this unplug the phone,
          take out the battery, but the battery back in then *this is crucial* –
          press the volume up+volume down+power button. That gets you into the
          boot loader.

          1. Then plug the phone back into your computer

          2. fastboot oem lock

          3. fastboot oem unlock

          4. Accept the unlock

          5. Press power on Start to start the phone

          6. As the phone is starting take the USB cable out of it

          7. Let it sit there and do its thing (could take a few minutes)

          8. It will restart, do its thing some more, then give you the Welcome screen

          9. Breathe sigh of relief

          • Glad to hear you’re up and working 🙂

          • jjjjjjj

             That sounds complicated for something that seems so simple. lol.

  • Going to try this out right now on my GNex. Was running GummyNex. Thanks Kellex!

  • Or you could just get ApeX!!!

  • Anonymous

    Really loved Axiom, too bad it got discontinued. That was the first ROM I ever flashed. But this one sounds promising, think I’ll be giving it a spin tonight!

  • Anonymous

    Really loved Axiom and

  • Jamaicawind

    Wait so after i install this rom will i have to reinstall all my apps and stuff again? 

    • Flyinion

      Welcome to custom ROMs 🙂  You’ll get used to it.  It’s not all that bad compared to the old days a couple years ago now that we have market auto-restore, Titanium Backup, etc.  not to mention a lot of apps can save their settings.  You can get everything totally restored and working fairly quickly these days.  You can always try flashing without wiping data, but just keep in mind you might have problems and end up having to wipe anyway.

  • Pcraig87

    This might be a silly question, but can we flash the new radios with this ROM?

  • Tony Allen

    ^^ This is exactly why I want to abandon my Bionic for a Nexus.. dev backing. I would kill for a clean AOSP ROM like this, fully functioning on my Bionic. All of the AOSP ROMs for Bionic have 1x Data at best, no camera, and a bunch of other bugs. I’ve tried out Liberty, and a few others.. always came back because it just doesn’t feel quite there yet like I’m used to with CM builds and BuglessBeast. My Incredible was a great little machine, After getting the flashing bug out of me, I settled on CM6/7 and never felt the need to flash again, because it was, in my opinion the epitome of what Google’s Android should be.

    I’m going to end up pulling the trigger this summer and getting a Galaxy Nexus, and I’ll gladly hold onto it for two years. I don’t need no stinkin quadcore superphone. I don’t need a 16MP camera. I need a good, solid phone that I can count on devs being behind for the day *which is a long way off* that Google says Android will no longer be able to support the kind of hardware in the GN.

    • just sayin

       That s3 looks like a hot azz phone….If I didn’t buy the Nexus I would think about the s3.

  • Taipayi

    Tried alot of Gnex roms out there but this is by far the best out there. Its been my DD for a while now, a lot of cool customizing features, great battery life, and overall speed. Running AKOP 21 w/ IMO experimental 6 interactivex w/ “thepolishguys” softkeys. Battery life 8-9 heavy use(I mean heavy- I work overnights) and 15+ moderate. Thanks for hard work Roman. 😀

  • Anonymous

    I have been running gummynex for a couple days and just upgraded to the latest .7 version.  Anyone that has run gummy, how does this compare?  I’m downloading this one now but just any insight from anyone would be nice.  

    • Skyskioc

      I have tried all the GUMMYNEX roms that have come out the past few weeks and I have to say the only problems I had with version 6.6 is battery life. I went from a full charge down to 87% in a matter of 12 minutes. This is the one with the 1.7 kernel. I reverted back to 6.5 with the 1.5 kernel and got 12 hours plus with moderate use. This is just my findings. Other may have different opinions. Great ROM though. Going to try 7.0 in a bit.

  • Skyskioc

    I am a Rom Flashaholic ! I scour the web for different Roms for my Gnex daily and usually flash one each night. I tried the AOKP and Axiom and Gummynex just to say a few and last night I flashed a Rom called FOXHOUND and I have to say I am pretty impressed by it. Lots of custom settings on it and it has so far great speed and battery life. BUT ! I always seem to come back to the AOKP. This thing is really stable and great for battery life too etc etc. Anyone that is rooted and has not tried to flash a custom rom, You need to do so. Go for it ! That’s why we love this phone. It has a great following and great developers (SUPPORT THESE GUYS) You cant go wrong. Give it a shot ! You have a great community supporting you and the help is out there. With all the guys at DL too you you all the information at your fingertips. Thanks DROID-LIFE for all your time and hard work and information. Keep it coming.

  • Jeff Simpson

    “AOKP comes with a custom 1.2 GHz kernel that is set to an interactive
    setting. For battery life, it is one of the best I have seen on a

    The stock kernel is also 1.2Ghz with the interactive governor.

  • Anonymous
  • Mohammedali Gangardiwala

    Can we flash this rom on Motorola Droid X or it is just restricted to GNExus?

    • Boblevel

      Lol..hope you are kidding..

    • cmbdds

      How about the iPhone?

    • Granted

      I don’t mess with flashing ROMs but since the other two answers are from non-helpful assholes I will answer you and say that as far as I can see its just for the Galaxy Nexus. I could be wrong, but what I volunteered is a lot more friendly and helpful than elitists phucktards that got the crap beat out of them in high school everyday failing once again at being witty. I think the bad attitude comes from them being fed up seeing their tears and semen mixed together in that sock they call their girlfriend.

      • Rampagedeluxe

        I don’t think they are trying to be elitest. The question is just that stupid and the answer is in the title of the article. 

  • Dbarden31

    Haven’t rooted my Nexus yet but after reading this i doubt i’ll make it through the weekend without doing so 🙂

  • Jsk

    AOKP and Franco’s kernel have done wonders for my battery life and now swear by them.  It would take a hell of a lot to get me off of this ROM.

  • iamCC

    I have used almost every ROM available for the GN and while very satisfied with most this absolutely is the best I have used.

    The first day I flashed AOKP Milestone 2 (I actually use Franco’s kernel instead) I literally said to myself “now this is how my phone should run”. It’s smooth, it has options, it’s sexy.

    Try it.

  • Cmonnats23

    AOKP – 19, franco’s 14.2 kernel, softkeymod, invisible notification bar mod, nova launcher, circle launcher (settings changed to invisible), and clockr Lovin Life!

    • Anonymous

      is the invisible notification mod part of the rom or an additional mod that you flashed? 

    • Boblevel

      You are two versions behind, latest is b21.. 🙂

      • Cmonnats23

        I know, I need to update but Im currently in the process of finding which kernel works best with AOKP! Once I get that down then I plan on updating! 😀

  • EC8CH

    That does it…

    Rooting and flashing this to my unlocked G-Nex this weekend.

    • Cmonnats23

      Did it last weekend! So worth it!

  • Igotgame

    Codename is just a KANG of this rom.

  • Anonymous

    How did you get those icons for the lock screen? Custom mod? Because when I go into settings it doesn’t give me a messaging option, I have to manually put it in and it gives me the stock green icon and not the white that is uniform with everything else. Running b21

  • Anonymous

    Anybody wanna chime in on how this compares to Codename Android 1.2.0? Plan on flashing my first ROM this weeked.

  • Jeff G

    Thanks for returning or custom Rom Friday!
    How about another what Rom are you running poll?
    That’s how I discovered project elite back in the day,I would love to see what everyone is running, in a nice pure chat I mean…
    Thanks DL

  • Rocketjrb

    Gummy 7 FTW !!!

  • Previously, I always dropped the .zip file on the root directly of the SD card. Given that the GNex doesn’t have an SD, where do I drop the zip for the ROM?

    • Tim242

      The storage is partitioned to act as an SD. The easiest way is to just download the zip from your phone. But, moving it over via USB works the same.