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Valve Releases Official Steam Application For Android, Available For Download But Still In Closed Beta

If there was one application that I have been waiting for since I came to Android, it would be an official application for Steam. If you are not aware, Steam is the brainchild of Valve Corporation, a video game company. Steam launched a few years back and has become the single largest online distributor of games in the world. Steam changed the way that video games were designed, distributed and played. And with this mobile app they are looking to bring all that to your phone.

But upon installation and login you are told that the app is in beta and that “they will be sending out more invites shortly.” Frustrating but perfectly fine in my book. If there is one company that I do not mind taking their time, it is Valve. They will take however long necessary to make something as perfect as they want it to be (which is why I still do not have Episode 3 in my greedy hands). So be patient gamers, the app will be opened when it is ready and it will be awesome.

Market Link

Cheers Bjorn!

  • guest

    Point of the app?  interface with the steam social network (chat/im)
    purchase games? mobile storefront? My work blocks access to steam (understandably) but on my lunch break, maybe i learned of a game on sale, but don’t want the hassle of trying to buy via cell phone web browser.
    I don’t think this will actually let you attempt to play CivV, Portal 2 or w/e on your cell.

    As for the “closed beta” that’s fine.  but PLEASE don’t make it so you have to read the fine print to know it’s closed and you aren’t in it.  If the market link said “STEAM APP – CLOSED BETA” i could understand, or if the first words in the description were in caps and said, closed beta, you may not be able to use the app at this time..

    even the press release on the website (i got via twitter feed) they are vague about closed beta.  it’s in the end of the release, and it sounds like as soon as you log into the app, you’ll get into the closed beta.

    +1 on the idea
    -1 on the implementation

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah! I’ve been using Steam for the past 5 years or so, maybe longer(earlier releases of Steam seriously sucked, but about two-three years ago it started getting way better than it ever was with earlier versions), and I’ve been wanting to see a dedicated Steam app for Android for the past few years and to my amaze, that’s going to finally happen. I honestly can’t be any more excited at this time to hear this news than I am right now.

    But now the wait is going to suck, though. However, I’m sure it won’t be too long before more invites are sent out and for when the Steam app finally reaches “Official” status. Definitely cannot wait!

    Also, Eric, the first official Steam client was released about 7-8 years ago, not a few years ago.
    Just sayin’. 🙂

  • Memyself

    The steam is a lie!!!

  • Anonymous

    It will be a week in Valve time. For you normal people, about a 3-6 months.

  • Dwilder334

    Portal on the go would be cool.

    • that would be awesome, does everyone know about counter strike portable? i thought about sending it as a tip, but figured DL mustve heard about it. its on xda, just google “cs portable xda”

  • I hope this means that some of the more portable style games will be available soon. That would be awesome.

  • Mikedeamicis

    thanks for the heads up, sent to phone.

  • Logan_jinx

    I doubt at you’ll be able to play any games like Onlive allows you to. Valve hast shown any indication that they will support video game streaming yet. If they do thats going to be awesome. I would love to play TF2 on the go.
    Right now this looks like you’ll be able to use their services except for actually playing a game.

    • what’s the freaking point if you can’t play games with steam on my phone? Its for checking my account which i can do on my pc before i play a game?

      • Caleb Martin

         The point is community and the Steam store — several of my friends and I have been complaining about the lack of any mobile Steam chat apps for a couple of years. It’s also a nice easy way to keep up with the Steam sale events and such when you’re not at home and all you have is your phone.

  • Christian

    Is that a Galaxy Nexus with hardware keys? Lol

    • No noob, it’s a Nexus S.

      • Anonymous

        I love how some of these people have no Idea the Nexus S even exists.

      • Christian

        Lol yes I am on Droid-Life and had absolutely no idea that the Nexus S was even a phone. Thank you for enlightening me. But anyways, you have to admit the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus look extremely similar. Plus, the screen on that phone looks a little large to be a Nexus S, plus it’s running ICS (No, I didn’t know the Nexus S could run that until I googled “android hax” a few seconds ago) 😛

        • Chief

          Google experience phone says it all

  • Anonymous

    Viva la steam!

  • Anonymous

    i got up to “valve releases official steam”, and stopped reading.  i don’t care if it’s opened or closed.

  • Jim McClain

    doubt I would play any of their games on a screen this small  ( nexus )   made for computer screens, but all games are better on computer screens in my opinion….
      the Freeman is better there I say

    • This doesn’t mean they’re porting all these PC games to Android, can you imagine how much work would be involved? I’m sure it’s a means of managing your steam account and accessing the steam community via your smartphone. Smarten up will ya?

      • trumpet444

        id play any pc game on the galaxy journal/note. Esp with a usb/bluetooth controller (if compatible)

  • Valve is a very smart company. So I think they put this out there to get themselves introduced to the mobile space before they start selling products there (I guess at least in the Android store since no way Apple would allow that… would they?) — But it’s nice for those of us who have libraries to compare stuff with our friends, to see what games we have, see whats on sale, and just like every mobile app, it’s nice to have at least something available! At least in my opinion haha

    Lastly, anyone on the steam platform that wants to add me feel free!!! “RevolutionJ12” just say you are from Droid-Life!

  • Edgar

    It doesn’t sell mobile games, I wouldn’t doubt they’d go there eventually with an app made. Basically it gives you the functionality of the Steam program. Buy games, read news, chat with friends/see if they are online, etc… Which means I can give them my money while riding the bus!


  • Zak Fliss

    soooo, what the hell does it do???

    • EC8CH

      steam powered the early industrial revolution for one…

  • what would this steam app do on phones?  mobile games?

    • metool

      I like it for the chat system so I cant talk to my friends

  • Jerkoff_guy

    Don’t see the point to this app. Is there even a demand to do everything BUT play your Steam games on your Android phone?

    • Yeah. I have a lot of contacts only available via Steam, and having Steam IM support on my phone is great.