Holofication Nation Looks to Remodel Popular Android Apps Under the Android Design Guidelines

Android has come a long way over the years, but unfortunately for users, just because an application is released on Android at the same time as iOS, doesn’t mean that it will use all that the open platform has to offer. Google has published an Android Design Guideline as a start for developers who want to make their apps look good and handle well, but a few major developers choose to not follow the guides. The XDA group Holofication Nation is looking to change that.  (more…)

Official Steam App Leaves Beta, Un-Official Steam Apps Getting Pulled From Market?

Well, you asked and Valve listened. The Steam app for Android is now open to everyone with a Steam account, so you can download it and start chatting it up with your buddies on your phone. The app is still under construction in some areas but I get the feeling that this will be getting frequent updates to fix all the problems.

In a bit of “I am not surprised” news, it seems that any apps offering the Steam functionality that were not licensed by Valve have been disappearing from the Market. Steam actually had an API available to the public so that they could make apps if they pleased, and there were a few pretty decent ones. However it seems that now Valve is in the game officially they would like you to kindly use theirs.

Market Link

Hands On: Steam Android App Knocks It Out Of The Park, This Is How You Do A Video Game App

There was a reason why I said that Valve was one of my favorite companies yesterday. We got hooked up with access to the closed beta of the Steam Android application that hit the market yesterday and all I can say is “wow.” The app was tested on my Galaxy Nexus and has worked perfectly and better than expected on every aspect of the app, bringing all of the functionality of Steam to your phone, except for the part where it does not play Skyrim. (more…)

Valve Releases Official Steam Application For Android, Available For Download But Still In Closed Beta

If there was one application that I have been waiting for since I came to Android, it would be an official application for Steam. If you are not aware, Steam is the brainchild of Valve Corporation, a video game company. Steam launched a few years back and has become the single largest online distributor of games in the world. Steam changed the way that video games were designed, distributed and played. And with this mobile app they are looking to bring all that to your phone.

But upon installation and login you are told that the app is in beta and that “they will be sending out more invites shortly.” Frustrating but perfectly fine in my book. If there is one company that I do not mind taking their time, it is Valve. They will take however long necessary to make something as perfect as they want it to be (which is why I still do not have Episode 3 in my greedy hands). So be patient gamers, the app will be opened when it is ready and it will be awesome.

Market Link

Cheers Bjorn!