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Evernote, ESPN ScoreCenter and Evi All Receive Updates on Android


Two of our favorite apps along with an up-and-comer received updates this morning that you may be interested. Evernote – the #1 note app on the planet – now creates automatic titles if you forget to, has improved layout for images and audio attachments, and should perform at a much swifter pace. ESPN ScoreCenter finally received Ice Cream Sandwich improvements, but the big story here is the breaking news notifications to tell you when games start, periods end, and what the final score was. Evi on the other hand appears to be struggling still from server overload. Today’s update included bug fixes, but we can’t really know since the app itself fails to produce any results still.

Market Links:  Evernote | ESPN ScoreCenter | Evi

  • Tboltuser

    ESPN ScoreCenter is garbage.  CouldShould have been a much better app if ESPN really cared about the products that carry their name.  Even the apps from Fox Sports and Yahoo are better.

  • Sportacular is by far the best sports app ever but it’s only on iOS. I emailed them like 3 years ago asking if they’d get around to an android version soon, they answered in a vague way that they were working on it.


    • Owen

      Sportacular is on Android. I’ve been using it for a while…

  • Just tried Evi post-update.  I asked how old is Mick Jagger.  It responded that he was born in 1976, and is therefore 36 (it gave exact dates and age down to the day).  

    Nice…but wrong. 

    It now has a thumbs up/thumbs down thing, so I gave it a downer so it could learn.  It also returned two other responses, with just an age, one of which looked about right, but there was no way to vote on each answer.I thought I’d give it more context, so I asked how old Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones is…and whaddya know, servers not responding.Sigh.Is the version on the i*hone any better?  The one I think they’re charging for?

  • Anonymous

    I miss when ScoreCenter would actually show you the play-by-play inside the app and actually auto-refresh.  Now it just dumps you to the mobile website that you have to manually refresh.  Could be a much better app.

  • Anonymous

    Catch Notes is still the best notes app. Especially since you can password protect it for free!

    • Edwin M

      Always loved catch even after they changed the name from 3Bananas.

  • Anonymous

    SpringPad > Evernote

  • Anonymous

    ESPN Radio needs a long overdue update. That app can’t stay connected.

  • Anonymous

    Well EVI works after the update….well it gives results at least!

  • Boo

    Slow News day