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Costco to Offer $50 Discount on Galaxy Nexus From February 2 Through February 26

Still waiting for the opportunity to jump on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus? During the month of February, Costco will run a promotion that could save you $50 off of the world’s first Android 4.0 device. That may not be as cheap as some of the online retailers like Amazon, but with Costco’s 90 day return policy on phones, their deals should almost always be considered. In an Android world that changes every couple of months, we could have a quad-core beast to drool over in 90 days.

Cheers Trey!

  • shdowman

    That would make it $239 through them. Keep in mind also, for those of you like me in California, you dont pay “full retail tax” on the phone at costco. Saving you an extra $50.

    • Jason Lee

      Can you elaborate on this? I live in California and I am interested in what you just said.

      • shdowman

        You pay the tax on the price you pay at Costco, not the unsubsidized price (or full retail).

  • J Trayer

    You save 37 dollars in California (Santa Clara) state tax and get screen protectors, car/110V charger, and 2 cases in addition to the $50 dollar savings at Costco. Go Costco!!!

  • Koolaid

    Not jumping on this till this phone is offered by someone other than Verizon.

    • QtDL

      It’ll be coming to Sprint in the next few months – their first 4G phone I believe.

  • Dshudson

    I remember when I was excited to buy this phone. Now i’m just excited to get a data connection or send a SMS successfully.  

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Big shout out to my brother! Cause of him telling me about costco..ill be able to get a fifty in my pcket come feb. You da man sir!!!

    • Legendsoftroy

      Thank you for the heads up on this website, it is the shizzle!

      • Anonymous

        bros being bros

  • Chris

    this can make up for the extra battery owners have to buy.

  • Prickee

    Just picked GNexus up yesterday I wonder if Costco will honor $50 if I show the receipt.

    • Angelrod111

      Me too!  And yes…otherwise you can just return it, get your money back, and re buy it for the cheaper price!  That’s my plan!

    • Jim McClain

      id take it back and wait to see how long till they fix the speaker,camera and radios

  • jimbob

    Looks like I’ll be getting my new phone there in a couple weeks.

  • I know that’s where I got mine a month ago for that reason, no restocking fee for return and they charge taxes on the actual purchase price rather than suggested retail price

  • if you are eligible for an upgrade for a discounted price by verizon, could you use this offer with that? meaning a nexus for $200?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I’m wondering the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Costco lets you use your verizon upgrade bonuses.  So you’d get it for 249 total, but costco doesn’t make you pay tax on the off contract price like Verizon does so it’s still a lot cheaper. 

      • shdowman

        $239 actually 😉

    • Anonymous

      Why not add a line of service so you get a phone at a discount and cancel the other line? 

      • TROLOLOL

        If you are grandfathered in to the unlimited data, dumb idea. 2GB data plan, smart idea.

    • QtDL

      No. You can’t use your ‘new every 2’ discount at another retailer as far as I am aware. It can only be used at VZW stores.

      • Josh Groff

        Wirefly and Newegg offer your extension and new contract discounts. Also, usually cheaper than Verizon.

  • Dboombuki

    The 90 days is to return the phone not just get a new one whenever u want too. I know because I work for the wireless kiosk in side a costco.

    • Jarty15

      So after 50 days could I return the phone and still be able to buy a new phone a month from that point?

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I would. Sorry Dboom, but if they didn’t credit the difference, I would return the device at one store and go to another store to get another one. This is why stores should honor price guaruntees for at least the duration of their return period. Example: Hmm.. so, the only way you will give me the price difference is if I return this phone (for whatever reason I choose), get my money back, go to another store, and buy another phone for $50 less. So in the end, you lose a sale, eat a returned phone, and I get a new phone, a pizza, and $40 is cold cash. I kinda feel like I am winning either way.

        • Urawinner

          your only problem is that after 14 days Verizon will not let you reverse your contact. Even if Costco let’s you return it after 14 days. I don’t know if I would call that winning for signing a two year contact with Verizon but not getting a phone with it. You should try it though because your a winner and that’s all that matters.

          • Legendsoftroy

            Yeah we know that, we are talking about the device itself plus i would not trade verizon for any other provider. Loves my 4G!

    • Legendsoftroy

      Hey i know how this policy works, the 90 day policy is through costco and NOT the kiosk so next time a customer comes to you and wants to switch his phone then just switch his phone… problem solved. FYI if any of these guys try to give you a hard time and tell you otherwise then just call a costco manager and they will honor the exchange… i know this because i lived it. 🙂

      • Jenkins820

        Actually it is because of people like you that Costco warehouses are beginning to side with the kiosk. At my kiosk we have worked together with management and agreed that 14 days will be policy. All you are doing is showing Costco that you are taking advantage of them.

        • shdowman

          It’s not taking advantage of anything. It’s utilizing the policy that Costco has in place which is where you work. If you have any questions, allow me to point you in the direction of the return policy on the back of Costco’s receipt. There is a reason people shop there for electronics.

          This is at the discretion of the kiosk employee as well. I had to return my Nexus for the $ right after Christmas. Associate gave me a Stratosphere to use until I could come back sometime during my 90 days. I didn’t ask, I was going to do a complete return (within the 14 days btw).

          And quite frankly, why do you care anyways? You still get your commission on initial sale.

          • Legendsoftroy

            Im glad there are still people that understands how policies work. 🙂