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Can’t Live Without a Visual Representation of Android Malware Across the Globe? Lookout has an App for That


If stressing over malware on Android is something that you enjoy on a daily basis, the crew responsible for Lookout Security has a new release that will satisfy your needs. Their newest app titled Mobile Threat Tracker takes the last few day’s security threats that their security products have identified and displays them in a visually stunning, rain shower-ish, globe rotating manner. You can view the top threats, tap to view more info on them, and then decide for yourself if you believe that there is actually a Malware problem in Android. Is there? I’m not ready to buy into yet, but hey, the app looks snazzy.

Market Link

  • NoahRHPS

    Lookout IS malware in my opinion.

  • RW-1

    Oooh, just what we need to buy into, another app from them…

    Let’s face it people, common sense with your smartphone and you’ll have no need for this.

    Damn, all these security companies are like Fox News …

  • GetSerious

    Successful iOS attacks to date? ZERO

  • Raven

    Since you can basically get malware no matter where you physically are by doing dumb things, I think all they have basically done is created a map of where the least intelligent Android users are located (or highest population densities obviously).

  • ddevito

    95% of all web traffic is malware and spam, so it’s inevitable and unavoidable that Android phones are susceptible. Add the market’s open policies and there you go.

    Consumers need to be a bit educated before downloading apps, clicking links, etc – this is nothing new.

  • QtDL

    This seems like a cool app. Anyone use it? Also by Lookout.

    • Acutally I did a few weeks ago, my girlfriends sister lost her htc desire and it worked on that.

  • I thought that said “RuPaulMarket” until I zoomed in.

  • Stating El Obvious

    “I’m not ready to buy into yet”

    Denial is not just a river in Africa.

    • Anonymous

      And Datroll is not just a creature under a bridge.

    • captain obvious

      youre right, its not a river in africa LOL. fail.

  • RadicalPie

    “Scared of being attacked?! Look at this globe now!!!” Alternate title for post.

  • Anonymous

    So… basically you’re saying they hooked up a random number generator to a globe and then displayed it. Interesting.


    • Anonymous

      People with malware are too stupid to believe in gravity.

  • RadicalPie

    There is bound to be a malware problem on android. Just look at the amount of users.

  • Edwin M

    Is Lookout a good option for tooted phones? I find myself sticking with the AVG antivirus app.

    • Greg Morgan

      Lookout does a good job of scanning each app, but i found it made my phone laggy as heck.

      • Last few updates do not slow down my g-nex at all. About 3-6 months ago it would bring my Droidx to a crawl for about 2 seconds while is scanned the app. That seems resolved.

    • I like Lookout for their lock, wipe, track, scream, and av solutions. I have been using them since beta and they have only been getting better. I use the scream feature often because my couch eats phones. 

      • Edwin M

        Cool. I might give it a try. Thanks.

      • TC Infantino

        Ok, now that is just funny