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Verizon is Kicking Off a “4×4” Galaxy Nexus Contest Tomorrow That Lasts 4 Days, Here are the Details Early

Starting tomorrow at 10AM ET, Verizon will launch a “4×4” Twitter contest that will reward 14 (or is it 16?) lucky souls with brand new Galaxy Nexus devices. As the must-have Android device of the last year, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity if you have yet to pick one up. From the 24th (tomorrow morning) through the 27th, you will have multiple chances to take home a brand new G-Nex, however, VZW is going to make you work for it a bit.  

The rules:

1.  Follow @VerizonWireless on Twitter.
2.  Each day for the next 4 days, an entry period will be announced that runs from 10AM ET through 11:59PM ET.
3.  Each day, a different mode of entry will be announced as follows:

4.  You will need to complete each task depending on the day.
5.  You can enter each entry period up to 10 times.
6.  Winners will be picked and announced by January 31 – notified via DM on Twitter.

Cheers Droid Insider!

  • Anonymous

    This is why you have a twitter account that does nothing but enters these contests. That way you don’t whore out your account, you don’t give the company free marketing, and you still get a chance to win

  • Yamaha3240

    A huge part of the galaxy nexus is google+. . . . so Verizon is doing a give away promotion on Twitter 

  • Granted

    This is actually a “Help Verizon Get Free Survey Statistics and Whore Some Stupid Ass Sponsored Apps….then Maybe You’ll Get A Free Phone…but…Really It’s Just Free Marketing For Us” contest.

  • Butters619

    Whoring out my twitter account for 4 days to try to win a G-nex…..ehhh I’ll pass.

  • trevorsalienarms

    I wonder if they will be giving away “brand new” Nexuses, or refurbs from those that got fed up with the reception issues and swapped them out during the holiday return period. I went through two of them myself…

  • KyubiDroid

    I entered for today, I hope to win. If you see me, I’m the black kid LOL

  • ehhhhh

    why twitter….i hate twitter…..

  • Eric

    this is the only way I would take one of these phones… if it was free

  • tjmonkey15

    So those of us that are non-tweeters are out of luck apparently.  Oh well.  Good thing I already have a GNex.

  • Amir

    Sales are slowing, eh? Waiting on the price dtops.

    • Butters619

      Besides the wave of techy people to step up and buy this phone at launch, I haven’t heard of many people getting this phone.

  • why do these stupid contests allow multiple entries. and did i meantion I HATE twitter contests. 😛

    sorry Kellex lol

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like my Jeep 4×4 crushing the competition of the Galaxy Nexus!!!  Man I am loving my GALAXY NEXUS this device is just smooth as silk and I am loving the feeling and the performance/ GREAT JOB GOOGLE & SAMSUNG!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • KG

    Actually, 4×4=12…. ewnce ewnce ewnce ewnce

    • Josh Groff

      4+4+4+4= 16, just to bring it into more clarity.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t get it and you never will…

        • Josh Groff

          Now I do, Stormin’ pointed it out.

      • Stormin’

        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/4×4%3D12, just to bring it into more clarity.

        • Josh Groff

          Oh, thank you for the clarity.

    • Wade Wilson

      Well played sir. Well played…

    • Anonymous

      Actually, 4×4= http://farm2.staticflickr.com/1063/693116066_ea7d648f63.jpg

  • Anonymous

    Weak….but i will try.

    • Nick S

      Do or do not, there is no try!

      …sorry, I couldn’t resist

  • entrants must also wear a pink tutu and be singing “I’m so Pretty” as they tweet..

    thanks Verizon but cool phone or no, i’ve got better things to do than hover over twitter and participate in ridiculous hoop-jumping activities.  good news though, more chances for everyone else!

  • Scott

    Does this one come with crappy reception too?  Oh wait, reception isn’t a problem according to Verizon. 

    • Anonymous

      I don’t have any trouble with mine…

    • Yup, mine isn’t an issue… 

      • Scott

        My wife’s OG Droid consistently gets -5 to -20 dbm better than my phone.

        • Might want to get that looked at… could be an issue with the phone hardware. Take both the VZW and show them. They will do something for you…

          You can always go for the RAZR Maxx. At least you’re battery will last more than 4 1/2 hours. 

  • Jim McClain

    looks like a child dreamed this up

  • Thanks for details, usefull info 😉

  • Kierra

    Lol wth?

  • Babyboy14622

    Lame contest

    • seriously, who has time to stare at a twitter wall for 12 hours

  • Anonymous

    But if I win I lose. Because then I would have to pay Verizon’s overpriced rates….

    • agreed. thankfully my 2yr prison sentence is up with them soon. 

    • sell it and wait for the GNex on your preferred provider. win WIN. everyone deserves a GNex, and this would be one of the few ways to get one

  • Anonymous

    Why do they keep pushing this phone as the google+ phone? Its so much more than that. I dont get it.

    • EC8CH

      “I dont get it.”

      VZW doesn’t get it either.

    • Anonymous

      Timoh I was thinking that as well after seeing the same old commercial for the Galaxy Nexus. The Razor gets a couple of commercials that are the message with the same shot of  4 sharp spears holding the razor. The G Nex needs Google’s TLC of commercials IMHO 🙂

  • Kellex, when does Nexus Life launch?  srs.  Little too much Samsung ball hugging going on here. 

    • Mayze

      U jelly?

    • Anonymous

      A company giving away free ANDROID phones, I’d say it’s news worthy. 

    • Anonymous

      Is there another current device worthy of this much coverage from Droid-Life? I say no. It’s not ball hugging, it’s just info about the top Android device currently on the market and one the majority of this site’s readers happen to own.

      • Anonymous

        While I own a Nexus and love it, it’s not exactly as simple as calling it the top Android device. In fact overall it probably isn’t as of today. Based on what? The only thing the Nexus currently has as an edge in a phone is ICS (several tablets officially support it now too), otherwise multiple devices have dual core, awesome HD screens, LTE and are unlockable. The Nexus camera is rather subpar, the GPU is rather dated and lacks removable storage.

        I’m certainly not complaining about the coverage, but let’s keep things in perspective. 

        • EC8CH

          Most open phone on Verizon = perspective


          • Anonymous

            ehhhh Since the Rezound can officially be properly unlocked, it’s no more or less ‘open’ really. The difference is Google support. It’s certainly nice and we all care about that, but STILL doesn’t automatically crown it the leading top Android device. 

          • Anonymous

            it’s definitely a matter of opinion, but there are some seriously opinionated people here.  i say crown it.

          • Anonymous

            “They Are Who We Thought The Nexus Are Crown their Ass”

  • Anonymous

    Childish contest. Whoever thought this one up needs to seriously think about getting a job at McDonalds…

    • I see what you did there….. you took something relevant from the news, and made it tangentially related to this post…..

    • Anonymous

      Hmmm tough question, I would go with the Fonz in this instance, just because he’s cool and the black leather jackets are making a comeback in the fashion world and oh wearing the white T shirt is also making a big return lol 🙂

  • RadicalPie

    “What’s better than having the GNex on Verizon? Having 2!” Alternate title for post.

  • Anonymous

    sure why not. Ive got the PTO lol

  • anyone else notice Kitting club and not Knitting club haha

    • Yes, that’s a club that you Knit using kitten hair. I kitted myself an extremely allergic and itchy sweater.

      • suck ass joke..

        • Edwin M

          It was 7 am douche. Relax.

          • EC8CH

            no excuse… isn’t early morning typically the best time to douche?

          • Anonymous

            LOL, EC8CH, Happy New Year man how are you??  🙂  Man, picked up my G Nex and loving this bad boy everyday I love the performance and feel and the screen is awesome. Need to win one for the wife so she will stop bothering me to use my device instead of her D2 lol

          • EC8CH

            Doing great. G-Nex is awesome. My wife is complaining more and more that her DInc is acting buggy so I suspect its only a matter of time until she gets one too. I used to be concerned that she’d miss Sense, but ICS is so much better than previous stock android I don’t think there’ll be a problem.

          • Anonymous

            LOL, I feel ya 🙂 samething here. I won the Sony S from the DL contest and gave that to the wife for Christmas pretty awesome and smooth I was very impressed with Sony they also did some tweaking on the Android platform to make it run better and smoother than the ASUS, I I played with the ASUS and noticed the lag between the screens, the Sony S was very refreshing and felt smooth as well. The reader is not that good though. A good first for Sony. The G Nex is fantastic and I fine myself wanting to hold it more and more lol The wife is getting jealous lol

          • Edwin M

            You know what, you are absolutely correct. I apologize. Carry on.

  • Anonymous

    And to think I just bought mine on Saturday, lol.

    • 14 day worry free policy… 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up!