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Angry Birds Seasons Updated, It’s Time For The Year Of The Dragon

If you are still on the Angry Birds Seasons train you will be happy to hear that the world’s #1 mobile game has received another update. Rovio has found influence from the Chinese New Year and you will probably being seeing plenty of dragon themed goodies in this edition. Anyone here still loving some Angry Birds? Enjoy. 

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  • Anonymous

    dont hate on the birds 

  • magy

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  • Anonymous

    People still play this game?

    I care. Really. 

  • My favourite game, can play it day and night! Thnx for post) And great video)))

  • Skyskioc

    YAWN !

  • Anonymous

    : Just re-downloaded ‘Seasons’ on my Galaxy Nexus. Totally forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder. lol 

  • I have no desire to play angry birds ever again or install it

  • Daniel Rowen

    guess I should finish the Moon Festival levels finally…though I’ll take extra lvls of Angry Birds any day over another game with stupid virtual buttons.  Anything that’s actually better on a touch screen ends up much more fun on my phone

  • Harryballs1234

    Angry Birds is so 10 minutes ago……