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Circuitry Live Wallpaper Turns Your Home Screen Into a Stylish Circuit Board

A reader dropped Circuitry Live Wallpaper into our inbox just moments ago, and so far we are impressed. It has 6 color combinations available at this time, but it’s one of those apps we can see growing and allowing for full customization down the road. If you want your home screen to look like a matrixy-circuit board with style that changes each time you exit an app, I suggest grabbing this one. 

Market Link ($0.99)


Cheers EmanuelC!

  • Ryan C

    ha this does not work on my T-Prime at all. the gradient only fills the top left but the circuits fill the screen and double when you go from screen to screen.

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone else had lag after trying the keyboard skins? The homescreen isnt fluid anymore. Stock. I wiped my android keyboard settings and also the launcher.

  • Anonymous

    This looks sweet…buying!!

  • Anyone have this running well on the galaxy nexus?  It brings mine to its needs.  Google hopefully will fix this software issue at some point with other LWPs aside from phase beam

    • Unexpected62

      I agree, Phase Beam is the only one that doesn’t introduce horrible lag.

  • Cool option would be to have it change softkey colors to match background color also

  • Anonymous

    What, so there’s no such thing as a resistor anymore?  Or any other components exception IC???

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Sometimes droid-life is sooooo far behind the times. This was a post on blogs last week and it is near the end of the week and now you post? I see this happen a lot.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think a live wallpaper is something to worry about getting posted first. 

      It makes no difference when something like this is mentioned… and that’s all it is… a mention, not a big news story.

  • Anonymous

    Live wallpaper or longer battery life? No matter how cool the wallpaper is, I always end up picking battery life.

    • Josh Groff

      Same, but I did have A.O.I.’s matrix live wallpaper for quite a long time.

      • Guest

        It only runs when you’re on your home screen, it shouldn’t drain it that much.

        • Josh Groff

          I used to keep on my home screen just to watch the animation, I really like the matrix wallpaper.  🙂

      • RW-1

        I like AOI’s Solar Winds BUT …

        Those guys had the best LP for free for well over a year, small footprint and doesn’t drain you battery.

        Then they pulled everything out of it in an update, directing allusers to a third party website to purchase out of market, that half the time DIDN’T have it.

        Then the latest “Update” now places search items and pop up ads (At boot up yet) on your device.

        I’m sorry, but AOI has turned into a bunch of scumsuckers!

        They still claim in the description that it is free and customizable, when in fact it is not, and although I would have no issue paying for it, the method used is nothing short of dispicable, period.

        Lastly, the LP is based on the free licenced GPL, and they are not living up to that by not releasing the code when asked.

        For anyone who used to have this, you can find V 1.0 APK online and install without all of the above crap.

        • Josh Groff

          They did that with their matrix wallpapers as well, although i didn’t mind the ads when going into the customization menu. What annoyed me was the removal of features. That was a major factor in me removing the wallpaper as well.

        • Raven

          What is even worse is that most of AOI’s best wallpapers are based on OpenGL source code available for free from Really Slick Screensavers for years for PC and then they started trying to use scummy tactics to make money off of it and never even gave any mention of their source.  The funny thing is that Go Wallpapers has also done the exact same thing.

    • Guest

      I haven’t noticed a difference in battery life when I use live wallpapers at all.  Seems to be the same for me or at least not noticeable enough to see a big difference.

    • 4G LTE or longer battery life? No matter how fast my data speeds are, I always end up picking battery life….wait, no I don’t 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Okay then, more LTE time or a live wallpaper… 😛

        PS: For the record, I bought this wallpaper.

  • Kellex, what hex code did you use for ICS blue on your soft keys at the bottom? I can’t quite get the right color on AOKP.

    • Michael Forte

      The hex code is #ff33b5e5

      • Anonymous

        That code turns out pink when I put it into a hex -> rgb converter.

    • Theandyplan

      In the color change options for the menu keys in aokp just hit the “!!!” And it turns it to the right shade of blue automatically.

  • Anonymous
    • +1.  aCircuit really looks like a circuit board (and the indicators actually mean something, if you know where to look).

  • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Dang,  I was just starting to get used to my Pixel Rain wallpaper!

  • Seems to be pretty decent do far. Thanks for the share

  • ddevito

    I tried this app last week and it brought my GNex down to its knees. refunded.

    • 3M4NU31

      It works perfectly with nova launcher

      • ddevito

        yeah, I have to do a full wipe anyway (running Bugless Beast but for some reason I can’t buy apps in the market), anyway – since I’m wiping fully I might as well download Nova and install it while I’m doing this.


        • 3M4NU31

          Ive been having that same problem when trying to buy an app, so I just use the market website for now

          • ddevito

            you’ve got to do a full wipe. I reinstalled Bugless Beast (Build 01-18) and wiped my data this time and I can now purchase from the market app again. A huge pain in the ass but a small price to pay for modding I guess.

            BTW – the great Pete Alfonso guided me to the resolution

  • Me

    i prefer black.

    • Once you go black you never go back?

    • so does your mom

  • I just got this the other day.  It looks and runs great!  I hope it gets updated with more customization options soon.