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Galaxy Nexus Simple Root Tool Receives Load of New Features

WugFresh’s Galaxy Nexus root tool that we featured a few weeks back is deserving of a second mention, as it includes a load of new features in version 1.22. Not only can you root and unlock or unroot and re-lock, but you can back up apps and data, restore them, run adb commands by pressing a single button, and choose which images to flash (permanently or temporarily too). While we still like to encourage readers to learn how to do all of this manually to get a full understanding of the process, this will most definitely come in handy if you are ever in a pinch.

Download Link

Via:  DroidModderX

Cheers Jeff and Chris!

  • ahwal

    DL, please use this link, it works:

  • Anyone know of an updated download link?

  • Armada808

    Just like Einstein said theres only two infinite matters. The universe and man’s stupidity (im actually referring to the ones posting here about “doing it manually is stupid”). Such weaklings, don’t get me wrong getting help is good but abusing that help and having them to be spoon fed is just plain ridiculous!

  • Mimsyborogove923

    I am one of those who doesn’t know how to do it manually and really wish I did. I want to root but I really don’t want to use a one-click method, or just follow step-by-step instructions, and have no idea what the hell I’m actually doing to my phone. Anyone out there have links to some good sources that would actually teach me about rooting? Not just step-by-step instructions but somewhere that actually explains the concepts behind it, and what each command line is actually doing? Would be much appreciated.

  • Nex-Life

    how about a Radio link? the DL one isnt working

  • Jonathan Sakkos

    You can find V1.3 here: http://goo.gl/01bJX

  • famine

    Can this file be found at a different location?

  • Rickysiebold

    arghhhhhhhhh… anyone have a working link?????

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have a working download link? All the ones via DroidModderX are dead…

  • Anonymous

    Having to download this at 10 kb/s when its 96 MB is enough for me to just root my nexus manually…

    • Flyman123

      What link did you use?

  • Peter Kelly

    I did the whole unlock/root routine within the first couple days I had my Nexus.  adb wouldn’t recognize the phone, so I had to go to the linux box.  One time driver problem solved for me, most likely forever.  Irritating, but probably wouldn’t affect me again.

    I tried the download, followed the directions, and the driver issue was solved.

    Donation immediately sent to dev.  

    Pay the devs that make life easy for you.  Set up a recurring paypal payment for devs that help you out repeatedly.  $5 a quarter/year probably doesn’t hurt you much.  $5 x 1000 every quarter/year probably allows the devs to work on your specific bug.

    You are buying them a beer.  Would you do less if you met them in person?

  • Anonymous

    megaupload was shut down today?

  • Anonymous

    Just used it. The task of removing left over rooting archives from the phone , did not work.
    Teh backup process did not backup account info and my music. Ough well .. Still got what I needed.
    Just and FYI to everyone. 

  • Sadiemarie

    Just did this to my nexus, worked like a charm.  Took maybe 10  minutes max.  

    And to those of you saying you should learn the manual way, I did it with my OG Droid & Thunderbolt, but being a full time employee and now taking classes part time, I wanted an easy way to do this.  And you really learn about your phone (I think) is by flashing different ROMs and kernels and your phone is in a boot loop and you have to figure out where to go from there.  That’s the way I learned about my Tbolt.  Especially b/t the stupid 2.5 and 3.0 sense unlock rings kept sending me in a bootloop. 

    • Jonathan Almeida

      I second that!

  • Anonymous

    As someone who had no idea of what unlocking or rooting a phone was until I discovered this site, I think that this is a great program to help the rest of us NOOBs to gain access to wonderful features we would have otherwise never discovered ([ROM][CDMA] CM9 Kang & Franco kernel).  BUT I have to also agree with those who feel that you should learn or at least attempt to try to learn and understand how to do this the manual way.  It is not that hard to do and the support on sites such as this one, RootzWiki, and XDA, just to mention a few has been awesome.  Thank you to all of you who help us NOOBS!

  • Guest

    is there no way to temp root or a simple unroot without relocking.  i just want to restore some application data (saved games) from my OG with tbp. i don’t need root after that and i already unlocked my device on day one

  • Anonymous

    Donated to support the cause this morning. Heck, if it works as well as described, I’ll probably donate a little more!

  • ddevito

    Anyone else having issues purchasing apps from the market app after installing a custom ROM on their GNex? I’m running Bugless Beast and can’t purchase an app. I’ve tried clearing the market cache and data, as well as removing my google account.

    No luck 🙁

    • PC_Tool

      Bought CWMR Touch App while running AOKP 18.  (CMDA G’Nex)

  • Guest

    I used the version from a few weeks back and it rooted my already unlocked Gnex flawlessly! First root I’d ever done. This new version looks even better!

  • Jdstell

    Nice. Not really necessary in the first place, but if it makes things easier, then I welcome it.

  • Serpico

    Has anyone used this yet? Nay issues to be made aware of? Looks like a great piece of SW. Cheers to the dev!

    • Anonymous

      Used it to set up SDK & drivers on a new machine. Only issue was I had to restart my machine and restart driver installation – but that was probably due to machine needing a restart due to an adobe update in the background, not this tool. I am copying files over for backup and then going to unlock as soon as it’s done.

  • Jim McClain

    can see no reason to root or unlock

    • PC_Tool

      There are plenty of reasons.  They may not appeal to you, for whatever reason, but there are plenty of them.

      • Can someone please list what the reasons are? I see all these positive things about rooting, but they never say what they are. I have no problem rooting my device, I just want to know why I’m doing it.

        • PC_Tool

          I am running Android 4.0.3 on my Galaxy Nexus with 4.0.3 radios.  My softkeys are configurable (style, color, order, when visible).  My notification pulldown has configurable toggles (number, style, order, when visible). My launcher rotates (and still supports widgets in the app-menu). My phone is stable at 1.2 Ghz, suffers zero lag, and also maintains better batterylife than stock.

          These are just a few of the benefits related to my choice of ROM/Kernel.  There are literally hundreds of other…many that do not even relate to moving your phone from stock.

          (AOKP Build 19, GladOS Kernel 1.3)

    • Anonymous

      Then you’re not thinking hard enough. There’s just about a reason to do anything…not that the reason is justifiable in someone else’s eyes or even appropriate, but there’s a reason out there, if only for the lulz!

  • Alp2001z28

    i try to download the kit and the link looks and acts like a bunch of spam and virus crap. the first kit they put out wasn’t this much of a hassle to download so why is this one so jacked up lol

  • David Chau

    If I root and unlock my phone – as long as I leave the image stock ICS, will I still get updates to my Nexus from Verizon (4.0.2 > 4.0.3 and beyond?)

    • Gnexus

      I have read in a forum that you should be able to update as long as you have a Stock Recovery. So technically speaking you should be able to use Root Explorer to take the “.bak” off of “recover-from-boot.p.bak”, then reboot to have the the phone reflash the stock recovery automatically. Thus being able to accept and install the OTA update. This is theoretically speaking. Has anyone ever done this? Or can anyone confirm you are able to do this?

  • Anonymous

    I had my OG rooted and ROM’d, but I have NOT unlocked or rooted my G-Nex, and I had it since day 1…..I am just kinda liking stock (who wouldn’t compared to the OG)…and I was concerned that I wouldn’t be getting the OTA updates to ICS if I was rooted….unlike the OG, I really want the OTA updates for this Operating system….

    • Anonymous

      Unlocking and rooting will still allow you to get the OTAs. Putting on a custom ROM will break that ability though.

    • Peter Kelly

      If you ever plan on going down the root route, unlock now.  You can’t do step 2 before step 1, and step 1 requires a full wipe.

  • Jonathonflores6958

    the whole “If you cant do it manually, then you shouldnt be doing it the one click way” argument is so played out. I understand needing to have some sort of knowledge but this tool was made to make things easier and convenient…just like many things in our everyday lives. If it saves time, im all for it.

    • Tim242

      +100!!! Maybe we shouldn’t have contact lists, or bookmarks. We should have to do everything manually. Such a stupid mentality, indeed.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        Totally agree….but. The thing is, you should always learn and remember some of the important basics to give yourself something to backup on. Case in point: I pulled over to help out a stranded motorist on the highway. Aside from being broken down, her phone was dead and although I offered her my phone to use, she couldn’t remember anyone’s number other than her parents whom lived in another city because all of her numbers were programmed into her phone. We had to sit and wait for it to get enough juice to get a number for her friend to pick her up. Pretty retarted if you don’t even have a few things memorized.

        • MFG


          • Philip A. Kaiser

            No joke…. I will admit, i don’t know the majority of the numbers in my phone by heart, but I know the important ones. 😉

          • breakdown?  steps:

            1) Call American Express
            2) Wait.

            OR (BAMF version):

            1) Flag down someone to steer car.
            2) PUSH car to destination.

    • Christopher Riner

       and I mean this isn’t exactly a one click method anymore.  I mean it is, but now it has enough in it to where even tho you are using a one click method, you can still kind of start to understand whats doing what…at least a little more than before

    • Jason

      The whole reason of him saying that is so people go and actually learn something about what your doing instead of just clicking away like a trained monkey. When you actually know what your doing you can fix what you did wrong instead of crying that someone messed your phone up or keep asking basic stupid questions that you would already know if you would just get off your lazy @ss put some effort into to learning. Just saying.

      • PC_Tool


        This is where you get the postings in the forums:

        I flashed your TOM.  Then I flashed this kernal, this theme, and this mod…and now I can’t see my status bar.  FIX YUOR TOM ALTREDY!!

        (Not an actual posting…but it totally could be.)

  • This is actually really, really nifty. Although I really like using the command line

  • Anonymous

    mac mac mac mac

  • Koos90210

    Can someone help me with the “Driver configuration” – part 2 (fastboot config)?


    Nice… wait…if i want to back up my apps and data do i need to be rooted?

    • Anonymous

      HELL YA. unless you have your bootloader unlocked already then it isn’t formatted. all you have to do is do a TITBAK, then flash whatever da eff yo wanna flash. ya dig?

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        :(. Well i have my backup pro…works fine… was just wondering because this would back it up strait to my comp…ehh. i don’t need root!. lol

        • Anonymous

          I don’t really know. I am just assuming. ask the dev

          • …then why did you answer him?

          • Anonymous

            because we tease each other. we have an internet bond. don’t question friendship 😛

    • No you do not i did it this weekend before i unlocked and rooted my phone. Just to be safe.

  • Anonymous

    If you can’t unlock and root the right way (which means you doing all the work yourself) then you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

    • df2rools

      if you cant put together a gaming system like me that has a 2600k at 4.7ghz and a gtx 580 with 8GB ddr3 1600mhz 8-8-8-20 LP ram you shouldn’t be using a computer at all.

      sounds fair right?

      • Angryunibrow

        If you can’t assemble a fully functioning automobile before driving it then you shouldn’t be driving it at all.

      • Anonymous

        If you can’t taxidermize pets, can you have a pet? NOPE CHUCK TESTA

      • where u get the money from bro

      • Chad Ramey

        haha +100….. 2500k @ 4.5GHz with corsair H80, ASRock Z68 Extreme7 Gen3 motherboard, 2 EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti DS Superclocked Video Cards running in SLI, Corsair Vengeance 8GB  DDR3 2000MHz, 2 Corsair Force GT Series 60GB Solid State Drive in raid 0 and WD 1 TB for storage Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 750w Power Supply ……and Galaxy Nexus owner !!!!

    • Anonymous

      If you can’t think before posting, then you shouldn’t be doing it at all.

    • dkbetts

      If you don’t know how to raise a child already you should not concive one to begin with.

      • Anonymous

        There should be some sort of test really. 😉

        Of course I don’t really think the gov should be that involved in our lives so I’m half joking. Way too many unfit parents out there though, and they keep popping them out.

    • u mad bro?

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      As a person whom is fluent in DOS, I feel what you are trying to say. Unfortunately, the fact of the matter was that once windows came about, all of those DOS commands we memorized became obsolete. The average Joe on the street has no idea what copy c:*.* d: means or does, but they know how to drag and drop files from one drive to the next. (which happend to be the same thing) Learning adb is a nifty thing, but shortcuts and a better user interface are inevitable. If a click does the same thing as a typing out a command, why not click?

      • Dominick Melfi

        There are 

      • I miss DOS. I always think of Gorilla Wars and cracking my middle school’s grading system in computer class. 

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          yeah, didn’t take much to be a computer whiz back in those days. I remember poking through the network in my school from a desk. Thought I was a genius

          • Anonymous

            Back when I got my first top end fully customized Gateway 486 computer McAfee antivirus was free to non commercial users. I called them and wanted to purchase it and they told me it’s free because they want us to have it. They would only make you pay if you were a business at the time. 

            I would back up my computer with floppies or 3.5 disks. Then I got a tape backup… lol I then added a sound blaster sound system so I could play Wolfenstein 3d and then the best of all time… DooM!

            We would connect to a BBS and I even thought of buying the program and starting one myself. I used to love going to one of the many software stores looking for some cool new program to get…

            I miss all that.

            I even went to work for Gateway computers back when they were big. All computers were built to order and built here in the U.S.

            Things change quickly.

          • Philip A. Kaiser

            I have played every version of flight simulator since they came out. I have the original on 5 1/4 floppies and I even kept an IBM PCjr to play it on. First home system with some of the first games ever.

    • All you did was follow a list of instructions that someone put together on XDA or RootzWiki. Please stop acting like you actually rooted the phone or created a working ROM.

    • Tim242

      You shouldn’t have contact lists or bookmarks. If you can’t do it all manually, you shouldn’t be calling anybody, or using the browser. STFU!

    • Eh

      Your edit didn’t save you. You elitist commenter.

    • Jdstell

      As an information systems director for a national construction company with a bunch of android smartphones out in the field (about 96 of them), these kind of utilities scare the hell out of me. Some of my project managers and superintendents, who think they know what they are doing, get just enough confidence from things like this, and then waste my time and technicians’ time fixing/replacing their handsets.

      I can remember another time when someone sent out a utility to an entire department for unlocking password-protected Excel spreadsheets. He didn’t last long after that…

    • *sniff* I have to go express my feelings on my blog now. *sniff*

  • Jeremy Morrison

    This is nice but I’d rather do it myself in adb.

  • Risk

    That is some DAMN impressive work right there, these guys should get a fin from everyone who benefits from this…

  • Grandpa
  • I don’t have a Nexus yet, but my contract is due for an upgrade on the 25th. Do my fandroid bros think I could convince them to give me the upgrade now?

    • Marvin de Pano

      It’s only a week away, but I’d say go for it. It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

    • The dev for this phone is ridiculous. Sure, the hardware may not be bleeding edge anymore, but who cares? It can do everything I need and then some already.

      edit: totally misread that. Yes. I have gotten upgrades 2-3 months early.

      • Anonymous

        lul. umad bro? hahaha. pretty bad misread no?

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        The development is the only reason I have kept this phone. I can handle the crappy camera and battery but the fact that I lose all signal on a regular basis is unnacceptable. Not talking about loss of bars, talking about, looking for carrier, and texts and calls not reaching me. That is a total deal breaker above everything.

      • Anonymous

        how have you pulled an early upgrade before your time? i can seal a familys upgrade on the 26 of this month or i have to wait till march.

        ps the mic on my cell does not work if that would help.

    • Anonymous

      They upgraded me and I was still 4 months out! I have no idea how and I didn’t ask.

      • Jacob

        Verizon allows early upgrades at 20months into the contract.

        • Anonymous

          I know that but I was still 2 months away from that….guess I was a lucky one.

          • Anonymous

            in the store?

          • Anonymous

            No I called just to inquire about the Nexus and in the middle of that the girl asked me if I would like to upgrade to it I said umm..ya! and it was as easy as that I didn’t ask any questions.

          • Anonymous

            that girl was on drugs! VZW people are always mean as eff

          • Anonymous

            I know right?? She was in a very good mood I think she may have gotten some the night before 😉

          • sarcasm?  

            i actually like verizon reps.  they’re mad chill.  and always speak english well.

          • Anonymous

            no. i must have bad luck and mean people. or you have good luck…

          • 89 percent of the time i get them laughing…which helps.

          • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I got it 2 months early. Just call customer service and they will send you the phone. 🙂